Sexual Bon Vivant Pt. 03

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Hi, I’m Jonathon. I’m a Bi college student, having on-going affairs with my roommate as well as one of my Mom’s friends. Not bad for a small, unassuming young man.

I got involved with the older lady, Carol, because her husband had set it up. He had been my first male lover. He had me go to seduce her to see if she would take the bait. She did and I have sampled her lush body on several occasions. She is 5-5, slender, C-cup breasts, dark blonde short hair, blue eyes.

I have a thing for older women. And she for younger men. The first time we were together the subject of mother-son incest came up briefly. Over time, as I repeatedly brought the subject up, she began to embrace the thought. She eventually decided to “go for it.”

Carol wrote to me the following letter detailing her seduction of her son, Frankie.


Dearest Jon:

I have been thinking of your suggestion that I seduce Frankie. Although the idea of having sex with my son played against most basic of taboos, I have to admit it also made me horny. And since Big Frank has not even tried to have relations with me in some time, and with you off at college again, I really needed it.

It finally happened, and here is the story:

We had been home alone many times while my husband was out of town on his weekly business trip to the job site over in Boone. On those nights in the past, we had normally had dinner and either went to our separate rooms or we might watch TV together until bedtime.

However, Jonathon, you had me thinking about Frankie in another way.

I had prepared dinner earlier than usual, so I put on a yellow bikini swimsuit that was too small for my fifty year old body. I only wear it to tan in private. I knew Frankie would be home soon and would look for me. I peeled the bikini off and laid back on the lounge chair, with a ball cap pulled down over my eyes. He would be able to see my naked body without me knowing, or so he thought.

I was able to see the house from under the cap brim well enough to notice the kitchen window curtains being pulled aside. Frankie was watching me from the house! The curtains stayed open; he was getting an eyeful of his old mom’s body.

My legs were pointed straight at his window. After a while, I sat up, putting my legs on either side of the chair. Frankie was getting a good view of my wide open pussy! I took my time getting back into the bikini. I headed to the house.

“Oh, I didn’t know you were home, I was just getting a little sun.”

“Nice bikini. I haven’t seen it before.”

“It’s an old one, I just wear it around here when no one is home. It’s kind of small so I get more sun. Goodness! I should have worn a coverup. I’m about to pop out of this top!”

It appeared that Frankie was also having problems containing himself. He had a hard on for his mom! I wanted to grab him right there have my way with his strong body. But that would scare the crap out of him. The fact that he found me sexy was a good omen, though.

I went to my bedroom meaning to change into my regular outfit. But I changed my mind. Instead of shorts and a t-shirt I put on a sheer bra and a pair of black lacy panties. Over that I put on a short white shower robe. A very short robe that would certainly show my panty covered ass with the slightest act of bending over. In that case, my son would get a great view with the see-through fabric.

When I returned to living room, I was pleased to see that Frankie had also changed clothes. He was now wearing an old t-shirt and nylon gym shorts. If he did get sexually excited I would easily be able to tell. Did he pick these shorts to show off his cock?

He sat on the love seat and I took my usual spot on the sofa. We watched TV silently. After a couple of lame sit-coms, I was ready to stir things up. I got up to get some more wine and beer for Frankie. I chugged a glass then refilled it. I needed the liquid courage.

When I returned, I bent over setting his beer one the coffee table. My barely covered ass was now less than 2 feet from his face. I knocked the TV Guide onto the floor and bent over even farther. I took my time in picking it up. I could see him trying to shift his position to hide his growing bulge. I was sure he could smell my excitement as my pussy was dripping.

“I need to talk to you about something.” I sat down on the love seat with him.

“What’s up”

“I have been talking to my friend, Beverly. When her son had some friends over, she heard them talking. They we talking about each other’s moms. About which ones were the hottest. She said my name came up. I was wondering if you talked about me like that.?”

“Mom, I’m not a teenager any more. I wouldn’t talk about you that way.”

“Just to be clear, you do not think I’m I am hot?

“God no. I think you are the hottest of all the moms I know.

“Aww. Thank you! She said they talked about ‘doing’ the moms. Beverly’s own son said he wanted to have her. The other boys agreed with that. I couldn’t believe that. Do you think they were serious about having sex with other moms. Do you want grup sex porno to have sex with other moms?”

