On My Own

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I’m missing you. Lying in bed, thinking of you, wishing you were next to me. I think of the text message you sent me earlier.

“Wish I was with you now. I’d love to be sucking your nipples as you were tasting my hard cock. I can’t wait to taste your hot pussy. I want to whisper my dirty fantasies in your ear and feel your sweet juices flowing while I fuck you hard! X”

God, I love it when you send me horny texts, I feel my pussy responding, tingling and becoming wet from your suggestions.

I love you sucking my nipples, it drives me wild, you know it does and use it to your advantage anytime you fancy a fuck. I push up my camisole top and run my hands over my breasts, exploring their softness. I gently squeeze a nipple, feeling it harden at my touch. I shut my eyes and can almost imagine you here.

You are pinning me to the bed, I can’t move, your hand holds my wrists above my head, my back is arched, pressing my body into yours. Your expert tongue teases me, gliding over my hard buds, creating waves of pleasure from my nipples canlı bahis şirketleri to my pussy. Your thick, swollen cock presses against me. I need to feel you inside me, stroking my wet pussy, filling me, stretching me…

But you don’t fuck me yet. You enjoy watching me squirm in ecstasy, wanting me to beg you to fuck me. My fingers continue to caress my nipples, rubbing and pinching them. My breathing quickens and I can wait no longer. I remove my lacy knickers before running one hand down over the smooth skin of my belly, down over the top of my thigh and up the inside towards my hot hole. I tease myself as you would, my finger slides over my lips, feeling the escaping wetness.

I bring my finger up to my mouth, tasting my arousal. I imagine kissing you after you’ve been licking my pussy. You ran your tongue over my clit, gently at first. I moaned at the amazing sensations you gave me as your tongue increased the pressure on my clit. I gasped as your tongue invaded my pussy, tasting me.

My fingers rub my clit softly canlı kaçak iddaa and cover it in my essence. The pressure and speed of my fingers builds, I feel the need to be penetrated. I dream of your fingers deep inside me and push mine inside, mimicking my thoughts. I need something more, something to really satisfy my aching, hungry cunt. I remove my fingers from my pussy and suck them clean before pulling my box of pleasures out from under the bed.

What to choose? I select my favourite vibrator; a thick, realistic eight-incher. I give it a quick suck, imagining your hard cock in my mouth. I love the taste of your cock, it makes me so horny. I turn the vibrations on low and excite my clit and pussy lips. I gasp at the amazing sensations coursing through my body. I envisage you above me, your cock just about to plunge into my hot pussy. I push the vibe deep into me and fuck myself with it. In my mind you’re telling me how good it feels to be fucking me, to be giving me such exquisite sensations of lust.

I want more, I want it harder. canlı kaçak bahis I turn up the speed and move the huge vibrator in and out of me faster. My whole body is tensed, the sweet feelings of ecstasy are almost torture. I need to cum but want the pleasure to last forever. My finger plays with my clit, heightening the strong sensations in my pussy. If you were here you’d be kissing me while we fuck, you’d be sucking on my erect nipples. I’d be grabbing your arse, pulling you even deeper into me. I’d be telling you that you’re such an amazing fuck in between my gasps and moans of pleasure.

I’m almost there, almost tipping over the edge of orgasm. I push the vibe still deeper into me as I rub my clit as fast as I can. God, this feels so amazing. My body is now totally under the control of the powerful vibrations in my pussy. In my mind you shoot your load into me the moment I cum. I moan loudly, my pussy pulsing hard around the vibrator. My whole body shakes with the force of my orgasm.

I relax and concentrate on the sublime satisfaction I feel. I fall asleep and you come to me in my dreams, touching me, stroking me, probing me, fucking me… I wake to find you next to me. I turn to you and smile, feeling your naked body against mine, your cock hard and ready to give me more pleasures…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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