One of These Days… Ch. 02

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She dragged her feat across the floor. Her head lolled low, rolling her chin easily against her breastbone. It felt like it’d been a short night. It felt like a blink of an eye from when she shooed her father out of her room to when this morning, and waking up to the blare of an impatient alarm clock. Time passed so quickly when you were asleep.

She yawned, and shuffled into the kitchen; flicking the light switches to the left. The florescent light blinked then came on.

She squeezed her eyes closed, “aww gawd, I’m so stupid…” trailing off into a mutter as the light flooded her silted eyes. Half-blind, she brushed back her curly black hair and hooded a hand over her eyes. Something mundane was in the works. Something to take her mind off the stunning failure of last night. She could still remember his padded footsteps, stalking across her bedroom floor, sneaking up till his presence loomed in her mind. He’d been ready to pounce—almost.

A tingle butterflied between her legs. She smiled—almost. Deadly aware of her underwear, she felt the white fabric curling into creases as her thighs rubbed together. Some things were so hard. Keeping quiet—pulling her lips shut before they opened and screamed her undying love or temporal lust—that was hard; very hard to not imagine him, hard and inside. A blush crept to her face. There was no one to see or judge, but the kinkiness of her thoughts still offended some lingering “good girl” part of her brain.

“Screw it.” She cursed under her breath. “I’m still good. Whatever I think; it’s not that bad. I could be thinking about murder, mayhem, or…. marriage.” A little titter escaped her lips.

“This is just incest.” The words came out softly; nervously she toed a spot on the ground. A second set of tingles blossomed through her. Her nipples started rising; the hardening points brushed against her plain cotton top.

“I have to… stop….stop….stop.” Incest versus stop. Both words had a kind of power over her. Idly, a detached part of her wondered which one would win today.

“Stop!” she whisper-screamed, gritting her teeth. She reached quickly between her legs, and tugged apart the knot of fabric wedged against her warm lips. Using both hands, she smoothed down the fabric and pulled it into a tight triangle.

The sight was alluring. Underneath the soft worn cotton triangle, between lines of downy black, she was so very, undeniably ….

“Stop,” she sighed, “I have to stop.” Her natural distractibility became a boon. Her eyes flickered up and fixed instead on random objects in the room—the bare lacquered table, the smooth rolling pin drying next to the sink, the glossy steel hood over the stove, the tiny black T.V. in one corner of the counter, and two teddy bear shaped jars in the other end of counter. The jars were supposed to be used for candy, but they had never been used appropriately. The first was a nearly empty honey pot, and the second was a sugar container.

Moving with lazy deliberation, she steadily worked on making a mighty breakfast of coffee, eggs, and cereal. She kept her cool, yet all the while, a thought teased through her mind: why hadn’t it happened yet. It almost seemed like fate was teasing her; baiting her then pulling back the hook at the last instant. He’d come so close, nearly touched. She’d been ready. Why wasn’t he?

She sighed, flopping into one of the cushioned chairs surrounding the kitchen table. Her hand teased over the hardwood of the table. The stainless steel spoon skipped furiously through the black coffee, swirling the milk till the mixture was a pale tan. She slurped lightly; jumping back at the bitterness. More sugar.

“That’s exactly what I need,” she whispered in undertones, “more sugar & more spice and definitely more of everything nice.”

She splashed the sugar casually into the cup. A bit of coffee overflowed the rim and stung her finger.

“OWW…owww…oooo…mmmmm” softening her yelp reflexively into a mumble to avoid waking anyone else up. She licked her finger slowly, letting her tongue caress the tiny imaginary bruise on her index. She arched an eyebrow curiously. The coffee was still a bit bitter, but there was a strange hint of something else. A smile curled to her lips, and the peppery memory danced to the forefront of her mind.

“Oh yes, it was this hand that did it,” she murmured into the empty kitchen. The sound of her voice was more comforting that the silence without it.

|—-/ ——/ ——/ —–|

“Hi hon.” He startled her and she spilled coffee on her hand again.

“Owww….stupid….oooouch….” she continued on, cursing softly under her breath before turning to look at him.

“Are you okay?” he said smiling sheepishly. “I didn’t mean to disturb you. I was just surprised that you’re up so early.”

“Early?” the confusing crossed her face like a shadow “aren’t I always up this early?”

