Surprised! Ch. 02

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It took Mom and Aunt Carol no time at all to clean my cum from each other’s faces and tits. Mom got up and sat on the far end of the sofa, she beckoned me. I shifted and laid against her. Aunt Carol came and sat on the other side of me.

“The question of the safety of the evidence remains, Bobby… What do you think now?”

“Are going to continue to fuck, going forward?”

“Oh hell yeah!” Aunt Carol said eagerly.

Mom smiled and caressed my face. “As often as we can Baby.”

I grinned. “Okay, it’ll never be seen. I’ll make sure of that.”

“There is another thing we need to talk about though…” Mom said sounding more serious. “Your father.”

“Yeah, we’ve got to keep this a secret, I know.”

“No, that’s not it. I mean- yes, we do but there’s more. You see, you father took early retirement last month and… well he moved out las week.”

“No shit! He left you?” I exclaimed. “Is he fucking crazy?”

Mom smiled.

“Oh fuck, did he find about about your… uh, business?”

“Oh honey, he knows all about that. He has all along. No, uh…” she sighed in resignation. “Shit there is no easy way to break this so here it is. He has always been bi, and finally found a partner. He and Uncle Jack are living together now. They’re not duck hunting.”

My mouth hung open for a moment. My mind struggled to accept the news. Yet a part of me was glad to hear of it.

Aunt Carol nodded. “Yeah, so I’ve mostly moved in here, we use my place for some of our parties and dates.”

“Wow…” was all I could say.

Mom brought it all back when she stated, “So you see why I lusted for you and why we started screwing around.”

I looked at Aunt Carol, “So Uncle Jack was bi too?”

“Oh no, he was always gay. Completely gay. When I was date raped and got pregnant he stood by me, said it was his and married me. Then when I lost the baby, well, we just stayed together. See, he’s been my best friend for almost all of my life. He still is. I love him dearly, but sex has never been part of that. I knew he had a few discrete partners over the years and our marriage gave him legitimacy. So when he and your father came out, well, I was happy for him.”

“When did they come out?” I asked.

“After your sister left for school.” Mom answered. “We sat down and discussed it calmly. We weren’t sure how or when to tell you two…”

“I see.”

“Hey! Enough of this serious shit, I’m hungry!” Aunt Carol said.

I covered my cock with both hands. “Give me time to recover! Geez!”

She punched my shoulder. “I mean for real food, although a cum smoothie would be nice later…”

“You’re terrible!” Mom replied.

We got up and went into the kitchen, leaving our clothes scattered across the living room along with the scent of intense sex.

We ate, caught up on normal stuff and yes, talked about their business and how they got started just about the time I was starting my senior year in High School. And I had no idea until now. They were careful and had strict rules. No cameras or phones and a strict non disclosure agreement. Apparently my father and Uncle Jack played the role of enforcer or bodyguard at times and were very scary when they wanted to be.

We then cleaned up the living room, and Mom suggested take a shower and wash off the stink. Now the master suite of our house had a huge shower with room for whole squad of cheerleaders (Yeah I had fantasized once or twice about that), and sported two shower heads plus a hand-held unit. There was also a built in bench along one side. So Mom’s suggestion that we jump in the shower excited me.

We set the temperature and wet ourselves down. I sat on the bench as Mom washed my hair and scrubbed scalp. Aunt Carol got a loofa, lathered it up and started scrubbing me. God I was in a state of bliss. These two beautiful, sexy women were bathing me and naked too! Of course I soon had an erection which they took turns washing with soapy hands. Not wanting to waste my load, Aunt Carol insisted that we avoid taking it too far. I took the loofa and started bathing her.

” So you really, really love cum.”


“Always have?”

“Since I first tasted it.”

“Who and when?” I asked, intrigued.

She smiled, “Sorry Bobby. My secret. Even Amy doesn’t know. Lets just say it was a long time ago…”

“Okay, fair enough. But do you like all cum, all the time?”

“Well, most of the time. Depending on what the guy eats and drinks, the flavor can vary. But even if it’s a little off, it’s still good. And I love the power it gives me.”

“Yeah, watching you eat my cum out of Mom was amazing! I can see a guy doing anything or paying anything to watch that.”

“Well we’ve never done that before. This was the first time. But you know what? I loved it!” She giggled. “It was awesome to taste both of your flavors together! I can’t wait to try it again!”

“I was too dazed from my orgasm to realize what you were doing,” Mom said. “But once I felt her mouth on me I decided to go with it. I love for her to eat me out and we’ve gone 69 a lot, but never with a pussy full of cum. And I’ve never sat and watched, up close ataşehir escort like that, as a cock slid in and out of her. That was wildly arousing too.”