“I got to admit, yes I mean not all of them.”

“What about your friends. Would you mind if I slept with any of them?”

‘What? Where did that come from? Of course I would mind.”

“So its okay for you, but not for me.”

“You want to do that?”

“We are only talking about it, but maybe I would.”

Frankie knew that I hadn’t slept in the same room with his father for several months. He had to know that I was getting horny.

“Maybe I like younger guys.” There, I said it. I took a large gulp of my wine. My gaze moved to his gym shorts. As I had expected he was aroused by our little talk.

“Mom! You are talking about guys my age. My friends for goodness sake!”

“What if I did? It’s not as if your father would care. He doesn’t seem to want it.”

He was shifting uncomfortably, either trying to hide his his obvious erection or attempting to keep it from popping out of his shorts. He was losing both battles.

I decided to step things up.

“How about you? You said you would be willing to have sex with at least some of your friend’s moms. Which ones? Maybe I can talk to them and set something up for you. How about it?”

I swear I saw his cock twitch.

“Mom, you wouldn’t dare! Would you?”

“Tell me who. I can give them a sob story about my virgin son who needs a caring experienced woman to help him with his shyness. They will be lining up to drop their panties for you.”

“They would? But I’m not a virgin.”

“They wouldn’t know that. They would love to ‘help out’ by taking your virginity. What about Joan?”

“What? What about Joan? You are talking about Jonathan’s mom, right? You bet. She’s not as pretty as you, but she is pretty hot.”

“We have talked about you boys. I get the feeling that she would be more than happy to spread her legs for you. It would seem you are liking that idea. Your shorts are getting tighter.”

They were indeed getting tight. I could see the out line of his hardening cock almost as clearly as if he didn’t have the shorts on.

“I’ve got to go. Good night!”

He rushed to get up. As he did his shorts tented out. He tried unsuccessfully to cover it as he hurried away. I can only imagine him stroking himself to a tremendous climax.

If he were listening outside my bedroom door later on that night he might have heard the humming of my vibrator.

For the rest of the week, we more or less avoided each other. With my husband, Frank, at home that was the safest course. But his next trip inevitably came leaving us alone together again.

The bikini ploy would be too obvious. So before he got home that afternoon, I picked out a tight t-shirt and a pair of old cut-off jean shorts. I used a pair of scissors to take another half inch or so off the already short pants. I ran them through the wash so that the scissor cuts frayed to match the rest of the cuts. Trying them on, I discovered I would not be able to wear any panties. Oh well, ha ha. I decided to lose the bra also.

When Frankie got home, I was in the kitchen preparing dinner. He sat at the table with only a mumbled hello. I made certain to do a lot of reaching for things. I knew my plump ass was very exposed. He tried to make conversation to hide the fact that he was taking in my body.

After dinner, he tried to rush into his room. I stopped him.

“We have to talk about last week.”

“Aww, Mom, I don’t really…”

“I said we do need to talk. I sorry if it made you uncomfortable but you are 19 and an adult. This week I took the liberty of talking to Joan and a couple of other friends and they would be delighted to help you with you virginity problem. You are welcome.”

“Mom, you didn’t. I’m embarrassed.”

“You’re right. I didn’t. At least your named wasn’t used. I put it to them as a hypothetical situation. They all would help our fictional virgin. All of them. If I had to guess, I would say their vibrators got a workout that night. Lord knows mine was busy after our talk.


“I’m not going to lie to you. Your Dad hasn’t touched me in months. I am so horny. I can see you are too. Tell me, when you went to your room that night, was it to masturbate? You were certainly aroused.”

“I don’t want to talk…alright, I did masturbate.”

“That wasn’t so hard to admit. I wore out a set of batteries that night.

“Do we have to talk about this?”

“I suppose not. Let’s see what’s on TV.”

While he was picking a channel, I went to my bedroom to change. I picked up the same shorty robe I had worn a week before. Only this time I wore nothing underneath.

I returned to the living room. I made a circle around the room picking up a few things. Frankie was wearing a similar pair of nylon gym shorts. As he watched my bare ass bob up and down, the lump in his shorts continued to grow.

I decided to go for it.

“Joan said she would be happy to take care your virginity problem.”

“You mean the hypothetical problem.”

