My Niece Linda

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I was 32 when I returned back to the states from Vietnam in 1969 and discharged shortly after.I had just finished a tour of 13 months in Nam,8 Okinawa and then back to Nam for another 12 mos. During that period, I had also taken two leaves of 30 days each. One in Bangkok and the other in Tokyo. I had not been stateside for about 35 mos.I think I was kind of confused. I mean I was glad to be out of Nam and Asia and back home where it was much safer, but I felt a big loss without my jarhead buddies and not constantly looking over my shoulders.

The first month I was home, I stayed with my parents in their home, until I could figure out what I was going to do.

After being home for just a weekend, my mom asked me if I would mind taking my niece Linda to Silver Lake so she could go swimming. My mom added that she thought as hot as it had been outside lately, I could probably use some cooling off.

I remembered thinking about my little niece Linda. The last time I saw her she was 15 years old and skinny, but we had always seemed to really like each other. She was my older brother Dan’s oldest daughter. I wasn’t happy on the idea that my mom was trying to get me to babysit my niece. I tried coming up with an excuse to get out of it, but my mom always knew how to talk me into doing things for her. So I agreed and said I couldn’t promise on how long we would stay at the lake.

About 30 minutes later the doorbell rang and my mom asked me to get the door. I opened the door and Linda was there and I was stunned beyond belief! Linda wasn’t a skinny little girl of 15, anymore! She was 18 and much taller and had the body of a full grown woman! She was stunning, to say the least. She threw her arms around me and hugged me and shouted “Uncle Bill, I missed you so much! Did you miss me?” She was still hugging me and holding me so tight, and I was feeling the effects, so I had to push her back. I could feel my face flush red, as I backed away from her and turned sideways, as to hide my surging hardon from my niece!

I sat back into my dad’s chair and crossed my legs to hide the effects she had on me. She was wearing a one piece swimsuit with a towel on her shoulders. I looked her over and said to her,”You look great Linda! I can’t believe how much you’ve grown into a young woman! You’ve really changed in the last 3 years! This can’t be the same skinny little runt that use to bug me all the time, no way!” My eyes started trailing all over her young firm body. She had developed great looking breasts and her legs were long and shapely and her ass was perfect! She turned around to model for me, which didn’t help matters any!

We just sat and talked for awhile catching up on things and my mom was going out the door to go to her hairdresser, saying,”Have fun you two and be home for dinner!” We both waived bye to her and I got up to go put some trunks on.

Linda poured us each a glass of ice coffee and had them waiting for me when I came back into the living room. You have to know, this took place in 1969,and back then most of the swim trunks for guys were tight jockey types! They left nothing to the imagination. I threw on a loose shirt and grabbed a towel and we grabbed our ice coffees and headed out the door. As we walked out to my 1964 Catalina, Linda walked in front of me. I had bought my Catalina prior to shipping out to Nam in 1966. Linda knew how to swing that fine ass of hers! What a tease she was! I shook it off and just reminded myself that she was my niece.

We started the drive to the lake which was about 7 miles up the road and I glanced at her to say something to her, but was thrown off guard! She was so dam pretty close up! I could see so much of her cleavage that I was at a loss for words! I couldn’t believe that my brother helped produce a young woman so stunning! She looked at me and said “So Uncle Bill, do you think I look like the same little girl you remembered or a am I a woman now? I know you like what you see, by the lump, I felt against me when we were hugging at grandma’s house! Don’t be afraid to tell me, I won’t tell anyone, I promise! You came back home with a great tan from all that sun over in Nam, you look great!” Then she kissed me on the cheek and her hand dropped to my leg just inches from my cock. She moved her hand just an inch closer and I grabbed her hand and pushed it away.

I said to her “Linda, you have always been my favorite niece and yes, you a very attractive etiler otele gelen escort woman, but you are only 18 and you are my niece! I do enjoy looking at you, but you must remember, I haven’t been around an attractive American woman in almost 3 years. I am your uncle and I will control myself and I expect you to do the same! OK?”

She smiled and noddded her head in agreement as we pulled into the lake parking lot and parked the car. We grabbed our towels and headed to the water. She dropped her towel and ran towards the water with me right behind her watching her ass cheeks bounce.

We were in the water about waist deep and she suddenly jumped up and dived head first into the water, with her ass sticking out just a mere foot or so from my face! She was teasing me doing her best to keep my attention. So I picked her up above my head and dumped her head first into the water! Splash! Then I did it again, splash! And then again, splash! She swam away from me and circled around me and came from behind. Suddenly I felt a hand grab my cock through my swim trunks and squeeze it real firm and then jerk it a few times, then let it go. The feel of her hand groping my cock and jerking it,sent me backwards into the water! She looked me in the eye and said, “How did that feel, Uncle Bill? That’s what you get for dumping me over and over in the water! I bet you won’t follow me back to the towels right now, will you?” She laughed, turned and shook her ass at me and ran towards the towels.

