Papa and I Ch. 05

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Warning: Gay Father/Son incest here!

Author’s Note: Hey Readers! I know it has been an extremely long time, but I just could not be satisfied (still not satisfied) with this chapter no matter how many times I rewrote it. Here it is though, just in time for the New Year. I hope you all enjoy!

I love to hear from all of you, so please leave your comments and feedback. Also, I usually try to reply and give updates in the comment area, so it’s a good idea to scan through there.


After that blissful, earth-shattering experience in the dining hall, I had woken up an hour later, tucked snugly in bed, only to discover that Papa was gone. All that he had left behind was his scent on the sheets and the fragrant full-bloomed red rose set atop a short note.

Trouble is brewing. Must attend to my duties. Be back soon.



That had been nearly three weeks ago, and that rose lies dead upon the nightstand. This was the longest time that we had ever gone without seeing each other, and it was starting to fuck with my nerves. It did not help matters that just a few days after Papa had vanished, some disturbing changes had taken place in our home. The security was beefed up to unprecedented proportions, Alec Ramsey (Uncle Ramsey to me) had basically moved in, and I was no longer allowed to leave the premises. To say I was pissed was an understatement. To say that I was scared shitless that something had happened to Papa? Well…that was a fact.

I looked around the room, our room, and all I could see were my things scattered amongst his. All I could smell was him, all around me, but he was not here. My chest ached with a deep hollowness, and frustrated tears were pricking my eyes.

Shit! I needed to get out of the house! I needed some fresh air before I lashed out and killed something!

I strode from the dimly lit room to the pitch-black darkness of the hallways, singularly focused on running out the back door. Uncle Ramsey caught me just ten feet from the curtain shrouded double doors that led out to the patio and the vast acres of land behind the house.

I wrenched my arm from his hold with a snarl.

“Erin.” He said my name calmly with just a hint of warning.

Normally, I would have heeded that warning. Uncle Ramsey was Papa’s right hand man and his Head of Enforcer, but more than that, he was like a second father to me. He had doted on me just as much as Papa had done, so aside from Papa, I loved and trusted him most in the world. At the moment, however, he was also the person I was most angry with. It was him who had brought the news that took my father away. I suspected that he was also the only person who knew where Papa was, but he would not share the information, nor would he go searching for him.

“I need some fresh air!” I bit out.

“So wait until dark, when me and my men can accompany you.” He placated.

“I don’t want company. Especially not yours.” A flicker of hurt and annoyance crossed his face at my words, and I had to tamp down the feeling of guilt threatening to rise. I knew that he kept me in the dark only because he wished to protect me, as Papa probably willed it, but it was frustrating nonetheless. I had Papa as my lover for little more than a day and a half, and now he was simply gone.

“Your father wouldn’t want you to put yourself at risk.”

I deliberately met his eyes-something he had been uncomfortable with since he caught Papa fucking me in the dining hall-and ground out, “I. Don’t. Fucking. Care.”

He took a step forward, his nose flaring in anger, and I matched his movement with a forward step of my own. My hands clenched into fists at my sides until they hurt, eyes challenging his blackening ones. I was ready for a fight, and though I was not an experienced soldier like he was, Papa had ensured that I was more than decent in combat. I would be able to hold my own for a while, even if Uncle Ramsey would eventually hand me a sound ass-kicking. He HAD been the one to teach me nearly all I knew of fighting, after all.

We stood at an impasse for long moments before I finally saw him give in and sigh with exasperation. I was both a bit disappointed that I would not get to blow off some steam and relieved that I would not have to take him on, because recovering for the resulting injuries would have seriously sucked. I took a deep breath to calm myself, as he looked at his watch and then barked into his walkie-talkie for the human security team to “Get down here!”

I rolled my eyes and groaned.

“Don’t give me any of that, Erin. You’re father would kill me if he found out I left your side for any length of time.” He tapped his watch and continued, “The sun will set in, approximately, two hours, so the humans will protect you for that time. I will watch from here, so DO NOT think to stray far from them or I will beat your ass black and blue!”

I reached for the French doors and stepped out into the waning day, the guards hurrying after me as they slung escort bostancı on their weapons and tried to assimilate the orders Uncle Ramsey was issuing. It would have been a freeing experience, stepping out of the house for the first time in three weeks, if it were not the fact that I felt so empty inside.


