Pete, Donna and Karen

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It had been an awful year for Pete. His wife of 25 years had passed away from the ‘big C’, his father had also died and he had been made redundant from his work as a financial advisor following the longest recession in a century. The only positive news being that he was fairly financially stable and didn’t really have to work at the present time if he didn’t want to.

He sat in his lounge in his pyjama shorts watching morning television, sweating in the heat of the day and sipping on a glass of water. This was his normal routine. He had no energy to do anything else. His hand slipped down into his shorts and he played with his flaccid cock.

“Might as well have a wank,” he thought. “Nothing else to do.”

He got up and retrieved his laptop. Switching on, he navigated to his favourite porn site and removed his shorts. He noticed that he was getting a bit fat which reflected his lack of any fitness regime. He must do something about that he thought as he grabbed his bottle of lube and rubbed in a generous handful over his cock. He navigated around the porn site considering which film he was going to wank to. He decided on a chubby girl getting fucked by a stud with a huge cock. It was a 25 minute film which started with the girl having to work late at her office. She finished her work and went into her bosses office to give him the work and leave. Her boss looked over the work and congratulated her on her efforts. He offered her a sandwich from the plate he had in front of him and she accepted. Sitting down in front of him, her skirt bunched up around her chubby thighs and he got a flash of her knickers. One thing led to another and he was soon balls deep in the girl fucking her brains out, her clothes abandoned on the carpet. It was a fairly standard film as she gave him a long blow job following which he took her anally and finally came over her ass cheeks. Pete came at the same time, spunking over his stomach and chest. He was quietly impressed by his ability to come that hard at his age. Cleaning himself and tidying up, he turned the laptop off and went upstairs to get dressed. He needed to get some groceries. Locking the house behind him, he went to the local supermarket.


Donna returned to the house 10 minutes later. She was Pete’s 21 year old daughter and she had been at work but feeling unwell had come home early.

She opened the door.

“Dad I’m home.” No response. She went around the house but couldn’t find him, so she went into the lounge and sat down. The room smelled musky but she laid back on the settee and drifted off to sleep.


Pete returned 30 minutes later and was surprised when he found his daughter asleep on the settee. She looked a bit flushed and he moved her hair off her face. He was suddenly struck with how much his daughter looked like the girl on the porn video earlier. His daughter was a little on the chubby side and this may have been the reason for her lack of boyfriends over the years. He didn’t think it was her personality as she was always good fun to be with.

Donna stirred and Pete didn’t want to be caught staring at her so he moved into the kitchen to unpack the groceries. He returned to the lounge to see his daughter awake.

“You ok Donna,” he asked. “Why are you home?”

“I didn’t feel well dad,” Donna responded. “I felt hot and achy so my boss sent me home.”

“Any better after your kip?”

“Not really. I think I’m going to bed.” Donna got up and moved towards the door when she suddenly felt dizzy. As she started to faint, Pete caught her around the middle and laid her on the floor. Once she was on the floor, he put her in the recovery position and went to get a cold cloth, which he placed on her head to cool her down. Pete then removed her shoes and raised her legs. He couldn’t resist glancing up her skirt as he did so, seeing her knickers covered by her tights. Another flashback to the porn video, this time as the girl was being anally fucked by the man on the screen.

Donna stirred again, opening her eyes and looking at her father.

“You ok Donna?”

“I’m burning hot dad.”

“You’ve just got a fever love, there’s plenty of it going round. Here let me help you get that jumper off.” Pete helped Donna out of her jumper, then he sat her up and placed his arm round her. “Do you feel able to get upstairs to bed yet? I’ll help you.”

“Thanks Dad.” Peter helped Donna get up but she was unsteady on her feet so he put his arm round her, grabbing hold of her left breast in error.

“Sorry Donna. Let’s get you upstairs.” They managed to get upstairs and Donna flung herself on her bed. “You need to get out of those things so you can cool down Donna.”

Donna just lay there.

“Here let me help you.” Pete undid the zip on her skirt and managed with a degree of effort to get it removed. She wore a matching bra and knicker set and her tights. He then peeled down her tights, covered her with a sheet, drew the curtains and left her alone to sleep it off.


Pete returned to the lounge ataşehir escort and tried to busy himself but he kept getting images in his mind of his daughter getting anally fucked in her bosses office.

