Sister-In-Law Gets Helping Hand

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Crystal is a lovely girl I met on Literotica who has attempted to edit my work. Thank you! But she also comes up with some story ideas. Here’s one that has a lot of truth to it, with me retelling.

Sitting at the bustling coffee shop early one Saturday morning I was simply relaxing while sipping java and perusing the morning paper’s blood, gore and government acting badly.

I could not help but eavesdrop a couple nearby that was lamenting about their teen age daughter that was consistently driving them over the edge.

She would sneak out after bedtime for a tryst with a current boyfriend. She’d break curfew on a whim. She’d borrow on her allowance even though she had a part-time job. Two tickets for speeding meant she, and the dad, had to go to driver’s school. She’s run up the father’s credit card before he cut her off. Most recently some cash had been missing from his wallet.

Oh, they’d ground her, they’d make her do chores, they would beg and cajole, you name it, they tried it. Getting their daughter on the straight and narrow course toward future success was just a dream. They were happy she had not gotten knocked up, flunked or been fired from her job.

“What that girl needed was a good spanking years ago,” said the perplexed father. “As if you’d have let me. That’s what my parents would have done. A good old butt hurting spanking.”

The wife shook her head. “Oh John. Don’t be ridiculous. Spankings went out of favor years ago. They don’t work.”

“Well, Janet, if they don’t work, how come you and I made out as well as we did? I remember getting the switch on more than one occasion, and I know your pretty little ass was reddened by your mother too.”

A different time, I thought, back when parents had the ability to quickly set a kid straight through fear, a little paddle and some harsh words all given in love. These days such actions would cause child protective services to visit or maybe even a lawsuit from the child!

Damn, times have changed. I felt old. If things get better with age, I can think of a dozen things that don’t. Nothing is like your first kiss, for instance.

Mary and I had been lucky. We had two good kids that both were in college. I will say that I had taken the belt to both at one time or another. We didn’t talk about it, but my wife and I had spanked our children, starting with the wheeze of a scream that first time eating out at a diner and ending when our youngest daughter was 17 and was caught cheating on a test.

Mary yelled at her, I spanked her behind. My daughter’s ass, not my wife’s…but there’s another story in there somewhere. In any event, it wasn’t at a whim; spankings were only there for the most dastardly of offenses. But the girls knew what would happen if mom threatened them with telling good old dad about some transgression.

The girls learned early to behave, to listen, to be good kids. And they were today.

So what does that have to do with the price of rice in China?

Mary and I were speaking recently about her sister Rachel and the difficulties she’d had in recent years. Worst was the loss of her husband Rick in a terrible car crash three years before. There was some insurance, but not enough from forcing Rachel to ultimately go back to work to make ends meet.

Their daughter Bailey rebelled about just about everything after her dad’s death, and months of counseling didn’t help. She was a terror and mom was flummoxed with how to deal with the girl. Oh, she gave her a lot of rope, hoping Bailey would shake out of things and become the kind of young woman she hoped. But that didn’t seem to be happening.

In some ways, she seemed to be rebelling and hating the world because of her father’s death. In others, she was merely a spoiled brat.

The sisters talked nearly daily, and Mary knew Rachel was at wits end. Somewhere in the conversation Rachel admitted that if her husband was alive she knew what would have happened. He’d have taken the now 18-year-old girl over his knees and smacked that behind to teach her a much needed lesson.

The two agreed that would probably help the situation, but with all that had happened it wasn’t an option. Or was it?

Mary and I were having dinner when she brought up the topic, telling the story and wondering what my thoughts were. I relayed the story of the couple at the coffee shop and my own two cents that their daughter, as well as Rachel’s, was prime candidates for correction.

Then came the shocker. “Rob, I don’t think Rachel can spank Bailey, it’s just not in her. She can’t. So, would you give that girl a lesson like your father gave you? Would you spank Rachel’s daughter.”

Incredulous, I shook my head. “That’s not my job, not my role.”

My wife replied that she was asking a favor, that it was family, and Rachel had a terrible dilemma and needed the help of a man. That it was a change to set Bailey straight, get her turned around and maybe get some sense in her. With her husband gone she needed help, and I was the fake hospital hastane one to help.

