The Sexy Painter

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An erotic story about a nude art model isn’t exactly a groundbreaking concept but I found a fun twist that led to this femdom tale. Hope you enjoy it, but regardless I’d love to read your feedback. Let me know what worked, and what didn’t, what you liked and what you didn’t.


Tommy Meets Lady Victoria

Tommy took a deep breath and knocked on the door. The university student was nervous and wanted to bolt, but he needed the money to cover his rent after a couple of stupid nights out with his friends. This was the only job he could find that would pay cash before the end of the month. Despite knowing he had no choice, he wasn’t sure if he could do it. He had never been nude in front of another person, let alone modelled in the buff for someone.

“Hello?” he heard a woman call out, “The door is open.”

Tommy opened the door and stepped into what turned out to be a studio apartment. The place was filled, packed with art of all kinds, jars of various mixtures and furniture that seemed to be scattered throughout the large space randomly. It was such a busy room, with things so randomly placed, that it took him several seconds to find the source of the voice. But find it he did.

Victoria sat on a stool at a large canvas, with her back to Tommy. She was painting an abstract art he decided as he couldn’t seem any discernible pattern to the wavy lines on the white canvas. As he approached her, he realized what he had originally taken as a poncho was actually sheer material. The woman with his back to him was wearing some odd garment that had a thick white collar around her neck and then draped down as one large piece of material that was quite see through until it ended with another thick hem above her knees. He could very clearly make out the woman’s body and noted she clearly wasn’t wearing any other clothes as he could see her bare back and buttocks.

Tommy stopped when he realized she was effectively nude, nervous and unsure of what to say. The woman finished whatever line she was painting, delicately put her brush down and rose to her feet. As she turned around he drank in her body. She was very fit, with large round nipples on medium sized breasts he could clearly see through her clothing. His eyes darted down, peeking at the dark patch above her pussy that he thought was trimmed pubic hair, but could have been a shadow. The woman, who was in her late thirties if he was to guess, extended a hand. “I am Miss Victoria. You are Thomas I presume?”

His eyes shot back up, to her face, embarrassed that he had been so obviously staring at her body. He shook her hand, “Yes, Tommy.”

“Well Tommy,” she seemed to be testing out his name, “I will say you are punctual, so that puts you above the other applicants.”

Applicants? he thought. When he had responded to her posting, her email had made it sound like he had the job. He hadn’t realized this was to be a job interview.

“I’m glad to hear it Victoria.” he smiled.

“Miss Victoria.” She corrected him.

“Um, yes, of course, Miss Victoria.” he apologized.

“I am, as I said in my ad, an organic artist and artiste.” She punctuated the word artiste as if it was another language. Tommy thought it made her sound pretentious, and while normally he wouldn’t put up with that sort of attitude, she was willing to pay him $200 for a couple of hours of work, so he kept his mouth shut. “I require an assistant on Tuesdays, as my former Tuesday boy had to resign. It seems his new lady love did not approve of his job here. You have no such person that would object to your role here, I hope?”

“No ma’am.” he started, “I…”

“No, Miss Victoria.” she corrected him.

“No Miss Victoria,” he repeated, “I’m single, no girlfriend that would care if I posed nude for you.”

“Pose? My dear boy, whatever gave you the impression that I would want you to pose for me, nude or otherwise?” She asked.

“Your…your posting said I had to be comfortable with nudity, I thought you wanted a male model.” He explained. Had her posting meant she was going to be nude? He was trying not to stare, but was excited by the thought of working with a woman as sexy as she was, naked! It made his virgin heart race.

“No, No my boy. You’ll be my assistant. Helping set up, clean my brushes and of course helping me maintain my supplies.”

“I’m sorry Ma’am…Miss Victoria, and while I do that you’ll be…nude?” he asked, confused.

“Oh Tommy, you are a delightfully confused young man.” She laughed. “I may or may not be clothed, my wardrobe is like my art, I do what my muse tells me to.”

He wasn’t sure what that meant but nodded nonetheless. She continued, “You will be nude. At least partially. How else would I obtain my supplies?”

“I’m sorry Miss Victoria, I’m not following,” he admitted.

“Of course not, I haven’t explained myself yet.” She told him, “But I do like you being so honest. Far too many young men these days pretend to know everything about everything. You are a refreshing change. bursa escort A good boy and I do so like good boys.”