She was right. I had to stay in the water to let my cock go down and she just sat on her towel and laughed at me! I started thinking, what a bitch she is! She’s a fucking cock teasing bitch! I did enjoy feeling her hand on my cock. This young great looking cock teasing bitch, who was also my niece, was making it very tough for me. Just returning from Nam, about 4 or 5 days ago, I was, to say the least, very horny! It had been a long while since I had been with a woman, other than the occasional whore in Nam! Her near perfect body and the feel of her hand was almost too much for me to cope with. I just shook my head and told myself, “No way, she’s your niece! Forget it!”

So finally, I thought it was safe to leave the water so I walked to the towels and dried off and laid down on my towel. I looked at her and said “That wasn’t a very cool thing for you to do in front of others here at the lake! Someone could have seen you and reported it and caused me to get in trouble! You are a my niece and only 18 and I am 32!”

She looked at me and smiled real sexy like and said “No one else saw anything and no one knows who we are, so don’t worry about it, Uncle! Let’s lie back and enjoy the sun before we return back to Grandma’s.”

We were facing each other on our towels as we laid back, with my feet by her head and her feet by my head! As I looked her way,I discovered I was looking right at the crotch of her bathing suit. It was made of a very thin white (almost sheer) material and it was displaying the outline of her pussy! I could see a dark area, which I figured was her pubic hair. My eyes then noticed the material was indented into the slit of her pussy! I started thinking of what I would like to do to that young pussy with my tongue and hard cock!

I must have dosed off for awhile because I suddenly woke up and found myself alone. There were a couple of young women looking my direction and giggling. I looked around to see what was so funny and then I looked down and figured it out. My cock was still fairly hard and my guess is, that someone, probably Linda, sprinkled some sand around the shape of my cock and balls! I got up as quickly as I could, brushed myself off, wrapped the towel around my waist and went looking for my niece! I was furious with her! How could she do this to me?

She wasn’t in the water or anywhere on the beach, so I headed towards my car. She was sitting in the front seat laughing her head off! She said, “Hey Uncle Bill, you’re kind of big for an old guy! What’s in those trunks could be used as a secret weapon in some parts of the world! I wouldn’t mind being your next victim! How about it, Uncle Bill?”

I got into the car, started it up and drove out of the parking lot and said to her “If you weren’t my niece, I would show you just how much of a victim you would be, but you are family and I have to resist you!”

A mile down the etiler rus escort road she dropped her hand right on my cock and squeezed it firmly. I reached down and removed her hand and she reached right back over and grabbed me again, rubbing and squeezing my cock and balls! I tried moving her hand again, but she was fighting me! She had slid next to me on the seat and was trying to reached into my bathing suit to grab my cock with her bare hands.

Because of all this happening, my car was all over the road. So I looked ahead and spotted a dirt road that I knew lead to nowhere and I turned onto it. By the time I pulled onto it and drove in a quarter mile or so, Linda had my cock out and was stroking it with both hands. I pulled to the side of the road, shut the engine off, reclined my seat back and pulled my trunks completely off!

I looked her in the eye and said to her “You’ve been teasing me for the last 2 hours,and now you will see what happens when a man is teased so much! I hope you are ready for this and you had best keep your mouth shut about this, you hear me?”

She just looked at me and smiled, saying nothing, but nodding her head. She understood.

I reached over and pulled the top of her bathing suit down revealing her beautiful young perky breasts with large fat nipples! I reclined her seat back and went to work on her nipples with my tongue, lips and teeth. I was licking, sucking and nibbling on her two nipples which were beginning to swell! I never really was much of a breast man before,but suddenly I was really into these two. I couldn’t get enough of them. My mouth kept attacking first one, than the other, and than back. Her hands were still stroking my hard cock and scratching my balls and squeezing them. I knew I wasn’t going to last very much longer.

I released her breasts reluctantly and sat back and said to her “Now you little tease, show your Uncle Bill just how much you want him! Wrap those nice juicy lips of yours around my cock and suck me off!”

“You want me to give you a blow job? I’ll do that gladly, but you have to promise you won’t cum in my mouth! I’ve never let anyone cum in my mouth before. Please Uncle Bill?” she pleaded with me.

I just wanted some release, so I agreed and pulled her head down towards my aching cock. She immediately went to work licking my cock while her hands gently caressed my balls. Then I felt her lips enclosing around my cock head and they were so soft and yet firm. Her mouth starting plunging down on my cock, taking more and more of my cock into her mouth. She was using her tongue while her head bobbed up and down on my hard cock! I could feel the cum boiling in my balls and knew I was very close.

Then suddenly I felt her lips go all the way to my pubic hair and balls and knew she had taken all 8 inches of my hard cock into her mouth. I could feel my cock lodged in the back of her throat. She just stopped bobbing her head and just started doing a very strong suction on my cock while keeping the whole thing in her mouth! What a feeling to have this done to your cock! She seemed very experienced at this! She backed up a little to catch her breath and took it all the way again while performing that strong sucking action. This was all being done to me by my 18 year old niece and it was way too much for me!

