The Puddin Man

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Teresa Bishop was excited. The 35 year old from Tampa Florida had never won anything in her life but now she had. She enjoyed going to the Hard Rock Casino there in Tampa and had entered a drawing for a seven day cruise with RCI Cruises. It was totally on a humbug and Teresa didn’t expect to win. She was truly shocked when her number was called that night at the casino and was still in a daze as she came forward to get the paperwork for the cruise.

The cruise was to the Eastern Caribbean and included stops in the US Virgin Islands and St. Maartens. The only problem was that it was based on double-occupancy and she didn’t know anyone who she would want to go with. At least of the male persuasion, that is.

Teresa wasn’t dating anyone right now and hadn’t been for almost a year now. The last relationship she was involved in ended in heartbreak. She had been with her boyfriend for almost six years and thought everything was going well. However, the dude grew bored with her and started cheating on her. Teresa didn’t even know until the side chick turned up pregnant. The dude had to tell Teresa then because the woman came after him for child support.

And that wasn’t the worst of it. Teresa fell ill and found out her boyfriend had given her an STD that turned into cervical cancer. She had to undergo an emergency hysterectomy to save her life.

Teresa loved her boyfriend and was willing to forgive the cheating. But she could not forgive him for robbing her of the ability to have children. The man didn’t even come to the hospital to see Teresa after the procedure. It was out of sight out of mind for him.

Through it all, the only person who helped Teresa through it all was her best friend, 34-year-old Kelli Phillips. They had known each for years and were extremely close. However, Kelli didn’t like Teresa’s boyfriend. She saw the dog in the man and tried to warn Teresa. It only made Teresa angry and Kelli realized that her friend would have fall real hard in order to learn the truth. As her bestie, she would just have to be there to help her. But she never guessed that Teresa would fall this hard.

Teresa went through a very deep depression after her hysterectomy. She blamed everything that happened on herself by not keeping her man happy and interested in her. Kelli stood by her side and reassured her that nothing she could’ve done would keep that man at home. He was going to do what he was going to do regardless.

It took a while but with Kelli in her corner, Teresa eventually got past her ordeal. Winning this cruise was a further sign that she needed to rebuild her social life. Kelli was just as excited for her when Teresa told her about it all.

“Shit girl, when are you going?” Kelli asked.

“I don’t know. There are dates to choose from within the next three months.” Teresa replied. “I guess a better question is who am I going with.”

“Yeah, that is a good question,” Kelli said with an annoyed look on her face.

Teresa smiled. She had already made up her mind to ask her bestie to go. She wasn’t seeing anyone and wasn’t trying to either. Besides, she knew that hanging with Kelli guaranteed fun. The girl was wild and crazy.

“Aww boo, you know no one else gets no love over you. Of course, I’m taking you.” Teresa said playfully.

Kelli squealed in delight and hugged Teresa gleefully. “We need to decide when to go so we can request the time off. I hope I have vacation time left.” Kelli added.

They both worked as nursing assistants at a hospital in Tampa. It had been a while since Teresa had taken any time off other than her regular time off. Kelli, on the other hand, was always taking off a day here and there to run the streets. But she would make sure she had enough time to take this trip with Teresa.

“I’m so happy you are finally getting back out there, Tee,” she said. “I’m so tired of you being alone. You will find someone who will treat you well, sweetie. I just know it.”

“Well, I’m not ready to get into anything serious, Kelli. I’m tired of getting my heart stepped on.” Teresa said. “I just need to have some fun, ya know?”

“I know exactly what you mean,” Kelli said with a lecherous grin. “I’m down to run into a tall, dark island man with a dick down to his knees and let him ravage me.”

Teresa laughed. “You know, a while back there’s no way in the hell I would even consider that but now….” she said smiling and licking her lips. “A nice island man sounds yummy.”

Kelli was shocked. “Oooh look at you, little slut you,” she said with a laugh. She smiled at Teresa. “Don’t worry. We’ll get you laid. That’s for damn sure. Not that you need my help with that. You’re a bad bitch.”

Teresa laughed modestly. She didn’t think so but Kelli was right. Teresa was quite the dish. She was a short, curvy mocha-skinned woman with short curly hair and big hazel-green eyes. She looked like a thick version of the actress Nicole Beharie.

In contrast, Kelli was more of a wild child. She was a petite but curvy redbone with short close-cut hair. She had numerous erenköy escort tattoos that her nursing uniform discreetly covered up. She also had a few piercings and was a true bisexual. She could get down with anyone she felt was attractive but she had the most fun with bad boy types. She sometimes thought Teresa looked down on her a bit because of her promiscuity. But she loved her bestie dearly and deep down she was thrilled that Teresa was willing to get more in touch with her slutty side.

