My Powerful Aunt Krisztina Ch. 06

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Disclaimer: The story involves femdom, humiliation and incest.

All characters and facts are pure imagination. If you only like reading realistic things, please don’t read this. I only like to read and to write fiction.

Everybody is over 18 years old.

Please read this story’s previous chapters to better understand this one.

I must thank justchick who edited my text.


I was completely engulfed in rubbing my cock, so I wasn’t aware of the door opening. My stepmother’s voice stunned me. My trembling hands hardly managed to cover my crotch with the blanket.

“Honey, could you do me a favor?” She asked.

Shit! Once my stepmother caught me jerking off, my mind was completely blocked.

“Beg pardon?” I questioned, as in my ears I was hearing every beat of my heart.

“I need your help!” she said, fixing me with her large brown eyes. A broad smile came across her full, red lips. I was caught off guard, so I was speechless. I wondered what she needed my help for?

“Sure, what do you want me to do?”

“Please, sweetheart, just do this for me. I really have to get going.”

I looked at her finely chiseled face, her straight nose and her long black hair waving down to her back as she was getting closer. Her firm, breasts were thrusting against the revealing thong. I couldn’t keep my eyes from wandering down, between her hard luscious treasures. I was shocked to see her rising nipples against her translucently thin clothes.

“Please hon, I promise I’ll make it up to you whenever you will need.”

She sat on the couch. I muffled.


I could smell the perfume of roses from her cleavage. She laughed affectionately.

“Just kidding, son.”

Unable to meet her stare I looked down, only to note my hard manhood pointing up.

“You seem a little uncomfortable. Is everything OK?”

Suddenly she caught my wrists, slowly pulling my hands aside. The blanket slid, revealing my erection. I was trapped like a deer in the headlights. She gave me a sort of smile and leaned, wordlessly, over to me, never breaking eye contact. Her thin fingers pulled the soft fabric of my pants. My penis finally reached back in the dark.

I never even moved. I was so taken aback by her unpredicted appearance that my brain was still not working. Between the second she had crossed into my room and the one her hand covered my balls, everything happened unbelievable fast…

“I am sorry son.” She said hugging me. I raised my head, only to encounter a pair of glistering lips and shiny eyes.

“You were trying to have some intimate moments by yourself, and I interrupted you!”

“It’s alright mom. Don’t feel sorry.”

Even though it was obvious that I had just masturbated a few seconds ago, she was forgiving enough to put her hands around my head and kiss my lips passionately. My feelings were a strange mix of embarrassment with lust and admiration. Her hands began gently rubbing my chest.

“Look … what it comes down to is … I’m actually in a bit of a drought. It’s been like three days since I’ve had a hard dick between my legs and that was yours! I’m going crazy … so …here’s what I want to do …”

The caresses were coming down my tummy.


“Will you cover my ass tonight? I need to get some serious cock together with your auntie…”

Her hand’s weight felt excruciating sweet on my hardness.

“Too bad she doesn’t have a cock!”

Her hand closed tightly around my shaft. I tried to escape from her touches, although as we were talking she was making me feel at ease and very comfortable.

“Sheila, we shouldn’t….”

“I just can’t explain it in words….I’m just dying to suck some dick and get fucked in the ass! Maybe you could tell your father something convenient… ” Obviously she didn’t listen to me.

“I don’t know mom. I’ll find something.”

Her massage turned into a delicious hand job.

“Thanks son. Whom were you thinking about?” I stood silent, enjoying the guilty sensations she was giving me

“Why do you feel like you have to hide this from me. I love to watch men jerking off”

“Is that so?”

“Was your buxom aunt the subject of your erotic fantasies, wasn’t she? Her tits are incredible, her hard ass is absolutely delicious … She is the most incredible lover I’ve ever seen!”

I knew I would ejaculate in seconds if she kept up her caresses. I grabbed her wrist to move her hand away. She broke my hold and immediately encircled the shaft with one hand, whilst pushing my arms away with her other hand. Her femaleness overwhelmed my will to resist.

