She’s Disabled; So What?

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This could have gone in group, or voyeur, or loving wives. I put it in taboo because sex between brothers and sisters-in-law is viewed in many cultures as the moral equivalent of incest. In fact, it was legally forbidden in 19th century England, even after the husband or wife was dead. Enjoy, jb7

Phil Macomb walked into his brother’s office to see him staring out the large window overlooking the lake which gave the town of Lakeview its name. “You asked me to stop in,” he said, announcing his presence.

“Pam saw her doctor this morning. She has Muscular Dystrophy,” Sam said without preamble. “What in hell do we do now?” he asked in a voice so soft and low Phil had to strain to hear him.

“What else did he say? What kind of treatment is there? What about therapy? She can’t be very far advanced; what’s the prognosis?” Phil threw out the questions like an assault rifle spewing out bullets.

His brother turned around, looking like a man on the verge of death itself. “I don’t know. She called a bit ago. That’s all she said, then she hung up. I don’t even know where she is right now. Shit; I’m not sure where I am. Where am I, Phil?” Sam looked at his fraternal twin, his eyes bloodshot; his face drawn. “What am I going to do?”


On paper, Sam Macomb was the director of the small counseling office he and his twin brother owned. He had earned his PhD in Clinical Psychology from a prestigious Eastern school, and had decided to team with his brother, who had an MSW from the same University, to provide mental health services to the small city where they had grown up.

After receiving their degrees, they had returned home and met the (also fraternal) twin sisters, Pam and Sylvia Norman, who had recently relocated to Lakeview with their family. The four of them soon became inseparable, and, until the wedding, were the subject of a great deal of speculation about the possible combinations. As it happened, Pam and Sam became a pair, influenced, no doubt, as much by size (both were slight, and of medium height for their sexes) as by their interests and personalities, and to a large degree, default.

Phil and Syl had been immediately attracted to one another and paired off on the first date the two couples shared, letting their siblings discover their own course. The mutual embarrassment Pam and Sam shared when Phil and Syl began to exceed the usual first date limits as they made out was the beginning of their bond. Their humorous reactions to the situation when they left their siblings in the car to escape the steamy scene being played out in the back seat helped move it along.

There had been a double wedding within a year, followed, untypically, by separate honeymoons. After they all returned, the life of similarities continued. Both had sons, a week apart, withing the first two years, followed a year later by daughters, also a week apart, all of whom were at college when the news of Pam’s illness was received.


Syl Macomb walked through the rear entrance of the small coffee shop and looked around, locating her sister near the window in the front of the store, watching the traffic on the street. Making her way through the small crowd at the order station, she stopped and got her latte before joining Pam. “Hey, Sis, how you doing?” she asked with her ever present smile, sitting down across from her.

“Not bad, for an old woman; for someone my age, not so good.” Pam looked at her sister, wondering for the umteenth time if her mom had had an affair when they were conceived. Pam was a feminine version of her father–slight of build, dark haired, dark grey eyes, fair complexion.

Syl, from what she knew of her grandparents, resembled no one–tall for a woman at five-ten, blonde, sapphire blue eyes, with a slightly olive tint to her skin. Both, however, were slender and relatively small busted. As a result, Pam resembled a pixie and wore her hair in a style suitable to her build. When describing Syl, most people used the term willowy, enhanced by her long flowing hair which she usually wore in a ponytail.

“Oh? What’s going on? More attacks?”

“No, knock on wood. It’s just me, or Sam. Can I ask you a personal question?”

“Of course! We’re sisters; no secrets. Remember?”

“I know, but this is different. It’s about you and Phil.”

“I’ve told you before, if you want to know how big he is, you’ll have to ask him,” Syl answered with a smile.

“Syl! Not that,” Pam laughed and hesitated, “but related. How often do you two have sex these days?”

“Personal, I guess. Hmm, I don’t know; it kinda depends what’s going on in our lives. Not daily but…thinking about the sex questionnaires we filled out in college for that Psych course, more than five, less than ten times a month, so, a couple of times a week. Why?”

“In the year since I was diagnosed, we’ve made love once, and I have to ask Sam for a hug or to cuddle in bed. If I start to play with his dick, he turns away, and says he’s too tired. Since when is a forty-five big ass porno year old office worker too tired for sex?”

“I’m sorry, Pammie. Is there anything I can do?”

