Rendezvous in Her YooHoo

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I have this thought of meeting you in a cabin. Somewhere a little ways out so that it would be hard to spot from any road but easy enough to run to town if needed. I would have arrived around 6am, put some coffee on and then sat on the front veranda/porch to drink it under a blanket as the sun comes up. The air crisp and clean, with snow lightly dusting the ground the night before, had warmed up this morning. I sit looking around, taking in the scenery and the birds. Seeing the colors of the sun rising above the mountains through the fluffy clouds. I sigh contentedly as the birds sing and my nostrils inhale the crisp air. It’s so peaceful; everything is so beautiful and untouched.

Then I hear your car pull up and I turn with a smile and wave. Staying put as you get out and grab the things you have brought. I call to you asking if you need any help, you decline so I keep my ass well planted in the seat. You place your things on the table and the floor of the porch. Lean down to gently rasp your teeth over my earlobe, then kiss my neck. I tilt my head to the side to give you room as you continue placing kisses up and down my neck. It’s driving me crazy so I have to put my coffee down and attempt to get you to where my lips can meet yours. Finally you stand in front of me and I can see that your lips brushing against my neck wasn’t only affecting me. The juices pooling in my panties were a sign that I enjoyed your kisses but so was the bulge in your pants.

Smiling up at you I try to get up and you shake your head ‘no’ at me. I thump back down with the gentle push of your hand as you reach into a bag on top of the table. Anxious to see I wiggle trying to get a look as you pull something out of the bag. Then I hear the sound of the plastic clinking together with the chain and know before you dangle them in front of my face. You brought hand cuffs. They are dark gray with a long chain attached between them. Smiling at me, you offer your hand. I place my hand in yours and let you lead me into the cabin. It’s chilly, so you set me on the first chair and start making a fire. You make quick work of it and once started you again take my hand, hand cuffs now in your back pocket, and lead me up the short steps to our weekend bedroom. The bed is huge with four nice-sized bedposts, and lots of comfy warm blankets. Unable to form words I gulp, seeing that you had fully planned this out. You mentioned that you picked the perfect cabin; it was all making sense now.

I turn to walk out of the room and you catch me, sensing the hesitation. You lean down to whisper to me, telling me that you will take good care of me and be gentle. I nod, still unable to form words. You place your fingers gently up to my chin and tilt my head up so that my eyes meet yours. The warmth, the caring that is gazing back at me cannot be ignored as you lean down to brush your lips to mine. Then your hand runs behind my head to entwine in my hair as you pull my head to yours. Your tongue pushes at my lips as I open my mouth, and our kiss intensifies. My nerves feel as though tiny pins have been placed throughout my body. An electric current seems to bring my body to full arousal within seconds.

You know the answer as you whisper out the side of your mouth, asking if I like this. I nod slowly not wanting to completely break the kiss and I feel your hand run down my body, your fingers sliding into my sweat pants with ease as they tickle just gently above my line of soft curls. Gauging the degree of arousal, you groan as you notice that I am beyond wet. Then you break the kiss, gently stand me upright and move a step back as you softly tell me to strip for you. You find a nearby seat and lower yourself to it as you adjust your position to face me. I start to quickly remove articles of clothing when your hand takes hold of my arm, gently stopping me from what I was doing. Confused I snap my head up to look at you again, you mention that you wish me to take my clothes off slowly to reveal bits of me to you inch by inch. I nod, then continue to do as you asked.

To be a little sassy I remove my bra and throw it at your head, which of course you catch before it gets there. Shaking your head at me with the waggle of a finger, you bid me to keep going with the clothes removal. I attempt to smile until your face shows me that you are displeased. I wipe the smile from me face as I continue to remove my clothing. My breasts now dangling free as my nipples are rock hard from the cold air against them, my skin is tightens to the cold air moving around my nakedness. Moving my hips again in time to the music in my head as I slowly run my hands over my naked chest, I’m getting into the way your eyes are watching me. My hands cup my breasts, finger tips squeezing the nipples as I lean my head down, my tongue lashing out to meet my own nipple on one side then the other. My eyes glance up and over at you to make sure you see how my tongue can move around my hard nipple as my hand cups it up to my mouth.