“Well how about this,” I offered, “Later I’ll fuck one of you while the other lays her cheek on her mound? That way I can fuck a few strokes and then fuck your mouth a few strokes.”

Aunt Carol grinned. “I’m on top first!”

I spent a lot of time toying with Aunt Carol and Mom slapped my ass. “Hey! What’s a mother have to do around here to get her son to bathe her?”

I grinned and began to wash her all over as her sister shampooed her hair. As I washed her breasts and fondled her long nipples I decided to ask her some personal questions. The kind of question a boy never gets to ask his mother unless he’s screwing her.

“These are incredible nipples Mom. How did they get this long?”

She laughed. “I developed decently sized nipples naturally but then when I started experimenting with boys and discovered how much I loved having them sucked, I encouraged that. And, well, the more people sucked on them, the longer they grew.”

“Everyone loved sucking on Amy’s tits!” Aunt Carol interjected. Mom shushed her but Carol continued,”Friends, family, strangers…”

“Mom! A wild child? Really?”

Mom sighed. “Yes. Look Bobby, I started young and played around a lot, but I was never a real slut. I was picky about who and when I fucked… well until recently. But I did enjoy tit-play and still do. In fact for a long time I used nipple trainers which contributed more to their length than anything else. I actually still use them when I masturbate alone.”

I was wondering what Mom meant by “started young”, Eighteen? Nineteen? Or… But a glance at her told me I needed to leave it alone. I changed the subject.

“Okay so client are not allowed to cum inside of you, and no pics are allowed. What else is off limits?”

“Well they have to be eighteen, clean and healthy, and they have to have a card. It’s a referral system. Only clients in good standing get them to pass on to someone they trust. Neither of us have done bondage or pain games although we have one client who like to be dominated. And unlike my sex addled sister, I don’t do anal.”

“Why not?”

“It’s my last virginity and I’m saving it for the right guy at the right time.He’ll have to be worth it and I’m not just giving it away, he’ll have to work for it.” she said. “What about you answering some questions? How many girls have you fucked?”

I hesitated a moment. I decided to answer truthfully. “Before today? Five, five girls and one older woman. But I’ve had three others give me head only.”

Mom raised one eyebrow and smiled.

“Okay, were the girls coeds at college?”

“Four were and the ones that only gave head, yeah.”

Aunt Carol was curious too. “Who was the older woman?”

“And when?” Mom added.

I blushed. “Janice Rice’s birthday is the day after mine. She decided we would fuck each other as birthday presents. We were alone in her house, her family were gone for the day and got naked and started fooling around. She is kinda weird and decided we would fuck on her parent’s bed. She said her bed was clean but her folks fucked the night before so no one would notice if we left a mess. Well she was my first and we were fucking along, learning what to do when her Grandmother came in.”

“Oh fuck!” Mom exclaimed.

“Yeah, well she stood there staring at us then grabbed us by the arm and chewed us out. She sent Janice to shower and held onto me. Then she said that if I promised to leave her granddaughter alone she would reward me. I said okay and in two shakes she locked the door and pulled off her dress. She was only fifty four, looked younger and had bigger tits than you Aunt Carol. Damn if she wasn’t wet too! She fucked me good and hard on top then doggystyle. Finally she gave me my first ass. She pulled out some lube and I fucked her ass. Left her a creampie in each hole too. Then I grabbed my clothes and ran.”

Mom and Aunt Carol looked at each other then burst out laughing.

“Oh my god you poor boy!” Mom said. “God I remember her giving me the evil eye that summer! Now I know why.”

“Bobby do you like ass?” Aunt Carol asked grinning.

“Only nice, round, full, and shapely ones… like yours.”

Aunt Carol stepped out of the shower and grabbed a tube of lube from a drawer and handed it to me. “Please Bobby? I want to feel that inside of me! Do me right here.”

“Sure! But Mom needs to get me harder first.”

Mom smiled and sat on the bench, I stepped in front of her and she started sucking my cock. When I was good and stiff Aunt Carol put her hands on the shower wall over the bench and bent over.

“Fuck my ass Bobby!”

I lubed up my cock and her asshole, slipping my fingers in. She giggled.

“Stop teasing me and give me your cock!”

I pressed the tip against her ass and pushed. I slid in easily. Aunt Carol took a deep breath. I pushed in further and she moaned. I paused a moment then pushed in the rest of the way. Aunt Carol gasped.

“Oh my god that’s a lot of cock! Fuck!”

“That’s kadıköy escort a lot of ass too!” I joked and spanked her. She squealed with glee.