“I don’t know. Be honest with me, Syl–have I changed over the past year? Gotten bigger, fatter? I know I can’t always move as quickly as I used to, or get into some positions as rapidly as I did, and some of them hurt more than they used to…”

“And you know this how, if you’ve only had sex once since…have you been…”

“Nooo! Syl! How could you think such a thing? I go for physical therapy once a week. Karen, my therapist, is, mmm, call her earthy, with a strong sense of practicality. She said as long as I have to exercise those muscle groups, then lets exercise them in ways that are useful.”

“Sounds good to me. I think I’d like Karen.” Syl looked at her sister while taking a sip of her drink. “Do you think Sam is having an affair?”

“No, at least I don’t think so, unless he’s doing his secretary at work. I pay the bills and there’s nothing suspicious. I hate to ask, but could you ask Phil; see if he knows anything?”

Syl grinned. “Wow, for a second there I thought you might want to borrow him for an afternoon.”

“Syl! How could you…” She saw her sister’s laughing face. “Oh, you…” With an inward smile Syl couldn’t see, Pam asked, “And if I did, what would you say?”

“Ordinarily, I’d ask if you had lost your marbles, but under these conditions, Pammie, I’d say let me talk to Phil and I’ll get back to you. I wouldn’t have a problem with it, but since they’re brothers, he might.”

“You…you’d really do that for me?” Pam asked, wide-eyed with disbelief.

“Of course! You’re my big sister,” Syl answered, reaching across the table to grip her twin sister’s hand.


Across town, in the office of Macomb Brothers Counseling Services, just as Phil knocked on his brother’s door, papers from the file he carried slipped out and fell to the floor. He bent down to pick them up and opened the door, catching Sam’s secretary, Addie, in the final second of standing up, straightening her skirt, and his brother, with his back to the door, obviously zipping his fly. As Addie brushed past him to leave she was wiping her mouth, causing Phil to shake his head.

“So, that’s why she got such a big raise this year,” he commented.

“What do you mean?” asked Sam, turning around, his shirt slightly askew at the waist.

“What secretarial duties does she do on her knees that make her want to wipe her mouth? Hmm, lets see…”

“Okay! But that’s all she does; all she will do as long as I’m married to Pam. She made that clear when she learned Pam was sick.” He sat down heavily in his desk chair.

“Have you called Dick Thomas yet, to talk about how you’re handling Pam’s illness?”

“No; I told you, I don’t need to talk to anyone; I know…I understand what’s going on…”

“You do? Then explain it to me, so I can understand why you, with a beautiful, sexy wife at home, prefer getting a blowjob from a secretary old enough to be your mother.”

Sam glared at his brother, his jaws clenched. “Beautiful? Sexy? She’s crippled for chrissakes! Don’t you see that?”

“Sam, did you read any of the stuff the docs gave you? Myotonic dystrophy, especially the kind Pam has, is probably the easiest form of the disease to live with. It’s not even her dominant arm. Yeah, her arm and shoulder tighten up and freeze for a few seconds sometimes when she reaches for something. So what? I don’t see where it’s limited her in any major way.

“Or is that she’s not perfect anymore? What did you say–crippled? Is that the way you see her? Totally disabled? No longer a woman, a “patient”? That’s it, isn’t it?”

Sam looked down at his desk, his jaws clenched, then back to his brother. “Was there something you needed?”


Phil and Syl sat at the dinner table, over coffee. Mentally crossing her fingers, she began, “I saw Pam today, at Riley’s.”

“Oh? How is she? Any more set backs?” he asked, thinking about his brother’s actions.

“No. Basically, she’s fine, but she asked me to ask you something. About Sam.”

Phil looked at his wife. “About Sam?”

“She wanted…she wondered…is he alright at work?”

“That’s not what she asked, is it?” Syl shook her head. “She’s wondering if he’s having an affair?” Syl raised her head and looked at Phil.

“Ohmigod! He is?” Phil saw her expression harden. “Who is the fucking slut? I’ll go pound on her so hard…”

“No you won’t. She’s not a fucking slut at all. It’s Addie. She performs oral sex, only. Sam says that’s all she’ll do as long as he’s married to Pam.”

“Addie? But she’s gotta be…what? Sixty-five?” Syl shook her head. “Why her? It doesn’t make sense.”

“Probably availability, and she needed the money. He gave her a good raise this year.

“Personally, I think he’s an idiot. He refuses to see anyone to talk about his attitude toward Pam and it’s just going big tits porno to kill their relationship.”