“Well… yes and no.” he murmured, rubbing sleep out of his eyes as he ambled into the room. ataşehir escort bayan “You’re always up now for school, but …” he tapped the calendar on the wall.

“oh… it Saturday.” She chuckled. Her body tensed with the happy effort before relaxing completely into the chair.

“Yep,” he said with a smile. She had a way of looking effortlessly pretty in his eyes. The laughter had woken him up and put him into her grasp. She’d have his attention for the rest of the morning.

He glanced at her often as he worked on making himself a cup of tea. For her part, she smiled pleasantly when she noticed his looks; batting her eye lashes theatrically, it looked like she was baiting him. ‘How could she know how much I want her’ he thought to himself, keeping a quirky grin on his face. ‘I love her. Of course, she’s my daughter, but then still there was that level beyond love with her. I think I truly do…’

“Lust —“

“What’d you say?” he blinked out of disbelief. His face flushing completely as he turned from his breakfast handy-work to face her.

“Ahhh… I just said ‘just’ before you stopped me.”

“Oh…well that’s….” very normal. Not like the thoughts that constantly ran through his head.

“It’s okay I still love you daddy,” she smirked, seeming to wink knowingly as she said her piece. “What I was going to say was: “Just take the honey from the jar if you need some sweetness. I…well… I finished all the sugar.” She patted her tummy lightly. His eyes darted down to see her pink nailed fingers splash gently over the bare skin.

He blinked. The last button of her pink pajama top was undone, and not only did he see the peeking lines of her tear-drop bellybutton, but he also caught a glimpse of pink.

“Are you okay daddy?” her voice startled him, ringing like bird-song in his ears.

“Sorry sweetie, I just dozed off for a second … I didn’t sleep too well last night.”

“Oh I’m sorry dad. I wish I could trade places with you. I slept so well last night. It was like I was knocked out on valium, except I had the sweetest dreams too.”

‘It wasn’t a dream. I was there. Standing over you, willing you to be awake and moaning. Wanting you to want me, so we could finally…’ He turned sharply away from her. His head was spinning with the thought. He’d come so close last night… before he’d lost his nerve.

“Oh, don’t worry its nothing Dad.” she smiled slowly, and chewed against her finger.

“What’s nothing?” what was she trying to say to him. The possibilities abounded, but there was only one he really wanted her to admit to: that she was awake, and she needed him as much as he did her.

“Nothing… it was just a dream. I can barely remember it now… but….”

He waited, his back turned to her. A blush burned in his cheeks. Would she go on?

“… can I help you with your tea?” suddenly she was next to him. Leaning over his shoulder, her breath hot against his cheek.

“Um…. Er …. yes.” he muttered. He needed to stop. If he kept this up, she’d think he’d gone nervy. “… it looks like you’re a lot more awake than I am anyways.” Yawning and stretching his arms out wide over his head, he ambled over to the kitchen table. He pulled up a seat and flopped into it.

That pink glance from earlier…they were her panties after all. He was as much surprised as he was aroused—to the best of his knowledge since puberty, when he’d started to take notice, she’d *never* worn *only* panties. Never and yet today, here they were. His eyes bulged as he saw her mature body fully for the first time. Her legs were milky smooth, reaching up in sweeping curves as if forever. But end they did… her panties split down the middle of the cheeks of her bum. The tight cotton fabric outlined every silky square inch. It clung hard, light pink and faded with tiny lavender hearts cris-crossing the fabric.

This was one pair he’d remembered buying for her, it was that old. She’d been 10ish when her mother left, and he’d dragged himself through the mixed embarrassment and titillation of buying underwear for his daughter. She’d been 16 when they’d have last fit her properly. Right now, at 19, it looked like her full round cheeks might split the seams of the underwear.

“Aahhhh….” He sighed, releasing the tension in his chest.

“Yes daddy?” her perky tones brought him back to life.

“Ahh….you’re underwear.” He said honestly. Surprised that he spoke so freely, he stopped.

She turned around. He could tell, his eyes downcast as they were, he saw her lips swivel in his dictions. It was a struggle to pull his eyes up and out from between her legs, and not glance down too often at the taunt pink fabric covering her womanly ways.

“What’s wrong with my underwear? This is my favorite pair. It’s comfy.” The over-calm lilt of her words struck him as defensive.

‘Should I say….?’ He teased a few possibilities in his mind. Some more vulgar than others, he discarded them instead going for a mix.

