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It all started when I was fifteen, I was crazy in love with my cousin the same age. She was so hot, she had the nicest ass I had ever laid eyes on and every time I would see her I would want to jack off.

A few years later when we were both older, I still had the crush on her. She was one of the hottest girls I had ever seen and I just wanted to fuck the shit out of her. Well she had been away for college but she came back to town and she found me. She called me up and wanted to know if we could get together and talk. I t had been so long since we had talked and I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to see that ass. It was so nice and round she also had some nice perky tits to go along with it.

All my life I had dreamed about making love to her. I have had plenty of sex with other girls but there is something about her that drive me wild. The thought of her soft lips sliding up and down my dick almost made cum right there.

She came over and we ordered out for dinner. We sat and talked about how the last few years had been for both of us and how we were planning on spending the next year. I don’t know what got into her but all of a sudden, escort buca she flipped on the porno channel. She was a little drunk but it was never my intention of getting her so wasted she would do what ever I wanted, but that’s when it popped into my head.

I thought about it for a second but I realized I couldn’t do that. She was getting horny and started talking about how her sex life was and about the best sex she had. My dick was getting stiff as a rock and she noticed very easily, I don’t mean to brag but nine inches is pretty good. She leaned over to me and said that she needed a nice good fucking and that she wanted me to give it to her.

I thought I was dreaming or really really drunk. My biggest fantasy was actually coming true.There she was for the taking but for some reason I couldn’t, untill she started rubbing my cock and massaging her pussy at the same time. I felt like busting a load right then but I didn’t want to dissapoint her. She started unzipping my pants while I took off my shirt. Then she took her clothes. She handed me her panties and I stuffed them in my face, they smelt so good I just had buca escort bayan to taste her pussy. I laid her out on the couch and licked her thighs. I made my way to her pussy and started licking away. She was already wet and the taste was like heaven. I slurped up all I could, and when I thought I got it all she came right in my face.

I drank what was in my mouth but she didn’t give me a chance to lick off the rest. She grabbed me and licked my face clean.

“I want to suck your cock dry”she said.”Then you can taste my ass”

She got off the couch and onto her knees and wasted no time licking my dick. She started licking the tip with the tip of her tongue, she circles around it then took in inch by inch untill my entire cock was in her mouth. Watching her head bob up and down on my shaft was the sexiest thing i had ever seen.While she was sucking she started to tickle my asswhole at the same time, usually I would never let anybody do that but she made it feel so good.

“I’ve wanted you ever since we were teenagers” I told her

“I know” she said,”what you didn’t think I noticed”

That’s when buca escort I exploded. Gob after gob shot into her mouth and all over her face. she told me lick the rest off her face so I did. My own jizz on my tongue tasted so good but not as good as her ass was going to.

I turned her around as fast as I could and got to work on that ass. My tongue was exploring the boundries my dick would be soon. It tasted so good, I was fucking her ass with my tongue.She then got up and kissed me so passionatlly.

“Now it’s time for you to give that dick in whatever whole you want to give it to me in” she said.

I put my cock right against her pussy and slowly thrusted forward. It felt so good as I rocked in and out of my cousins pussy.

“Harder, harder”she said. So i went in harder and faster. As fast as I could pounding that sweet pussy as she came all over my dick.

I pulled out and rubbed the head of my dick against the small hole of her ass. She moaned as I did this. Then I slowly pushed in untill my entire cock was in.

I went slow at first as I could tell she was a little uncomfortable but then she started moaning louder and louder so I wne t faster and faster.She stuck three of her fingers in her pussy while I was fucking her ass. She came twice before I came. Hot sticky cum poured out of my cock and into her ass like a river.

We fell asleep with my dick still in her ass with my arms around her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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