“If they have one. She said they haven’t had sex in nearly a year. Since they got the diagnosis.”

“That fits with what he said today, or not so much said as implied. He sees her as a cripple, not a woman but a patient, someone to be taken care of, not cared for or about. Until he can see her as a sexual person again, that dry spell is only going to get drier.”

“Until that happens, what does she do? Suffer in silence? With her disability, masturbation isn’t very effective.”


“Better, but not much. What she really needs is a good hard cock attached to an understanding male. Someone like you.” Phil cocked his head and looked at his wife.

“What are you suggesting, sweetheart? That I screw my brother’s wife? That is so wrong on so many levels, it’s ridiculous. Not that I haven’t considered it a few times, but…”

Syl got up and went to him. “Turn around so I can sit on your lap. So, you’ve thought about porking my sister, have you? Did you enjoy it? Aha! You did. Were we fucking, or was it when you were flying solo? Don’t tell me. Did you ever think about us in a threesome with her? Ooooh that got someone interested.”

She stood up and pulled up her skirt to straddle him. “I think we should. If Sam sees her as a cripple, then we’d be doing both of them a favor, because when she gets desperate enough, she’s gonna fuck the postman, and he’s even older than Addie.

“But right now, we seem to have a more immediate problem facing us. Where would you like to take care of it?” she asked, reaching for his zipper.


Mondays, Phil taught a class in human sexuality at the local community college, usually getting him to his office about ten thirty. This morning, he had surprised the class with a short exam, which they had finished well before the allotted time so he walked into the reception area a good half hour early.

Addie was not at her desk, and Sam’s office door was closed. After dropping his brief case and coat in his office, he opened the door to Sam’s office and walked in. Addie was bent over Sam’s desk as he sawed into her asshole. Phil closed the door and leaned his back against it.

“Thought you said she’d only do oral,” he observed as Sam put his hand in the middle of Addie’s back to keep her bent over. Addie turned her head and looked up at him, her mouth open in surprise.

She closed her mouth and answered, “I have a dentist appointment this afternoon, and Sam said he needed relief right away,”

“Well, I hope you’re charging him more for the emergency service, Addie. Pam won’t let him do that to her, my wife tells me.”

“Go to hell, Phil!” Sam interjected. “What are you doing here so early?”

“Students let me go early after I gave them a pop exam. Syl asked me to see if there was some way I could change your attitude toward Pam; she thinks you’re neglecting her.”

You could see the frustration building in Sam’s face, at just about the same speed as his cock deflated. He closed his eyes and shook his head, pulling out of the older woman beneath him. He reached down and pulled up her panties. “We’ll have to finish this later, Addie; maybe over lunch, if you have time.”

“Certainly, Sam; whenever you say. My appointment is upstairs with Dr Abel at four-thirty, so it won’t be any problem.” She straightened up and gave her hips a slight wiggle, settling her skirt in place. Looking at the floor, she left the office, lifting her head only briefly to give Phil a brief smile.

Looking at his fifteen minutes younger brother, Phil shook his head. “So, you’ve graduated to adultery…”

Sam’s head jerked up to look at his brother. “No, technically not. Sodomy isn’t the same as adultery. What’s it to you, anyway?”

“I’m tired of lying to my wife and yours about your activities here. Pam asked Syl to ask me if you’re screwing someone here. I told her not as far as I knew. She guessed about Addie and wondered why you’d turn to someone that old. I said it was financial on her side and availability on yours.

“I still don’t understand it though, Sam. You’ve got a beautiful wife at home, who’ll do practically anything you ask, who, to quote my wife, is almost ready to screw the postman.”

“Give it a rest, Phil! I’ve explained it all I’m going to; if you’re so fucking concerned about Pam’s sex life, or lack of it, you go screw her.”

Phil looked at his brother, not believing what he heard. “Is that permission, Sam, or a challenge? Be careful how you answer, because I might take you up on it.”

Sam glared at his twin. “I don’t give a flying fuck if you do. Take her down to the town square if you want; just leave me alone about her! Now, get out; I got work to do.”

Back in his office, Phil checked his calendar. As usual, Monday afternoon was clear, normally reserved for planning his next week’s class. Today, he told himself, he’d be doing some field research into blacked porno sex and the disabled.

He pulled out his cell phone and dialed Syl. When she answered, he quickly gave a precis of his conversation with Sam and told her he was going to spend the afternoon with Pam. “I’ll meet you there,” she informed him.

