Sera Ch. 06

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Arguing with Ashleigh was like arguing with myself, both our minds made from what Walton had contributed, and it was as irritating as it was strange. A sour mood stayed with me the entire way back to the house and up to my apartment. Grabbing a shirt and a beer, I sat at the computer and started looking up the list of pharmaceuticals from Ashleigh’s sickbay to get my mind off things.

Almost two hours later, I still hadn’t finished when I got up to stretch, wondering if Mum was back from wherever. My mood had lightened, my curiosity tickled by the manifest which included such potent painkillers as Morphine and Oxycontin, antipsychotics like Olanzapine and Clonazepam. My mind revisited the conversation with Ashleigh at the pool as I found myself leaving my apartment.

“You have to go along with her,” I advised under my breath.

“I know. Shut up.”

Mum’s door was unlocked, meaning she was finally back, so I went right in, wishing I’d grabbed something to drink before I left my place. Walking into her living room, I was greeted by Mum leaning against her kitchenette counter, legs spread, panties around one high heeled ankle while she held her skirt up so Kitten could suck and lick between her legs. The younger woman’s hands were on Mum’s ass, her eyes closed as she went to town, making her namesake moan deliriously until she saw me standing there.

“Oh my god! Oh shhh-!” Mum started, pulling her skirt down over Kitten’s head as if to hide what was happening there while her mouth gaped at me.

I was gaping as well. I didn’t know what to say as I watched Kitten, on her knees in front of my mother, slowly duck out from under her skirt. Her mouth and cheeks were soaked and it looked like Mum had already orgasmed at least once. After a rather longish, awkward pause where I stared aghast at them, they at me, she cleared her throat and spoke in her girlish voice, so much like Marie’s, without looking at my face.

“Uhh… I should probably go.”

“(Ahem)” Mum uncomfortably expressed, adding, “I’ll catch up later.”

Kitten nodded and scurried around me, gone out the door two seconds later to leave Mum and I staring at each other. She’d let her skirt fall back down and had stepped out of her underwear.

“You knew I liked her,” she said a bit defensively. “If you have a problem with it, I’m sorry, but you know how we are and you’ll have to accept it.”

” … Fine.”

It was anything but fine. She’d mostly recovered herself at this point and came sashaying over the way she does when she’s horny, stopping less than a foot away to face me before speaking with a soft, but firm tone.

“Is it? You want her too. I know you do.”


“It’s true.”

“Can you not just… try to act normal? Just while we’re here? We made a deal, you and I, remember? Remember the last hurrah with the Driscolls?”

“First, I am acting ‘normal’, and second… this is different. Very different.”

“You always say that. You always will say that.”

“You wanna fuck her sooo baaad,” she whispered, pressing against me, grinding my stiffening cock between us as she grabbed my chin, forcing a face to face. “Look me in the eyes, sweetie pie. It’s okay.”

Token resistance on my part led to her trying to use more force. I reacted by almost violently pushing her away from me and, without looking at her, strode quickly out of the room. She called after me once. There was this note of surprise in her voice and maybe that’s what made her tone seem so pleading. Whatever it was, ignoring her then was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

I didn’t go back to my apartment, rather kept walking pointedly down the hall towards no destination. I was drunk with desire, the excitement I denied at seeing them together. My dick demanded I go back, but I was mad at my mother for messing with Kitten and for trying to nudge me.

Eventually, after a servant brought me a drink, I found myself vaguely, almost subconsciously pondering the four disturbingly dark, seasonal paintings in the main hall again. I was mostly thinking about Mum and Kitten, feeling let down by them both. I know that sounds stupid after all that had happened up to that point, but there it is. My mind wasn’t even half on the leering, evil face in the springtime field, rather my eyes were taking it in without opinion beyond its unsettling nature.



“Slutty, are you listening to me?”

I wasn’t. Mind you, I was trying, but I couldn’t get my shocking words to Steven out of my mind, or the fact that I knew them to be true “Yes, I’m listening.”

“It shouldn’t have happened.”

“What was so bad about it?”

“It was cheating! Why did you… Why did you do that?”

“I just got her to strip for us, you did what you wanted, remember?”

” … I was- that’s not the point, I’m saying it shouldn’t have happened!”

“Okay, Gina, don’t get excited.”

“You don’t understand…”

“What don’t I understand?” I asked, paying proper attention now. “So you messed around a little with Lynette, youporn porno so what? No harm done.”

