The Ladies’ Spa… Ch. 02

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Dawn had been back to the Ladies’ Spa several times. She had thought about that incredibly erotic night on many occasions. So, word had spread. An oasis for just ladies…run by ladies. Luxury surroundings with velvet couches, lovely prints on the walls, pink lighting. The beautiful wooden bar with pink accents, offering Spa cuisine or any cocktail the lady desired. Whirlpools, Mineral Baths, Steam rooms, Saunas… truly a place where a woman could relax and unwind…and cum like she had never cum before.

There were four rooms now. One room was strictly for nude massage. You could request one or two massage therapists. They were naked and the client chose the girl that she wanted. There were blondes with big breasts, petite red-heads with athletic bodies, mysterious ebony-haired beauties. Part of the excitement for new clients is that they could “Order” their fantasy. Each girl had her own massage style, including erotic massage. One stunning chestnut beauty had a body like Anna Nicole Smith and performed Nuru massage. Nuru massage is a special kind of massage that is performed with a special kind of gel called Nuru gel. It’s made out of seaweed and is intensely felt by the client. It’s also known as Body Slide as the massage therapist massages the client with her entire body. A Happy Ending could be requested at the end with rubbing of the clitoris and manipulation of the G-spot.

The second room was known was the cunnilingus room. The client could choose 1 or 2 massage therapists and they would start with the standard massage. The massage therapists were soothing but sexy and a subtle flirting was done with the client. It made the client feel sexy, as well as the ice-cold glass or two of the best Champagne. A massage could last an hour to an hour and ½, then the massage therapist would finish by kissing and caressing the client’s cunt with her tongue and lips. The client casino oyna would fill out an extensive questionnaire about what she liked, what helped her to orgasm, etc. If she didn’t know, the therapist experimented with techniques after making her feel comfortable. She would flicker her tongue against the woman’s clitoris, or lick up and down, or suck gently. Then, as she felt the tremors in her legs, she would pick up the pace and slip a finger gently in. She would let the woman ride her face, and if it was a repeat client, would rim her asshole with her tongue as she was rubbing her clitoris too. But this was only for favored clients like Dawn. Dawn LOVED a hot tongue up her ass.

The third room was the room that Dawn had been in, the Combo Room. In this room, the client was given a massage, a pedicure and a foot massage to start. Then blindfolded, masturbated, cunnilingus and breast worship. 3-4 spa attendants worked on the lucky woman as a vibrator was inserted into her as her pussy was licked and sucked on, then a fucking machine. It was an intense experience, as the ladies whispered to each other that they had had screaming orgasms in that room. The sensuality of the massage, combined with the tantalizing smell of roses and jasmine, the beautiful soothing music, made the women melt and feel like she was a Queen, or an Empress. Made each woman feel like a Sexual Goddess, to be worshipped and pampered and excited beyond all compare. Until they tried the fourth room.

The fourth room was only for the bravest of women. Women who craved sex night and day. Women who fucked their men at home, or fucked men that they met. Women that needed more…and more…and more…who could have multiple orgasms and take hours of pleasure. Women who wanted to be taken to the edge of Heaven and Hell, and then crave the experience all over again. It was the room of the Fucking slot oyna Machines.

This room was used by Corporate Executives…Lawyers…Doctors…High Powered Stressed-out women who needed something. Mind-blowing, Full-body orgasms. That didn’t stop. The women that signed up for this room had to have consent from their physicians and a full blood panel and physical. It was whispered that Angelina Jolie had been in there and staggered out.

When you entered the room, there were sound-proof chambers inside of it. The client didn’t have to worry about anyone hearing her grunts and cries of pleasure. There were 4 fucking machines…The first chamber held a swing, that she was comfortably settled in and a mechanical dildo was attached to a piston that thrust back and forth. The woman could choose ANY size dildo she wanted and held a hand control to vary the speed, vibration, thrust style etc. A technician would come in before and explain everything then massage her whole pussy with lube, especially around the clitoris and opening, warming the client up, to prepare for vaginal entry. The dildo was chosen, lubricated well and inserted into the woman’s pussy. They would run through the speeds, and when the technician was satisfied that the client was comfortable, she would leave her to her pleasure.

The second chamber had pretty much the same set-up, but the fucking machine had 2 attachments-there was a smaller dildo for the anus and a vibrating, soft-flesh-like attachment that was molded into a finger shape for stimulation of the clitoris. The client would have the feeling of being completely full with the added excitement of the delicious rubbing of her clit as she was drilled. This fucking machine had the option of extremely rapid thrusts. Up to 200 thrusts a minute. This wasn’t for the faint of heart, as there was a slight curve at the end of the fake dick, to rub canlı casino siteleri the G spot into madness. The same preparations were made, except that the woman’s breasts were stimulated too. In THIS room, the client could have a friend with her, to chat with, or to play with her as she was getting drilled in both holes.

The third chamber was a combo. The woman was laid-down on a soft sweet-smelling table, low lights and Zen music. She was given a sensual massage, including her pussy and cunnilingus. She was encouraged to touch herself, to enhance the experience. Then the dildo was inserted and it was on the larger side. This experience was preferred by women who liked Black cock. This was hand-held by the technician who also used a finger vibe on her clit. The fake phallus was 12 inches long and the woman was allowed to stay in the chamber for one hour. She was given the option to have the Big Monster cock attached to a regular fucking machine so she could enjoy the pounding for as long as she liked.

But the fourth chamber…oh, the fourth chamber… It was only for the boldest badasses out there. A full massage, a Yoni massage (Happy Ending), cunninglingus and then the client was started on the Sybian. The massage therapist stayed with her, caressing her body, kissing her, suckling her breasts, rubbing her clit as she rode that Horse-cock. When she was done with that, she was hooked up to the fucking machine, which hosted the 12-inch black cock, a smaller cock for her asshole and the Wand. The therapist used the Wand on her as the cocks fucked her and sucked and nibbled her tits. This was affectionately known as “The Squirt Room”

Girl Jizz was splattered allll over the room. The walls had to be cleaned daily and the room smelled pleasantly of musk and perfume. It had an aura of contented satisfaction. The women that came in this room were ready to Rock and Roll. Some stayed the entire night, screaming in ecstasy and joy. When they were done, they were put into the Mineral spa waters to rejuvenate and relax.

Dawn turned the knob to the fourth chamber…and smiled.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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