They decided to go on the cruise the week of Labor Day, which was towards the end of the time period Teresa had to choose to take the cruise by. Kelli by then would have the time off saved up and they both could take off work together. The cruise was three months away.

Teresa and Kelli enjoyed their summer but eventually, Labor Day rolled around and the girls were ready for the cruise. It left out of the port of Cape Canaveral so all they would have to do is worry about parking Teresa’s car during the trip.The lot at the port solved that issue although it would cost $10 a day. The girls agreed to split the cost.

They made the two-hour drive from Tampa to the port and Teresa parked her car in the lot. They both had one large suitcase each so they drug them up to where the luggage drop-off point was and filled out the necessary paperwork. Teresa already had her stateroom assignment so the girls were able to board without a problem.

When they got on the ship, they giggled like little kids on ginseng and went to explore the ship. It would not take off for a couple of more hours and it would be another hour before their room was ready.

They found the pool, a few bars, numerous dining facilities, and most important, the casino. “Ooh shit, Kelli you know I gotta check this out,” Teresa said, looking around the casino with wide eyes.

Kelli looked around and smacked her lips. She wasn’t as fiendish for slots as Teresa was but she saw a few cute guys who she thought could possibly show her a good time. That’s what she was interested: dick and fun. And not necessarily in that order. “Yeah, this is your set alright,” she said.

Her eyes spied a handsome dark face standing behind one of the blackjack tables. Teresa watched her ooze off in the direction of the table. At first, she wrinkled up her nose in confusion. Kelli didn’t know anything about blackjack. Then she saw the dealer and she knew why Kelli went over there.

The man was beautiful in a plain but rugged way. He easily could be a model but he wore some owlish eyeglasses. With his smooth dark chocolate skin and bright smile, he looked like a chocolate Clark Kent. He smiled at Kelli as she approached but his eyes locked on Teresa. She shyly looked away and the man laughed.

Kelli saw the dealer laughed and peeked back. She saw Teresa in full blush mode and knew the dude threw his baby browns on her instead of Kelli. So… he’s feeling my girl huh?

Kelli wasn’t offended. Actually, she decided to put in a girl word for her friend. Hell, maybe he had a friend for her. She came up to the table and smiled at the dealer. “Hi, what’s your game?” she asked flirtingly.

“Blackjack. Do you know how to play?” the dealer asked.

“I do,” Kelli said, pulling out her purse.

“Well alright then.” the dealer said and got prepared to deal.

“What’s the minimum bid?” Kelli asked.

“$10,” the dealer said, holding up both hands with his fingers spread.

Kelli laid down a ten dollar bill and said, “Hit me.”

The dealer gave two cards, one face up. It was the ten of diamonds. She didn’t look at her other card. He then dealt his cards, a ten of spades and a six of clubs. “You want a hit?” he asked.

“Nope, I’m good,” Kelli said. She still didn’t look at her hold card.

The dealer laughed and dealt himself another card, a four of clubs. He grinned at Kelli, who simply smiled back. “You’re confident. I like that,” he said.

“Oh yeah? Well when I win this hand, you’re gonna hang out with my girl and me when you get off.” Kelli replied knowingly. “How’s that for confidence?”

The dealer laughed. “Show me what you got,” he said. Kelli flipped over her hold card. It was the ace of spades. The dealer’s face registered a shocked look. “Oh wow,” he muttered.

Kelli cackled. “Hell yes!!!” she squealed. She batted her eyelashes at the dealer. “What’s your name, Mr. Dealer?”

He smiled. “It’s Marcus. It’s nice to meet you. And you are?” he asked

“I’m Kelli. It is very nice to meet you.” Kelli cooed.

“Who is your friend?” Marcus asked.

Kelli turned and waved Teresa over. Teresa was somewhat reluctant at first then she made her way over. Marcus watched her as she did. Teresa wore a simple faded orange summer dress with white and lime green stripes at the bottom and multi-colored wedge sandals. The dress clung to her curves beautifully and Marcus could not take his eyes off of her.

Kelli noticed this as Teresa came up and sat down on the stool beside her. She made the introductions. göztepe escort “Marcus, this is Teresa. Teresa, this is Marcus.” Kelli said.

“Hi, Teresa. It’s nice to meet you.” Marcus said with a smile.

