Quads Ch. 08

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Sorry it has taken so long for the next chapter to come out of the Quad’s. I have had numerous request for more from them so here it is. Enjoy.


Stephanie, Stacy and Brenda did not utter a word to Shane, Jack and I for the next few days. Every time we would try to start a conversation with them, they would either act like they didn’t hear us, or turn their noses up and walk away. Finally I had had enough and cornered Stephanie.

“Okay give. What is going on with you three and the silent treatment, and I better get a straight answer.”

“What silent treatment?”

“Don’t give me this, “” what silent treatment “” bullshit Stephanie. Neither you, Stacy, nor Brenda have uttered a word to Shane, Jack nor I since you had the party. So tell me.”

“Nothing is wrong Shawn. We just figured that the three of you liked the sex you had with the girls, and we were not good enough. So we have said nothing.”

“Not good enough! Oh come on Stephanie. You know that we love each one of you and would do whatever we could to please you.”

“Please us! Then why did the three of you fill every hole that girl had?”

“That girl come on to us, and we did what she wanted.”

Stephanie laughed back at me.

“Tell me this Stephanie. If some strange guy walked in right now completely naked, his cock hanging half way down to his knees, and wanting to have sex with you. What would you do? Tell me.”

Her silent answer told me what I wanted to hear.

“That’s what I thought. If you or the others are upset by what you saw, then I am truly sorry.”

“Sorry! How can you be sorry? It looked like the three of you were enjoying what you did.”

For a few minutes I stood there in silence, the thoughts going through my mind. I could not lie to her because she would see right through them.

“Yes we did enjoy it. And I hate to say it again, but if the shoe was on the other foot I am sure that you would have enjoyed it as well. Neither I nor Shane or Jack would do anything to hurt any of you. You know that.”

Seeing the look in my eyes, Stephanie knew I was serious. Standing on her tiptoes, she kissed me real quick and then wrapped her arms around my neck.

“I’m sorry Shane I really am,” she muttered into my neck.

Feeling her body pressed into mine, and smelling the sweet fragrance of her hair got me going and I started to run my hands up and down her back. After a minute or two of standing like this, Stephanie pulled her face from my neck and kissed me again.

Thrusting our tongues into each others mouths, my hands started to roam all over her body. pendik escort From the tight muscles of her buttocks to her shoulders my hands went. Getting into the heat of the moment, with her hands still around my neck, Stephanie lifted her legs and wrapped them around my waist.

Standing in the middle of the room, Stephanie had herself wrapped around me as I continued to grope her. Knowing there was a wall near by, I soon made my way to it. Dislodging ourselves just quick enough to get our clothes off, Stephanie was soon wrapped back around me as I had her pinned against flat surface.

Loosening her swimming toned legs enough, I situated myself so that my cock was soon pointed at her vaginal opening. Not being gentled about it, nor taking it slow, I slammed straight into her.

I had always been gentle with her in our love making, but some savage lust in my mind had me slamming in and out of her like a piston in a revved up motor. Again and again I slammed in and out of her. Stephanie was getting into it as well. Not able to continuing to kiss me, she had her head tilted toward the ceiling as she pulled my hair.

“Oh yes. Fuck me Shawn, fuck me hard.”

I didn’t know how long I would be able to continue the intensity of me pounding her, but I kept fucking Stephanie as hard as I could with her pinned.

Stephanie soon bit into my neck as her orgasm raced through her like a run away locomotive. I continued to pound her as hard, and as fast as I could. Soon I felt my testicles tighten up and knew that my orgasm was near. With near superhuman strength, I some how picked up my pace. When I felt that I could no longer hold back, I slammed into her one last time and yelled out as my sperm raced through me and into her. At the same time Stephanie screamed at the top of her lungs as another orgasm raced through her.

When we had finally calmed down, my legs were so weak that I collapsed onto the floor, pulling Stephanie with me. We lay on the floor for who knows how long trying to catch our breaths. After what seemed like an hour, but was only ten minutes, Stephanie kissed me.

“Thanks for the workout Shawn, but I need to get to practice.”

With that, she shakenly got to her feet, walked naked to her room, changed into her suit and sweats, and was out the door.

Stephanie and Stacey’s excellent swimming got them a position on the collegiate swim team, so they had practice just about every day. They had some how also gotten Brenda onto the team with them. It was not uncommon to have one or two people alone in the house any more. But it seemed like it was always us guys maltepe escort who were there. I didn’t think much of it.

