My English Teacher Ch. 01

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Every single day Roxy would sit in class staring at her English lecturer in university as he spoke some of the most romantic words that have ever been written. Roxy was 5ft7 with long blonde hair green eyes and a nice average size 12. Her teacher was no prince charming, he wasn’t gorgeous with an amazing body, as far as she could tell, but to her he was perfect in every way from his blue eyes to his formal haircut. She thought that he liked her, not in the teacher student way but more of a lustful way, but that may have just been wrong interpretations or and how she was thinking, but she decided to find out.

Roxy got up extra early that morning to make sure she looked good enough. She had 6ft size 8 skinny models in her class to compete with so she felt the need to put in some effort. She put on her black leather skirt, black ankle boots with a heel and a red sleeveless top with a leather jacket on top. She hoped that today he may notice her a little bit more…She was ready, this was the day she would make it happen.

Roxy walked into the hall and took off her jacket. She walked straight past him trying to make him notice her by coughing a little loud. He looked, but then just looked away again.

“Well this was going well,” she thought. She her took her seat and prayed for an opportunity in class for something to happen, but it didn’t so she took her opportunity after the class was finished.

She walked over to her teacher’s desk and purposefully leaned over the desk hoping that finally he would notice her. “Sir, please can i talk to you for a moment.”

He looked up, seemingly surprised at what he saw. “Ahem, yes Roxy you can.”

“I really need to get a B this year and well I’m not the cleverest student ever, so I was wondering if you would be interested in offering me some extra tuition?” She gave him the most sultry look she could as he clearly glanced down at her chest.

“Erm yes of course I could… yes…” He said this as he stammered a little. “I can yes, erm how about tomorrow at 5pm?”

“That suits me just fine, sir, thank you.” She flashed him a quick smile and walked out. Tomorrow is the kağıthane escort day.

The next day went by quickly up until 4:30pm when she finished off getting ready to go and see him. She knocked on his door and he called for her to come in. He was seated at his desk, marking papers. When he saw it was Roxy he seemed a bit startled.

“Oh! Roxy you’re… erm, you’re early.” He looked me up and down.

“Only by 5 minutes, sir. I’m very serious about my studies.”

“Yes, I can see that, erm… take a seat right here.” He gestured for her to sit next to him.

She moved herself as close as she could to him and made sure her legs were well in “accidental” touching distance.

“So we’re doing Shakespeare right now and we go through most things in class what is it that you’re finding hard?”

“Well, it’s most things. I find it hard to understand the words, trying to find meaning in certain passages, I just really need help”

“Okay well let’s take a look at your…” There. He did it, he touched her leg, accidentally of course but he touched it. “Sorry I, let’s just look at your notes shall we.”

She smiled at how cute she found it that he was so embarrassed. 40 minutes later and she was bored, so she decided to try and up the stakes.

“So if you take a look at this passage and how it’s been analyzed, it might give you some insight…” He prattled on.

The book was on the other side of the desk so Roxy decided to take the opportunity of putting her hand on his leg and leaning over the desk to get the book. She heard him take a deep breath in. She grabbed the book and read the passage like nothing had happened. She could feel his eyes staring at her. She looked up at him as he was still staring, transfixed at her.

She leaned over to him and put her hand on his chest as she felt his heavy breathing. Their lips were inches away. They softly kissed for a short moment. When he realized what they were doing he slowly backed away, still staring at her. She smiled at him as no words were exchanged for what to them felt like years. Roxy grabbed her stuff and walked out the door and simply said “See you in class, kartal escort sir.”

The next time Roxy was in class with him was pretty awkward. He wouldn’t even look her way and if she tried to offer an answer, he would pick another person and ask them, even if they had no clue. At the end of class she decided to speak to him to try and sort it out.

“Hey Sir are you okay?”

He didn’t even look up from his papers. “Yes I’m fine.”

“It’s just that you didn’t even look at me in class.”

“I don’t have to look at you in class.”

“Yes, but what happened yesterday, you know, when we…”

“That wasn’t what you though it was.”

“Yes it was. We kissed and you enjoyed it.”

“It was a mistake that won’t be happening again.”

“Fine.” She wasn’t going to give up. She grabbed his keys without him noticing walked over to the door and put the lock on.

He finally looked up at her. “What are you doing?” His annoyance was obvious.

“I’m doing what we both want, locking us in a room together.”

He stood up from his desk as she took the key off the ring. He started to walk over to her when she slipped the key down her cleavage, and pushed it as far down as possible.

“Don’t be stupid Roxy, give me the key now.”

“Well if you want it, come and get it.” She leaned against the door and stared at him sensually. He looked at her, frustrated, refusing to do anything.

“How about I help you out?” She took her shirt off and slowly walked toward him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pushed her chest against his.

“Roxy, stop it, please.”

She almost put her shirt back on but she knew she had to do this. “You want your key? Come and get it.”

He pushed her off him gently so she leaned against the door. He knew what he had to do, so he kissed her lips and placed his hands and her shoulders and massaged them. He slowly moved his hand to her back and unclipped her bra. As he took her bra off they both heard the key drop to the floor. He stopped kissing her and stared lustfully into her eyes. He leant down and grabbed the key and her shirt.

“You best put this back on before you küçükçekmece escort leave.” He covered her chest with the shirt and bra and walked away from her. She knew that this was just the start, so reluctantly she decided to put her bra and shirt back on.

“Step away from the door, Roxy.” She moved out of his way and he unlocked the door. She wanted to be sure that all this wasn’t for nothing, so she took a quick glance down and saw a hard bulge between his legs, and giggled slightly.

“I’ll leave you to deal with that then, sir.” She said this as they both looked down and saw what had grown. She looked back at him as she left and gave him a quick wink.

She stood around the corner waiting to hear the sound that would confirm all she suspected, and she heard it: the lock on his door. He’d put the key in, and turned it to sort out his little problem. She then walked away satisfied with what she’d done.

He sat in his chair frustrated at what he had done and at how turned on it had made him. He knew that he had to deal with the swelling in his pants before he left. He hesitantly moved his hands to where the bulge had grown. He rubbed the hard area above his pants as he felt it grow. He slowly unzipped his pants and reached into his boxers to pull out the hard erection that he hadn’t felt in quite some time.

He slowly moved his hand up and down his cock as he felt himself getting turned on even more. He looked to the door where his sexual encounter with Roxy had just happened and imagined how things would’ve turned out if he’d given in. He started grasping his cock tighter and rubbing harder as he imagined having sex with his sexy student who turned him on like no other woman had ever done. He felt himself climax as he bit his lip stopping any sound from escaping his mouth apart from the name “Roxy”.

He exploded as his cum splashed underneath his desk. He lay there with his cock still in his hand as it started to become softer, his breaths started to become less labored as he realized what had happened. He had just masturbated to the thought of his student having sex with him and whispered her name as he came for the first time in ages. He quickly zipped himself back up grabbed his belongings and left for home.

“Thank God it’s the weekend,” he muttered to himself. “I don’t have to see her for two whole days.” But he knew that come Monday morning she would be there, and that what she wanted, and he didn’t want but now longed for, was going to happen.

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