I grabbed the back of her head, held it down and said,”Sorry Linda,I have to do this to you!” Then my cum started shooting in her mouth, blasting it’s way down her throat! My cock kept spurting cum into my niece’s mouth and throat while she was struggling to remove her head. I shot so much cum in her mouth and throat that it was escaping out of that corners of her lips! She couldn’t swallow fast enough to keep up! I continued to hold her head down until I finally felt the last of my cum deposit it self in her mouth.

I released her head and she immediately spit some of my cum out on my cock and balls. She screamed “You promised you wouldn’t do that to me! Why did you do that to me Uncle Bill? I’ve never done that to anyone before and you made me swallow most of it!” Then she licked her lips and found some of my cum left there and brought it into her mouth and tasted it. Her eyes got real big and she said “You know that doesn’t taste too bad at all!” Suddenly she lowered her head and licked my cock and balls until all of my cum was gone. She then swallowed that too!

She continued etiler türbanlı escort to work my cock and balls and I started to feel some more life return again. I told her to keep it up for awhile and I would reward her for her efforts. After a few more minutes, my cock was hard enough again, so I pushed her back and removed the rest of her swim suit. Her pussy was neatly trimmed and so darn juicy looking! Her vagina was already wet and waiting for me! Her mom was a former swimsuit model and probably told her to keep her pubic hair trim and neat!

I just lifted her ass up towards my face with her the back of her head crunched down on the front seat and the aroma of her pussy was intoxicating. I drove face first and my tongue just took over with a mind of it’s own! I started eating my little niece out. My tongue would lap at her clit and then worm it’s way into her pussy slit as far as it could go. My lips and tongue continued to work their magic on this young woman while she started to shake and tremble. “Yes Uncle Bill, eat my pussy! Please don’t stop, don’t stop eating my pussy! I feel something happening like I never felt before!” She was mashing her pussy right up into my face and then she released her juices! They flooded my mouth and I lapped it all up and then I gladly swallowed all her vagina offered me!

I then sat back on the front passenger side and had her straddle me with her legs on either side of me and facing me. I reached down and guided my cock into her pussy! She was so wet, warm and juicy! It slipped right in and went all the way up her vagina. She started screaming ” Oh gosh Uncle Bill, I love you! I never knew it could be like this. I’ve never had anyone make me cum before with their mouth or cock. I usually just suck my boyfriend’s cock and finish him with my hand and then I let let him finger me until I cum all over his hand. But I also use a dildo on myself. This is so much better than a dildo! I love you for showing me what it’s supposed to be like between a man and a woman! Thank you so much!”

The fact that she used a dildo on her self explained why my cock slipped into this never fucked before pussy so easily! I told her “Hang on Linda, I will take you for a ride you will never forget! A woman never forgets their first lover, just like a man never forgets his first! Hopefully, you will have all pleasant memories of this time. I know I will never forget this!”

She caught on real quick on how to meet a man’s thrusts into her vagina. We were making beautiful music together with all of our grunts and heavy breathing and fucking each other. My cock would piston itself in and out of her vagina and she would bounce up and down on my cock with her breasts bouncing in my face. We were fucking each other like animals in the wilderness! She was taking me all the way in to my balls. Her ass cheeks were bouncing off of my balls and turning me on even more!”How do you like your Uncle Bill now? You’ve sucked my cock and swallowed my cum and I’ve eaten your sweet pussy and swallowed your cum! And now we are like two animals fucking each other! You will never, ever forget your Uncle Bill! And I will always remember my little niece Linda!”

She said “Uncle Bill, I will never forget this, nor do I want to forget this! You’ve made me feel like a woman! I will never forget that for as long as I live! Thank you, thank you and thank you so much! I love you!” Then she bent over and kissed me on the lips and inserted her tongue into my mouth.

I kept thrusting my cock up to her and she kept thrusting her vagina down to me, driving each other crazy with desire! I was getting very close again and she started shaking and trembling again, so I knew she was also close. So I pumped my cock in and out of her pussy even faster and she was doing the same. Then she screamed out “I’m going to cum, I’m cumin and cumin”, and her juices were all over me and I released my cum in her pussy and it just started pouring out of her pussy onto my balls and legs. We just stayed there for about 10 min.before we unwrapped ourselves.

It was getting late, but we had to go back to the lake to take a quick dip to get rid of the smell of sex and sweat off of our bodies before returning back to my parents home.

We did that and returned back to my parents and that was the only time we ever got together like that. We both have fond memories of that day at the lake, but never mention it. I live out west now and she married and moved to another state also. We see each other every now and then at family functions like weddings or funerals every few years or so. We don’t mention it, but we both give each other that secret knowing smile that we share. She is happily married and has two daughters of her own. I am a widower with two grown sons!

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