Somalian Women Are Freaky

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Right now, Fabiola Ahmed is lying on her back, legs spread and drool oozing out of her mouth. The big and tall, mature Black woman of Somalian descent is moaning and her eyes are totally glazed over. Why is that? She’s got a big dick up her ass, that’s why. The owner of said dick is Devon Winston, a big and tall young Black man. Groaning in pleasure, he thrust his cock even deeper into the mature Black slut’s surprisingly tight asshole. There is nothing Devon loves doing more than to fuck a mature Black woman in the ass. Especially one of those superbly conservative and veiled Somalian women.

Ever since he first glimpsed Fabiola while working security at the Ottawa Museum of Natural Resources, Devon had wanted to do one thing. Fuck that big-booty mature Black slut in the ass. He knew she wanted it too the way she approached him coyly while he was escorting some visitors through the facility. Devon knew he stood out. Women were always approaching him in the City of Ottawa. From fake-smiling yet lustful blonde-haired White sluts dressed like soccer moms to curious Asian broads and the occasional Aboriginal woman.

Devon Winston moved to Ottawa from his native City of Boston, Massachusetts, mainly because the economy of his home state was in the crapper. Since moving to Ottawa, he found work as a security personnel manager, and enrolled at Algonquin College where he took Criminology classes. Having graduated from Algonquin College, he switched to Carleton University to continue with his education. He figured he’d return to the City of Boston when the economy got better. Now he felt like staying. For only one reason. Much like the rest of Canada, the town of Ottawa was dull and boring, but most of the local women were complete sluts ready to drop their panties at the sight of the first available attractive man. What horny young guy wouldn’t want that?

Devon looked into Fabiola’s eyes illegal bahis as he rammed his dick up her asshole. The big Black woman’s asshole felt warm and tight around his member. Devon simply couldn’t get enough of a juicy, tight asshole around his dick. He became addicted to it after fucking his first girlfriend in the ass. Fabiola squealed as Devon’s big cock stretched her asshole to previously unknown girths. Ever since she first laid eyes upon the twenty-something Black man from America, she wanted a piece of him. She knew he wasn’t from Ottawa the moment she looked at him. Black men in Ottawa weren’t really interested in Black women for the most part. They chased ugly White women like their lives depended on it. If a Black man in Ottawa lustfully checks out a Black woman, then he’s definitely not a native of Canada.

Fabiola surprised herself when she walked up to the young man and flirted with him. When he flirted right back, she just had to know his name. Devon Winston. A proud African-American stud from the City of Boston, Massachusetts. The guy was smooth-talking, cocky and confident. Yeah, he was definitely not from Ottawa. He told her that he found Canada dull and boring, and didn’t trust Canada’s fake-smiling bigots as far as he could throw them. Fabiola was impressed by the young Black man’s confidence and natural sexiness. Black American males were something else. They walked around like kings and princes. They didn’t take crap from White people, or anyone for that matter. Small wonder one of these African-American supermen got to be President of the United States of America.

Devon had that same all-American cockiness shining in his eyes as he raised Fabiola’s big legs in the air and rammed his cock even deeper into her asshole. Fabiola squealed and begged him to fuck her harder. She hadn’t gotten fucked in the ass in a long time. Truth be told, it had been more than illegal bahis siteleri two years since she had some loving from a man. Now, Fabiola wasn’t a nun. She believed in having some fun in her life. After graduating from the University of Ottawa with a bachelor’s degree in business, the only job she could find was as an Account Manager with the Royal Bank of Canada. Ten years later, she was a Branch Manager and knew that the bigoted White men and treacherous White women who ran the bank wouldn’t let her progress much further. In Canada, the discrimination was systemic rather than purely racial.

So there she was, a 36-year-old, unmarried foreign-born Black Canadian woman living in a nice house with a nice car, totally bored. Fabiola was severely depressed at the time that she met Devon. The cocky young African-American was like an injection of life and energy into her otherwise dull existence. And she simply couldn’t get enough of him. That’s why she came to him with willing mouth, pussy and ass. She knew he could have any woman in the City. The City of Ottawa’s horny White sluts were always throwing the pussy at Black men. And Asian women were doing the same thing. The people who got laid the less in Ottawa were Black women and White men. Partly because of the taboo yet seemingly magnetic fascination between White women and Black men.

Knowing this, Fabiola Ahmed simply couldn’t wait to give Devon Winston some of her top shelf pussy. At the age of thirty six, Fabiola knew that her best years were behind her but still considered herself youthful and sexy. She stood five feet eleven inches tall, busty and big-bottomed, with jet-Black skin and long Black hair which she braided into cornrows. Fabiola was a bit sensitive about the fact that she weighed 220 pounds but Devon made her feel sexy. He asked her out and wouldn’t take no for an answer. He took her on a ride around Ottawa canlı bahis siteleri on his motorcycle. Fabiola had never been more scared or excited in her life. Riding on Devon Winston’s Harley Davidson made her feel alive! This guy was something else. While walking through Ottawa’s very own Saint Laurent Mall, Devon gave his trademark cocky stare to White men and White women who stared at the two of them as they walked around hand in hand. How could she resist a man like that?

Fabiola fingered her gushing wet pussy as Devon filled her asshole with his cock. Hot damn she loved the feel of his dick in her ass. Devon’s eight-inch, uncircumcised rod of Black man power filled her crevice tightly. Prior to assuming the position and offering her ass to him, she got him ready. How? By kneeling before him and sucking his big Black dick like her life depended on it. Once she got him nice and hard, they started fucking. Devon wasn’t a fan of pussy fucking. He flat out told her that in his experience with older women, their pussies simply weren’t tight enough. Kind of felt like having a wet sock around his dick. He preferred anal sex with older women. Any other woman would have been stunned and insulted by Devon’s statement. Not Fabiola. The sexy mature Somalian mama knew how to roll with the punches. And she wanted to get fucked. Devon was definitely okay with that!

After ramming his dick up Fabiola Ahmed’s asshole for a long while, Devon Winston finally came. He filled her asshole with his manly cum, flooding her with his heat and his liquid essence. Fabiola screamed loud enough to wake the dead. Devon groaned in pleasure and crowed victoriously. That’s the Black Bostonian called a real good fuck in the ass. Afterwards, he made Fabiola clean his cock with her tongue. What they called an Ass to Mouth special in the United States of America. And Fabiola, the horny Somalian slut, simply rolled with it. Devon left Fabiola’s house with a big smile on his face. He was definitely returning to her place for some fun later. He had plenty of time to kill before heading to Boston for the rest of the summer. Might as well tap some of the local booty. Why not?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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