Instead of answering, she almost whipped her body out of the chair and paced quickly away to the bathroom. I sighed, looking after her and waited a few minutes before it was clear I’d have to go in after her.

I stopped to mix a drink first.

Still in her red, satin nightgown, she was sitting on the edge of the huge tub regarding the floor as though the pattern in the stone tiles could change for the worse at any second. She looked up at me, eyes distracted by my drink before settling on my face.

“Are you okay?” I asked carefully.

“I regret what happened. Yes, I wanted to… She’s very beautiful, but I can’t believe it went so far. The way I felt… I just don’t understand how I could’ve let things get that far.”

Settling beside her, I put my other arm around her shoulders and held her while I tried to think of something to tell her. The problem was that I loved what happened, whatever it was, and had no regrets over my part in it. The thought of just leaving her there, imagining what all would happen was such a turn on for me and it still was as I sat there with her, but it wasn’t just about me. It was like a little gift for her, and I thought she should enjoy it. Yes, it was technically cheating, but it somehow didn’t seem that way to me.

“Gina, nobody’s blaming you and nobody thinks any less of you, myself included. You obviously enjoyed yourself, and what of it? Leave it at that.”

“I can’t- Kat, I’m afraid it’s just not that simple. Oh my god, I keep remembering how one of the groundskeepers happened by and just stopped… watching. How embarrassing!”

“You have nothing to be embarrassed about,” I told her as this bit of information titillated me.

She shook her head, but not in agreement, more dismissal of my efforts before speaking again.

“I think we should leave.”

” … Wh- wait, we agreed on two-“

“Now. Like, pack our things and just go.”

“What? And not even say goodbye? That would be rude,” I countered.

“Fine, tell them goodbye, tell them whatever, but make it quick and let’s go. We’ll start packing now.”

She’d actually gotten up and was heading out of the bathroom, me right behind her and arguing defiantly, “Gina, we agreed on two weeks! Two weeks, Gina!”

“I know what we agreed on, but things have changed and we’re leaving, so start packing and-“


I’d said this with more than defiance in my tone and it stopped Gina in her tracks. She turned and looked at me with a little surprise as I went on in a hard voice, our eyes locked.

“You’re not the only one making decisions here, in fact, you’re just along for the ride. You don’t tell me what to do. Understand?”

“I thought I was along as your friend,” she countered in a low voice, quite obviously on her heels.

“Yes, you are my friend. That’s why I don’t talk down to you.”

“Kat, I don’t mean-“

“I’m not going anywhere and neither are you.”


“Sit down, Gina.”

She sat slowly in the nearby chair, staring at me, and I must admit that I got a thrill over successfully telling someone else what to do for a change. However, I walked over and casually sat on the arm, stroking her beautiful, shiny black hair, running my nails up her scalp like she does to me while we continued to behold one another’s eyes.

“Sweetie pie, you know I love you,” I started again, restraining myself in a somewhat sweeter tone, “but I’m just not finished here yet and we don’t want to have to explain to Daddy why you came home early and stranded me here. Right, smutty?”

She nodded and whispered, “I guess.”

“See? I’m not stupid. I know what I’m doing. Now, there’s a little something I want to look into for a while, so why don’t you get some rest here? You’ll feel better about all this later on, okay? ‘Cause I really think you’re still a bit tired from the trip and a bit overly freaked out. Right?”


“Definitely. Come on, I’ll get your slippers and send for your breakfast.”

A half hour later, I was both disappointed and relieved when Sheila didn’t answer her bell. Asking the servants did no good as, apparently, they didn’t keep tabs on us. Of course, I checked her usual haunt, the parlour in front, but she wasn’t there, neither was she in the kitchen. I decided to take breakfast outside and that’s where I met up with Auntie Kathleen.

“Good morning, sweetie pie,” she offered with a bright smile.

My own smile turned big. She looked so awesome, paused by the table in an olive green dress that looked much like something Sheila might wear, but with a subtle, more alluring sort of ‘naughty mummy’ look. It was thin, buttoning up the front to a low, squared neckline and I could tell right away that she wasn’t wearing a bra, though her boobies didn’t sag as one might expect. The elbow length sleeves were just snug enough to create that appeal, the same as the rest of the dress and the hemline was zenci porno short enough to draw the eye, although not quite indecent. Her astounding nipples could best be described as ‘out there’, and I giggled, trying to rip my eyes from them and the stark lines of her bikini panties.