There was a chill blowing through the air, and the approaching storm clouds were like an ominous caveat of danger to come. The sky was a beautiful array of dark grey cloud broken in areas with vibrant pinks and oranges of the setting sun, but I could not find it in myself to care. The only thing, the only PERSON, that occupied my thoughts was Papa.

I tried to blink away the tears that stung my eyes, but they fell down my face in rivulets until I accepted that I about to have a breakdown. To think that something had happened to him…The rough sob was ripped from my chest before I could think to stop it, and then I was bawling in earnest into the crook of my right arm.

“Mr. Eirickson?” One of the bodyguards inquired hesitantly.

I shook my head and tried to stifle the tears, but that only made me hiccup and cry harder, my body shaking with it. Fuck trying to stem the tears like a man! Fuck trying to have a modicum of pride! The dull pang of my perceived loss of him was crippling.

Then there was a sudden shift in the air, a snap of twigs behind the copse of trees near the pond, and then his scent drifted to me. The hairs on the back of my neck pricked up, tears temporarily forgotten. The bodyguards began to surround me.

Instincts told me to run, but the scent of him was like a drug. Just the smell and my chest felt ready to burst with immeasurable pleasure, a heaven of its own that drew me like a moth to light.

I squinted through the trees and saw him, but he was changed. He looked dirty, rangier, and the gleam in his eyes looked crazed. Still, I took a step forward, relieved and exultant at finally being able to see him. He mirrored my move, coming out just a little from the shadow of the trees.

I gasped at the state he was in. His clothes were in tatters and his feet were bare. His sun-tanned skin had a sickly pallor to it, and his cheeks looked hollowed. He reminded me of a hungry beast, one that seemed to hunger for me, if the intent dark stare he directed towards me meant anything. Both fear and delight suffused me. That thing in the shadows was MY Papa, however much he had been changed.

I felt a tug on my sleeves and John (the human bodyguard charged with guarding me since I was in elementary) urged, “We have to get back into the house, Mr. Eirickson!”

And then another guard started to shout into his radio. “He’s here! His father is here! Get Ramsey, now!”


The hair-raising growl resembled that of a lion, and for a moment everyone stopped to look in the direction of the trees. The flurry of activities and the threat of losing his prey maddened the creature that looked like my father. He had stepped out completely from the shadows, fangs and claws bared, his face a horrifying contortion of menace. He growled more viciously as the sun, though blanketed by the thick clouds, started to burn his sensitive skin. Harold’s words came back to me at the sight:

“Rogues are vampires that have given into bloodlust too many times to reclaim sanity. They are constantly looking for victims to sate their thirst, becoming more beast than man… They look the part too.”

I had never seen a Rogue in my life and had only the descriptions of Papa, Uncle Ramsey, and Harold to go by, but it struck me that with the way Papa was looking then, he could have passed for a Rogue.

One minute he was standing at the edge of the trees, and the next minute he was behind me. I sucked in a sharp breath when his strong arm banded ’round my middle and yanked me into him.

“Mine!” He growled through gritted teeth. His voice was guttural and inhuman.

“Fuck!” John muttered raising his gun and, without an ounce of hesitation, shot in the direction of Papa’s head, but it was too late. The crack of shot made my sensitive ears ring, and the whizz of the bullet passing near my ear made gooseflesh rise on my skin.

There was a sudden feeling of weightlessness, like mist-not quite unsubstantial-and the air muted around me. I felt near to panic, afraid that I would simply float away into nothing. It did not help matters when I tried to take a calming breath, and I found that I could not. At that moment, I was not sure I even had lungs. Then, as quickly as it began, it ended, and I was whole again, sucking in a breath so hard that I nearly choked on it. Disoriented as I was, I still managed to register the sound guns firing in the distance. And then, understanding dawned on me, teleportation. Papa had just teleported me for the first time.

We were now in the darkness of our room. Through the midst of all the chaos that sounded from the lower levels of the house and outside in the distance, ümraniye escort all I could focus on was him; his panting breaths, his steel hard arm tight around me, and his big broad chest against my back. I could also hear the my own rapid heartbeats. The rush of blood coursing through me was hard to miss.

Uncertainly, I asked, “Papa?”

