The Sounds of Sin

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Come here. Closer. Let me touch you. Let me feel how hard you are. Ooooooh, I need to feel you. Your touch, your warm embrace. It feels good when you touch me. Makes me warm inside. Makes me surrender to you. Oh! You touched the right spot. Yes, right there, oh baby, don’t stop. Mmmmmmmmmmm. You keep that up you are going to make me cum. Don’t stop. Ooooooh damn your tongue feels so good on my clit. Oh, shit baby I am about to…fuck yeah. I’m cummmmmmming! Ohhhhhhhhhh yes baby yes. Mmmmmmmmmmm eat my pussy. You want what? You wanna stick that big dick in my tight pussy? Mmmmmmmmmmm yeah baby come and fuck me. Let me feel your cock fill my pussy. Damn, why so rough? No it doesn’t hurt just fuck me. Oh yeah fuck me hard and deep baby. Ooooooh yes, I love your dick. You want me to ride your big dick? Lay down. Let me straddle your dick and ride you fast and hard. Mmmm so deep. Put your fingers on my nipples and pinch them. Fuck yes. You are making this pussy so fucking wet.

Let me turn around and ride your cock backwards. You like when I bounce this white ass off your dick don’t you? Yeah put your hands on my ass. Stick one finger in my ass. Get it ready because tonight, I am going atalar escort bayan to put that fat dick in it. I want to feel you cum in my ass. Is it really tight? Can you feel your dick with your finger in my ass? I wish I could. Get behind me. I want you to grab my waist tight and fuck my ass hard. Come on now. I can’t wait. Oh shit. Damn your dick is so big. Ouch! Fuck! Lick my ass baby. Make it easier for your dick to slip in. Yeah that’s it. Nice and wet. Okay, put your dick in there. Oh shit! Mmmmmmmmmmm it hurts but the pleasure is taking over. Yeah baby push that dick deep in my ass. Ooooo fuck me hard and fast. I want you to cum for me. Yes faster. I feel you swelling up inside me. You are about to cum, I know it. Call my name out when you cum. Fuck yes, I love it when you call my name like that. Shit baby fill my white ass up with your hot cum. Damn baby why are you shaking? Mmmmmmm lay down. Let me clean you up.

Rest for a while sweetie we aren’t done yet. The night is still young. Let me lie next to you and play with your dick until you are ready for more. You know you can never get enough of me. (A knock at the ataşehir escort bayan door). What? You invited who over? So, that’s who is at the door? And you want me to answer the door like this? With no clothes on? All right but I wish you would have told me this before. Wait a minute! There are about ten guys out there. What do you mean so? Now hold on you said you weren’t into this! What happened? You and your boys started talking and you thought it would be a good idea but didn’t know how to come to me with it so you thought that you would surprise me. Is that so? I’ll do it, but this is the only time do you understand?

The tables turn and things start to get a little weird. One minute I’m fucking my man, the next minute I have ten strangers feeling me up, deciding what they are going to do with me. We stood right there in the doorway and then one of the guys grabs my arm and escorts me into the living room. He walks me over to the couch and bends me over. One by one, they take turns sticking their dicks in all three of my holes. One in my mouth while another is fucking my pussy or ass. Two dicks in me at all times. avcılar escort The one that was in my pussy would come around and replace the one that was in my mouth while another entered my ass violently. They are all at least 8 inches or better and my pussy ass and mouth are getting worn out. Relentless fucking and sucking. Grabbing, groping, filling, feeling ten big dicks to play with. You knew this was one of my fantasies and I am glad you let me live it out.

After about an hour of this going on you finally come out and tell the guys that it is time for my cum bath. You tell me to kneel before you and I do. You tell me to open my mouth and close my eyes. I do just that and you are the first to cum. As you did it splashed all over my face. Some in my mouth and some in my hair. Then the other guys take turns doing the same thing. My body is soaked with cum by the time each one was done and I was tired. Once they leave, I jump in the shower. You come in behind me and bend me over. I feel your dick entering my pussy but you aren’t very hard. I wonder what you are doing but then I felt your dick twitch and I knew right then and there that you were about to piss inside of my pussy. As it started flowing out of your dick, I felt the warmth and the pressure filling me up. You know I love that. You wash yourself off and I finish showering. We go to the bed and lay down together. I would sleep on the very edge of the bed trying not to touch or arouse you again. For the first time, I was completely satisfied; I had finally had enough, at least for now…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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