Sinning with Sister Ch. 01

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Big Tits

Author’s introduction: Dear reader, this is the first chapter of my first erotic story. There’s a little appetiser scene in it, but the seriously dirty incest is going to come later. If you enjoy it, please hit those stars at the bottom. P.S. I’m looking for an experienced editor.

Chapter 1

Being somewhat shy and intellectual, few would suspect something like this from me. Fewer still would suspect the basis that it has in truth.


It was a scorching summer’s day, just like so many others in the long holidays. Libby and I had been lazing about the house, just enjoying the air-conditioning, our parents being at work, and the promise of more holidays to come. Having just finished high school, my sister was a little nervous about moving up into the university world next year. I was three years older than her at 21, about to enter my final year.

Poring over the map on the table, she said “Campus is so huge, how do you know where to go?”

“You’ll get used to it pretty quickly. Just follow your friends.” I spoke reassuringly. She didn’t look very convinced though, picking at the last of her salad delicately and brushing a wisp of her long chestnut hair behind her ear.

“Okay. But what if I don’t fit in?” She glanced at me shyly, then looked down again.

Looking her over surreptitiously while her eyes were averted, I knew she had nothing to worry about.

“Libby, you’re a hot fresher. You’ll fit in fine.” I was pleased to see her blush prettily.

“Just watch out for all the older guys coming onto you.” I continued, only half-joking, and knowing this would embarrass her. My sister is pretty shy, especially around guys because she went to an all-girls school. I just prayed that she wouldn’t fall for some college pussy-hunting douche in her freshman year. The very thought turned my stomach.

Picking up her empty plate, she walked over to the kitchen. My eyes followed her bare legs until she disappeared around the corner. Short-shorts were in fashion that summer, and I was getting treated to acres of smooth flesh on a daily basis. Daisy dukes with upturned edges seemed to say: These tiny shorts aren’t small enough for me. I wanna show you even more. Of course, I knew that Libby was no slut and just dressed to be fashionable, but it was doing my head in.

Bloody Chloe! It was all her fault, seeing as how she had bought Libby those shorts in the first place. My sister was usually more conservative in her dress, but Chloe had bought her heaps of new clothes for her eighteenth, and most of them were far more daring than anything she usually wore.

“You’ve gotta look good for the start of uni,” the redhead had explained. Libby couldn’t refuse the gifts from her best-friend-forever, and I think she was beginning to adjust to showing more skin.

“Matt?” Libby had poked her head around the corner, apparently to ask me something.

“Sorry, what did you say?” I apologized, devoutly grateful that she was unable to perceive the source of my distraction.

“Do you want a popsicle?”

“O sure, thanks.”

She returned in a minute, and I took the proffered ice lolly, glad to have something cold given the current weather. Chomping it down in a few bites and only just managing to avoid a brain-freeze, I watched her suckle hers gently. She looked so incredibly good, sucking away diligently, every so often lifting off to lick her lips. Maybe it was my overactive imagination, and it was a hot day, but she seemed to be enjoying it a little too much, sliding the tip in a bit deeper than necessary. I wondered if she had ever… Suddenly I realized that I was staring, and she was looking at me questioningly sert porno with raised eyebrows.

“You’ve, um, got something there.” I said, indicating the side of her mouth to cover my lapse in attention.

“Oh.” She said, brushing the sweet droplet away, looking a bit embarrassed.


It seemed pretty pathetic to be stealing glances at my little sister’s body every chance I got, but in my defense she had developed pretty spectacularly over the past year. I’d always known she was cute — beautiful even — in a little-sister kind of way. But there was no denying it anymore; with rosy lips, perky tits, and a curvaceous ass, she was a total knockout.

Compounding the problem was my lack of a girlfriend. Shyness runs in our family, and in many ways I had it worse than Libby. I wasn’t hideous looking; I’d seen plenty of uglier guys with girlfriends. I wasn’t broke either; in a year I’d be a college graduate with good job prospects. I wasn’t even isolated; there were plenty of girls in my class. The trouble was that I got quiet around new girls I was attracted to. Some of them made an effort to get to know me, but I quickly entered the friend zone once they took my cool reserve for a lack of interest.