“With latina fuck tour porno her, I did used your name. She said she would love to take your cherry. I kind of feel like a pimp now. I believe her. She is horny enough to do it. And she has had her eye on you for a while now. It’s still early. I’m sure I can give her an excuse to come over. How about it? Do you want to fuck your friend’s mother?”

That was the first time I had used that word around him.

“I have to go to my room to think.” In a flash he had went back to his room.

I also went back to my room, only imagining what he was doing in there. I slipped off the robe and started to fish out my vibrator from the bedside table. I stopped myself and looked at my naked body in the full length mirror. Other than a little wrinkling it looked pretty good. I put the robe back on without the sash and walked down the hall to Frankie’s room.

I paused at the closed door and listened. There were quiet moans coming from his room. I pulled the door open and stepped inside.


I had caught him in mid stroke of his hard cock. He began trying to cover up, but when he saw that my robe was opened up revealing my naked body, he paused to get a good look. I dropped the robe to give him a better view.

He was likewise naked on his bed. His cock jutted in the air. I didn’t give him time to think as I climbed onto the bed and straddled his hips. My wet pussy swallowed his length in one thrust.

“Oh, Mom”

“I figured why bother Joan when I can do it myself?”

“Oh, this is so…”

His mouth was moving but no real words were coming out. His eyes were rolling back in pleasure. I clamped my pussy as tightly as I could increasing the sensations for both of us. I can safely say it was much better than each of us masturbating in our separate bedrooms.

We were both so worked up at this point that I knew neither of us would last long. I pulled myself off his nice cock reluctantly. He started to protest, but stopped when my mouth took him into it’s warm depths. I was able to slow things down. Frankie was finally able to catch his breath.

“I can’t believe this. It feels so good.”

I responded by swinging my legs over his face, lining my hot pussy up with his mouth. He had little choice but to start lapping up my flowing juices. Almost as soon as he contacted my sensitive clit, I had a massive orgasm. That seemed to boost his confidence. He took charge at that point, flipping me on my back. He then sunk into me in one stroke. I came again.

We settled into a smooth rhythm.

“Fuck me, give it to me.”

“Yes, yes I’m fucking you, really fucking my mom! Oh God. I’m going to cum.”

“Do it, cum in my pussy. I want to feel it. Cum in me!”

His young cock sent spurt after spurt of his seed into me.

Jonathan, you were right. He is so much better than his dad. I still like you, but Frankie is here and available. So we should break off our affair. Don’t worry, I have a plan to make it up to you.



As I read the hot letter, I was happy for her, but I also knew she wouldn’t need me anymore. I was okay with that.

One part of the story caught my attention. Did Carol really involve my mother Joan in her seduction of her son? Would she be that eager to have sex with someone my age? Nah, she wouldn’t.

I was home from college for the summer. I had a day job as a carpenter’s helper. And I delivered pizza in the evenings. I had been leaving early and getting home late every night. Partly because I needed the money and partly so I could not have time to miss Carol.

Leaving one morning, I was somewhat startled to see my mom in the kitchen that early.

“Hi stranger!”

“You scared me. Why are you up this early?”

“I haven’t seen much of you since you have been home. I wanted to see how you were doing.”

“Good, and you?”

I’m good, I just wish you wouldn’t work so hard.

“I have to make money now while I can.”

“I wish we could give you more.

“You do enough. I better go or I won’t have my day job.”

“You are doing the pizza thing tonight?”

“Yes, money money money.”

“Have fun, and I hope you get some good tips!” She stepped in and gave me a quick kiss. Nothing spectacular, but she hadn’t kissed me since, let’s see…forever.

I noticed she was wearing her favorite housedress. I had seen her in it many times, but something seemed different. Now, glancing back, I realize it was she had left 2-3 more buttons undone than she normally did.

My mom was similar to Carol in many ways: age, height, hair color and length. Mom was 20-30 pounds heavier and wasn’t nearly as outgoing. Could she be attracted to young guys as Carol had said. I had never seen her act the least bit interested in my friends. Or me. As far as I knew she was content with my dad. With me and my brother away at college most of the year, they should be humping day and night.

I did make it to my job on time. After a tough day of grunt labor, lezbiyen porno I did not relish delivering pizzas for another 4 hours. Usually the tips were good enough to make it worth my time. Weekends were really good, and this was a Friday. I was crazy busy until it was time for my last run.