“No, she is not”

“Maybe kurtuluş escort you thought my relationship with her is not quite appropriate. The only thing I didn’t tell you is that I can’t resist her. She’s simply intoxicating. When I see her muscular body I feel I have to sink to my knees and pleasure her. I can’t say no to her.”

“I’m afraid this is my problem. I became her sex toy. She’s a lot stronger than me; I could never do something that she can’t do. And also, I’m skeptical I’ll be able to train hard enough to outmuscle her.”

“Does this make you feel scared, now that you know she is stronger than you?”

“She has all the strength in the world to beat the pants off of me, literally, and to take whatever she wants.”

“But, I must say, she looks pretty good.”

“The very first time after wrestling me, she told me she would fuck me with a strap on if I don’t obey her. Believe me; she has already been very close to that several times! “

“Must be tough,” she smiled.

“I began to have dreams…. She tries to rape me…as I give in to the rape that she is inflicting on me, I can only stare at the strong sexy muscles of her naked body and the horny movements she is enjoying at my expense. My eyes are watering and she is breaking me down to an ass-fucked sissy wimp. She is thoroughly enjoying it….”

She interrupted her hot maneuvers over my rock hard cock, answering me with a knowing smile.

“But you can very easily avoid being raped, my dear!”

“How? If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to be squeezed by constrictor snake, try letting her wrap her long legs around you.”

She resumed her sensual touches, her fingers gently playing with my balls.

“I did, and the only reason that makes me sure you can make it out is that I know how to deal with her.”

“I don’t want to be her slave anymore! What can I do to submit her?”

She closed her arms around me and put her head on my shoulder. Her tits felt great against my chest. I knew I shouldn’t be doing that, but I was not able to resist.

“I’ll save you!” she whispered into my ear. She placed my hands to rest against her gorgeous breasts and she pulled me tightly against her awesome body. I felt a wave of safety filling my veins. She wrapped her arms tight around my neck pulling my face close to hers. Her mouth found my ear and closed gently on my earlobe, opened again, and then her lower lip covered the ear’s opening. When I felt blowing warm breath into the cavity and her moist tongue thrusting deep inside, I squealed in pleasure.

“How are you going to teach me?”

She reached between my legs with one hand, finding my engorged cock and balls and yanking them backward.

“I’m going to fuck you silly!”

She slipped her other hand down to my shaft and quickly alternated brushing me lightly one after the other.

“That is all wrong” I replied, but I knew I wasn’t able to control all my sinful desire.

She had a girlish figure and a radiant smile even while she applied this excruciating sweet pressure; she used the other hand to caress the underside of my nuts, manipulating them. She kept stroking my organs with her delicate fingers until she felt me reaching the point that immediately precedes ejaculation. Using two fingers, she gripped the base of the shaft extremely tight, and kissed the underside of my knob.

“I will now wank this giant cock of yours right off!!”

She was aware that my body was craving for a sexual release. But it was not very easy to do it with my nuts all tied up tight.

“You are afraid of Krisztina, because she has those hard muscles, aren’t you?

“But how can you help me about my aunt?” “Your aunt is a real knock out. She’s got big tits, a sexy ass, and a great pussy. This woman can fuck. She’s got a really dirty mouth and knows how to use it to bring you up to madness. I just love the way she tells the guy exactly when and how she wants it. Your problem is that you try to wrestle her, and it’s obvious who’s wearing the pants from this point of view. Why don’t you try to sexually submit her?”

“That sounds nice!”

“I bet you I can also make you beg for my mercy in less than one hour … just from fucking you!”

“Look, this just can’t happen, OK? We must stop fucking!”

“Honey, we both know this is going to happen, you like to admit it or not. And I’m going to fuck you, even if your lips deny you’re craving to fuck me” she said, pushing her long fingernails deep the hard flesh of my swollen cock.

“That’s sweet!”