“Hi,” Teresa said waving her hand a little. “My friends call me Tee.”

“Oh, so we’re friends now?” Marcus asked in surprise. Kelli laughed.

“Well, you seem to be getting along pretty well with my girl here. And if you’re a friend of hers, you’re a friend of mines.” Teresa explained.

“Well, alright then,” Marcus said with a grin.

Both women looked at him with googly eyes. He didn’t seem to have a Caribbean accent but his looks were still exotic. Then Teresa saw to the side of the table a two-pack of chocolates Jello pudding. She pointed at it.

“Is that your favorite snack?” she asked

Marcus grinned. “My absolute favorite.” he acknowledged.

“I can’t see you as a Jello pudding type dude. I figured you as more of a fruit type of man.” Kelli said with a grin.

“Well, fruit is okay. But the chocolate does it for me. I love it.” Marcus said. He grabbed one of the snack packs and opened it. He had a plastic spoon nearby and scooped out some of the pudding. He sensuously and slowly put it in his mouth. The girls watch his full lips devour the sweet pudding. His tongue glided effortlessly over the spoon. Both women’s panties got wet.

“Oh my….” Teresa said breathlessly and she fanned herself. She then abruptly got up.

“Is there something wrong?” Marcus asked, frowning.

“Uhhhh, no!!!” Kelli said in alarm as Teresa wordlessly waved quickly at Marcus and eased away. She grinned at Marcus. “Let me see wassup with her. See you later?” she asked.

Marcus smiled and nodded as another couple walked up to the blackjack table. Kelli smiled back and rushed off to find Teresa. She found her sitting down in a lounge chair near the guest services desk. She was still fanning herself.

“Girl, what’s wrong with you? Why did you run away like that?” Kelli hollered when she came over.

“Kelli, did you see what he did with that pudding?” Teresa asked, her eyes still wide with wonder. “Shit, I’ve never had a man have that kind of effect on me. I hope our rooms are ready soon because I need to change my panties.”

Kelli dropped into the chair next to her and guffawed heartily. “You ain’t never lied about that shit… All I could see on them lips was my clit,” she said and laughed again.

Teresa was quiet then she asked, “You think he was into me?”

“Hell yes, he was,” Kelli said. “He was undressing you with those bedroom eyes of his as you came to the table.”

“Maybe but you’re the one who approached him, Kel,” Teresa said with a worried look.

“So? And your point is?” Kelli retorted.

Teresa squirmed a bit. “I don’t wanna step on your toes,” she said softly.

Kelli looked at her then sighed. “Look…” she began. “he doesn’t belong to either of us so we can’t lay any kind of claim on him. Shit… To be honest, I think he was feeling the both of us.”

Teresa smiled. “I think so too,” she said. “I think he sees that bad girl in you and the good girl in me.”

“Right… So if something does jump off with him, are you willing to share a little?” Kelli asked with an impish grin.

Teresa giggled like a horny schoolgirl and nodded. She gave Kelli a high five then said, “Okay I have to go to Guest Services for a minute. This shit ain’t totally scot-free. I have to sit through some kind of timeshare presentation so I need to find out when it will be.”

“Okay, I’ll be right here,” Kelli replied. She smiled as her friend walked off. Teresa seemed to be so at ease right and was in a good state of mind. All she needed now was a good dicking. Sure Marcus seemed to be into Teresa more so Kelli was going to make sure to encourage him all that he needed. And hell yes… If he dicked Teresa down, Marcus was gonna dick her down as well. He’d be getting some butterscotch along with his chocolate that night.

Teresa came back over from the Guest Services desk. “Okay, we’re good. I was right. The presentation is at 6 pm tonight after we start sailing. You don’t have to go, just me.” she said. Kelli nodded.

Just then, the announcement came that the staterooms were ready so the girls headed for the elevator. The plan was for them to change into their swimsuits and hit the pool deck. Dinner would be served there and also a pool party to celebrate the start of the cruise.

The girls went up to the seventh floor to their room, 7011. They were very pleased with the room. It was just one bed but it was very big and comfortable. There was plenty of space for them to change and get ready and plenty of storage space. The real action was on the ship.

They put on their swimsuits and headed up to the pool deck. The party was revving up there. The music was a lively top 40 mix but the girls made the most it. They had a blast dancing with each other. There was a large contingent of women dancing, some with dates kadıköy escort but most alone. There were a few men mixed in, obviously making moves on the single women.