“Thank you,” he told her. She stared at him, waiting. She nodding her head and mouthing the words “Miss Victoria” so he continued, “Miss Victoria.”

“I know I’m a stickler for speech dear boy, but my muse insists on it.” she told him, “Just as she insists I use all natural supplies. You will not find anything in this studio that isn’t made from all natural materials.”

“And part of my job would be to source those materials?” he asked.

“Part of your job my boy is to supply those materials.” She told him.

He wasn’t sure what the difference was, but clearly, there was one. “I paint, but I don’t use harsh chemicals or oils or anything so unconnected to the earth. I mix fruits and berries to make the colours I need. Blend them with all natural materials. Do you understand?” She pointed to a few jars, and he could see they were blended carrots or blueberries or raspberries. “I have to blend them, as the berries don’t actually stick like paint does, they are merely the colouring and require a base. You’ll supply me with the base I need. At least on Tuesdays.”

“On Tuesdays?” He asked, wondering why she only did to do this once a week.

“Of course, I have other boys supply the semen on other days,” she told him a matter of factly.

“What?!” he asked without thinking.

“Semen or cum if you prefer, which at your age I suppose is what you call it,” she told him. “I have different assistants on different days to provide me with supplies. No one boy, even ones your age, could ever hope to supply me with enough for a week. Of course, you’ll have to refrain from sex with girls between work shifts. And touching yourself would be completely forbidden. I would need you here every Tuesday, filled for my art.”

Tommy didn’t know what to say. This sounded absurd. On the other hand, getting paid by a very attractive woman to masturbate once a week wasn’t the hardest of jobs. Certainly it would be awkward, but otherwise, he imagined it would be quite enjoyable. And it wasn’t like he had much of a choice. He figured he could do it once and if things were too weird, he’d quit.

“Knowing the details, does the position still interest you?” she asked.

“Um, yeah okay. I mean, it’s not what I was expecting but yes Miss Victoria, I would like to be your assistant,” he told her.

“I didn’t actually offer you the job my boy.” she pointed out, “but I am very glad it does interest you. I think you may make a fine addition to my roster. Why don’t we use today as a tryout day? See if you can manage things.”

“Sounds fair, Miss Victoria.” he agreed, “What do you need me to, um, do exactly?”

“I need my boys to have a good cum when they are here. Can you do that? Can you give me a good cum today?” She asked.

It was an absurd question, but one that made him stiffen, excited to hear a woman talk as she did. “Yes, Miss Victoria,” he told her sheepishly.

“Yes, Miss Victoria what? Tommy, I need you to be very clear.” She instructed, “It’s vital there is no miscommunication, it disrupts my muse.”

“Yes Miss Victoria, I…I can give you a… a good cum today,” he told her, feeling weird saying such a thing out loud at all, let alone to a beautiful woman who was practically nude.

“Very good. I’m very happy to hear that.” She told him, “Now let’s get started.”

Miss Victoria looked at him expectantly and it took him a few moments to realize she was expecting him to undress. He looked around for a place to get changed, but the studio apartment had no walls. The bathroom had just a curtain, and even that was pulled back against the wall so it was just a bathtub, toilet and sink in full view of the rest of the room.

“Well?” Victoria pressed. Tommy began to undress where he stood. She watched as he pulled off his shirt, then shoes and socks. He slid his jeans off and paused for just a moment before removing his boxers. “Oh, Tommy!” Victoria exclaimed, “You’ve already got a stiffie! What a good boy you are!”

Tommy was glad to hear she was so delighted with him, but it was odd that she was telling him how good he was being given he hadn’t done much. And her use of the term stiffie seemed a bit silly, though, given the unusual situation, he wasn’t sure how to judge her language.

“Now let’s get started so I can get creating.” She pointed him to a chair, as she sat down on a stool in front of it. “This is where I prefer milk all my boys.”

“You’ll be…?” he started, “I’m sorry Miss Victoria, I assumed… that is, I didn’t realize you would be… involved in the process.”

“I milk all my boys Tommy,” she told him. “Do not the finest chefs also grow their own vegetables? As an artiste, I must be involved in every aspect of my creations.”

Tommy sat down and his erection pointed straight up. It probably would have been uncomfortable had he the time to think about it, but he didn’t as Victoria took hold of him bursa escort bayan immediately, wrapping a hand around the base of his shaft and beginning to stroke before he could think. Tommy groaned. It was probably good he wasn’t able to think as he had never had a woman touch him before, not like this.