“Oh… they’re escort kadıköy darling things sweetie, but they’re a bit old. Don’t you want some new ones?” he spoke quickly, holding his breath to stop from gasping after he finished.

She peered down her body, seeming to be looking at the underwear for the first time. Her fingers teased around the elastic bands strung around her hip, “…it’s only been 5 years since I got them. They’ve just gotten broken in.”

“Well, true.” He spoke slowly, still in disbelief—she always wore shorts, or pajamas or something, anything to cover up the underwear. On any other day this would be impossible but today, fate was on his side. He spoke: “But I still think you’re going to have to come out with me and buy some new ones.”

“New ones? But…” she spoke clearly, but hesitantly. It wouldn’t be impossible to win her over, he thought.

“No you definitely new one’s. What’ll all the college boys think if you’re caught wearing baby undies?” As his body spoke, his mind hovered somewhere above it and glared down in utter shock. Whoever was saying this, it wasn’t him. It couldn’t be. He’d never be so cavalier, so daring, so close with his *own* daughter. No, never.

“Okay.” She shrugged, starting to look defeated. Apparently thinking better of it, she stuck her tongue out at him and smiled wide. Tender dimples dented her cheek and it blushed pink as she squeezed her eyes closed. Cupping her hand girlishly under her chin, she giggled out “but I’m not doing this for you. I’m doing this for my future boyfriend.”

“I’m sure he’ll be thrilled with you, whatever your choice in undergarments,” he didn’t mind eating crow, as long as he got her to smile a bit more “I’m sure he’ll love you because you’re the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever known.”

‘I’d be proud to have you…. Especially sans underwear.’ He thought but didn’t add to his glowing commentary.

“Oh you know it dad… I have spunk, and a whole lot more galore.” She threw her hips out, wiggling them as she spoke, her clinging panties calling for attention. “I’ll rock his world. Rock it hard I tell ya!”

‘Among other things…’ he thought.

A smile crept to his lips as he watched her. Gorgeous and sexy too… those wiggles traveled from her hips to her shoulder and made her teenage breasts jiggle inside her loose pajama top. His eyes glinted and he took carefully stolen glances at her milky skin between the widely spread buttons of her pajama top.

“My head is going to explode if you say ‘rock’ again.” He wasn’t talking about the same head, she was thinking about. He shaft was swelling inside his pants.

“Sorry daddy.” A bit calmer now, but still bouncing giddily, she put her hands on his shoulders. Her felt like fire at this point. “I just wanted to say… I want to good to who-ever I give myself to.”

“I’m sure he will love you. You’re great hon; you’ve already grown up to be the best woman in my life.” He trembled, glancing between her legs. Her warm body was so close to him. His shaft ached for her. A subject change was in order, “Don’t worry about a thing hon, we won’t go to K-mart. We’ll go to that Freddie’s place that I keep hearing about in the adverts.”

|—-/ ——/ ——/ —–|

She peeked out form betwixt the black curtains of her hair. His head was head bent and she surmised where he was looking. Giggling harder, she felt her nipples tingling as they brushed against the cotton fabric. His roving eyes felt like warm dots against her skin, lingering and heating as she squirmed a bit more. Finally, she stopped with a long exhale. Her breath caught in her chest, and she sniffed the air, breathing harder now.

She felt a warm blush come to her cheeks. Wow, was that really his voice she’d heard. A little shopping expiation might be fun. She’d try on the most sexed out attire. Her vision filled with a rally of skimpy bras in red and black, lace and silk. She could definitely use his input on a selection of thongs. Maybe a fashion show was in the works.

She closed her mouth, twisting her lip into a quirky smile. “Frederick’s Dad. They’re called Fred-er-rick’s, “ she paused and tongued her cheek nervously.

She could almost feel his hardness through the pair of tan pants he’d hastily thrown on before coming downstairs. If only he were unzipped…. Maybe she should….No, it’d be just like last night. She didn’t want this to end, not when she was so close.

“I think I need a whole new set. Or at least I’ll need them soon…I’m having a little trouble fitting into my B-cups.” She emphasized her words by cupping her hands underneath her breasts, giving them a quick squeeze to attract his attention away from her panties.

“Oh? You’re growing?” He looked like a man astonished and awed, not to mention startled. His eyes darted back and forth from one breast to another, not wanting to miss a single curve. Her hands pulled the fabric tighter, outlining her nipples against the cotton. She choked back a bostancı escort gasp, feeling the rub of the fabric on her soft nipples.

