My Name Is Eve Ch. 2

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The sun was now high in the sky and the day couldn’t have been more beautiful as we got into Adam’s car. Emma told him to take the top road to the pool; I didn’t know what the difference was but as we got to the top of a peak Adam stopped the car and I could see why she wanted to come this way.

The view was magnificent there were trees as far as the eye could see over looked by mountains rising out of the distance. In the valley below us was the lake we were headed for. It was surrounded by a sun drenched grass area that looked idyllic for any purpose.

“We want to build a house just there but we haven’t got enough money yet,” Emma said pointing at the far side of the lake.

I looked at her and asked, “You own this?”

She said, “Yes but not all of it, only to the edge of the park a mile or so in that direction to the road over there and to the bottom of that mountain pointing to a distant mountain that I could just make the peak out in the bright sunlight.”

I didn’t know what to say I just sat there overwhelmed by the landscape and what this young woman had just said to me. We got back into the car and set off down towards this haven of wonder. We pulled up by the lakeside and almost before the car had stopped Emma had stripped off and was out running across the grass, as I looked at her tanned skin she dived into the clear water disappearing from view. Adam got out of the car and walked to the edge of the water looking over the surface to see where his girlfriend would surface, he looked at his watch and back at the water there was no sign of her and he looked worried.

“I wish she wouldn’t do this,” he said loud enough for me to here every word.

It had been almost four minutes since she had disappeared and when I asked Adam what was the problem, he said. “She loves torturing me.”

I said, “From what I saw last night, it looked like it was you who likes torturing her.” He looked at me and smiled. Then there was a splash in the water it was Emma on the far side of the lake.

“Oh fuck,” Adam said and striped şişli grup yapan escort off and dived into the water and started to swim across the lake.

Emma waved to me as Adam continued to swim towards her. He looked amazing cutting through the water with an air of elegance. I watched as he got close to Emma and dived under the water and came up next to her and they started to kiss. It looked lovely in the distance.

I removed my jeans and T-shirt then gingerly entered the cool blue water; by the time I was half way in my nipples had hardened so I didn’t wait I just ducked my head under the water.

Getting the anticipation over with I swam around, all the time looking around this oasis.

It seemed like heaven until I heard a car pull up, I couldn’t see who it was as it was hidden from view by Adams car but I soon found out when a man’s voice boomed out, “Could you get out of the water miss?”

I looked around but it was obvious it was me he was referring to. I stepped out of the water and towards the car then I could see who it was giving the orders. It was the local Sheriff. I just stood there wondering what I had done wrong with water dripping from my swimsuit.

“What are you doing here and what are you doing with this car. Put you hands on the hood miss.”

I did as I was told, scared shit less. What had I done wrong? I was here by invitation so why was he hassling me?

“It’s my brother’s car and his girlfriend owns this land, so I think the question is, what are you doing on private land without a search warrant?” I said defiantly, but then I heard the click of his revolver and I quickly put my hands back on the hood of the car and shut my mouth before I got shot.

Then I felt the splash of water on my back and there were Adam and Emma standing in the water and the three of them started laughing.

“That was not funny,” I shouted at them and kicked some pebbles into the water hurting my foot.

“That’s my sister; you must be the Eve I have heard şişli masöz escort so much about,” the sheriff said pointing into the water and I just looked at him stupidly saying, “Sorry.” Emma walked out of the water without a shred of embarrassment and kissed him on the cheek, and then introduced us properly.

“Vernon this is Eve Adam’s sister. Eve this is my Big Brother Vernon.”

“You coming in?” she asked Vernon, but he shook his head and asked us to keep an eye out for a red pick-up truck, and we said we would.

He got back into his cruiser and said, “Eve are you going to the bash tonight for Sue?”

I looked around at Emma and Adam not knowing what the hell he was talking about.

“What are you looking for a date again?” Emma asked.

He smiled at her and pulled off without saying another word. I jumped back in the water splashing both of them Emma rushed up to me and grabbed my swim suit, pulling it off my shoulders and down to my knees, then off my legs with one yank and threw it on to the hood of the car. Then she swam off quickly before I could catch her but I swam after her, trying to keep pace with Adam laughing at my predicament.

I finally caught her, or did she let me catch her? As I grabbed her foot and dragged her body to mine she was not out of breath or anything. The thoughts of the previous night raced through my mind and I guess out of lust or instinct I wrapped my naked arms and legs around her firm body and kissed her full on the lips. At first she didn’t respond but then I felt her hand encircle my body and return my embrace. We were locked there for several minutes treading water and kissing. It was as if it was meant to be; everything felt right.

Emma broke away from me; had I made a mistake? Had I spoiled everything? I did not know what to think but soon she gave me the answer to my questions by diving under the cool water, then I felt her hands running up my thighs. It sent me wild, then to top it all I felt her warm tongue against my sex. She ran the şişli otele gelen escort tip from front to back several times. The feeling of the cool water and her tongue was enough to start me panicking and I lost the ability to concentrate on what I was doing. I was treading water totally out of my depth while a woman I had known for just 24 hours was making love to me; strange how this weekend was working out. Emma came up for air and I regained some composure but not for long.

She said, “You liked that didn’t you?”

I was unable to speak as her fingers now replaced her tongue. This time she parted my lips and found my clit immediately and she began to work me into an orgasm. As it built I realised that all my troubles at University were over. I now knew that I was meant to make love to women not men, and all the emotions I had been feeling were just my pent up sexuality. It felt like my life had been lifted to another plane of existence as the waves of my first woman-on-woman orgasm filled my body.

As I totally lost it to the overwhelming power of my orgasm I saw a flash of light high up on the hill but I didn’t care. Her fingers were plunging into me while her thumb continued the attention on my clit. As she sent me over the top I almost drowned as I totally lost all control over the actions of my legs that were the only things keeping me afloat.

As I became one with the overwhelming force of my orgasm I felt something moving between my legs. I looked over my shoulder and realised it was Adam and his prick was now rubbing along the crack were his lover’s fingers had been so busy I was shocked but Emma grabbed my head and said, “Just let it happen, you know you want it; you told me last night.”

Now it all was coming to place why my bed was tidy and my vibrator was on the side table. My mind was a wash as I felt his prick rubbing along my pouting lips. Just the feel of it started me off on another orgasmic trip but then I realised what was happening to me. My brother was trying to have sex with me and this was not right.

“No,” I shouted and splashed around in the water and made my way to the edge of the lake then quickly got my clothes on before Emma or Adam could catch me. I sat on the hood of Adam’s truck until they walked out of the water hand in hand.

Emma asked if I was all right.

I just said, “Yes but can we go home,” and so we did…

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