The Morgan’s Babysitter Ch. 01

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Big Tits

The man of the house is hot!

It is impossible to concentrate. Mr. Morgan is sexy, flirty, and smells amazing. Just the scent of him as he climbs into the car next to me and says in that gravelly voice, “So, Jenna, shall we blow this pop stand?’ makes my pussy tingle. He had that affect when I was 16 and he still has it now, 2 years later.

HE has tats and piercings — the kind that make you wonder where else they might be. He shaves his head and wears cool clothes — he looks young and is really cool but every now and then he gets this commanding tone and you know that he’s a grown up. The tone is kind of hot too now that I think of it.

Mrs. Morgan is cool too. She doesn’t look like she’s a mom. She has a pierced nose and a helix (upper ear cartilage) with a captured bead in it. She wears a toe ring and a thumb ring too — but I know she had the rings and the helix since high school — way before it was cool. They are both like that. They are just… themselves.

I think she knows I have it for her husband. Sometimes I wonder though because if she thinks I’m hot for him then why would she let him drive me home every time? I guess it’s because they still kind of think of me as a kid.

Whatever the reason, it works for me because it means every time I sit for them I get an hour in the car alone with him – half hour drive to their house and a half hour back to mine. It gives me time to inhale his scent and listen to his voice.

One night, my boyfriend, Steve, surprised me by dropping by their place while I was sitting. He tapped the glass of the sliding door off the deck and I practically jumped out of my skin. I slid the door open and slapped his shoulder as he laughed at me.

“DON’T do that! It’s so dark out there I can’t see who it is — you scared the crap out of me!”

He slid his arms around my waist, grinning and said, “I’m sorry baby, I was trying to make sure I didn’t wake up the kid!”

He nuzzled my ear and laid soft kisses against the side of my neck. That is a very sensitive spot for me and soon I was smiling and leaning into him.

“Ok,” I said sounding reluctant, but grinning. “I forgive you.”

He twirled me around and waltzed me across the room to the couch.

“So,” he said suggestively, “When the old folks going to be home?’

“Around 11, they said, and they can’t find you here or I’ll be fired and this is good money.”

“They won’t! I promise I won’t get you in trouble. I know you like this gig.”

He grinned and raised his eyebrows as he patted the spot next to him on the leather couch in front of the TV. I went to him and curled up with my legs over his and my back against the arm.

We kissed a while and soon Steve was pretty hard. He slid a hand down the front of my pants and cupped my pussy. I shivered and he grinned. He stroked the outer lips a couple of times before he slipped his middle finger over my mound and onto my clit. He rubbed it gently at first, sending sparks shooting across my skin and then, just as I was getting into it he moved his hand away and whispered in my ear, “Take it in your mouth, baby. I need to feel your tongue on my cock.”

I loved when Steve said dirty things. He was the first guy I had ever heard it from and it made me go crazy — and he knew it.

I slid off the couch to kneel between his legs and he moaned, knowing what I intended.

“That’s it! Kneel before me and worship my cock.”

I almost rolled my eyes at this but the need to feel his cock in my mouth prevented me from criticizing his commentary.

I undid the zipper of his jeans and folded back the ends like I was peeling him. I stroked his hard cock through his underwear and pulled the waistband down to cup his balls. His cock jumped in answer and I slowly licked his velvet head and watched him shudder.

I laid long, slow, very wet trails from his balls to the head of his cock, teasing him and occasionally flicking my tongue against the cleft under the head. Every time I did that Steve moaned so loudly I thought I might cum right there. I loved hearing his noises of enjoyment. Everything about giving head made me crazy horny and incredibly wet.

By the time Steve was ready to blow his load, I was moments from cumming myself.

I slid his whole length down my throat, nearly gagging, and knew every time his head hit the back of my throat he was closer to blowing.

It took about three more swallows before he grabbed the arm of the couch and bucked his hips, driving his cock further down my throat.

I felt his cum hit the back of my throat and swallowed every burst with a moan.

I climbed onto the couch straddling his legs and gently rubbed against his wet cock suggestively as I kissed him but he pulled his head back. “Geez, Jenn! You just swallowed cum, baby. I don’t want to taste that.”