I see you squirm and shift in your seat. A low moan comes from where you sit, and I see a smile across your face. I find that your arousal is encouraging and I keep my tongue swirling around my nipple. My hips now gyrating casino şirketleri as if there is an invisible hula-hoop around them, I stop with my tongue and release my breasts gently. I move my hands down around my waist, slowly loosening my sweats, using my shaky fingers to undo the strings holding them on. I pull slowly and the strings release the band at my waist. Still moving my body in a sexy way to keep your attention, I place a hand on either side of my pants, sliding them inside the band and then slowly dance them off. I have to lean way over to push them to the floor, and I have my ass thrust out in your direction I stay that way to step out of them. Leaving them where they lay on the floor, I step a little closer to your seat, and look into your eyes to see your reaction. You nod at me with a smile still upon your face. I continue to move closer until I am standing where you can reach out and grab me. You hold your hand up palm out to stop me. I do so, my whole body now trembling as I stand stiffly in front of you. That is when I look down to your pants and see that your hardness is quite obvious.

At that moment I lose my inhibitions and look directly at you with a slight humor to my voice as I whisper “Is your cock throbbing? It looks awfully hard from where I’m standing.”

Caught off guard you struggle for a minute. I am sure that you do not say what your mind is thinking. You look well-composed as you answer “I can handle myself for now. You need to take off that one thing that remains that’s hiding your pussy from me.”

Fully aware that I was standing there almost naked in front of you, I feel my face flush as my cheeks become red. I am a little mortified, slightly shy, and I move to have my hands cover the parts of me it can. You see how I became uncomfortable and move your hands to mine. Slowly easing them away, once again exposing myself to you. Your eyes caress my body, roaming over every part of me and all I can do it stand there with my hands in yours. Frozen as you take one of your hands and glide it along my torso and under the string of my thong. One finger latches around it and tugs it so it reaches my ankles. I step out of it and you bring it to your nostrils, inhale deeply and let forth another moan from your chest.

I am thrilled that the scent of my pussy has you aroused. Still frozen in place but completely reacting to your attention, I wait to see what you do next. Without warning both of yours are roaming over my bare skin. Simple bumps replace where your hand had been. A gentle moan escapes from my throat as I become fully aware of the sensations your roaming hands have on me. Closing my eyes I feel your finger tips moving over the pores of my skin. An electric current shoots through me with each caress. I inhale and hear you whisper to take it all in, to feel every sensation and let go of all my inhibitions. Allow your hands to be the only thing I feel. Your voice carries through my mind and my thoughts are only on your large masculine hands touching every part of me. I feel the coarseness of your fingers tickling my abdomen and then trailing down to my thick dark curls. I fling my eyes open as I realize again that I am wet. My body has reacted to you in such a way that when your fingers explore my sex you will find a dripping wet pussy. I am once again embarrassed by my thoughts and turn red. You chuckle again mumbling something about how cute I am.

Then I am brought back to the sensations running through me. Your fingers move lower to the bottom of the curls, to the spot where my clit is protruding. It matches my nipples and is rock hard, engorged and sensitive. I see you smile as my body quivers just from the brush of a finger close to the nub. I look down to see where your fingers are, they are tapping all around the protrusion careful not to directly touch it. You’re teasing where you know I want you to be. I groan at you and attempt to move so that your fingers would fall onto my pulsing clit.

Instead you remove your hands from me completely as you shake your head and exclaim “Ah ah ah!”

I am running out of patience but realize you are in total control of this situation. It’s all up to you what happens next. So again I still myself and stand before you, waiting for your next move or demand.

“Close your eyes again please!” you tell me in a soft tone.

I do so and close my eyes tight, my bottom lip quivering as my nerves become evident. You are confident in your movements, I hear your hand move and your body shift as you slide to the edge of your seat to have a better look at me. I gasp as I feel your breath on the top of my chest, then your hand clasps a breast and your mouth sucks in a nipple. I moan then gasp again as your teeth rasp and gently tug at the hardened nucleus of my breast. I cross my legs hoping to catch the fluids I feel will soon be escaping down my thighs. I moan again as you rasp your teeth harder on my nipple, then cry out as I feel a bit of pain coarse through me while your teeth clamp down harder. Your other hand presses to my thigh and I am forced to uncross my legs. Your hand kneads my thigh and moves up, finding my spilled juices before you reaches my heated casino firmalari swollen lips. You moan your pleasure.