“Despite your denial, you still have a rock hard erection. Let’s make a deal. levent escort If you last the whole time without giving up, I’ll play with your dick, I’ll let you put your dick between my tits, I’ll suck on it until you cum, or I’ll let you fuck me completely at your will …Whenever you want, whatever you want”

“Ohhhh! You will certainly loose!”

“If I win and you give up … I will be your mistress. You have to go down on me until I cum… Suck my toes… Whenever I want, whatever I want!”

I was very confused. I certainly had no intention of having sex with my step mom again when she rushed in my room. But my body decided for me, ignoring my brain. I felt the sperm bursting out of my balls, but her strong grip at the base was stopping it inside, building an unbearable tension.


My cock was rock hard, dark red with big veins protruding the full length, all around the shaft. She eased her vice just enough to allow me to explode. My sperm spouted as if from a geyser, spraying my chest and abdomen. Cum was covering my lower body with viscous white semen.

We didn’t talk. I felt myself going limp around her fist as she was milking cum from my male flesh. She kissed me, filling my mouth with her vicious tongue, forcing me to suck it. She would then return the favor. Dizzily she ran one hand down over my sharply defined abdominal muscles.

“Oh the poor little boy messed himself. I’ll have to clean you up.”

She bring her mouth to my dick closer and started to lick the cum. She licked all of it, enjoying every little drop. Then she completely cleaned my balls and my tummy. When she finished all that work, I was completely erect again.

“Time is running, Sheila! You have 50 minutes to go!”

She gripped again hard the base of my cock.

“I thought that maybe I should give you some rest…”

And without another word, she went down again on me. Before I knew what was happening, my beautiful stepmother had half of my shaft in her mouth and pushing it deeper and deeper down her throat. Up to that point in my life, I had never even seen a woman sucking a penis so merciless. She sucked me like she was starving for semen. To my own surprise, I came again in seconds. Sheila swallowed, obviously enjoying every drop of it.

By the time she came up for air, the throbbing had stopped and I was breathing normally. Despite it all, I still had a marvelous erection. She then put her head on my abdomen. She grabbed my privates again, jerking me off. My endowment was hanging only a few inches from her face. My body started to thrust up into her fist, unwillingly, from the build up of her sexual domination within me. As she brought me to the point of ecstasy once more, she locked my head into her greedy mouth until I had nothing left to give……

My penis seemed to have a life of its own. My legs were writhing out of control and I could feel myself convulsing and trembling all over, my body shaking involuntarily.

She finally stopped yanking my testicles but she did not let go of them, not yet.

“Come on, sweetheart. Mommy wants more of your juices. Why don’t you give them now?”

I rolled her on her back and I lifted her slender ankles on my shoulders. My stiffened shaft jabbed and entered into the tight, warm cavity, slid in and out, then thrust forward. She spread her legs to pull me deeper between her thighs, until she felt my loins pressing against hers. Sheila seemed to be enjoying all this immensely, all I she was able to say was “Take me… please take me!” I kept pumping as I watched her groaning and soon her body began stiffening and jerking. Then, as she was enjoying her climax, her legs began to kick and spasm uncontrollably. Her sharp fingernails shoved deep in my flesh.

As I sank even deeper into her, she had her legs around my hips and ass and just squeezed. I started gasping for breath as my body would violently convulse and my dick deep buried in her belly would squirt out other long jets of cum. Her inner constricting muscles pumped the load out of me. She kept on squeezing until she was sure there was no more cum left.

Maybe I passed out and slumped off unconscious the next to her, I’m not sure. The next I know I was flat on my back, on the floor, not the most comfortable. She placed her legs either side of me and straddled my hips. She slowly lowered herself onto my cock and took me, engulfed and then she had my manhood like a delicious fruit. Sheila was neither kind nor gentle. She was keeping me pinned to the floor, controlling my every move. She let me fondle her huge tits but never for long.

“That’s 15 minutes, Alin, and you’ve got maçka escort nowhere to go.”

For the most part her seemly insatiable body did the rest. I felt every spasm of her whole body like I was part of it.