Long discussion ensued but in the end I saw the wisdom in at least considering the option. I agreed to talk with Rachel and discuss the situation, the ramifications, and while not promising anything I said we could together as a family triumvirate discuss and come up with a plan of attack.

Two nights later Mary, Rachel and I visited. We were at Rachel’s house, and she quickly pointed out what a mess it was and how Bailey didn’t lift a finger to help around the house. She complained that the girl had been a young terror since her 18th birthday, threatening to leave and so forth.

But at the same time she was a good girl at heart, helping others outside the home at times.

Still, the bad outweigh the good by tenfold and Rachel was seriously concerned that if she left home at this point only bad things would happen.

“I love my baby; I know she’s good at heart. She just needs some direction that I can’t give.”

The women insisted that a man’s direction was what she needed, and in the end I said I’d consider becoming a surrogate father from a disciple standpoint. I begged off the question for a week, hoping the girl would turn things around on her own and it would be a moot point.

@ @ @ @

About 10 days after the tree of us met, Mary hit me with the news that Bailey had been caught in a school coat room giving head to a classmate.

Sucking her boyfriend’s dick in school wasn’t a summary offense. It was problems! The school had suspended her and the boy for three days and was given one last chance to graduate if they were squeaky clean for the rest of the semester.

Rachel grounded the girl, only to be cursed at as Bailey strode to her room. It was time to act, according to Mary, and she insisted I get over to her sister’s house with her and handle the situation.

We arrived a half hour later and Rachel met us in a complete thither. Bailey was acting more like a 12-year-old girl than an 18-year-old young woman.

“I’m at wits end, I can’t take this anymore. My own daughter told me to fuck myself. My own daughter!”

The three of us talked for a couple minutes and I was assured by the two women that I was to take matters in my own hands and correct the girl. Now. Rachel called for her daughter, who told her to “screw off”. Rachel insisted the girl come down, as Mary and I were there.

Reluctantly, almost defiantly, the girl soon came into the room. Dressed in a tee top and sweat pants, Bailey almost smirked at her mother as she cooed to my wife about her flowery flowing dress.

“That dress looks so good on you, Aunt Mary, you look great! Have you lost weight?”

The girl transformed herself into a little miss perfect right in front of us. Once she knew we were there she was a little sweetheart of a girl. She talked about school, about some crafts she was working on, and how she was completing some college applications.

Nowhere was a mention of her being on her knees in the coat room, disrespecting her mother or anything else that would keep her from being perfect in our eyes.

After a bit the women left the room, supposedly to get refreshments, leaving Bailey and I alone. We were sitting next to each other on the couch, and began talking about this and that.

Cutting to the chase, I asked her how her senior year at school was going and she replied how wonderful everything was. Good grades, good friends, dating several guys and so forth.

“So what’s this about the coat room incident?”

Her face went blank as she was taken aback. She sort of hemmed and hawed about some dither, making little sense.

“You know, Bailey, you’ve been a bad girl. You’d treated your mother like crap, and you are not the innocent little perfect girl you pretend to be. You are begging to be pushed in the right direction. If your father was here he’d have taken care of things ages ago, but he’s not. Now, I will. I think it’s time you received what was coming to you. A real spanking to knock some sense into you.”

The girl laughed. I believe she thought I was joking. The smirk on her face was precious. We stared at each other.

Shocked, the girl spat the words “you wouldn’t dare.”

“Oh wouldn’t I?” That was all I said as I grasp her arm and pulled her over my knees in one pull.

She attempted to pull away but I held her down with one hand while tugging down her sweatpants with the other. I couldn’t get them past the bottom of her behind, but clearly down far enough where her form-fitting pink panties with the lace fringe were bared to my eyes. The girl shouted for her mother to help, but that cry was met with deaf ears.

“SWAT” went the first blow to her ass from my hand, followed by “SWAT, SWAT, SWAT.”

The girl squirmed, pushed, pulled and did everything to evade my hand whacking her ass. She attempted to evade my spanking hand to no avail. Soon she was calling me every name fake taxi porno in the book.