Your hands advance up my thigh. You are moving quicker, in a hurry and more aggressive to reach your goal. Your fingers edge closer and closer, finding more and more of my leaked juices, until your fingers are touching my pussy lips. Tickling the outside of my cunt, I move my hips, hoping to aid your fingers deep into my hot wetness. Your mouth stops its assault of my nipples and I can’t help but open my eyes to see where your head is going. I watch you as you lick your lips and your eyes search to find the probing fingers between my legs. Your eyes are hazy and intense.

Your look is enough to tell me how aroused you are. I use that as encouragement to feel brave and again ask you “Is your cock so hard it hurts?”

You nod now as you still look at your hand roaming the edge of my sopping wet pussy. My hips grind hard into your hand, hoping you slip your fingers inside me to relieve my aching. I am wet enough that the right thrust and a finger would easily be deep inside me. I bite my lower lip and continue to grind against your wet hand. Then you extend a finger out and with my grinding, it penetrates my wetness. I moan as I feel my pussy open up to that finger, then I feel you insert another to deep in my wetness. Grinding along with your thrusting fingers I feel you extend out your thumb to rub against my sensitive swollen clit. The friction causes me to cry out to you for more. I am so close with just this little bit or stroking. Then I am aware of my pussy stretching more, and feel my lips wrapping around yet another of your fingers, allowing for a slow gentle stretch as it grips your three fingers tightly. Then you ram your fingers deep inside me, fast and furious with no mercy. You slam them in so deep; I am so wet and so stretched out. Your thumb caresses my clit with such a steady motion that before I know it my pussy spasms around you, and you remove your fingers as my cum drips onto the floor. My knees now weak, you hold me in place and sit me on the arm of the chair. You push your lips to mine and whisper gentle encouragement that you are pleased with me. I am totally mindless. I can’t form a single thought and my body is so relaxed I can’t imagine what might come next.

You chuckle in my direction as you study my face and once again place your hands on me. Beginning the caressing all over again, my immediate reaction is apparent as my relaxed nipples once again become taut with excitement.

“This is going to be a great couple of days!” you say with a smile and a nod.

I nod agreement as I remain in place on the arm of the chair. Then I am jarred from my laid back mood as I look at your crotch and see that you are bursting at the seams of your pants. Your cock is large and so hard it really looks as though it will break free at any moment. Biting my lower lip and looking up at your face you smile warmly at me as your hands run over my naked body.

“Don’t worry, you will be able to take all of me over and over again soon enough.” You acknowledge my thoughts as if you were inside my head.

Only a nod works for me at that moment as I feel your hands find the heart of my pussy again and dive in. I groan at you, unsure that I was ready for the continued assault. Then you tenderly explore my folds, both inside and out, as if you are examining a treasure you have never explored. I move to stand again and with one hand across my stomach you lean me back and I have no choice but to stay put, allowing you to discover all that my treasure has to offer. Feeling a little guilty that I have yet so much as touched you, I place my hand on the bulge in your pants. No sooner had I reached your pants where I wanted to be caressing when your hand pushes mine away.

“Not yet, this is about you.” You command my obedience in the matter and I replace my grip on the chair as you probe.

I squirm as your fingers tickle the outside of my now engorged and what must be extremely red pussy. Then I feel a finger tickling the inside wall of my pussy and finally I have to jump as your baby finger goes beyond my pussy and is touching the outside rim of my asshole. It startled me and I didn’t know what to say so holding my breath is all I do. You once again place a hand on my stomach to calm me. Palm face down against the smooth silkiness of my lower abdomen. I am immediately subdued. Able to breathe in again, I exhale long and slow as I feel your fingertip once again around the rim of my ass. It’s like you are timing with my exhalation, each time I breathe out you explore that forbidden hole at my backside. I am surprised to find there is a good sensation that I feel from it. Arousal that makes me want more. I moan my pleasure and you look at my face with a wide grin.

