Our Family Vacation Ch. 07

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(All characters depicted in any form of sexual activity are 18 years of age or older)

I would like to thank my editor joefelton.


Welcome to the Windy City

Day 2

It has been a long and exciting day so back in our room I changed into my night clothes and climbed under the covers, “Good night Mom, good night Daddy.”

“Night sweetie,” Mom smiles before heading to the bathroom to change herself.

“Night Abby,” Dad says as he falls back on their bed. He flips on the tv and sits back watching some old movie. A few minutes later mom comes out of the bathroom wearing just an old oversized t-shirt; she turned off all the lights before getting under the blankets next to Daddy.

I have trouble getting everything that happened today out of my head and just lie there unable to fall asleep. The movie Daddy is watching ends and he turns of the television. I hear him kick off his shoes, unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants before climbing into bed. The room is silent for a minute or two before I hear Daddy say, “Babe you still awake?”


“Well Abby is sound asleep and I’m definitely up.”

“Trust me I feel you ‘being up’ pressing into my ass,” Mom giggles.

“Well maybe you can do something to take care of that.”

“Sure I can, there’s a hot little 18 year old right over there,” Mom laughs.

“Uh, what?”

“You heard me.”

“Wait are you serious?”

Mom starts laughing, “And what if I had been serious, Uh?”


Mom still laughing says, “Geesh, you are so easy.”

I can hear what I’m guessing is mom kissing daddy. That goes on for awhile before their kissing turns to moaning. Their moaning is soon joined by the sounds of slurping and sucking; and based on the sounds Mom was sucking Daddy’s cock while he licked her pussy.

Unlike the other night when some light was coming through the window the curtains are completely blocking the window leaving the room in total darkness. It is that fact that lets me be brave enough to play with my pussy as I listen to Mom and Daddy. The sounds of their 69 session are soon replaced by bodies slapping together as they start fucking. I stuff the corner of my pillow in my mouth to muffle my moans as I finger my pussy and clit with my right hand and pull and twist my nipples with my left.

Some time later I hear Mom screaming that she is cumming; at the same time I have my own powerful orgasm. I don’t think the pillow muffled my screams enough not to be heard, but thankfully Mom is screaming loud enough to let what ever sounds of mine that may escape blend with hers.

As Mom and I both come down from our orgasms I hear Daddy grunting as he too cums, “Oh fuck baby… here… it… comes… I’m cumming.”

“Yes stud fill my nasty little pussy with that huge load,” Mommy screams as she starts cumming again.

The room fills with the sounds of my parents’ orgasms for the next minute or so before I hear whichever of them that was on top flop over onto the bed as they both lay there panting.

“God baby that was amazing,” Daddy pants.

“Yes it was,” Mom giggles.

A few minutes later the sounds of Daddy’s snoring replaced the sounds of sex and that is the sound I fall asleep to.

Day 3

I wake up that morning to Mom standing over me drying her wet hair completely nude, “Abby sweetie we are leaving today so you need to get up now.”

I moan and roll over, “Fine. Is daddy in the shower?”

“No he took his before me. He’s loading our stuff and getting your brothers up.”

Mom is pulling her jeans up, without putting panties on, as I get out of bed a few minutes later. I grab some clothes and head to the bathroom for my shower. I quickly clean myself up before kneeling and imagining sucking Danny’s cock again as I finger my sopping pussy. After a quick but satisfying orgasm I dry off and get dressed.

Mom is sitting on my bed waiting on me, “Well it is about time Abby. Your dad brought your bag down and it’s a good thing he did when he did.”


“I’m not sure how he would have reacted to hearing his little girl screaming as she finished playing with herself in the shower.”

I feel my face turn bright red, “Did I really? I didn’t realize.”

“Yes you did.”

“Oops,” I giggle.

“Wow my little girl sure has become a little sex maniac,” Mom laughs before hugging me.

We meet Daddy and the boys by the car and head over to the front desk to check out. We stop for a quick breakfast before hitting the road. Daddy brings the atlas in with us and is looking it over as we eat. Mom takes the atlas from daddy, “Honey we are really close to Chicago. You know how I’ve always wanted to visit Chicago. Does anyone object to that being our next stop?”

We all agree to going to Chicago and after breakfast are in the car on our way. For the next hour I sat in the back seat watching the country side zip by as Daddy drove, Mom napped, Jack played on his phone and Danny also just watched out the window. Daddy asks, “Does anyone care if I bostancı escort put some music on?”