After an hour he decided to check on Donna. She was fast asleep but during the last hour she had removed the sheet. In addition, she must have woken at some stage as she had removed her bra. Pete stood open mouthed as he stared at his daughters tits, which looked perfect. His cock twitched and he felt disgusted with himself that he was being turned on by the sight of his half naked daughter. Donna was clearly still hot as she was sweating but hopefully the sleep was doing her good. Pete left.

The sight of his daughters tits was still affecting his cock and he put his hand in his trousers to relieve the tension. When his hand touched his helmet, he was surprised to note that it was covered in precum.

His mobile rang and he fished it out of his pocket whilst drying his hand after he had removed it from his pants. Looking at his phone he saw it was from his mother, Karen.

“Hi mum.”

“Hello love, how are you?”

“I’m ok mum. How about you?”

“Oh you know, not bad. I went back to my Wednesday meeting yesterday and it was good to see my old friends again. They were so nice.”

“Yes mum. It will get easier you know.”

“I know love. How’s Donna?”

“Not very well unfortunately. She’s upstairs in bed with a fever.”

“Oh sorry love. Do you want me to come over to look after her?”

“It’s ok mum. I’ll let you know if I need any help.”

They chatted for another 10 minutes about nothing in particular before they said their goodbyes.

Pete stared at the television but couldn’t help but think about his daughter yet again. He put his hand back into his pants and his cock was erect. He played with himself for a while but withdrew when he started to get too excited. He went to make a cup of tea. Always a good reliever of erect cocks is tea!


Pete went back up to see his daughter ninety minutes later. She was still half naked but looked less flushed. He covered her up with the sheet again and left.


At 4 o’clock Donna got up, went to the toilet and went back to bed. Hearing the toilet flush Pete went upstairs to check on her.

“How are you feeling Donna?”

“Better thanks Dad. Thanks for looking after me.”

“No problem Donna. Are you hungry?”

“Yes Dad. I’ll come down in a minute.”

“Ok love. I’ll make you some toast.”


Donna came into the kitchen 5 minutes later. She was wearing her dressing gown and looked a bit better.

“Here you are love, get that down you.”

“Thanks Dad, you’re the best.”

“Your nan was asking about you earlier.”

“How is she?”

“Ok I think.” Pete was trying not to look down the front of her dressing gown, unsuccessfully.

Donna was aware of where her father was looking and was flattered. She knew that he was having a bad time and was not going to make things worse so she decided to let him look. In fact she decided to help him out a bit. “I’m still a bit hot dad.” She fanned her dressing gown so that he got a better view down her front.

Pete almost creamed his pants. His view had changed from the top of his daughters breasts to the whole of her luscious tits again.

He sat down in an effort to hide his boner from his daughter.

Donna smiled to herself, knowing that she was the cause of his discomfort. She felt a bit lightheaded and she allowed her dressing gown to open slightly. Why was she doing this? She didn’t know but it didn’t stop her pussy juices starting to flow. This caused her to get hotter and then to open her dressing gown more.

She knew it had to stop though. She loved her dad more than anyone else and sure, she had had naughty dreams about him but this couldn’t go any further.

Reluctantly she gathered her dressing gown and tied it back together. She ate the toast in silence her mind in a whirl. What would have happened if she had gone further? Would he have fucked her? Or would he have been turned off. The stiffness of his cock had been a giveaway.

Pete was unsure whether he was happy or sad when Donna did her dressing gown up. The view of her breasts was unbelievable but of course it was wrong for him to look. His cock started to subside. It was now safe for him to stand without giving away his excitement. He got up and started to do the dishes.

Donna was still a bit lightheaded. She sat looking at his back and a sadness came over her. She had led him on and then stopped. What should she do?

She stood and moved behind him. Placing her arms around his middle she hugged him tightly.

“Thanks for looking after me today Dad.”

Pete could feel her warm body on his back and his cock twitched again. What the fuck was wrong with him?

A few seconds and Donna slowly moved her hands down, over his belly and Pete was stunned when her fingers rested on his growing kadıköy escort bayan cock. As his cock grew, she rubbed gently along the length.

“No Donna…we can’t,” he croaked.

“Sssshhhhh Dad. Please…”

Pete was now very hard and in the excitement of the moment he couldn’t stop his orgasm rising to the surface. He gasped as he exploded in his pants.