You take that moment to move your body down and place tiny kisses at my knee then up my inner thighs. Your mouth leaves a vine of sweet kisses up to my pussy. I hear you inhale sharply to take my scent into your nostrils. Lingering your mouth just an inch away from my wet lips, I feel your warm air brush along the folds of my pussy as you breathe out. It’s drives güvenilir casino me nuts, and I want so much more. I want to stop the sweet torment and have your cock buried inside of me as I cum all over it. I cry out my torment and writhe, exclaiming my desire for your hard cock. All you do it chuckle in your husky all-male voice. You aren’t finished with me yet. Sighing my defeat I again lay back and close my eyes tight. I am content to give in to your now probing tongue. It lashes out and licks from my ass up to my clit. One scoop of your tongue and its back up then down again. I squirm again from the pleasure tingling through me. You insert your tongue into my pussy, swirling it from one wall to the other, pushing it far into me then flicking it around again. It is enough to make me twinge as I feel an orgasm again on the cusp. My body tenses up, every muscle gone hard with waiting release. You stop and move your head back, and my eyes open to see you looking at me. Your eyes search my body as I loudly protest your abrupt departure from my dripping pussy. You see the frown on my face and dive back into eating me. If I hadn’t been trying to stay in the moment I may well have passed out from the pleasure alone.

You pull your tongue from deep inside me and slide it up to lash out at my clit. Pressing your tongue harder and causing more friction on my clit, you glide two fingers into my pussy. Your tongue works over my now hard exposed clit, and I scream, moan and grind into your working mouth and fingers. I explode as you move your head so that I cum in your mouth; you drink me all in. Sounds of contentment and pleasure emanate your throat as I hear you gulp down every drop my cum.

Knowing how sensitive I am, I close my legs to regain my composure. Your hands are on my inner thighs, keeping them parted open. Fighting for control over which of us gets our way, there really was no battle as you win easily and my legs tremble with all the excitement, unable to stabilize themselves. You smile warmly at me, knowing the reasons I am trembling under your hands. You replace each hand with a kiss and give direction to stay as I am while you will be right back. You return with something hidden in your fist. I adjust a little, and move my head to try to see what it is you have; but you keep it well away from view. I give up and again lay back. I feel your hands on me, caressing and kneading up my inner thigh again. I am tired, I am spent and express that to you. You tell me this will be different. I feel my muscles contract from hesitation and again you place a hand on my stomach as the other one is still exploring between my legs.

“You are so pleasing to look at, pleasing to smell and you are so wet the juices on your thighs as much as drip down your ass,” you tell me as your finger follows where the wetness leads.

You keep telling me to relax, to trust you and promise that you will be gentle. I squirm uneasily where I lay exposed, waiting to see where the latest exploration will take you. I know that the backdoor is not a place that has been discovered by anyone as of yet. I am not sure what to expect. Even I haven’t had the bravery to attempt my own exploration of the small pea size hole.

I give in to the strange pleasure that happens each time you run your finger along the muscles circling the small way into that crevice. You begin once again to feast on my pussy, using your tongue as a distraction from your finger and the probing it is doing. I open my mouth to say something but only manage to moan. I am excited about the way it feels, new sensations I haven’t felt before. I begin to move my hips up and down to meet your mouth. I feel the absence of your finger on my ass then it’s back with a little more wetness added to it. It feels oily and warm, ready to probe further into the unknown dark cave. I feel you insert your finger tip, and then something a little bigger is going and coming our. Just the tip moves around slowly, just inside my ass. I can close my eyes and concentrate on your mouth eating my pussy, as what I think is your thumb eases slowly into the hole, stretching it and readying it for the upcoming intrusion. I am forgetting something, but my mind is blank unable to think. It just feels the sensations running through my body, the tingles and twitches, pleasure and discomfort mixing together to cause a new kind of ecstasy that I haven’t known before.

I realize that you have stopped the movement at my ass. Your hands are doing something on the floor. I hear you groan and then something slips… then I feel your fist trailing slowly back up my inner thigh. Holding something as you move back to the my crevice, you once again take your larger digit, it’s a thumb I think, and move it just inside, swirling it around, slowly intent on stretching me open. I feel the pull of it opening to you, and I make sure to remain relaxed to allow you leeway to do what you want I gasp as something is replacing your thumb. It’s lubed, I can tell the way it glides in gently and easily, opening my hole bigger as it goes in further. Then with one smooth motion I get an urge to push against the intrusion inside my ass. You instruct me to take deep slow breaths as you shove the strange object all the way to what seems to be a knob with a flat round surface just outside my ass, holding it there but not allowing it further inside me. I groan as I get used to the odd sensation of being stretched in that really tight opening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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