The Snow Warrior’s Slave

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The weather man said the blizzard was rolling in in a couple of hours. Mandy looked at her watch and then grabbed the last box from her old blue camry. The house sat on the edge of the woods out from a small town in North Dakota. Mandy had bought the house two weeks ago and just this last week begun moving into it.

Mandy knew as she went into the old farmhouse that the brutal blizzard would be one for the records because the news kept going on about the record snowfall that had already fallen. With thick curly black hair and blue eyes Mandy stood at 5’8” but for all she had a sturdy frame she still trembled inside with a nebulous fear.

The wind shook the house after she set the box down on the old wooden table that came with the house. The house had small windows and had stood for well over a century throughout many storms yet still Mandy felt a lingering anxiety. Mandy had never lived this far out from people and worried that the power might go out. The cell service in the house was spotty and a landline was not being installed for a week.

Times had been strange all over with the great waves and the long lines of winter storms that continued to hit. Stranger still the stories that were whispered about the storms and the dead bodies that were found in their wake. People would swear they heard loved ones calling from the storms and some how those that went would be devoid of blood and their eyes removed completely.

Well maybe what Mandy needed to do was just make sure the power stayed on and the realtor had mentioned a generator in the basement. The house shook again from the wind and looking out the living room window Mandy saw a wall of white in the distance. Time to find the generator in the basement.

Down the hall into kitchen Mandy opened the door to the basement. The old wooden steps and the thin rail that led down to the silently waiting basement. Mandy grabbed a flashlight and down the steps she went. The generator was there, just as the realtor had said unfortunately the fuel needed to run it wasn’t. Mandy swallowed and looked at the empty basement and spotted a box on a shelf a bit to the right of the generator. Carefully she lifted the box down and saw a beautifully crocheted blanket, an old diary, and a snowflake necklace with a pearl in the middle of the snowflake. Mandy put the necklace on and smiled. The house had been the beginning of a new start after her divorce. John had been cheating on her for months with the pretty blond at his job. It had taken a lot of gumption but Mandy had filed for divorce and left. Taking the blanket and the diary upstairs Mandy went and sat in front of the fireplace into her pleather couch.

The blanket had beautiful snowflakes crocheted onto it and was buttery soft to the touch. Pulling it up over her pert breasts Mandy began looking at the diary. It involved a young couple who had headed west in the frontier days. Apparently they had bought the land from an Indian tribe and the journal detailed a description of the land. Woods, a creek, a stone structure that the Indians were allowed to use 3-4 times a year and permission to build the house far from the stone structure. Odd Mandy had not seen any stone structure but the woods were overgrown now.

William is out again with the local men and they have been out all night. A blizzard blew yakacık escort through last week and two Indian women went missing. William has insisted I stay in the house this last week and although I can’t credit it I swear I hear my baby brother yelling my name. They still have not returned and when they do they all sit downstairs talking in whispers. I feel lost in that we are so far from the cities and others I could socialize with. I fear my brother’s voice as he’s been gone for many years from the Typhoid yet I hear him calling from the blizzard. William and the native men took our biggest buck and some bison they caught to the stones out in the clearing. They returned covered in blood but the strange calls from my brother have stopped for which I am grateful, let the dead rest. They have told me repeatedly that not one bit of snow must enter the house.

Chilled to the bone Mandy shook and curled up under the blanket a bit more. The wind shook the house and then the lights winked out. The fire stayed on and Mandy fell asleep in front of the fire only to awakened by a howling wind. The voice awakened her from a sound sleep and Mandy thought she heard her mother calling to her. Drowsily Mandy got to her feet and walked to the back door through the hall into the kitchen. The kitchen backdoor was old and ornate wood carved squares within squares. Outside the blizzard howled and beat the house viciously. Above the door an ornately carved Celtic cross hung with jewels on each side of the cross. The door felt hot and Mandy woke up more and looked down at her hand which felt burnt. Looking out the window of the door a man stood at the door. He was devastatingly handsome classic nose, thick red lips, and blood red eyes.

He smiled and Mandy glimpsed sharp fangs inside his mouth. His eyes glowed in the dark and his black clothes flowed from his body not modern clothes but leather pants and shirt.

“Let me in.” he said with a dangerous looking smile.

“No I don’t think so.” Mandy said backing away from the door.

Turning Mandy ran to the living room and the fireplace away from the temptation of the handsome demon outside her door. Trembling Mandy curled up in the blanket again and fell back asleep. The next day she woke up at 9 am and carefully checked around the house. The house was dark and quiet with no sign of the handsome man. Yet looking out the back door of the kitchen Mandy noticed a small amount of snow had seeped into the house. Cleaning it up Mandy put the paper towels in the trash can peering outside at the raging blizzard.

Mandy fell asleep in front of the fireplace again that night and at first she felt like someone was kissing her. Pressing his soft demanding lips against her and a burning heat as she felt the stroke of someone’s tongue inside her mouth. With her closed eyes Mandy felt a weight press into her and a soft stroke against her face. Yet something felt off nobody else should be in the house with Mandy. Opening her eyes Mandy found the handsome man with the blood red eyes was laying on top of her. He smiled at her and stroked his hand down her neck until he found the necklace laying between her breasts. Brushing his thumb over her plump nipples he leaned in and flicked his tongue over the pulse in her neck.

“You have a choice to make tonight. yakası escort One you can accept me as your master to serve me in any way I see fit and I will do with you what I please. Two you may give a sacrifice on the stones when winter solstice comes of bison or a bull in two days time.”