Donna knew that he had cum and was amazed at the power she held over him at that time. She moved her hands to the top of his shorts and then down into his pants. She touched his cock which was still semi hard and she rubbed his cum between her fingers, luxuriating in the touch.

Pete spun round to face his daughter. Her dressing gown was fully open and he could see her body fully displayed in front of him. She stared lustfully at him and moved her hand to her mouth where she sucked his cum off. Pete thought that this was the most erotic thing he had ever seen and his cock twitched again. Pete bent down and sucked on one of her tits and it was now Donna’s turn to be in heaven.

As he sucked, he removed his shorts and underwear and then started rubbing his daughters pussy. Her clit was already exposed and she moaned.

Pete was too far gone to stop now and he manoeuvred himself in front of his daughter and started rubbing his helmet over his daughters exposed clit.

Donna opened her legs slightly and Pete moved his cock to rub her pussy lips, backwards and forwards. Stopping at the entrance of her cunt, he thrust forward and managed to get a couple of inches into his daughters willing cunt. Donna lifted her left leg around his thigh to give him more accessibility. His cock went in another couple of inches and he stated thrusting in and out. He knew it was wrong but at that time the only thing that mattered was to fuck Donna.

“Oh Dad, I’ve wanted this to happen for ages. Fuck me harder. Please fuck me whenever you want, however you want, I don’t care, just fuck me. Arghhhhhhhh I’m cumming,” said Donna.

“Wait for me my darling, I’m close,” responded Pete. Unbelievably after cumming a few minutes ago, he was ready to cum again.

Donna came a few seconds before Pete and the smell of sex hung heavy in the air as they came down from their sexual highs.

Pete’s cock slipped out of his daughters cunt, closely followed by his spunk which started to fall down the inside of her thighs.

“Come on Dad,” Donna said. “Follow me.” She took his hand and they went upstairs to his room. Donna removed her dressing gown and then removed the rest of his clothing. “Fuck me again please Dad.”

This time they made love slowly. Having both just orgasmed they were able to last much longer and the act took a couple of hours before each had cum again. They lay on the bed afterwards and cuddled.

“I’m sorry Donna. I don’t know what came over me,” said Pete.

“I think it was my pussy,” joked Donna. “It was inevitable that it would happen one day Dad. I have always loved you and when mum died we were always going to end up fucking. I have no regrets and want it to happen over and over again.”

Pete mulled it over. There was nothing more that he would have liked than to fuck his daughter. Surely it was not strictly legal though. However he made up his mind, “We will have to be very careful particularly when your nan comes to visit.”

“Can I move into your bed permanently?”

“Yes please,” smiled Pete.


The next few days were amazing for both Pete and Donna. They were largely naked whenever they were in the house together and were at it like rabbits the whole time. It was during these days that Donna made a decision. She wanted to have a baby and she wanted Pete to be the father. ———————————

The next couple of weeks continued to be a fuck-fest for Pete and Donna. They fucked in the bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom, in the garden, everywhere they could get some time on their own. Pete fucked Donna up her cunt, in her ass, in her mouth and between her tits. She couldn’t get enough of his cock.

One Sunday morning they were in bed after a particularly long fuck, when Pete’s phone rang. It was Karen, his mum.

“Hi mum,” said Pete. “How are you?”

“Oh I’m ok love,” Karen responded. “I get a bit down now and again but I’m trying to get out and about”

Donna was slowly rubbing Pete’s cock and some life was beginning to come back into it.

“Why don’t you come over one day in the week, mum? It’ll be good to see you and you can stay over for a few days.”

“I’d like that Peter,” said his mother. “Perhaps I’ll come over Tuesday”

They chatted some more but Pete was now fully erect and his daughter was licking over his helmet. As he couldn’t concentrate he cut short his conversation with his mum so he could enjoy being sucked off by his daughter.

“Like that dad?” Donna asked between mouthfuls of his cock.

“You bet,” growled Pete. “Keep going.”

It seemed like Donna was a very accomplished cocksucker. She took her time to alternate sucking him escort maltepe then licking along his shaft whilst slowly wanking him the whole time. Donna loved the taste of his cock and his cum. She knew it wouldn’t be long before she got a taste of his cum, having seen the signs of his impending orgasm.