Those cries soon were replaced by mere sobbing and begging me to stop as I spanked her panty clad ass with abandon. Every few swats I’d stop and tell her I was doing this because she’d been acting like a little girl and needed to be treated like one. That she’d disobeyed her mother one time too many and this was the price she had to pay. That she needed to turn things around of only bad things were going to be in her future.

Noticing the sisters sticking their heads around the corner, I loudly said to Bailey that I was disappointed in her and how she treated her mother. Those things needed to change. That she needed to obey her mother and not be a spoiled brat.

“SWAT, SWAT, SWAT,” went my hand, teaching the girl what it was like to be humiliated and corrected old school. “SWAT, SWAT, SWAT.”

The whole escapade – maybe 30 swats on her ass — couldn’t have listed three minutes, but didn’t end until I heard her say she would obey her mother and that she would “be good.”

She was full of it I know, but the point had been made. I laid down seven more swats on her wiggling ass and told her there was more in her future if she didn’t start behaving correctly.

I stopped the licking and told her to stand. She did, holding her ass, rubbing it. Tears stained her reddened face, messing her mascara. Mary and Rachel returned to the room as she pulled up her sweat pants and this time Bailey didn’t say anything untoward. She just said, “I’m sorry mom.” And with that the two of them went upstairs to the girl’s room to have a little heart-to-heart discussion.

Mary and I made our retreat from the home, and we heard later in the afternoon that Bailey had been very apologetic to her mother. Rachel called again and thanked me and Mary that night. Mary thanked me that night as well with a little play acting of her own. Dressed in a short skirt and tee top, she said she was there to receive correction for being a bad girl in class.

My wife had a way with words. The spanking she received wasn’t as hard as the one I’d given Bailey that afternoon, but it served the same purpose. She claimed she’d be good from then on, then slipped onto her back and spread her legs as an open invitation to me.

“What got in to you, Mary?”

“Oh, today was a very sad but then hot experience. I guess it was in my mind. Talking with my sister also spurred on some things. It was a toe curling experience, and we moved together toward a satisfying reward.

I could not help thinking it was so very ironic that Bailey’s spanking led to Mary’s turning into a hot little number that night.

@ @ @ @ @

Over the next several weeks my mind wandered back to that day when Bailey was receiving behavioral modification treatments. Damn, that was hot for me. I know I should not have been hot, but the mind gets tricked with different motivations.

Rachel called Mary on several occasions and relayed that Bailey was a different girl at home. She cleaned her room, offered to take out the trash, and there had been nothing from the school to suggest the girl was being a bad girl of any kind. Of course, she could have been putting on an act, she could have been doing all kinds of naughty things with her boyfriends away from prying eyes. But the good news was that she was apparently behaving better.

Mary and I went on with our lives, speaking from time to time how the discipline had really helped the girl and how not having a father figure probably didn’t help things. Part of growing up.

On a couple occasions Mary and I would stop and visit her sister, and when Bailey was there she was more than nice to us. No mention of the spanking, only a nice young lady. On one occasion when Bailey and I were alone for a minute she thanked me for setting her straight. I felt good knowing that it had worked out well and family relationships had not been hurt.

Pretty much all was put out of my mind as we went on with life, although I have to admit on occasions I’d masturbate thinking of that spanking I’d given Bailey. On those occasions I’d taken her panties down and spanked her bare ass. I wondered what would have happened if I’d done just that. Probably nothing good!

I was cleaning the garage one Saturday afternoon when Mary said Rachel had called and asked for a favor. Rachel’s bathroom drain was clogged and she asked if I could help fix it. Mary was heading to the beauty shop but she said that I’d be over to help.

“I’ll make it worth your while later, tiger,” cooed my wife. “Maybe I will spend too much after getting my hair done…”

Fixing a drain sounded better than cutting my fingers cleaning the garage, so I “volunteered”. It was not the first time I’d helped Rachel out since Rick had passed away, nor would it be the last I thought. But she was family and needed the help. Why not?

I wondered if Bailey would be home to provide some eye candy, but Rachel was quick to point family stroke porno out her daughter wasn’t expected back for a couple hours given study hall and then cheer practice. I got right to work on the drain and soon had all the gunk cleaned and the drain working to spec.