Teresa and Kelli got a lot of attention, mostly from the men. They also got some nasty stares from women who caught their husbands gawking at them. “Fuck ’em if they can’t control their men,” Kelli replied when Teresa voiced her concern when one wife punched her husband viciously in the shoulder for staring at them. Teresa laughed and they dirty danced with each other.

After the pool and a bite to eat they went back to the stateroom to chill. They hung out there until early evening then went to explore the ship some more. They ducked into the casino to see if Marcus was working and he was but had a full table of players he was dealing for. He winked and smiled at them when he saw them though. The girls playfully and discreetly waved at him. He then pulled something from his pocket and held it out for them. Kelli went over and got it and smiled at Marcus as she went away. Marcus went back to dealing with the players.

Kelli and Teresa looked at what Marcus gave them. It was his business card and his schedule. He also included a note saying he wanted to show them some of St. John’s when the ship ported there.

The girls were excited. Obviously, Marcus knew more about the island than what the cruise people could show them. He probably knew some really cool places to hang out and not the usual tourist traps. They would be in St. John’s tomorrow at 2 pm and will be in port for a full day.

The girls left the casino and found a lounge that was doing karaoke. They sat at the bar and sipped on Mai Tai’s, enjoying the amateur singers. Soon they were feeling the drinks and having more fun. Kelli got really flirty with a few of the guys and they offered to buy the girls more drinks. They took on a couple of the offers but the men got very aggressively trying to pick them up. Teresa had to drag Kelli away. They staggered back to their room and flopped down on the bed.

Kelli was upset. “Aww, bitch, why you cock-blockin? That dude was feeling me something fierce. You got your dick all lined up but I need some too.” she complained drunkenly.

Teresa contemptuously waved the thought off. “Girl, please… I saw the imprint on his finger. He was married as hell. I don’t need no drama on this trip.” she said. “Besides, we agreed to share our catch, right?”

“Oh yeah,” Kelli said, fingering the sterling silver cross necklace she was wearing.

Teresa took notice of it and touched it in admiration. “This is pretty. I’ve never seen you wear this before,” she said.

“Yeah, my ex-girlfriend gave it to me,” Kelli said glumly. “I never wore it before. I figured I might as well enjoy it, right?”

“Which girl? Keyshia?” Teresa asked, referring to the last girl Kelli dated. Kelli nodded and Teresa grimaced. “That girl did not like me,” she said.

Kelli laughed. “Girl, none of my girlfriends liked you. They were all jealous of you.” she retorted. “And the men I dated all wanted to fuck you.”

Teresa laughed heartily. “Whatever,” she said rolling her eyes.

“It’s true. Keyshia thought I was cheating on her with you. That’s why we broke up. Little did she know that I was cheating but it was with another woman.” Kelli said with a grin.

Teresa just shook her head. “Lawd have mercy. What am I gonna do with you?” she asked.

“You love me; that’s all that matters,” Kelli said, sliding over and hugging Teresa. They separated and Kelli smiled and moved Teresa’s bangs from her face. “Thank you for bringing me on this trip,” she said.

“Who else was I gonna take?” Teresa asked.

“You could’ve found a man to come along. You’re beautiful. Any guy would be lucky to have you on their arm.” Kelli said softly. She lightly stroked Teresa’s cheek.

“Yeah well, I’m tired of being mistreated by men,” Teresa said solemnly.

“I don’t blame you. But women can be just as doggish as men.” Kelli replied. She pointed to herself. “Trust me, I know.” They both laughed.

Teresa smiled as she looked at Kelli then she traced a couple of the tattoos on her arm. “I don’t think I could ever get one of these,” Teresa said innocently. “I’m a big punk when it comes to pain.”

Kelli laughed. She was starting to get aroused at Teresa’s touch but she tried to play it off. Then Teresa pointed at Kelli’s very stiff nipple pressing through her bra. The nipple ring was clearly outlined.

“I sure as shit wouldn’t be able to do that,” Teresa exclaimed.

“Oh, this hurt,” Kelli confirmed, cupping her B-cup teardrop titties. “It hurt like a muthafucka. But it feels good when my titties are played with.” They both giggled.

They both got quiet for a bit. Then Teresa asked, “You like women more than men, don’t you?” Kelli nodded silently. “Why?” Teresa asked.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love a good dose of dick. When I find one and can lay claim to it, I’m usually pretty faithful to it.” Kelli said. “But I just love women. They’re so soft and beautiful, even when they don’t know it.” She reached over and ran her fingers through Teresa’s hair as she looked at her. “Just like you,” she added softly. Teresa looked away shyly but Kelli turned her face back so that they could look at each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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