Pete was thrusting in time with her wanking and exploded at the same time as Donna had his cock fully into her mouth. The first splash of cum went straight down her throat with the second and third hitting the roof of her mouth. Donna allowed her dad to come down from his high by only tonguing the underside of his cock as she knew that his helmet would be tender.

Pete’s cock started to lose its hardness and Donna let it slip from her mouth as she swallowed the last of his cum and moved herself back next to her father in the bed.

“I love you dad,” she said.

“I love you too Donna.”

They cuddled for a few minutes in silence, each lost in their own thoughts.

“Penny for your thoughts,” Pete said, breaking their silence.

“I’m just thinking about how much I love you dad. There is nothing more I want to do than live with you for the rest of my life and I was just thinking about how we could do that,” Donna said. “I would love everyone to know how much I love you. And I would really love you to make me pregnant dad.”

“Wow that is going to be difficult love. How can we get away with that? What will people say?”

“To be honest, fuck everyone else dad. If they can’t see that we love each other then they can fuck right off.” Donna said. She looked at her father. “I’ve stopped taking the pill dad. Will you fuck a baby into me please?”

Pete looked at his daughter through different eyes. He loved her so much and wanted her to be happy. “Fuck it,” he thought. As Donna said, fuck everyone else.

Donna felt Pete’s cock growing and knew she had his decision.


Karen arrived on Tuesday morning. Pete greeted her with a peck on the cheek and a brief embrace. Karen looked tired and drawn. She looked as if she had lost a bit of weight but she smiled at Pete as he took her bag off her.

“Sit down in the lounge mum and I’ll get you a cup of tea,” said Pete.

“Thanks Love,” said Karen.

“Donna couldn’t get the time off work today mum but she’s looking forward to seeing you later,” Pete called from the kitchen. “She has managed to get the next couple of days off so she said she’ll take us out tomorrow.”

“Oh that’s nice love. I’ll look forward to that.”

Pete made the tea and he spent the next couple of hours chatting to his mother. During the time some colour came back to his mothers face as they discussed their lives since the tragic events of the past year.

“I really hate this heat Pete and there still seems to be no end to it,” said Karen. “I don’t want to do anything.” Karen was fanning herself with a magazine.

“You don’t do yourself any favours though mum, you’re wearing a cardigan over your dress and have thick tights on. It’s the middle of summer!”

“I only wear the cardigan to cover my bingo-wings and I like to cover my legs as well at my age”

“Mum you’re here with us now. You can wear what you want. Just be comfortable.”

“Fair point love,” said Karen removing her cardigan.

They continued chatting, drinking tea and enjoying each others company for another half an hour.

“I’m going to pay a visit,” said Karen. “And I’ll unpack while I’m about it.” She got up and went upstairs. After emptying her bladder, Karen went to the spare bedroom and started unpacking. When she had finished she thought about Pete’s comments about her clothing. She was still feeling hot so she hitched up her dress, put her thumbs into the waistband of her tights and peeled them down her legs. She immediately felt cooler but she went to stand in front of the full length mirror to ensure that she didn’t show too much flesh. She looked herself up and down, noting her curves and that her legs didn’t look bad for a women of her age. On impulse she raised the hem of her skirt towards the top of her thigh and turned round. Shaking her head, she put her slippers on and went back downstairs.

Pete was in the kitchen making dinner.

“Donna will be home soon so I thought I’d start dinner. Pork chops ok with you mum?” he said. He turned round and immediately saw that his mother had removed her tights, noting her bare legs. He turned back to the dinner but got a strange feeling in the pit of his stomach which he couldn’t place.

“Sounds lovely. I’ll set the table,” said Karen. She left.

Ten minutes later Donna came through the front door. She kissed her nan and went into the kitchen and kissed her father full on the lips. Pete had to push her away otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to stop himself going further with his daughter.

“Go and have your shower. Dinner’s in 5 minutes,” Pete said to his daughter.

Donna left and was down a few minutes later. Her hair was wet from the shower and Pete thought she looked radiant in her silk dressing gown. For a brief moment he envisaged himself grabbing his daughter, stripping her dressing gown from her body and fucking her there and then over the dinner table in front of his mother. However he just dished the dinner up and poured the wine out for them both.

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