His eyes teased off her clothing in his mind. Unbuttoning each pearly button, and pulling back the light pink of her pajamas, his hands kissed her bare skin. He pulled back her clothing a bit more, and saw her nipples peek out. His imaginary eyes searched her body as if for the first time— discovering the woman that she was. They were still small, unlike the rest of her bosom. Her nipples were pink and hard as darts, and peaked high on her expanding chest. It felt almost real…

“I’m so excited! I think I’ll tell all my friends!”, she laughed “well… maybe not all of them, but I’ll run up and get ready really quick for you dad.”

“You do that now.” He spoke only because he had to. His mind was already filling with what was about to happen next with is little girl. No, not girl, his little woman. Not even little anymore, he guffaw internally, she’d developed quite a nice bust.

Slurping down the last of her coffee and getting up quickly, she set the cup down with a casual clink on the wood table. His eyes didn’t move, and flowed up her body as she pulled herself to her feet. The buttons clasped around her breasts pulled into vision first. Then appeared the hem, with one button missing or opened to reveal in V-shaped part, the tear-drop shape of her bellybutton. Finally, his eyes rested on the elastic hem of her underwear.

She leaned against the table for a second or two, feeling his eyes wash over her. Inside she smiled, seeing the clear bulge over his crotch. Outside, she blinked and turned nonchalantly away from him. Her path adjusted to move close to him, brushing the soft white cotton covering her within a foot of his eyes. He could have reached out and touched her at any moment. She shivered at the thought, a tingle running down her back and between her legs. Bounding up the stairs, her t-shirt flapped high. She imagined he was still looking. Turning at the top of the stairs for a quick peek backwards: he still was staring.

She smiled and wiggled her fingers at him in a wave. Running past her room, she hurriedly dashed into the bathroom and slammed the door shut behind her. It stayed unlocked as she posed in front of the full length mirror against the wall. She turned her hip, and pulled tugged her t-shit a bit up—to the point where it no longer covered her white underwear. Is this how he’d want to see her? She wiggled her bum from side to side, wagging it at the mirror. I wonder if he noticed that when I did it earlier, she thought nervously to herself. Should I tone it down, or turn it up? Her butt twisted harder into its positions. Her panties squirmed and bunched between her legs, pulling tightly into a knot against her dampening slit.

She reached down and tugged at hem of her panties. Her finger tips glanced against the tender lips underneath and she grimaced, another tingle running down her spine.

“I really should go take my shower and get down quickly. I can’t procrastinate. I have to do this. I should go now. Go… Go…” she commanded herself to no avail. Her fingers slipped mindlessly underneath the flimsy cotton barrier. Her eyes fluttered and she felt her lips spreading against her fingers. One wiggling in already as the second pulled up against her clit. “Maybe just a little…. not too much. I’ll still make it downstairs before he changes his mind.” she assured herself, whispering with shortening breath.

Twisting her finger in past the knuckle, she put one hand on her knee. Bending low, her finger eased deeper into her, producing a gasp as it wedged apart more hot layers. Her juices swirled against her slender finger. Winding their way down its hard pressing length, her juices oozed out against the palm of her hand. Looking up from between her legs, her black hair swept the ground. She gasped at how deep she’d gotten it. Almost as deep as he would get his he’d taken his chance.

He’d feel so good. Take her gently into his arms, and cradle her on his lap. Entering from below, he’d swell up inside her and push slowly in and out of her; pushing her to her limits before she came in multiple gasps and clings. Her eyes rolled into her head, and her knees felt wobbly. She dropped to her knees, her finger twisting hard inside her. The spasm gone, she still felt shaken and gently slipped her finger out of her slit.

Was that it? She’d cum just thinking about him? The thought seemed impossible; it’d always taken something more than that to make her cum. A tease perhaps, a kiss, or just his breathing in the same room.

She got up and turned on the shower. The water warmed before she got in, kissing her skin with a delicious heat. She mauve red the shower-head in her hand, coiling the hose behind it around her wrist. Holding it tightly, she ran soap along her skin with one hand. Bathing like this would never make you clean. In fact, it made her feel a bit dirtier afterwards. The soap left a slick white path across her skin, little soap suds formed and popped on the streak between her breasts. Her nipples prickled, sticking out like the erasers on a pencil. Too hard to touch directly, the glancing touches of the soap bar felt delicious.

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