Cleaning up I was a bit surprised when Rachel came into the room to thank me. It wasn’t a normal thank you, as she was also talking about missing her husband. “He kept me going along the straight and narrow,” said my wife’s sister. “If I went over the line he took care of things…uh, the way you took care of Bailey.”

There was no uncertainty as to what she meant. Still she said it out loud. “That’s right, Rick would spank me when I did something really stupid. With him gone, I guess I do stupid things more often than not.”

Giving her a blank stare, she continued.

“Yesterday I backed into a light post at the grocery store, leaving a dent in the fender, and today I spent way too much on some unneeded items at the mall. I mean, I bought a new dress and several pair of underwear…all more than what was in my budget. I know what Rick would have done…” The woman looked at me and I back at her. Where was this going?

I immediately knew.

Rachel stood, walked over toward me and looked me in the eyes. “Mary will never know, but I have to say I really deserve a spanking.”

My mind went blank, emotions of all kinds went through my body.

It was as if my body had no control. I knew it was wrong, but I had no power to stop myself. I reached up and pulled the girl over my knees.

“This is going to hurt, young lady,” was my stern comment as I lifted her skirt to bare Rachel’s baby blue panties. Rubbing her ass, I gave it one tentative spank.

“Oh Rick, you aren’t going to pull my panties down, are you?” said Rachel, pretending I was her husband. “You aren’t going to spank by bare ass?”

I slipped the flimsy panties down her legs, baring her behind to my eyes.

SPANK was the first blow to her bare buttocks, with the crack echoing throughout the room. I followed with three more smacks in succession. Waiting a few seconds, I followed with a dozen or so firm swats onto that pretty ass, bringing out a crimson red and ohs from the girl.

“I’m so sorry Rick, so very sorry, I will be a good girl.”

My sister-in-law was saying the right words and I continued to swat her bare ass. Not terribly hard, but hard enough to let her know I wasn’t faking anything. Her ass got redder and redder and I have to admit I was admiring my handiwork.

Damn, it was so hot spanking the girl, I’d never spanked Mary this hard, and Rachel took it like she was actually enjoying the pain.

Finally, I asked if she was going to change her ways and be good from now on.

She replied yes, and as quickly as she had gotten over my knees she stood and rubbed her now sore ass. She demurely looked at her feet, thanking me for her overdue attitude correction. It was as if I were watching a movie as she was playing the part of the naughty girl.

But she was still my sister-in-law, which made the next request almost unimaginable.

“Rick always got a reward after he spanked me,” said Rachel, slipping to her knees in front of me. Before I could react, she was unzipping my fly and soon my cock was unveiled and lengthening due to her ministrations. She stroked me hard before bending her head over and licking my dick while fondling my balls.

I tried to pull back but Rachel was insistent. “I know Mary doesn’t do this, and I know Rick loved it. I won’t say a word but I’m in need of a cock in my mouth.”

With that Rachel opened her mouth and slipped my dick into it. She stroked my cock into her sucking mouth which was, well, unbelievable. How she knew Mary didn’t suck me I had no idea, but all I knew was that my wife’s sister was blowing my cock and it felt superb. Maybe the girls had talked about blowjobs or something?

Rachel slowed the action, which was good because I really think I would have shot my load in a minute. She stroked my cock slowly, licking up and down each side of the hardened wood. It was amazing the way she worked her tongue all over my dick. Then she surprised me by slipping lower and licking my balls while stroking my dick.

Damn, it was so very hot. The fact it was my sister-in-law didn’t hurt. I smiled inside as I thought Rachel had gotten all the cock-sucking genes that were supposed to be divided amongst the sisters.

It was amazing. I had not been blown in years, and that was only because Mary gave a half hearted effort that ended with her jerking me off. While any guy will tell you any blow job is a good one, the face is Mary despised them and barely even tried. They were, well, awful.

Betty Ann, a girl I dated in high school, had been equally inept. Oh, she tried and she was diligent, but she had one front tooth a little longer than the other and it always seemed to nick me at the most inopportune times. Needless to say, she wasn’t in demand for her cocksucking skills.

Now Dona was. That was a fact every guy in school knew. She was a year older, having been left back a year in middle school. So at 19 she was a bit more worldly and apparently her goal for her senior year was to blow every guy in class.

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