I held it there for a minute and then slowly pulled out, my glans teased her sphincter a moment then pushed inside again. And again she moaned in pleasure. I pulled out and pushed in several times. I had found that some girls got most of their anal stimulation in and near the sphincter. It appeared to be the case with Aunt Carol.

“Oh god! Oh god that feels so good! Yes!”

Mom slid over in front of her sister and cupped and squeezed Aunt Carol’s huge hanging tits as they kissed. My dick actually got stiffer and I began to fuck her with long strokes. Aunt Carol and Mom continued to kiss. This meant I couldn’t pound her ass lest I shove them together into the wall. But that was fine. Slow and deep strokes in Aunt Carol’s beautiful round ass was wonderful. In fact we were all three having such a nice fuck and so focused that the opening of the shower door and the exclamation surprised us.


Kate was home.

I froze, my cock buried in Aunt Carol’s ass. Mom looked around Carol and Kate saw her.

“MOM! Oh my god! Then that must be Aunt Carol…” she said. “Oh my god! What is this? What’s going on? Nevermind I can see what’s going on. Fuck!”

I was surprised by several things. One, Mom wasn’t confronting her or trying to explain, in fact she seemed to be hiding behind her sister. Two, Aunt Carol wasn’t trying to disengage. Three my cock wasn’t shrinking, but staying quite firm. And lastly, that Kate wasn’t storming off or turning away but taking it all in.

“How- how could you guys do this to me?” she cried. “Mom! You’d fuck your sister and your son? What about me? Why not me? Don’t you know I love you? That I want you? And Aunt Carol! All those sleep overs and playing dress up and talking till dawn and doing our hair and nails… but you never once hit on me! Why? And you!” She punched my arm, hard. “Why did you ignore me when I flirted? When I teased and flashed you? Am I too ugly? Or… I get it too skinny, too small. You like tits, big tits. Well I-“

I pulled out of Aunt Carol’s ass and turned to face Kate. The sudden move caused Aunt Carol to yelp. She stumbled and Mom caught her.

“Listen Kate this just started today. We haven’t been hiding it from you. I just-“

Kate had frozen and was staring at my cock. Slowly she reached out her hand and touched it. Her fingers were trembling. She touched and explored my glans and the sensation caused it to twitch. She jerked her hand back with a gasp. She finally looked up at me. She smiled then looked away blushing. She was at a loss for words it seemed. I took her hand and placed it back on my cock.

“Oh my… that’s… um, that’s nice. And s-so stiff… uh, w-wow.” She stammered.

I took her hand and opened it, palm up. Then laid my shaft in her hand and closed her fingers around it. Then I guided her hand up and down the shaft. Kate tugged a few times then looked back up at me and a huge smile broke across her face.

“W-wow. I-uh, I’ve never, uh actually held one b-before.” she mumbled softly. “I-I like it. What next?”

“Well would you like to shower with us?” I asked.

“Hell yeah!” she yelled looking at each of us in turn.

“Well you need to strip first.” Mom said, smiling.

Kate started to unbutton her blouse but stopped.

“No. Bobby, I want you to do me a favor, rip my clothes off. Please?”

She was wearing a flannel shirt and sweatpants with roper style boots.

“Lose the boots and socks.” I said.

She did and when she stood back up I grabbed her waistband and hooked my fingers into her panties and yanked them down to the floor. I planted a foot in the middle and she pulled her feet free. I reached out and took her by the arms and pulled her to me. I stared into her eyes for a moment. She was excited and nervous, but not frightened. I kissed her and she responded eagerly. I turned her head slightly and whispered in her ear,

“Are you sure about this?”

“Yes Bobby! I have dreamed of this moment for years!” She then looked at the others and spoke up. “I need to be taken, guided, used and taught. By all of you, but, Bobby first.” She looked at me and bit her lower lip. Her eyes were moist but her face was excited and happy. “Do it.”

I pressed her back to the wall and kissed her, then grabbed the front of her shirt and ripped it open. Buttons flew everywhere as she gasped. I spun her around and tugged her shirt off and tossed it on the floor. I pressed her against the cool tiles of the shower wall and kissed the back of her neck as I ran my hand down over her firm ass and between her legs. She rose onto her tip toes and my fingers found her lips, toyed with her a moment, brushed lightly at her clit, and slid back over her tightly puckered asshole. Kate was panting as I spun her back around. Her eyes blazed with excitement and a wide grin split her face.

I stepped back until I was against the far wall. “Bathe her.”

Aunt Carol turned the water back on and together she and Mom began. Mom stood behind her and shampooed bostancı escort bayan her hair while Aunt Carol washed her small body. Kate closed her eyes in bliss.