He responded by twisting me to face him, making animal noises as his sniffed, sucked, and nipped at my throat wildly. I was equal parts scared and aroused by his behavior, especially when he started tearing my clothes to shreds.

“Oh god! I’ve missed you, you asshole!” I moaned hoarsely, tilting my head back to expose more of my throat for him. I shivered at his approving snarls as he dove in for my neck, wholly consumed in the delight of it.

I jumped, startled, when the double doors were kicked open so hard that one of them flew off into an adjacent wall, and the other hung on crookedly to the frame by a hinge. Before I could say a word, Papa shoved me behind him, shaking the whole house with a roar to rival that of werewolves. Uncle Ramsey was standing in the middle of the doorway, a titanium claymore held at the ready.

“Christ man! Get away from your son. NOW!”

Papa loped forward and swiped with his claws. Uncle Ramsey barely dodge it, but one of the men to his left was not so lucky. Three claw marks were gouged deep across his chest, and I made a choked horrified noise as blood so dark, that it looked almost black poured from the wounds and he hit the floor with a thud.

“PAPA!” I shouted, appalled beyond measure that he had just hurt one of OUR men. Our family.

He growled again turning to face me. His eyes were completely black, and the animosity that radiated from him hit me like a physical blow. Finally, I understood the situation I was in. This was not Papa. This was an uncontrollable beast with immense and dangerous power. He could actually hurt me. For once in my life I was truly afraid of him.

I could understand now, about Papa’s occasional reservations about what he had been turned into. We WERE monsters. I stumbled back away from him, and he came after me. No amount of training could have prepared me for this.

“Eirik!” Uncle Ramsey shouted, coming further into the room.

Papa made an agitated noise and turned back to face his foe. I could see his muscles flex, ready to spring. When he did, Uncle Ramsey was ready swinging the sword with honed skill and speed toward Papa’s raised arm.

“No!” I shouted, unable to control myself.

But Papa had teleported just in time to save his limb. He reappeared just to the right our bed behind me, grunting and growling ferociously.

“Come Erin!” Uncle Ramsey commanded hurriedly his hand outstretched for me.

I made to run to him, but Papa realized what was happening and, mid-run, his hand caught me in the chest. His shove was like a punch, and I went careening into the wall behind us. My head crashed into it so hard that I was sure my skull had fractured. As I crumpled to the floor, back against the wall, I knew for sure that a rib or two had been broken. It hurt like hell to breathe.

Blinking against the dots in my vision I saw Papa attack Uncle Ramsey with deliberate predatory skill. He was aiming to kill, and though Uncle Ramsey was fending him off with ease for the moment, I knew it was just a matter of time before Papa got in a good strike. He was faster, stronger, and he had telekinetic skill, which I was surprised he had not started to use yet. That would have ended the fight almost immediately. The other men were watching the fight, helpless with fear and calling for me to go to them.

“Stop Papa.” My voice came out barely above a whisper, my head throbbing and my breathing difficult. Shit, it hurt to talk.

Papa glanced in my direction, momentarily losing focus in the fight. Before I could warn him, Uncle Ramsey’s blade sliced through the air and cut deep into his bicep. Papa jumped back and roared in pain. A scowl of pure menace was directed at my uncle and then Papa resumed his attack, his strikes came faster and the force behind them, greater.

They continued lay waste to the room and furniture as they continued their onslaught on one another. I could see Uncle Ramsey was starting to tire, but Papa was still like a rabid animal. In a burst of incomprehensible strength and speed, Papa seized Uncle Ramsey by the shoulder of his sword arm, claws sinking in deep, and then Uncle Ramsey’s arm was ripped free from his body. Both of them released unholy roars, one of victory, and the other of pain. Bile rose to my throat at the dismaying sight of Uncle Ramsey staggering back, his black blood painting the floor.

Papa was just about to spring for the kill, but in a moment of panic an idea took to me. I snatched a shard of what was once a ceramic vase near the bedside, and used it to slice open a wound on my palm.

Everything ceased happening. Papa stood a feet from where Uncle Ramsey had kartal escort bayan collapsed to the floor, his back to me and fingers relaxing at his sides. He lifted his nose up to the air and took a deep breath, scenting the air. When his head turned, I was pierced by the black lust in his gaze.