I smile at him in the mirror, “No, as long as you don’t sing along.”

“Hardy har har,” Daddy fake laughs and sticks his tongue out at me before turning on the radio. For the first four songs Daddy sings along at the top of his lungs but as he starts singing with the fifth Mom leans over and says something to him and he stops, though he does turn the volume up slightly.

I’m looking out the window when I feel a hand on my knee. Slightly startled I jump but calm down when I see Danny has moved to the rear back seat with me. He laughs, “Sorry Abby I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“No I’m sorry I don’t know why I jumped we are in a moving car. I just didn’t realize you had moved back here. Wait, why did you?”

“Well, you did say I would be cumming today,” he says with a huge grin as he pulls my hand to his groin.

“Really? Here, now?”

“Why not?”

I look to the front and see Mom with her head slumped like he is out cold, Daddy of course is busy watching the road and Jack has earphones in and busy on his phone in the middle seat. I smile at Danny as I lean over and start undoing his belt and pants, “Sure, why not.”

I soon have his hard nine inch shaft out of his pants and in my hand. As my small hand slides up and down his hot, hard rod all that keeps going through my head is, ‘We’re going to get caught, We’re going to get caught,’ but instead of making me want to stop it is making my pussy get wetter and wetter. With my free hand I unfasten my pants and take his hand and place it on my soaking pussy.

I have to clamp my hand over my mouth to keep myself from screaming as he slides his fingers into my tight little hole. Time seems to freeze as we pleasure each other there in the back seat of our family mini van as we drive down the highway. I have to let go of his cock as I use both my hands over my mouth as I start coming on my big brother’s fingers.

After a very strong orgasm, so much better than either of the two I gave myself, Danny pulls his fingers out of me and then slurps my juices off of them as he looks me in the eyes, “Mmmm so damn tasty.”

I giggle and slid a finger into myself then suck it clean, “Mmm I do taste good.”

“God, I love how much of a little slut you can be,” he groans.

I just smile at him then check our family again, all of whom are still distracted, then bend over and take his hard cock into my mouth. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of the feel of a nice hard cock sliding past my lips. The feel of the hard pulsing shaft covered in smooth tasty flesh slowly going past my lips and across my tongue; it’s just amazing.

I give the first few inches a few hard, fast slurps before running my wet little tongue of every inch of his cock. Once I was sure he was a slick with my spit as possible I took him back in my mouth and started sucking. I spend the next ten or so minutes slurping on the first few inches as I slowly jerk the rest with my right hand as my left plays with his balls.

I can easily take the first four inches without any problem, but I had set a goal for myself to take the entire thing. With each bob of my head I pushed him just ever so slightly deeper hoping to slowly get used to his hard shaft going down my throat. However, at about the half way point I again feel myself gaging on his cock and have to pull off. I’ve never been so thankful for load music and earbuds as I am at that moment as I cough trying to keep myself from puking in his lap.

“Damnit Abby I told you not to try to over do it,” Danny whispers at me.

“And I told you I plan on taking all of this huge hunk of man meat down my throat,” I answer when I get my breath back.

“And I hope you do some day but choking yourself on my cock with our whole family right here is just stupid.”

“Fine I’ll just suck the tip then,” I huff and give him a pout before smiling and sucking the head back into my mouth.

Still new to cock sucking I try different techniques as I suck Danny. First really slow as I quickly jerk what I can’t get in my mouth, then I suck really fast as I slowly stroke him, then I try both fast then both slow. He has different reactions to each technique so I continue to move from one to another but not at the same rate of change or the same order, to keep him surprised.

I am slowly bobbing my head when I feel Danny’s hand on the top of my head. At first he doesn’t do anything but rest it there but little by little he begins directing my movements until he is in complete control. I’ve had girlfriends talk about how they hate when the guy they’re blowing does this because they feel like they are nothing but a hole to be used. Well some guys may mean it that way, but I felt just as safe and cared for as he controlled my bobs as when I was in complete control.

Over time Danny started pushing my mouth right to the point of me losing it before pulling me back up. It takes me awhile before I realize that every five or so down strokes he is ümraniye escort bayan pushing me farther and farther down his cock and that I am taking it with very little trouble.