I looked at him for a long second and then he smiled, patted my hip and deposited me on the couch while he went to the bathroom. I waited, slightly impatiently, for casino siteleri him to return.

After a minute or so, he did return – re-dressed and reaching for his shoes.

“What are you doing?”

He looked up at me curiously, “Putting on my shoes so I can get out of here.”


“Well, you said I had to be gone before 11 and it’s a quarter to.”

I checked my watch and sighed. Well, huffed was more like it. It was true, but really, it would have been like this anyway. “Sex” with Steve was always just enough to get him off and get me all worked up. I had only gotten off twice with him and they had been purely accidental on his part. It was very frustrating.

I kissed him goodnight and let him out the sliding door before I locked it up again.

I sat on the couch and flipped channels restlessly while I waited for the Morgan’s to get home. I started thinking about Mr. M and how he probably never let Mrs. M go frustrated. I wondered if it was just that Steve was young.

Maybe you needed to be a man with experience before you knew what to do for a woman.

With my frustrated state, thoughts of what Mr. M might do to Mrs. M went to thoughts of my ride home with Mr. M and quickly became thoughts of what he might do to me. I couldn’t take it.

I checked my watch again. 11:00 on the dot. I couldn’t take care of it myself at this late hour; they’d catch me as they came back.

I waited and flipped channels. 11:10. they must be running late.

At this rate I was going to be so close that I’d probably cum sitting in the car with him. That thought was too much for me and I leaned back on the couch and slipped my hand into my pants and fingered my clit. The jolt was incredible. There may be something to this deprivation thing… provided it didn’t last too long.

I slipped my pants off and a charge went through me at having my pussy exposed in their den. I put the pants on the couch and sat down on them, spreading my legs wide. I thought about him as my fingers slipped over my dripping pussy. About what it would be like to feel his rough chin against the inside of my thigh or his pierced tongue against my clit. I thought about how wet I would get kneeling in front of him and taking his cock in my mouth.

I was sure he’d have a perfect cock. And before he came he would lay me back and slide his perfect cock into my dripping pussy, over and over again until I came. With that thought I came in a hard, shuddering orgasm.

I eventually stood and checked my pants for wet stains. There were none. My knees were rubbery but I managed to make it to the bathroom and clean up a little.

I had just managed to gather my wits when they came home.

The next time I sat for the Morgan’s, was so they could go to a friend’s club opening. I had been ready when Mr. M pulled up so I just called out to my parents that I was leaving. I slid into the passenger seat and looked over at him. He was dressed in a mesh shirt, a leather vest and leather pants. My pussy clenched and in my mind I saw myself straddling his lap and raising my skirt so I could feel his leather clad thighs between my bare ones. I stammered a hello.

He grinned and looked down at himself and said, “Yeah. Scary seeing the old folks dressed in leather, huh?’ He laughed.

I shook my head. “No! You aren’t old and you look good so why not?”

My head was swimming he looked so good.

I tried to keep up the chatter as we drove but it was so hard to concentrate.

When we arrived we entered just as Mrs. M walked down the stairs. She was dressed in a leather vest that laced up the front and pushed her breasts high and round and a leather mini skirt that showed off her legs perfectly. Her heels were at least three inches and her hair and make-up were awesome. I wanted to look that good and that daring at her age – hell, I wanted to look it now.

I looked at her with my mouth hanging open and Mr. M whistled as he stepped toward her.

“You look amazing.” He took her hand and kissed the open palm.

“Why thanks you old flirt, you look pretty hot yourself.” She grinned at him and I thought about how cool they were together. My parents never teased and flirted with each other. It was cool and I felt a little low for wanting her man.

“You really do look great, Mrs. M” I assured her.

“Thanks Jenna, nice to have a nonbiased opinion.” She winked at me and we smiled at each other. She really knew her man was hers. I was beginning to think she was as interesting as he was.

They left promising not to be too late but assuming it would be later than their usual 11 pm. I told them not to worry about it and wished them a great time as I locked the front door after them.

I went to the den and sat there thinking about the Morgan’s and how good they looked. As cool as they were I never expected them to wear leather but then I realized that once I saw it I wasn’t really surprised either. Suddenly I really wanted a look at their closet. slot oyna

I checked on Oscar and saw that he was sleeping like the dead. Good. Once he was that sound asleep an earthquake couldn’t wake him.