It was at a sleazy motel on my way home. I didn’t mind delivering there; sometimes I was treated to a half naked woman answering the door. Once I had the door opened by a woman that I knew very well. She was a friend of my parents. She wore only a bath towel covering her from above her breasts down barely below her ass. When she recognized me, she froze in fear. I guessed that the person I could hear in the shower was not her husband. She asked me to not tell anyone. And she slipped me a fifty dollar tip. She then dropped the towel a few seconds before slamming the door shut.

My mind was re-living that night when I knocked on room number 135. When it opened my jaw hit the ground. There stood my mother wearing a white bathrobe! In the next millisecond I worked through reasons my mom would be nearly naked in a sleazy motel that didn’t involve her cheating on Dad. Was it their anniversary and he was here, too. No, that wasn’t it. I had nothing.

I was still thinking when she pulled me into the room and closed the door.

“You want half the town to see your mother dressed this way? I then noticed how little of her curvy body that the skimpy robe covered.

“Mom, what…who…?”

“You think I am here with someone? I suppose in a way I am.” Now I was really confused. I am sure my face reflected that.

“You, I am here with you!”

That didn’t clear things up, but I was starting to get a clue.

“My friend, Carol, and I understand she is your friend as well, is partially responsible. It seems that you failed to mention that you were fucking my best friend.”

There were more things I hadn’t mentioned. Like Carol’s husband.

“She asked me if I would be interested in fucking Frankie to give him experience with a mature woman. I surprised myself by agreeing. But, as you know, she took things in her own hands. She felt bad about leaving us both high and dry. When I found out she was having sex with Frankie, I knew I had to try it with you. Getting a room and ordering pizza was her idea.”

“Good ol’ Carol. We really should thank her.”

“Later. I have the room for the night.”


“Your dad is taken care of for the night. He knows I’m not coming home.”


“You don’t know this but since we became empty nesters we have tried swinging. We have talked about it anyway. Actually he has been trying to get me to try other men. He thinks I am meeting one of the check-out guys from the grocery where I shop.”


“So do you want to spend the night here or not. If you do, then I want to get comfortable.”

I wondered how she could get more comfortable than a soft robe. She shrugged the robe off into a pile around her ankles.

“Oh” was all I could say.

She grabbed me by the shoulders and kissed me full on the lips! Without breaking lip contact, we wrapped our arm around each other. Our kiss had a sense of urgency, as if we didn’t follow it up now, the moment would be gone forever. Soon my clothes were added to the robe on the floor. We never broke the kiss as I walked her backwards to the bed. As her knees bent and she fell onto the bed, I was on top of her. I rubbed the head of my dick up and down her drooling pussy lips. When I found the opening, I pushed forward into her heavenly hole. I had a brief thought that what we were doing was wrong, but it felt too damn good to stop.

Her sopping wet pussy was much tighter than Carol’s, gripping at my cock like a hand dipped in honey. She wrapped he legs around me and I noticed for the first time that she was wearing heels. Having her legs up gave her more leverage to squeeze her pussy muscles even tighter.

She started cumming, which sent me over the edge.

Without asking, I filled her with what might have been my biggest load ever.

When we came back to earth. We suddenly became aware of our nudity. We made a half-hearted attempt to cover up. I may have set a personal record for recovery time. I’m not sure I didn’t stay hard,

“I’m not complaining but you blindsided with this..”

“You better not complain, or I may have to have a spanking!”

“Don’t you have that backwards.”

“I got it right. Time to pay me back for the times I spanked you growing up.”

That made sense to me.

“In that case, I’ll have to make it count.”

I sat on the side of the bed, and tugged her into position. As I did I got my first good look at her sparsely haired pussy. It was still slightly gaping from being fucked. A white gob of my semen was welling up on the opening.

I started swatting her bare bottom, tentatively at first and harder as I went. She was enjoying it. Soon both of her cheeks were cherry red.

“Fuck me now.” I complied with the request.

I let my mom get on top, facing away from me. The combination of our juices and her on top lowered the friction to nearly nothing. I would be able to last a long time. Another good point about this position was that whenever she leaned forward, I had a clear view of her asshole. Although I am Bi, I do prefer a woman’s rear over a man’s. I just do.

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