I start to get excited that I may just yet take him balls deep when everything changes. Being in the position I am in I don’t see what causes it; but right as Danny pushes me the deepest I’ve taken him, just over half way, Daddy slams on the breaks. Well as I’m sure anyone who has ever been in a car when that happens knows everything and everyone jerks forward. Well having nearly six inches of cock in your mouth and throat when the guy attached to it, and is holding your head, jerks forward theres not much you can do but take the rest of the cock as it is forced down your throat.

As soon as Danny realizes what has happened he lets go of my head letting me pull off him as I hack and cough. Of course now that everyone is on alert my coughing fit doesn’t go unnoticed.

“Abby sweetie are you ok?”

“Yes Mom,” I answer between gasps and coughs, “I just hit myself in the throat when we suddenly stopped.”

“I’m sorry sweetheart,” Daddy says back to me, “the jackass next to us suddenly sped up and cut between us and the semi in front of us. Are you sure you’re going to be ok?”

“Yes daddy, I may just have a sore throat for awhile.”

After we get back on the move Danny leans over and whispers in my ear, “Are you really ok? I din’t mean to gag you like that. I am so sorry.”

“You have nothing to be sorry for Danny. It’s not like you made that guy cut us off. Besides look at the bright side.”

“What bright side?”

“I said I wanted to take you balls deep and I’m pretty sure I just did, though I think it’s going to take some practice before I can do that without issue.”

He gave me a weird look, “You really are a little slut aren’t you?”

“When I want to be,” I grin before leaning over and taking him back in my mouth.

For the next hour I suck, lick, stroke, fondle and just plain play with his cock anyway I like. Every time he gets close to cumming I pull back, let him be for a minute or so before changing techniques and continuing my play time.

It’s not until daddy calls back letting us know we will be stopping for lunch at an upcoming exit that I finally focus on making him cum. My hand becomes not much more than a blur as it flies up and down his hard shaft as my mouth and tongue work over his crown. I feel his upper body shift at one point and when I look up I see he has kind of bent sideways and is biting the headrest to keep from making too much noise.

Just as I feel the car slowing and pulling off the highway Danny lets out a moan loud enough for me to fear everyone will hear it as he starts pumping his thick delicious seed into my hungry mouth. I quickly swallow the first few big shots but the last ones I keep in my mouth. We are pulling into the parking lot of a fast food joint as Danny puts his softening but not fully flaccid cock back in his pants.

“God Abby you are the best,” he tells me as he moves back to the middle seat.

I just smile at him, unable to speak with a mouthful of his cum. As we get out of the car and head inside I swirl his seed around in my mouth. It is not until Mom asks what I want to eat that I give a big swallow before answering her. Danny gets a look that is part surprised and part amused when he realizes what that swallow meant.

After lunch we were back on the road. For the rest of the day not much happened. We played a few car games to help make the time go by a little faster, but beside that it was just more watching the scenery pass by our windows.

At least until we were nearing the city.

It is so cool how you can see Sears Towers, or what ever they are calling it now, from such a far distance. Of course the interest of the sight loses quite a bit when you are suck in traffic as you ever so slowly near the city.

Eventually we make it to the hotel. It is hard not to laugh as Daddy tries to negotiate the big city streets while trying to find the parking garage. Mom had made reservations with her phone during the drive so when we finally reach the hotel all we have to do is get the keys and go to our rooms. Unlike the last few night were we shared rooms, Mom had gotten us all our own room. Mom had booked her and Daddy one of the really nice, and expensive, rooms on the top floor, two of the other rooms were both on ten and the fourth room was on seven.

“So how do you kids want to divvy up the rooms?”

I grab the keys for the two rooms on ten, “Danny and I will take these two rooms.”

Mom gives me a funny look having an idea of what I might be up to, “Oh and why is that?”

“Simple mom. This way Danny can help me carry my stuff up to my room.”

Danny, chuckles, “Do I get a say in this?”

“No,” I simply say and smile at him.

“Well I guess that settles that then,” Daddy laughs.

“But…” Danny starts.

“Trust me son the sooner you learn you can very rarely win against a woman the easier kartal escort life becomes.”

“I thought that only applied to girlfriends and wives?”

“Nope all women.”

“That’s right Danny. Now if you nice gentlemen will get our bags,” Mom laughs before taking my arm and walking toward the elevators.