“Such a good, stout boy. Yes, I do think you will do quite nicely.” She told him as her hand continued to pump him. He wondered how many “boys” she employed, as the sheer amount of art in the room implied to painted a lot. “Tell me, Tommy, when was the last time you masturbated,” she asked.

Oh geez, he thought, I don’t want to talk about that. He had in fact attempted to masturbate that morning. His thinking had been, if he came early in the day, he’d be less like to have an erection while posing nude. He’d been too nervous about the job though and hadn’t been able to do it. He decided not to tell her that, “Um, last week. Friday, I think.”

“Mmmm, okay. But no more of that okay?” she told him, as her hand lovingly stroked his cock. “I know you boys fill up quickly at your age, but even still, I want you arriving here with- how would you kids say it- a full tank?”

“Yes, Miss Victoria.” Tommy agreed. In all honesty, he would have agreed to anything at that point, as he had never had a woman jerk him off before and he was thoroughly enjoying it. Victoria continued to manipulate her new assistant for several minutes until his breathing became quite short.

“Tommy, are you getting close?” she asked.

“I…I think so Miss Victoria,” he admitted. She released his penis and gave it a light swat. He jumped, more from surprise than anything.

“No. You may not cum until I say so, is that understood?” she asked,

“Yes Miss Victoria,” he told her, although he wasn’t sure he would be able to stop himself. She resumed her stroking, but despite the nice feeling, Tommy squirmed a little bit.

“Oh my, is this chafing you? Perhaps it’s too dry?” She suggested, realizing he was uncomfortable.

“A little bit,” he admitted. “Do you have any lube?”

Victoria released her grip on his penis and gave it another, harder swat. “Ouch!” He cried.

“Tommy, I need you to listen! Did I not already say I only work with organic materials?” She questioned him, “I will not have man-made lube mixing in with your precious fluids! How dare you even suggest it. You shameful boy!”

Tommy didn’t see what the big deal was but clearly, this was important to her so he apologized, “Sorry Miss Victoria.”

“As you should be. Lube indeed! Luckily have a more natural solution.” She told him. Tommy looked around the room, there were tons of jars of liquids of all kinds and he wondered if she was going to do something like spread a handful of mushy peas on his member. He certainly hoped not.

“Your little penis here just requires a bit of moisture.” She told him. He didn’t like her calling him little, but didn’t feel it was his place to argue. “Are you okay if I slicken it up a bit?”

“Yes Miss Victoria,” he told her. He wondered what she was going to use and hoped it wouldn’t be anything gross. He was delighted a moment later when she leaned over and licked his penis.

He closed his eyes and focused on the feeling of a woman’s mouth on his cock for the first time as she sucked his tip between her lips.

Tommy groaned in pleasure as her tongue swirled around the head of his dick, but the feeling was cut short as he felt the air on his wet penis a moment later. He opened his eyes in time to see Victoria swat his cock once more, “ow!”

“Tommy, when an artiste such as myself puts on a show, you never close your eyes. You watch! And in the case of one on one performance art such as this, you should maintain eye contact.” She told him. “It lets the artist know you appreciate them and gives them instant feedback.”

“Sorry Miss Victoria,” he told her. She lowered her head back down and took him between her lips, the pair maintaining eye contact the entire time. .

“Oww athh thithh Et-tar?” she asked, her mouth filled with his cock. Tommy wasn’t entirely sure what she was asking, he thought maybe she was asking if this was better and he had to admit it was. This gorgeous older woman had his cock in her mouth and was talking to him as if it was perfectly normal!

“Yes Miss Victoria,” he told her. She began to bob her head up and down, making sure to let her saliva build. Tommy watched as the beautiful milf gave him an amazingly sloppy blowjob. He was in heaven. Without realizing it, he began thrusting his hips, to force his cock deeper into her throat. She sat up and smacked his cock hard.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he told her.

She swatted his cock even harder. “You’re sorry, what?”

“MISS VICTORIA!” he corrected his mistake, “I’m sorry Miss Victoria.”

“I don’t appreciate that kind of behaviour young man. I expect my boys to be better behaved than that.” she told him, “but as it’s your first day, I’ll accept your apology. escort bursa That’s probably slick enough now anyway”

Tommy tried to hide his disappointment that she wouldn’t be resuming her oral attentions, but that disappointment dissipated fairly quickly as she took hold of his shaft with one hand and cupped his balls with the other.