She pulled me standing up while she kneels before me. As she leaned on my body, her large milky-white breasts settled on my loins. She wrapped my cock between the hard flesh of her tits. “Talk to me, baby! Tell me how it feels!”

She again looked me in the eyes, toying with my cock as it was obvious that she was going to win.

I had her tight body half lying between my legs. There was nothing slick between her tits, and pretty soon the feel of my cock cuddled in between those beautiful melons transformed to pain.

She was easily controlling me, holding my cock between her mounds while her hands continued their deadly squeezing.

“Why did you do that… why did you hurt me more?”

“I’m sorry, baby,” she clucked, although her eyes were full of joy. “I just got carried away. Next time, I’ll be more careful.”

She liked to see me fighting hopelessly against her.

“Do you want me to jack you off or suck that beautiful piece of man meat?

“Please don’t do either of those to me. You hurt me … a lot.” I managed to mumble “I give up”. But I’m not sure she did hear me.

“Why don’t you try begging me and maybe I’ll reconsider.”

“Please, please, please don’t do that to me.”

“Wasn’t I the best lay you’re ever had?”


“Then why do you look so miserable?”

“Because my penis hurts.”

She grabbed my cock and forced me to look into her face and said

“Your poor cock does look sore, would you like me to kiss it and make it all better?”

“No, Sheila.”

Sheila put a very stern look on her face “What did you say? Did you just tell me to suck your cock?”

“I beg you not to fuck me anymore! You fucked the shit out of me.”

She finally released my cock with a smile of amused contempt floating on her face.

“”My, my!” From now on you are my slave. You are going to do whatever I order you from now on. Got it?”

“This was the deal”.

“OK, sweetheart, you did a good job of begging and submitting. For that reason I’m going to show you mercy. Today, I will cut your punishment in half.”

“What punishment?”

“I thought you should bring me pleasure. Because you behaved, I’ll let you make a choice. You can kiss my feet or suck my toes, or the privileges of eating me out- which do you want?”

I closed my eyes and said “I’ll take the cunt licking.”

She was on her knees with my head between her thighs. She pulled my head into her crotch and let me savor her bush, to one side and kneading my mouth and nose with her sex. My tongue softly began lapping and nursing at her pussy. My face engulfed completely within her and I felt a salty different taste. I think I had such a sad look of despair on my face.

“I’m sure you never tasted your own cum before, did you, honey?”

She was so turned on. She didn’t care for my answer. She grabbed the back of my head and directed me to where she wanted my tongue to go.

I didn’t know one hour before that I would look back to my aunt’s treatment as the easy time of my discipline. I didn’t dare fight against her; all I could do was obeying her. Tears started down my cheeks as I was getting the lesson: I shouldn’t use my muscles when it comes down to women. Sheila showed much intelligence and charm and during one hour session of rough sex she proved she was able to handle me and to place me in holds I could feel the intensity of her sensations throughout my body. She made me tremble and I was in heaven with her and engulfed by her strong sexuality.

She was grinding her cunt against my mouth and tongue. She climaxed all over my face. Her cum was warm and tasted wonderful. She then re-positioned herself on her back and her thighs turned me into position. I and had her legs around my head. I didn’t dare slow down or stop. Again and again she climaxed, drenching my face. I gagged and I struggled to lick up every drop of sticky, gooey mess. When she stopped I felt weightless, drifting off slightly into unconsciousness.

“You know, playing with your cock is nice… I should to do this more often. So, you are not auntie’s slave anymore…You belong to me! And I will be the one who will satisfy her extensive sexual needs!

“What if she asks for sex from me?”

“She won’t!” Sheila replied “I will take care for her to be occupied. I’m sure you know that your daddy would not be happy to hear any word about his wife’s sexual life, would he?”

“Nor about his son’s one, too!”

“So I understand we have a deal, don’t we, honey?”

“Yes, we do, mum!’

“So, am I the mistress of your sweet long cock?”

“Yes, you are!”

“And will you obey my orders?”


She stood up and turned her beautiful round ass toward me.

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