“You like my outfit?” she asked.


“Maybe a little slutty without a bra?”


“Uh huh,” she laughed, her eyes glancing over my body.

I was wearing one of my signature pairs of old, faded, singing tight jeans that Daddy liked to jokingly call ‘spray-on cut’ with a black T-shirt I used to wear when I was in grade seven. It was actually a boy’s T-shirt with a blue Chevrolet bowtie, now half faded and distorted as it stretched across my boobies, the worn thin cotton making the yellow triangles of my bikini bra stand out. I’d wear this shirt out a lot, but always with a long work shirt, or jacket over it. Not today.

Her exciting smile was on me again as she sat across from me at the table. My eyes were on her popping nipples as she put hers on my boobies again, this time a longer look that she seemed to enjoy. My smile widened as uncontrollably as my heart raced and, as her eyes met mine, A moment passed between us, a perverted sort of understanding and love that wasn’t serious, just a secret little laugh.

She asked in a playfully sultry voice, “Isn’t it fun to uh… show off a little sometimes?”

“Uh huh. I like to.”


“Auntie…” I almost whispered, “do you like girls?”


“(Giggle) Um, so do I. (giggle!)”

“I know.”

“You do?” I asked, surprised but not alarmed, barely able to stop giggling.

“Uh huh. Both you and Gina.”

“But, how?”

“I just knew, but the way you two were checking me out at the pool would’ve removed any doubt. The secretive, almost guilty way Gina did it and how you were spreading your lovely thighs to give me a nice look… I must say, I loved it.”

“OMG!” I laughed, embarrassed.

“I don’t mind, sweetie pie.”

We gazed into each other’s eyes and there was another special moment, an electric pause that started with our little understanding, snowballing to something that was really turning me on. The approaching, young servant broke the spell of her beautiful soul, smiled politely and took our orders. Auntie was very polite in return, watching his bum as he left.

“Where’s Gina?” she asked.

“She’s still a little tired from the trip, Auntie.”

“Oh. Sleeping?”


“Okay. So, what are you up to?”

“I was looking for someone.”

“Any luck?”

No,” I answered, deciding not to mention last night’s incident involving Sheila and Steven.

“It just so happens,” she casually informed, “that I was looking for someone, too.”


“Steven. Have you seen him?”

I looked at her with a blank expression, recalling once again my shocking earlier words to him before replying, “Yes. He was in the kitchen.”

“When was this?”

“An hour and a half ago.” I guessed.

“I don’t suppose he said where he was going?”


“Ah well. It’s a big house, but he’ll turn up sooner or later. Is everything alright, sweetie pie?”


“You sure?”

“Nothing I can’t handle.”

She liked this and I experienced yet another instant with her, this time a sort of family bonding, a knowledge that I was with people who were like me, who could understand me and existed the way I did. In the moment, it fairly blew me away that I’d gone all this time without being aware of such an important aspect of my life as Sheila’s side of the family. I never once considered that there could be others, let alone what they’d be like.

“Sweetie pie?”

“Yes, Auntie?”

“Have you been, uh… sampling the help?”

” … Well… (Giggle)”

“Yeah, me too.”

“I didn’t really do anything,” I explained with a guilty grin, “and Gina doesn’t like me doing stuff, so…”

“Neither did I, really. I had a maid take off her clothes out of curiosity, you know, to see if they really would perform like Ash said.”

“Um. I did something like that.”

“Well, uh… do you want to go and do something… else?”


Our light breakfasts arrived and we spoke of all the little nothings and niceties that brought people closer as we ate, the sexual tension between us rising in the background the entire time. Afterward, we went walking along sunny paths broken by the occasional tunnel through the trees until we came across a couple of men working with shovels.

“Hi,” Kathleen greeted the two gardeners, introducing herself after.

“Hello”, one returned. “Name’s Jack.”

“Of course it is,” she smiled.

“This is Rob.”

She exchanged pleasantries with the younger Rob before introducing me to the two men. They’d been bordering some lawn at the edge of the trees and were both sweaty and pumped in their Bermuda work shorts and unbuttoned shirts.

“Do you like my dress?” xhamster porno she asked.

They replied with positivity and obvious sincerity, eyes all over her boobies and those spectacularly erect nipples.

“Doesn’t Kitten look good?”