I went quietly down the hall to their room and slipped inside.

I had never done this before and I felt my adrenaline pumping like I was a burglar or something. I turned on the small bedside lamp and looked around.

They had huge four poster iron bed with tons of pillows, a wall covered entirely by shelves crowded with books, a wall unit that I assumed contained the TV, and a private bathroom. I was impressed, but it was the closet I had come to see.

I walked over to it and opened the doors wide. The left side was clearly hers and the right side was clearly his as each side had work clothes etc. I put a hand into her closet and slid those forward on the hangers so I could get a better look at the far end of the closet.

Sure enough there hung a few more leather pieces. I ran my hands over them and was amazed by their soft suppleness. I wondered how they would feel against my skin. My hand settled on a mini dress with straps that looked like leather belts and zippered all the way up the front. I took it down and held it against myself and looked into the mirror on the inside of the door. It was very short and very deeply cut at the top and I loved it.

I quickly took off my own t-shirt and mini skirt and tried the dress on. Mrs. M clearly had bigger breasts than I did but it still looked good. There were bands of elastic running down the seam on each side that allowed for a difference in shape — which worked nicely since Mrs. M was nice and curvy while I was less so — but the look wasn’t right with my bra so I took it off and repositioned the straps before looking in the mirror.

There! I stood in front of the mirror admiring the dress and how it looked on me. I slid my hands down the front and the sides smoothing the leather against my skin. It was smooth and supple under my hands but it felt almost like suede against my bare skin on the inside. As I moved, my nipples rubbed against the soft grain of the leather and I felt the shocking cold of the zipper. It was a very interesting sensation and I was beginning to feel very horny standing in a dress that felt like someone’s hands were moving over my skin.

The thought occurred to me that Mrs. M had worn this dress and that Mr. M had probably gotten hard looking at her in it. He had probably walked slowly up to her, pulled her roughly to him and kissed her hard as he slid the zipper down to expose her nipples first to his hot gaze and then to his tongue.

What had he been wearing when this had happened? I wondered. I turned to his closet and examined the leather I found there. Chaps; real ones — nothing but legs and a belt. I thought I might faint. More leather vests, a pair of leather pants, and a leather shirt. The last hanger held an organizer; it had five rows of pockets hanging down and three pockets across on each row. In the pockets I found silk g-strings with leather lacing up the front, a couple of leather cod pieces that looked like they were from the Batman costume.

I could see him wearing the chaps, a cod piece, and the leather shirt as he stood there looking at Mrs. M in this dress, only, in my mind, it was me he was looking at standing before the mirror. The thought occurred to me that maybe I could find a way to make that happen.

The thought made me more than a little wet and I decided it was time to get my mind off it and my own clothes on.

Once I had changed into my clothes and put everything back the way I found it I checked on Oscar again and headed back to the den.

I flicked channels trying to distract myself but I was finding it hard to get the image of the Morgan’s out of my head — especially the one where Mr. M sees me in that dress and does to me just what I imagined he had done to Mrs. M.

Suddenly I was very aware of the feel of the leather against the backs of my bare thighs. I stood up and pulled my skirt under them and sat down again.

Nothing on TV could distract me so I went searching for a movie.

I found one I thought would distract me and put it in the changer.

I found the remote and pressed play. Nope, wrong movie. I pressed the button to change the disk and onto the screen jumped a picture of their den. I looked at it puzzled and watched for a moment. There was a man on the couch watching TV. Then I realized it was Mr. M. I looked closer to see what he was doing and gasped as I realized I was watching Mr. M. stroke his cock through his pants while watching something on TV – So much for being distracted. I couldn’t look away.

It was a fairly tight shot so I could see when he took his cock from his pants and started stroking it. I was mesmerised by it. My pussy clenched and I wanted desperately to have something inside me — preferably his cock.

Curiosity made me look to what he was watching that made him canlı casino siteleri so horny. It took me a second to recognize it but he was watching me masturbate the night Steve had come over.