“Oh my yes, these seem very nice and full,” she told him as she played his testicles. At the same time, she resumed stroking him, though now she was pumping at a much faster speed.

“Miss Victoria, I… Please may I cum?” Tommy asked.

“What a good boy! I’m so proud of you asking before just shooting your load.” she commended him, “but not just yet. Can you hold it back a little longer? It’ll be a much nicer cum if you can hold off. Can you promise to do that for me?”

“Yessss, Misssss, Victoria.” He agreed through gritted teeth, her hand was not slowing down one bit as she asked him for what seemed like an impossibility.

“Now Tommy, I’m going to go get a container, but before I do I need you to promise me something. I need you to promise that when you cum, which you will only do when I tell you, you may, you won’t dribble it out. I need you to give me big boy spurts so it goes directly into the container. Will you do that?” she asked, “Will you give me big boy spurts?”

Tommy didn’t know what to say. On one hand, it was a ridiculous thing for her to ask. He couldn’t control that sort of thing. And he wasn’t exactly keen on how she was phrasing it. He was 22 years old, and even if he was a virgin, he was still an adult. But he was keen on what she was doing, so if he had to acquiesce to her odd artistic way of talking, he could that. As long as kept jacking him off anyway.

“Yes, Miss Victoria.” He agreed,

“Tut, tut, what did I say about clear communication?” she asked him as if she was a teacher correcting a student.

“Sorry Miss Victoria, I can give you big boy spurts,” he assured her.

“Oh Good. I’m so happy! You’re well on your way to being one of my best assistants.” she told him, “I do so like finding good boys, and you are a such a good boy!”

She released his dick and reached for the container, it was glass and looked like a globe with a wide funnel top. “Okay, we’re almost there, and I’m expecting a good cum from you. If you want to grunt or make a loud noise or even curse, that is okay. I don’t want you walking around the studio yelling or swearing, but it’s okay while you’re making a cum for me,” she told him with a wink, “I know how you boys can be.”

She lifted up the poncho-dress up over her head and placed it on the floor to her side. Tommy took in her naked form, he had thought he had seen her nude through the transparent material, but this was better. Much better. He could see that she had goosebumps on her breasts, that her nipples were hard, and that she did indeed have a lovely patch of black pubic hair that pointed to her cunnie. He was staring at her cunnie when she spread her legs just enough to place the globe between them, sliding it all the way back so it pressed against her pussy with the funnel side up, pointed slightly towards Tommy. He marvelled at the sight, the first one he’d ever seen in real life. He was wondering what it tasted like when she took hold of his cock once more and resumed pumping, this time very fast.

“Ughhh,” Tommy let out an involuntary grunt. Victoria smiled, she knew he was close. She enjoyed the look on the faces of young men as they approached climax, almost as much as she enjoyed the sight of their young hard cocks squirting their precious loads. Tommy’s face was particularly innocent and she tried to savour it.

“Please…please may I cum Miss Victoria?” Tommy asked, the desperation in his voice clear.

“Not just yet Tommy. I need you to hold out a little longer.” She told him, her hand still pumping his dick.

“Oh god, fuck.” he moaned and gripped the side of the chair he was sitting on, his whole body tensing to hold back the inevitable. He wasn’t sure he could, but he also didn’t want to upset her.

“Hold on, just a little bit more.” she encouraged him. “Miss Victoria is going to get a good cum out of this penis, but she needs you to hold on a little bit more.”

“Yessss, Missss, Vic…toria.” he tried to obey her.

“Remember, when you do cum, not yet…” she told him in a soft voice, “but when you do cum, I need big boy spurts.” She scooted forward, so her knees were now between his legs, his cock a few inches from the glass. She squeezed his cock, more playfully than anything, but it served as a good reminder he was there for a job, that he needed to listen to her. As much as he was enjoying what was happening, it wasn’t actually about his pleasure. She poured on a burst of speed, knowing he was approaching the point of no return.

“Fuck,” he begged, unintentionally raising his voice. “PLEASE, MAY I CUM?!”

“Yes you may,” she said in a kind of a sing-song way as if she was ending a game.

“Oh FUCK!” he moaned as his cock fired a gooey load straight out and into the globe.

“Good boy! Very Good Boy!” Victoria praised him as another shot fired into the globe, followed by a third. She continued to pump him, saying, “What a good boy you are!”

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