“How am I to produce a bison or a bull in two days time in the midst of a giant blizzard?” Mandy demanded in tears almost.

The lighting flashed in the midst of the blizzard and he was gone.

Mandy shook in fear and got up nervously walking the whole of the house. Outside was white out conditions and there was no way out of the house. The next day the lights were out and Mandy ate some cereal and then unpacked a few rooms. Carefully cleaning the beautiful wood of the built in cabinets and stairway she kept busy all night.

That afternoon Mandy tried to open the doors but the snow was packed tightly against the door and there was no way to leave the house. Getting a shovel Mandy hit the snow but the snow was laced with ice and didn’t move because it was frozen solid. Going to the second floor she tried to open a window but wasn’t strong enough to get the window open. The cell phone was in an area without services and the only heat was from the old wood stove. Dinner was hot dogs and some chips.

That night Mandy’s breast felt warm and heavy and her pussy dripped and she longed for something to put inside her to ease the ache. Waking up the next day Mandy found the back door open but the wall of icy wall of snow locked her in.

The day dragged on and then at night she fell asleep and woke to find the handsome man with the blood red eyes standing over her.

“How could I get a sacrifice I’ve been trapped in the house for the last two days. The ice has locked me in.” Mandy cried.

“You will be mine and serve my camp.” He said with a slight lifting of his perfect lips. With that he slipped his hands to cup her pert breasts and then pulled her snuggly to his hard sculpted body. His soft lips landed on her opened mouth and she felt his tongue stroke the inside of her mouth leaving her limp and pliant to his wishes. Gathering her in his arms he pulled her into his arms and out through the ice and snow. Mandy’s clothes seemed to turn to shreds as they traveled through the blizzard arriving to a camp full of dark shadowy forms they entered a tent. A pallet of warm blankets lay on a bed and Mandy found herself laying naked on the bed. Firmly he pressed her into the bed and lined up his thick hard penis with her dripping slit. As he stroked into her his balls hitting her clitoris Mandy struggled not to come or respond. The heat built and built as he stroked her vagina with the thick warmth of his penis and caressed her breasts. Finally unable to resist Mandy gasped and came in his arms. With his final stroke he kissed her and whispered.

“Now you must serve the other snow warriors. Then you must decide if you would like to be the camp whore and my personal sexual slave every night? Or you may choose to die after being fed on with your eyes removed?”

Shocked Mandy began to cry and beg for mercy but sadly the snow warrior had a cold heart with not one drop of mercy. In a flash he jumped from the bed and was gone.

The rest of the night she spent pleasuring ataköy escort the snow warriors and their ice cold penises that ripped in and out of her warm depths. Each snow warrior she accepted into her warm pussy took her blood and left her exhausted so that the next day when her warrior came for her decision Mandy could barely stand she was so sore. The snow warrior cum dripped down between her legs as he stood in front of her. Shakily Mandy looked at the sharp tool used to remove eyes and began to cry and finally she said.

“Yes I will be your slave and serve this camp as a whore.”

“No you will say it properly you will be my sexual slave and the camp whore or I will assume that you accept the other choice.” the unyielding snow warrior said a smile curving his perfect mouth.

“I want to be the camp whore and your personal sexual slave.” Mandy cried as her snow warrior smiled a smile that froze Mandy’s heart.

Pulling her close he kissed her gently and made tender gentle love to her. As she came in his arms a second time Mandy felt like she might grow to love him. Then abruptly he stopped his tender caresses to her breasts and pinched her nipples painfully. Then scooping her up he took her outside still naked and dropped her in the midst of several warriors. The hungry snow warriors forcefully penetrated her vulnerable pussy and virgin anus and passed her between themselves. In the distance Mandy saw a beautiful woman walking with a highly ranked snow warrior as her tender pussy was reamed by a large snow warrior. Whimpering Mandy rubbed against the hard snow warrior when she felt another snow warrior line himself up against her anus and enter her tight sphincter. Unbelievably full they touched her full breasts and licked the sides of her breasts. Finally she cried out as she came and found herself begging for more. When her snow warrior finally returned Mandy begged to know his name.

“My name is Odran and tell me do you love me?” he enquired as he held her in his arms in their tent.

“Yes I do love you.” Mandy sobbed as she begged for him to keep her for the whole night.

“I will be delighted to keep you the whole night but the day you belong to the camp but I will ease you by marking you so you know you belong to me. Does that please you?” Odran said with a smile.

“Mark me?”

With that Odran pierced Mandy’s soft clitoris with his knife and gently held her til she stopped crying. With a drop of blood, he healed and bound her to him and that day she again served the camp but this time with an odd smile to her face. The snow warriors left her wanting to be touched and rubbed between her legs even inside her anus which she begged for them to fill. An odd craving between legs and heavy heat inside her breasts and the other humans in the camp looked at her with disgust as she begged for the snow warriors to rub inside her. Odran would watch as she laid near the fires and accepted nearly the entire camp between her legs. When asked a couple times by the other humans if she were happy Mandy happily said she loved pleasing the snow warriors of the camp yet the warmth did not seep into her eyes. Yet none but Odran took her blood and with that her body would accept no child but his.

With time she was found to be pregnant and Odran did accept when the baby looked like him. With a second child in two years he finally did decide to keep her warmth to himself and kept her as a very willing sexual slave. Yet not before every snow warrior in the camp had fucked every hole Mandy had and left her with an inescapable craving to be completely filled by her snow warrior.

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