When Stephanie had left, I had jumped in the shower to wash the sweat off me, and then went in to study. After a few hours, Shane and Jack arrived.

“Hey Shawn, where are the girls at?” Shane asked walking into the study.

“Swimming as far as I know,” I replied leaning back in the chair to stretch and rub my tired eyes.

“We can’t wait on them, let’s get something to eat.” Jack said.

I put my studies away and then left to eat. An hour later we pulled back in the drive and Stephanie, Stacy and Brenda still had not arrived. Shane backed out, and we went in search of them.

It didn’t take us too long. When we pulled into the parking lot of the swimming complex, their cars were there along with a few others. The main building was still unlocked so we made our way in.

The Olympic size pool was deserted. The waters were calm, and the area was clean. In the very back corner where the changing rooms were, we heard laughter and voices.

Making our way there, we silently looked around the corner to see who was talking; what a sight that lay before us.

Stephanie, Stacy, Brenda, and another female we had never seen before were completely naked, down on all fours, side by side to each other. A line of about a dozen guys, all completely naked, were snaking their way behind the girls, and each taking a turn with them. After sliding their cock in and out of one girl a few times, they would go to the next. When the first one got to the end, he went around to the front and then started to get a blow job.

The guys were pulling a regular train on them. I guess I couldn’t say anything because turn about is fair play. Here were my sisters, cousin and someone else taking on about a dozen or so guys. Both fucking and sucking them, and everyone seem to be enjoying it.

The guys were talking and laughing, as the girls were moaning and groaning. Shane, Jack and I could do nothing but stand there and watch. Who knew how long this had been going on?

After watching for close to thirty minutes, the guys had the girls change around. They were still side by side, but now were laying flat on their backs. The guys circled around them, and then proceeded to jerk themselves off. They must have been close, because first one let go of his spunk, and then one by one the others let go.

Stephanie, Stacy, Brenda, and the other girl were soon covered with sperm. From head to toe, I don’t think a single area of skin was missed.

When the guys kartal escort were finally done, they said thanks and then broke it up. Shane, Jack and I had to scamper to find a hiding place so that we wouldn’t be found out. We hid until the guys, showered, changed, and then left.

When the last one had left, the three of us went back to where the girls were at. This time they were having a little orgy of their own. While we were hidden they had licked all the cum off each other, and now all their limbs were intertwined.

After witnessing what we just saw minutes ago, the three of us were horny as hell. Being as quiet as we could be, we undressed and made our way in. Some how through all the interlocking limbs, we managed to find a hole to put our hard cocks in.

Not knowing who I was behind, I plunged my cock into the vagina that was winking at me. Whoever it was must have thought someone came back for more because they started to move back against me. A head suddenly shot up, and I was looking at Stacy.

At first she had a look of surprise on her face for being caught, then she motioned at the others to look up. All four heads came up, and I found myself behind the only one there I didn’t know,; slowly sliding my cock in and out of her. I had to stop because I was surprised at the same time.

“Who ever you are please don’t stop,” the silky voice told me.

I did as I was told, so I started again. Shane let go of Brenda, and then placed his cock in front of the one I had. She soon was giving him a blow job while I was going at it doggy style with her. Jack came over, and we had to change positions again.

I lay on my back on one of the benches, the unknown girl straddled me and then bent forward. Shane stood beside me and put his cock back in her mouth. Jack walked up behind her, and was soon sliding his cock up her anus. We had all three holes filled, and she was enjoying every bit of it.

Taking a page out of the book from the guys earlier, Jack, Shane and I changed positions so she had each one of us in a different area, and we were soon back in our original starting positions. Stephanie, Stacy and Brenda weren’t going to be left out, so they were going down on each other.

The girl who was taking on the three of has, was soon having one orgasm right after the other. She must have done this before, because she was using every muscle she could to bring us to our own orgasms. Her clutching vaginal muscles soon had me shooting my sperm into her waiting depths. Through the thin membrane, I felt Jacks cock spasm as he let go, and she was soon drinking Shane’s cum.

When the three of us were finally done, we let her go so she could sit on the cold tile, out of breath. Stephanie then came up to us.

“Shawn, Shane, Jack, meet our coach. Coach Johanson.”

“Boys, nice to meet you. Hope we can do this again.”

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