Picking up Sis(-in-Law) Ch. 07

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Time flies when you’re having fun, doesn’t it? I’ve tried several times to sit down and relate to you this chapter since it occurred, but I simply have not been able to until now. Then, chapter 6 happened out of the blue, and I HAD to write about that one, didn’t I? Of course I did.

Anyway, if you remember, I’ve been trying to get Debbie (my wife’s older sister)to open up sexually, and I’ve had some success lately. Our internet chat has really taken off, with her relating many of her fantasies to me, true stories about her past sexual experiences with men other than her husband, and other such erotic talk.

In Chapter 5, I talked about Debbie performing for me with her husband, and getting it on tape. After that, she really opened up in her talks with me on the phone and computer. She told me that after she and I started our relationship, she started looking at other men in a different way, assessing them in her mind, checking their bodies out more carefully, and letting her fantasies run wild!

Most significantly, is the fact that since doing her husband and knowing that it was being video taped, a streak of exhibitionism has surfaced in her. She’s told me many times how turned on she was knowing the camera was running, and that I would watch it.

In our recent talks, I’ve planted the seed of an idea that I hoped I would soon cash in on. The other sister(Dianne)got married about a year ago, to a guy named Jim. I’d seen the way he’d looked at both of his sisters-in-law (including my wife), with a glint of lust in his eye, and I played it up to Debbie every chance I got.

Finally, she sort of promised me that she would play up to him when she got the chance, just to see where it went. She admitted to me recently, that she did notice him looking at her every chance he got, and she couldn’t believe that she hadn’t noticed it before.

She started teasing him at every opportunity, and letting him catch glimpses of her body. like letting her skirt ride up to show a large expanse of nylon clad thigh, or down her blouse to check out her cleavage. Once, she bumped into him and rubbed her braless tits against his arm, and she felt him shiver against her, causing her nipples to harden, escort kartal which they both noticed, causing them to smile at each other.

This seemed to open a floodgate in Jim, and he was constantly trying to get her alone. Once, in the kitchen of their parents home with everybody else in the living room playing cards, he cornered her and moved up against her. he quickly kissed her, his tongue probing deeply into her mouth, his hands rubbing all over her body. She felt his hard dick against her stomach, and pushed against it, causing a moan to escape his throat.

Just as quickly, his hands went to the hem of her dress and pulled it up, baring her nyloned thighs and ass to his touch. Just as his hands moved in front to her pussy, a call from the living room stopped them, at least for the time being! For the rest of the night, they played footsie under the table, with her pantyhose clad toes driving him crazy!

The opportunity for all of the sisters and their mates to get together happened a few weeks ago at our house. A family birthday got the ball rolling for a weekend together, and I was going to make the best of it.

I had two bedrooms wired for video in preparation for their visit, in hopes of getting some good stuff. After going out to dinner Friday evening, everybody was tired, and most went to bed early. Left behind to watch a movie on TV, were myself, Debbie and – you guessed it – Jim!

I could tell that he was hoping that I too, would head for bed. So, after a few minutes, I went to our bedroom, where I found my wife sound asleep. I quickly grabbed the video camera and went out the back door, working my way around to the family room windows.

Once there, I was treated to a perfect view of Jim and Debbie on the couch, still watching the movie. Debbie’s dress was riding high on her thighs, and Jim was enjoying the view. The lighting on the room wasn’t perfect, but it did afford me a very nice shot. I sat the camera up on the tripod and framed it so that I had a great view of both of them, almost from directly in front of them.

Finally, after hem-hawwing around for a few more minutes, Jim made him move. His hand wandered down to Debbie’s thigh, maltepe escort and rested there for a moment. She didn’t push it away, so he he started caressing her, sliding his fingers over her nylon encased skin.

She leaned back against him, and he reached over and kissed her softly. Then, with increasing passion, his mouth worked on her. His right hand worked its way into the top of her dress, undoing the buttons as it went. soon, he had her dress unbuttoned and her bra flipped up off of her tits, giving him complete access to them.

Debbie turned towards him a little, causing her dress to ride up even higher. I zoomed the camera in, getting it all down forever! Then, getting caught up in the moment, her hand went to find Jim’s cock. The whole viewing screen on the camcorder was filled with Debbie’s hand stroking Jim’s cock in his pants.

Then, he stopped her by abruptly standing up in front of her. With a glazed look on her face, she looked up at him as he unzipped his pants. She reached up to help him, unbuckling his belt, allowing his pants to drop down to his ankles.

Still looking up, her hands moved to the waistband of his shorts and they quickly joined his trousers around his ankles. In a flash, Deb had his hard dick in her hands, stroking it slowly. Then, she leaned forward and took the head in her mouth, her lips and tongue working it around. Her right hand stroked his shaft while her left cradled his balls.

I backed the zoom out to show the look on Jim’s face, and to get a better shot of Debbie’s dress riding high around her waist, her nylon clad legs completely exposed. Then I ran it right back in close, to get her mouth as it worked his cock head.

I quickly unzipped my own pants to get a grip on my cock, loving the view I was treated to. I stroked myself as I watched Debbie stroke Jim, working myself slowly to keep from cumming too soon.

Jim, had other ideas though, reaching down to put his hands on Debbie’s head. She let him guide her for a few seconds, but when he became too forceful, she stopped sucking and scolded him. He got the idea, and let her have her way.

She played him like it was a flute, her lips sliding back and pendik escort bayan forth on the side of his 7″ cock, with my camcorder getting it all. As her mouth returned to his cock head, he again started to work it in and out of her mouth, but without putting his hands on her head. I guessed he learned his lesson on that one!

I stroked myself as she sucked him, trying to time my orgasm with Jim’s. I could see that it wouldn’t be long, a fact that wasn’t lost on Debbie either. She picked up the pace on his dick, sucking it a little deeper in her mouth. She was taking about half of it, stroking the rest of it with her hand, her other hand working his balls.

Then, she worked her hand between his legs, to where his asshole was, and I could tell that she’d found it with her fingers. His head rocked back and his dick shot forward, now entirely in her mouth.

Her cheeks puffed out as he exploded in her mouth, pumping stream after stream straight down her throat. She backed him out a little, in an effort to get some of it in her mouth, and I could tell she was successful. She worked the cum around on his cock, onto her lips, and back in her mouth before swallowing one last time.

His cock softened in her mouth, and she finally let it plop out, quite a bit smaller than it had been a few minutes before. As he sat down, they kissed, and Deb let him taste the flavor of his cum on her tongue and lips.

My cum had been pumped against the house as Jim came in her mouth, and I was just a little jealous of what he was experiencing, even though I’d received the same treat many times before.

Jim wanted to reciprocate, trying to get her nyloned thighs apart, but Deb stopped him, saying that she was afraid that they would be caught. He promised to pay her back later, and she agreed as they got up to head for bed, and their respective mates.

I caught Debbie as she came out of the bathroom and kissed her hard, the faint taste of Jim’s cum still in her mouth. She offered to suck me off before going to bed, but I explained that I’d watched and recorded the entire session, and had stroked myself as she sucked Jim off. That really turned her on, just thinking about it.

I told her to wake her husband up and get some relief from him, and she said she’d try. I made sure the cameras were rolling in their bedroom and headed off to my own. The video Debbie mad with her husband that night was almost as good as the one she’d made with Jim!

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