Porn kept me sane. That and my right hand. I slept late into the mornings when I didn’t have work, and spent long nights jacking off to whatever pretty thing took my fancy. Of late I’d noticed a disturbing trend for me to search for slender brunettes with big hazel eyes. On some level I knew that my narrowing tastes reflected a need to vent the sexual frustration building towards my sister. But I shrugged off this warning as a passing phase, trusting that I’d soon be enjoying my regular varied pornographic diet again soon. Having Libby living in close proximity but forever off-limits would be enough to scramble any guy’s circuits.


She went out that afternoon as she often did in the holidays. She had a tight group of girlfriends who liked to go shopping, to the movies, parties; the usual. Not that she was a wild party animal or anything, but that year all her friends were turning eighteen, so there had been more parties lately. Her own eighteenth earlier in the year had been a small but pleasant affair at a fancy restaurant in the city.

For my part, I spent the time facebooking intermittently and catching up on a novel I’d been meaning to read for ages, but hadn’t got around to during the busy semester. On impulse I navigated to my sister’s facebook page. With hindsight it’s easy to see how far gone I was, how obsessed with her I’d become, but at the time it didn’t seem that weird. Her profile picture showed her arm in arm with her best-friend-forever Chloe, both of them flushed with happiness.

My eyes wandered appreciatively over Chloe’s fine features, fair skin, and lush red hair leading down to her gorgeous full tits encased in a tight tube top. I took the link to Chloe’s page and began leisurely scrolling through her photo albums. She had been the subject of many a fantasy, I had to admit, as she had been frequently coming over to our house to hang out with my sis for years.

Before long, I came across a new set of photos she had uploaded recently and my eyes nearly popped out of my head. She and Libby had gone to the beach a couple of weeks back, and I could see that these photos belonged to that day. Chloe was radiant in her emerald-green bikini, which, whilst matching her eyes, was struggling to contain her breasts. The next frame stopped my heart; my sister looked good enough to kill. Walking side-on to the beach, her long, smooth chestnut hair shone in the summer sun, blown back by the breeze. Firm breasts sex mex porno stood to attention, perked up by the coolness of the recently-departed water. And stretched over her ass was a tiny black bikini bottom. I didn’t even know she owned a bikini like that. Must’ve been Chloe’s doing; bless her. Something snapped inside me. There and then I vowed to find that scrap of material.

Owing to my throbbing cock, I got up and walked a little uncomfortably into her room. As quickly as I could, without leaving behind obvious signs of my intrusion, I searched her wardrobe shelves. Finding nothing, and with no small amount of trepidation, I riffled through the clothes in her chest of drawers. Just when I was despairing at finding my ticket to a massive cum, I struck gold, right at the very bottom of the lowest drawer. Obviously, she didn’t want mom stumbling upon this. The bikini bottom barely weighed more than a tissue, but that scrap of stretchy material held together by string-fine cords was heavy in my hands as I carried it back to my desk. I maximized the picture of my sister, ogling her long tanned legs running up to that fantastic ass. I moaned loudly in relief as I freed my cock from the prison of my boxers, sooo thankful that my parents were at work, and only half glad that my sister was out too. I briefly reflected that having her in the house while I did this would make it even hotter. Picking my stolen treasure up off the desk, I slowly dangled the fabric down until the crotch brushed my cockhead.

I let out the breath I’d been holding in anticipation. First contact. Fuck yes. I shut my eyes for a brief while, teasing myself by lifting them up and down along my shaft. A little precum leaked out, and I wiped it away carefully with a tissue, not wanting to have any incriminating evidence for her to find when she wore these next time. I had eyes only for my goddess of a sister and her heavenly ass. Transfixed, I wrapped her silky bikini around my cock and began to pump it. I knew this would be huge and, though I could feel myself teetering on the edge already, I held back, savouring the illicitness of getting off on my sister. This was the first time that I sinned against her in fantasy, and already I knew that I would never cum as hard with any other; she was my heroin. It was almost too much, the added thrill of rubbing something that had been in intimate contact with that ass, that pussy. She was sheer perfection, and I just knew that her pussy would be perfect too. She must be shaven or waxed: her bikini bottom would be too small otherwise.