“Come to me.” I told him and made a show of licking off the blood that had seeped to my elbow.

He was kneeling before me in an instant, my wrist in his hand as he lapped away at wound until it finally closed. His tongue was hot, wet, and slightly rough against the thin silken skin of my wrist and along the inner side of my arm. I felt woozy from pain and excitement.

“Mine.” He said softly, his eyes holding mine captive until he had licked all of the blood away.

“I’m yours.” I agreed softly, flickering my eyes to Uncle Ramsey who had been pulled to safety just outside the doorway.

Page was there with him. She had his head in her lap, her face ashen and wet with tears. She was murmuring quietly to him and smoothing his hair as the other men hurried to bound up his wound. He opened his mouth and she fitted her wrist inside it, not even wincing when he bit down and began to draw deeply from her. The look they gave one another was intimate, and it made me wonder…

I didn’t get to finish the thought. Papa’s hand on my chest was pushing me to lie back on the floor still littered with broken things. Moving brought a sharp pain to my side where I was sure my ribs had been cracked, but I did it with my heart pounding because I was afraid of what would happen if I didn’t.

His mouth fitted to mine with a groan, but he did not kiss with the finesse he had previously shown. His mouth devoured mine; licking, sucking, and biting under the influence of pure instincts. Nonetheless, it was one of the hottest kisses we had ever shared. I moaned for him, chest brimming, ready to burst with errant emotions of fear, desire, and love. A trickle of moisture seeped from my eye as I bracketed his face in my hands and kissed him back desperately.

The sound of ripping cloth cut through my muddled thoughts, and I realized he was tearing away at my clothes in front of an audience. My cock wept precum at the thought of what Papa surely intended to do right there and then. I tore my mouth away with a gasp and looked as sternly as I could muster at the guardsmen still gathered outside the doorway and ordered, “Go away, all of you!”

Papa’s mouth found the tender skin at my throat and chewed and sucked, ripping away my shirt. I fought the urge to let my eyes roll back in pleasure. A few of the men turned away from the sight, uncomfortable and embarrassed at what was clearly about to happen, but none left.

“They are under oaths not to leave Master Erin.” Page finally explained, but at this point, my pants were shredded and already tossed away. She was even paler than usual. Uncle Ramsey, who was now resting silently on her lap, had obviously taken too much blood from her. “They must stay until they are sure you are not under any danger.”

“Oh god!” I cried out as my cock was suddenly enveloped in the hot cavern of Papa’s mouth and he began bobbing away.

This was really going to happen, I thought. In front of all these people! Then he slurped me down into his throat and swallowed and swallowed, and all reservations left me.

I rolled and bucked my hips carefully up to meet his downward bobs, my hands buried in his thick hair and my breaths seizing painfully in my chest, a precursor to the wonderful burst of release that would follow.

“Oh yes Papa. Suck me.”

He growled and sucked just a bit too hard, but my balls drew up and I came, crying out for him.

I was panting hard, dizzy from the effects of my orgasm, but when he crawled naked over me and his cock bobbed thick and heavy on my lips, I happily opened my mouth to receive him. He started fucking my mouth immediately, gagging me with untutored thrusts and grunting in pleasure. He tasted so good in my mouth, his salty musky flavor stronger than usual, which I suspected had to do with the fact that he hadn’t washed in a while. Still I sucked deeply at him as best I could, enjoying his ravaging of my mouth and throat like it was a pussy. His cock expanded and his hips made faster, shorter thrusts. My tongue swirled and massaged the underside of his heavy veined cock encouragingly and moments later he came in thick spurts that choked me. I greedily swallowed it all down, and whimpered in loss when he took his cock from my hungry mouth.

I was content to lie there and bask under the glow of our shared orgasms as I licked away his seed from my battered mouth, but Papa had other ideas. He pushed my legs into the air to expose my twitching hole, and then, with no preparation or ceremony, started trying to shove the broad crown of his still hard cock into my dry ass.

I bucked and shoved at him, trying not agitate him by shouting as I said firmly, “No. No.” He was not about to literally split my ass open.

Papa was none to happy with my protest and growled angrily as he pinned me down to the floor, his hands gripping hard enough to make me fear that he would break something. I grunted at the searing pain at my side as his heavy weight pressed upon me.

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