Their replies to this were just as positive and I felt myself getting wet as their eyes roamed over my curves. I could see they were just getting a little hard, their stiffening rods starting to tent their shorts and I actually tried to caution myself in Gina’s absence, but my horny was racing with the possibilities. I wondered how far Auntie Kathleen would go and became even more excited.

“A little over dressed, though. Why don’t you take your shirt off?”

It was a dare, I could see it in her wicked, playful smile when it wasn’t fixed on my boobies. I giggled and moved to remove it, doing it slowly. Sticking out my chest, I pulled it up over my swell and off, dropping it on the grass with a wild grin, a red face and a dare of my own.

“Auntie- (giggle!) turn around so they can see your bum… and bend over.”

Her expression was out of this world. Now she had the wild grin, but turned around just the same.

“Spread your feet a little too, Auntie. Like a slut.”

This really had an effect and it was easy to tell we shared that little kink, another strange, Burchell family anomaly. Parting her feet, she slowly bent over, showing impressive flexibility for a woman one could call voluptuous. When she stopped, her fingertips were almost touching the toes of her four inch heeled shoes. The back of her hem rode just high enough so that the three of us could see her heavy pussy filling the crotch of her pink panties.

“Nice, Eh guys?” I asked.

“Very nice,” Jack answered while Rob only nodded.

Miffy was getting plenty moist and this sight really drove her on, like the rapidly hardening penises in front of me. After we all got a good look, she straightened up, looking at me with a flush to match mine, hemline staying where it had ridden up to continue showing off the bottom of her bum and panties. But it was her turn and she didn’t hesitate in getting down to business.

“Show us your titties, you little slut.”

I was almost panting with anxiety, but I didn’t hesitate long. These wouldn’t be the first strange guys who’d seen my body, and I’d already lowered my shorts in front of Brad anyway, so where was the harm?

I was thrilled at their full erections, as thrilled as I was at how my nipples were erected as Aunties. I couldn’t help but tweak them, giggling a little when I did before taking my turn.

“Ask the guys to suck your boobies.”

She actually laughed, still red faced like I was, but the humour was drowned in lust. Looking at the two men and their stiff members, she spoke as I directed.

“Rob, Jack… would you please suck my tits?”

They accepted graciously, stepping forward and putting fingers to buttons. They opened up the somewhat snug dress and both she and I gasped as her bare melons practically oozed out. She gasped again when they took them, pulling them out the rest of the way and to their greedy lips.

“Ohh, Auntie…” I hissed.

Her eyes closed as she enjoyed their attentions, lower lip sensuously dropping again as she arched her back, a low moan emanating from lungs that were heaving and as excited as mine were. When they were done, however, she hit back hard.

“Get their cocks out.”

” … Okay.”

This was nothing I didn’t already do with Bradley, so it was really alright, wasn’t it? I hesitantly approached them, glancing at my auntie once before stepping up to Jack. He smiled at me and I smiled back as I opened his shorts and let them fall. His cock was magnificent and I stared at it with a big, hungry grin as I moved to repeat the process with rob. I finished up, almost unable to tear my attention away, noting that he was longer than Jack. Looking up, I saw my Aunt’s approving smile, but it was my turn again.

“Jack them with your hand, Auntie, and lick up their pre-cum.”

With a sleazy smile, she stepped forward and took both respectably sized members in her hands and slowly pumped them while miffy soaked. I stepped closer, watching in awe. She didn’t resist when I slowly pulled the hem of her dress up to her navel and when a large puddle of fluid dribbled down Rob’s length, she bent and licked up his shaft. Cleaning his twitching head, she moved to Jack and sucked his cockhead for some seconds before straightening again for her turn.

“I think it’s time we got a better look at your sweet little ass. Turn around.”

I complied because that was the game. Also because I wanted to. I loved their attention on my bum, posing it for them as I giggled over my shoulder.

“Ooooh, yeah, look at that…” Auntie remarked, stepping closer to give it a light slap and a gentle rub after. “Bend over a little and spread your legs… You obviously know the way. Hey guys, come on over and check her out.”

To my delight, they did this, stepping right up.

“Don’t be afraid to touch, guys,” she advised them.

I inhaled sharply, but almost hiccupped when their work roughened hands began caressing my bum through my tight jeans, stroking the backs of my thighs, hips and cheeks while Auntie watched with a sexy, open mouthed smile.

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