While it was rubbing my cock into white-hot territory, on the screen that goddamn bikini was so frustrating visually. I desperately attempted to undress her with my eyes, visualizing stretching the thing over her ass cheeks and slipping it down her wax-smoothed legs. Suddenly I saw myself at the beach with her, guiding her to kneel down in the sand. I would bring my steel-hard weapon from behind, and punish her for wearing what really should be illegal. And she would love it.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I saw one long ribbon of pleasure spurting up in front of me, higher than ever before, and then I slumped into my office chair, unable to do anything, but in no pain. The second shot came, and I struggled to keep conscious as the pleasure surged through me. Three. Four. Five. I was too high to recognize that I’d never shot so much in my life, and rode each wave with choked cries of “Libby, Libby, Libby!” before I passed out.


That was the first time anything like that had happened to me while masturbating, but then I’d never had wank-material that good before either. I came to after a few minutes, stranded teens porno and somewhat groggily began to wipe the cum off myself until I glanced at her bikini, which had stayed wrapped around my now-softening erection. Libby’s bikini. Guilt hit me like a thunderbolt. What had I done!? You masturbated to your own sister, you sick fucker.

And so much for keeping it clean; the material was soiled beyond belief with my incest-tempted cum. White streaks gleamed brightly on the black fabric. I got a little panicked, and after changing into fresh clothes, I hurriedly carried it into the bathroom to wash out the damage.

I had just finished borrowing Libby’s blow drier to complete the cover-up, and was walking toward her room with much self-congratulation at hiding the evidence, when I heard footsteps in the kitchen. Cursing, I realized that whoever it was must have come in unheard because of the blow drier. Quick as a flash I raced into her room, buried the swimsuit bottoms, and went out to meet whoever it was in the kitchen with carefully affected nonchalance.

“Hi Matt!” Libby greeted me chirpily. “The movie was good…”

I didn’t even hear the name of the film as she launched into nine reasons why I had to see it. I was too busy trying to hide my guilt, and could hardly look at her.

“…so Chloe’s staying over tonight, okay?”

Suddenly I zoned back in.

“Chloe’s here now?”

“Um, yeah. I said we came back from the cinema together.” She seemed a little miffed that I obviously wasn’t paying attention to her.

“She went to get you from your room just a moment ago, actually.”

For some reason I felt vaguely uneasy, but then Chloe emerged from the hall, grinning at me. Grinning widely actually. That unease grew a little.

“Hi Matt!” She sounded almost the same as Libby — a product of their long years of friendship — although perhaps pitching her voice a little higher, a little more girlish and flirty. I bet she knew I had a crush on her.

We chatted for a while, mostly about their upcoming college. My concentration was still shot both from guilt and the fact that my dick hurt following the massive orgasm that I’d had. My sis was a bit nervous, but Chloe seemed excited and bubbly. She was always the more adventurous and outgoing of the two, and soon had Libby giggling at her enthusiasm.

“Finally we can dress however we want!” she proclaimed happily. “No more potato sack schooldresses!”

“Oh yeah, I’m so glad to be turfing those out. But now I have to worry about what to wear every day!”

“Honey, you’d look great in rags.” Chloe simpered. “Wouldn’t she Matt?” At this she glanced over at me with a lecherous look. Did she know?

I nodded dumbly, earning a shy smile from Libby and a gleeful one from Chloe.

“Or you could just go naked! Everyone would love that!” Chloe pressed on, enjoying embarrassing my sister. I ruthlessly suppressed the image her teasing words brought on.

Libby mock-scowled at her, and smacked her redheaded friend lightly over her tight jeans.

“Let’s get a mattress organized for tonight.” She said to change the topic, walking back to her room.

Chloe trailed after her, but not before brushing past me and whispering meaningfully,

“I bet you would like that especially…”

Open mouthed, I watched them sashay away to fetch a mattress for their sleepover. That uneasy feeling had grown into a mountain of dread. How could she know?! — Then I remembered Chloe had been to my room. Praying that she hadn’t shown it to Libby, I burst in and slammed the door. Sure enough, blazing bright on my computer monitor was the picture of Libby in all her glory. To make matters worse, there was the distinctive smell of cum in the air. Chloe would have put two and two together in a second. I felt sick, but not even that could prevent me from saving the image of my sister to my hard drive before closing the browser window.


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