I looked her over, seriously, for the first time ever. Kate was a few months shy of nineteen and took after our father’s side of the family where the women were typically short and often petite. Kate stood barely 5’3″ and weighed 100, maybe 110. She had Mom’s blonde hair, but wore it rather short. Her eyes were the same light blue and seemed to almost sparkle. She was small in stature but she had a strong build, after all she was a gymnast. Her tits had been nonexistent in my mind. But now I saw that they were firm but small mounds carried erect, high and proud. Her nipples were small nubs on the ends of huge puffy areolas. Her body was lean and hard from years of gymnastics which had given her strong legs and a firm ass. The Aunt Carol moved aside and I watched as the water rinsed the soap suds from her abs

And I saw her smooth, hairless mound. She looked wonderful. Now of the girls I had fucked at college, most were a normal to chubby build. My first, Janice had been quite chubby. I had never fucked a smaller or petite built girl, well one girl had been a fireplug. She was just 5’2″ but stocky. So I was wondering what sex with Kate was going to be like. I actually wondered if it would hurt.

“Kate, are you really sure about this?” I asked once more. “As much as I want to fuck you, I don’t want to, well, fuck things up… you know? I mean, are you ready for sex?”

Kate smiled, “Yes Bobby, I am. I’m a virgin as far as fucking goes, but I have had toys inside… of me. So no hymen.” She blushed.

Mom raised an eyebrow. “Do tell…”

Kat bit her lip then explained. “We, the girls gymnastics team that is, don’t have time for dating and Coach Drucker frowns on anything that takes time away from training, and of course parties and drinking will get you dropped immediately… So the team has always had a secret policy of taking care of our own. Every girl has a designated partner, and sometimes we group up. We use tiny AA vibrators that are easy to hide, plus our hands and mouths and help each other get off. There was one night when Sarah brought a real dildo in and we all tried it. It was supposed to look real, and was bigger but not stiff. I liked it but it wasn’t real. Even with Sarah moving it in and out. Your cock is the first real one I’ve seen, o-or touched… I-I want to feel you inside of me Bobby. I really do. No. I need you. I NEED you inside of me.”

Her stressing the word need convinced me. This was not something I had ever dreamed of, fantasized about or even considered. I had honestly never thought of my sister sexually, but now, now I was not only willing to fuck her, but actually wanting to fuck her. I wanted to discover how she felt inside. I wanted to touch her, to feel her firm tits, to suck on those puffy nipples. I wanted to feel her strong body fucking me, her legs and her ass looked amazing. I wanted to please her and hear her cry out in ecstasy as she came. I longed to see her pussy, kiss it, lick it, taste it…

“Mom, You and Aunt Carol sit on the seat, Kate, face them and bend over.”

Kate laid her head on Mom’s shoulder with one arm around her neck. Aunt Carol began to toy with those puffy nipples and kiss Kate’s shoulder. Kate’s free hand was soon on Aunt Carol’s breast. I stepped up behind her and rubbed my cock between her legs a few times. Kate adjusted her stance and I spread her lips with my fingers. I pushed my cock forward and fumbled a bit trying to line it up. Then I felt Mom’s hand between Kate’s legs, her fingers guiding my cock…

I pushed.

Kate cried out.

Damn she was tight. Wonderfully, wonderfully tight, and hot. I mean her pussy wasn’t warm, it was hot. I held it there, barely inside and waited for her to relax.

“Oh god it’s so big! Gaahh! Oh shit it hurts!” She was panting.

I slowly pulled out and allowed her to catch her breath.

“You’re not wet enough, we need the lube.”

Aunt Carol retrieved the tube and used her finger to apply some in Kate’s pink pussy. I added some to my glans and tried again. This time was better. Kate still groaned and was still incredibly tight, but it didn’t hurt. Slow in and out strokes loosened her up and spread the lube, soon she was adding her own and we were able to fuck comfortably.

“Oh Bobby! You feel so good! So good inside me! Oh damn, I have wanted this for so long…”

“Oh?” Mom asked, “No secrets now, tell us all about it.”

Kate was silent a moment and I reached over to turn the water off. I slowly slid in and out of her, my hands on her hips. Finally she spoke,

“I don’t know when it first started, but I’ve always thought you were the handsomest guy I knew, and somehow I started fantasizing about you at night, and it would make me ache and get wet… I’d feel guilty about it afterward, but a few nights later the dreams would come again. I-I started masterbating soon after and fantasizing about you… about you taking me… I-I w-would resist, just a little and struggle sometimes, but you would take me anyways, and the climaxes would come and…the guilt would follow. God, I was so confused. But not now. Now I know it’s right. I don’t give a damn that you’re my brother. I don’t care that it’s incest. I just know that it feels right. So fuck me Bobby, fuck me and make me cum!”

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