“You sure, Syl?”

“Honey, she didn’t believe me when I offered to loan you to her. Why would she believe you when you tell her the man she’s loved for twenty years gave his brother permission to fuck her?”


Syl’s car was in the driveway when he got to Sam’s house. Pam answered the door, looking like she had been crying. “Come on in, Phil. Syl has been telling me about your conversation with Sam this afternoon… er… morning. Tell me what happened; don’t leave anything out.”

Phil looked at his wife, who gave him a firm nod. “I got to work early…and then he told me to get out of his office and leave him alone about his attitude toward you.”

“About his attitude toward me? What do you mean?”

“Friday, I walked in on Addie giving him a blow job. When I asked him why, he referred to you as crippled, and admitted he saw you as more of a patient than a wife.”

“Crippled!” Pam glared at Phil. “That’s what he said? Crippled!” Phil nodded. Pam stared at the floor for a long minute. Then, “That mother fucking son of a bitch!” She raised her head to look at her brother in law and sister. “Why did you come here today, Phil?”

“My brother gave me permission to have sex with his pretty wife. I came to see if you’d be interested, before he changed his mind, especially since my wife had already given me permission to make love to her sister.”

“And you, Syl; why are you here?”

“To help him convince you it’s a good idea, and he doesn’t fuck anyone unless I’m there to watch or participate.”

Pam nodded and got up to walk to Phil and sit down in his lap. “Well, Sis, I’m not ready today to take advantage of your very kind offer. I need to question Sam, but I’m sure enough to suggest we have a husband swap this weekend. As for this afternoon, so it’s not a total waste of time, Phil, do you trust me enough to trade oral favors?”

Phil looked at his wife who grinned and nodded, saying, “You don’t need me around for that. I’ll come over tomorrow to plan the swap dinner, Pammie. You two have fun.” She gave her husband and sister a kiss and left them alone.

Phil’s hand was already on its way up Pam’s thigh, under her skirt, before the door closed. “Mmm. eager; I like that,” she said. “Why don’t we go to the bedroom and get naked, then let nature take its course. As far as I’m concerned, Phil, nothing’s off limits.”


Phil checked the game hens and spit one last time before placing the four birds on the rotisserie over charcoal. He wondered how this evening was going to turn out. Monday had been a mind bending experience. When Pam said nothing was off limits, she was right.

He had gone round robin on her, starting and finishing in her mouth. Before she had sucked him off the second time, she had gone to the bathroom to get some toilet wet wipes and cleaned his cock of the residue from her butt, then deep throated him.

“There,” she had said. “You’ve had two experiences your brother has asked for, but never received from me. Syl’s a lucky woman, Phil. I know it’s been a long time for me, but I’ve had more orgasms today than I’ve ever had in a single round of fucking before. I wish there was some way I could get Sam to talk to you about screwing techniques.

“You’d better get home to Syl, now. She’s probably up in your bedroom with her favorite rabbitt. When you leave, I’ll call and tell her what we did so she won’t be mad at you. She may be pissed at me, but that’s okay.

“I’m looking forward to Saturday,” she said, kissing him, and grabbed her dress from the floor on her way to the shower, leaving him to find his way out.


Sam looked at his wife, not believing she was insisting on them going to their siblings’ house for dinner. “I really don’t want to go, Pam. Phil and I have been involved in an on-going argument for the past week and a half. I don’t think we’ve said a dozen words that aren’t work related.”

“That’s not much of an argument, then. It’ll do you two good to get together and clear the air. What’s it about, anyway?” she asked as she raised her right arm to let her dress slide over her head. When it had settled, Sam watched as she struggled to maneuver her left arm through the sleeve.

“Huh? Oh, employee relations and, uh, job descriptions, asking employees to work outside the…uh…usual limits of their work, and uh the uh impact of that on uh family.”

“Sounds serious.” She turned her back to him. “Do my zipper, would you, please? This will be a good opportunity for you two to discuss it calmly over drinks. Come on, now; put on some comfortable shorts and a polo shirt. Syl said they would time the birds so we could sit down to eat about six-thirty.”


“Yeah. Phil got a new rotisserie unit for their kettle cooker, and he’s doing game hen over charcoal, with hobo pack veggies. Syl’s making Gramma’s chocolate cake for dessert, and after dinner, Syl has this new game she wants to try.”

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