During the ride up it is decided that we will all meet up in about an hour to get dinner. Jack gets off on seven, but has to catch the door before it closes, “Mom it might help if you gave me the key to my room.”

“Oops, sorry baby.” Jack rolls his eyes when she calls him baby, he has always hated that, then disappears behind the elevator doors.

Danny and my floor is the next stop and we get off after telling Mom and Daddy we’d see them in an hour. Danny’s room is closer to the elevator so after I open the door for him he drops his bag off before fallowing me down to my room. I hold the door open for him then make a beeline to the window to see what kind of view I had, and I wasn’t disappointed. It it’s not the greatest view since we are only on the tenth floor, but I can still see a great view past most of the buildings to the lake and beach.

“Alright Abby you are all set, I’m going to go wait in my room,” Danny says as he goes out the door.

“Wait,” I call to him.


“Don’t you want you tip?”


“Sure, isn’t in normal to tip the guy who brings up your bags?”

“I guess but normally you wouldn’t tip your brother.”

“No but you wouldn’t normally suck your brother’s cock either and we both seemed to like that,” I tease.

“Oh I more than like that,” he gins, “So what’s my tip?”

I get a goofy grin on my face and say, “Never eat yellow snow,” before closing the door in his face.

“Brat,” he yells through the door before laughing as he makes his way to his room.

I lie back on my bed giggling. A few minutes later I get a text from Danny, ‘You know this means war.’

I send him back the winking stuck out tongue emoji. For the next thirty minutes or so we text back and forth; mostly jokes about impending battles in our so called war.

(Author’s Note: I’m not a big texter so I apologize for any incorrect shorthand.)

Me: ‘This is fun + all but need shower talk later’

Danny: ‘Need help’

Me: ‘U wish’

Danny: ‘I do’

I get a naughty idea and quickly strip. I then go into the bathroom and stand behind the shower curtain with just the over the shower light on so I’m silhouetted through the curtain then snap a photo over the shower curtain of the reflection in the mirror, and send the picture to him.

Me: ‘Best U gonna get 4 now’

Danny: ‘Not as good as real but good enough 4 now’ Then I get a picture of his hard cock, ‘That’s all 4 U’

Me: ‘Yummy. Can’t wait for later’

Danny: ‘What’s later?’

Me: ‘U’ll see’ winky face emoji

Danny: ‘Tease’

Me: ‘Only 4 now’

Danny: ‘OK brat then’

Me: ‘see U at dinner’ tongue out emoji

I take a quick shower; having to force myself not to start masturbating thinking of what Danny might be doing with the picture I sent. Still feeling naughty I go out into the main room with the curtains still wide open to dry off. I know the likelihood of anyone seeing my wet, naked body on the tenth floor is extremely remote yet it still sends a thrill directly to my hard clit. After dragging out walking around naked in front of the window for as long as I can I slip on a sundress and heel sandals, and nothing else.

I go down to Danny’s door and knock. It takes him awhile to open the door and when he does I’m greeted to the sight of my big brother completely naked, dripping wet and with a rock hard cock as he dried his hair, “Come on in sis.”

“Danny what if I had been someone else?”

He smiles then points to the peephole, “I looked before opening the door silly.”

“Oh yeah,” I say feeling like an idiot and still staring at his hard cock.

“You can have another taste if you want,” he teases as he grabs the base and waves it at me.

Every fiber of my being is telling me to get on my knee and start sucking but I don’t, “God Danny I really want to but we need to get downstairs soon.”

He holds out the towel, “Want to help me dry off then?”

I start to grab it but stop, “You know if I do we’ll never get down stairs, at least not until my belly is full and your balls are empty. So no do it yourself. This time.”

He grins at me then proceeds to put on a show of drying every bit of his body as I stand there watching. I don’t know why I ask and I feel like kicking myself as soon as it leaves my mouth, “Danny what would Tina think of all this?”

“What part? Another woman sucking my cock, another woman watching me after a shower or the fact the that other woman is my little sister?”

“All of it, I guess.”

“We have an open relationship, so we are both free to do what or who we want. As for it being you she would probably be jealous she was not here with us.”

“Really? She wouldn’t be freaked by everything?”

“No. In fact when she found out it was your eighteenth birthday she asked if I had plans on fucking you when we came home over the break. I was the one who freaked out telling her no that I would never do anything like that with my baby sister.”

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