“Oh CRAP!” I said aloud. I was torn between embarrassment and arousal. Mr. M. was masturbating while watching me masturbate. That meant Mr. M. thought me masturbating was hot. It made him horny. He wanted me just like I wanted him! Suddenly I was weak kneed and sat down heavily on the edge of the couch.

A plan formulated as I sat there watching him stroke his thick hard cock for me.

I hunted for the recording device and realized it was a sitter cam on the fireplace mantel. From the disk, the angle was good but I looked for a way to zoom in just a little. There; on the bottom near the back. I zoomed in a little and hoped it would work.

I slid my panties off seductively and dropped them theatrically to the floor so he couldn’t miss it in the replay. Then, I positioned myself in the way I thought would give him the best view. I opened my shirt enough for my tits to spill partly out of my blouse, and pinched my nipples erect. Then, I slowly ran my fingertips up my thighs until they raised the front of my skirt to the top of my mound.

I pressed play and watched him masturbate for me as I tugged on my nipples and teased my clit. I slid down to a slouch and felt the cheeks of my ass touch the leather as my skirt rode up. I wondered if that’s what it would feel like to sit on his lap when he was wearing his chaps. I imagined that was all he was wearing as I slipped two fingers into my burning pussy and rubbed my thumb against my clit.

I watched him slowly slide his hand over the head of his cock and tug on his balls.

I slipped a third finger inside my pussy, watching that thick cock and wondering where he would cum and how it would feel. I pressed my g-spot and flicked my thumb across my clit as Mr. M wrapped his fingers around the base of his cock and spit on the shaft slowly spreading his spit to lubricate his cock. I imagined how hot it would be for me to spit on his cock like a slut and use my dripping spit to jerk him off.

I watched Mr. M get up and walk over to the TV and sit in front of it, stroking his cock the whole time, then, he blew a crazy big load that landed right on the screen — right on my exposed pussy.

I came right then. I came so hard sitting on that couch feeling the leather under my ass that I saw stars.

As I was lying there recovering I watched Mr. M clean up his cock and hands and then wipe the TV screen. As he turned I saw his smile and then the disk went to black. Odd. Then I realized; he had meant for the cam to record him jerking off. He had also obviously edited it so that the disk was only that 15 minute excerpt.

Suddenly I was no longer concerned that my plan was risky. I just knew I wanted it to work.

Shortly after 1 a.m. The Morgan’s arrived home. They were in good spirits and laughing quietly as they came through the door. Nothing different except that now I knew something I hadn’t before.

We chatted as I got my shoes on and grabbed my coat and Mr. M kissed his wife and promised to be home soon.

The drive to my house was tense for me but appeared to be the same as usual for Mr. M. He chatted as if nothing had changed and I almost began to believe that the disk had been left on accident. At least, I almost did until he turned to me and asked, “Watch anything good tonight?”

I was startled into speechlessness for a moment so he smiled and said, “Never much good on during the weekend so I always end up watching something on disk.”

I gathered myself and replied casually, “Yeah. I found a good disk and watched it.” I looked at him closely and added, “It was a little short but very good.”

He smiled and nodded. “Good.”

I didn’t know where to go with that so I left it. He pulled into our driveway and I said goodnight and got out. I got three steps away when he rolled down the passenger window and called me, “Jenna.”

I turned back and leaned down slightly to see in the window, “Yeah Mr. M?” I said.

He smiled suggestively and said, “Next weekend I’ll try to leave you something good to watch.”

I smiled back as I thanked him but he had rolled up the window and was pulling out already.

The next weekend, he picked me up like old times. No mention of anything sexual at all. Not even a hint.

I was disappointed because I had been looking forward to this all week. My legs were freshly waxed, my pussy freshly waxed, and a manicure and a pedicure had been done that day. I had been very careful with my hair and make-up too. I wore the mini skirt that made my legs look great and the blouse that had a hook and eye closure all the way up the front. It made my tits look amazing. I was sure I looked good.

At least he had noticed that. When I got in the car he smiled and told me I looked very nice, but then asked if my boyfriend was coming over. I said he wasn’t that I had just felt like looking after myself today. He smirked as he told me a woman should never hesitate to look after herself. I nearly jumped. Was that a subtle reference? Maybe it wouldn’t be a total loss after all.

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