My Daughter’s Slumber Party

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My daughter Jenny had recently turned 18, and was trying to assert her maturity. In this, she’d invited two of her friends over and had informed me in so many words, that I was to leave the house for the evening so they could do “girl things.”

Her mother and I had broken up a few years earlier. She was going through some mid-life crisis, and was off fucking some kid 10 years younger than me; I hope she was happy because I sure wasn’t. In spite of all this, I still loved Jenny’s mom terribly, and wasn’t fully over it yet. With her leaving me, at least I had gotten to keep the house and our daughter, and Jenny and I had a great relationship. I trusted her completely, and when she told me to get out, I simply laughed at her and went to the bar.

It really wasn’t a bad evening. I went down to the local watering hole, enjoyed a few beers, and watched the game on the big screen TV. After it was all over, I’d probably had a few more to drink than I really should have, and, against my better judgment, chose to drive home anyway.

It wasn’t far, and I was home in a flash. I had to leave the car on the street because Jen’s friends had parked in the driveway.

I walked in and found most of the lights out, but things pretty quiet. I locked the door, and proceeded to turn out the rest of the lights.

I walked downstairs to where the girls were expecting to hear them, but all was quiet there too. I looked, and the girls were in their pajamas and asleep. I laughed to myself thinking about how silly they’d been banishing me from the house just so they could fall asleep early in the back living room.

But then I took a little closer look and recognized the tell tale signs of their little evening drinking party right down to and including the empty fifth of Jim Beam. I walked over and shook my daughter a little bit, and she didn’t move; she didn’t even give a hint that she knew I was there. I then walked over and shook her friends a bit and received the same non-response.

I don’t normally think of myself as a dirty old man, heck, I’m not even that old, but seeing these girls in their short nighties and being completely unresponsive suddenly sent an evil thought racing through my head. You see, since my wife left me a year and half ago, I’ve been completely celibate, and my daughters friends, at that age where they’re not quite girls and not quite women, simply possess some of the most beautiful flesh that will ever be seen. I will admit to having watched her friends play in our pool in their bikini’s many times and wished I could go and just gawk at them. But I was always a good dad. The worst beşiktaş anal yapan escort I’d ever done was to take a few photos of them, supposedly for Jenny’s scrap book, but I’d kept a digital copy and would sometime use them when jerking off at night.

But that wasn’t the plan formulating in my brain tonight…

I started by walking over to her friend Julie. I must admit, she was the definition of what my dirty mind always had wanted; she was an absolutely beautiful little blonde princess. The problem with her additionally was that she knew it, and made sure everyone else knew it. She’d flirt with me when my daughter wasn’t looking, by prancing around the place in tight t-shirts and little pushup bras, sometimes even rubbing her little girl boobs on me in some relatively noticeable ways. She also had a cute little butt which she seemed to like to show to me while sunbathing at our pool. I’m sure that she thought it was all in good fun, but it drove me crazy, and she probably knew it.

And now it was my turn to play.

I finally reached out and rubbed her small teen-age boobs.

Julie didn’t move.

I got a little bolder, and pushed my hand under her nighty, touching a little more of her tit-flesh, then went for a little more and pinched her nipples. I reached over and pushed the straps off her shoulder and worked the top down until her beautiful young breasts were on full display. Oh they were beautiful, just like I knew they would be. The aureoles almost the same color as the rest of her pink skin and capped with pert nipples that must stand up on their own. Even in her drunken state, her beautiful tits stood away from her body. I spent a little time rubbing her ass and the inside of her thighs, but didn’t want to waste it all on just her.

Amy was a pretty brunette, and just little bit heavier that Julie. This was okay with me though as it made her curves a little softer and fuller which is a nice way to say that it really pumped up her chest. I’d always admired her tits because her nipples were always sticking through her bikini top. After shaking her a little bit to see if she’d move, I didn’t waste much time pulling her night gown straps down like Julie’s and pinched her large brown nipples until they were hard. I probably could have guessed their shape and feel just from watching her in her bikini, but to have her fully exposed and laying helpless below me like this was an amazing power trip. At this point, I sucked on her nipples savoring the taste of her skin before pulling out my cell phone and taking a quick picture for later beşiktaş bdsm escort of each of the topless girls.

I sat back for a minute after unwrapping my two presents, and just examined my two prizes comparing their bodies. I decided to start with Amy. Not because of her boobies, but what I really liked on Amy was her thighs and what lay in between. I rubbed the inside of her legs, slowly pushing the skirt of her night gown up and her thighs apart enjoying the feel and smell of her soft skin. And then there it was, she wore small form fitting white cotton bikini panties, but what made it especially precious was the pubic hair sticking out from the edges. There wasn’t a lot of it, she clearly kept it trimmed, but her dark brown pubes contrasting with the pink soft skin and white panties was an incredible site. The way her panties pulled up inside her pussy lips almost sent me over the edge right there.

I carefully rolled both girls over onto their bellies and pulled their panties off. I was ready to fuck these little teenage girls. I looked at them one last time, lusting after their beautiful little butts and their lovely little furry pussies, comparing the pubic hair and the gape on their still high and tight fuck holes.

Something in my head should have stopped me, but maybe it was the alcohol that didn’t let reason get in the way. I rolled on a rubber, got the KY jelly and greased up.

I fucked Amy first. I entered her with a little push, then started taking longer and longer strokes until I bottomed out inside of her. She barely moved as I humped the little teen age girl, and she was so good and tight. But I knew I didn’t want to waste it all on her, so I then moved over to Julie, and did the same thing enjoying the feel of her little teen-age cunt. I did this for a few moments, alternating back and forth, first fucking one girl, then the other. Sometimes, while fucking one of them, I’d reach over and fondle the other girl’s breasts, or feel her ass trying to enjoy them both at once.

I couldn’t believe my good fortune having a wonderful time going from being inside one girl before switching and impaling the other onto my stiff member, but somewhere in my brain, reason finally kicked in. In the morning, the girls would know something had happened, and the logical candidate would be me. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me earlier, prior to me fucking those two beautiful teen age girl cunts. But now, it was obvious to me that no matter how beautiful, and perfect, and unspoiled they were, or how good the fuck was, the consequences if caught were beşiktaş elit escort severe.

Now what…

What I had to do hit me like a ton of bricks, and I immediately put my plan into action. I pulled my cock out of Julie, and rolled Jenny over onto her stomach and pulled her panties off, just like her friends. I couldn’t believe I was about to do this, but I had to fuck my daughter, my precious little girl. I had to fuck my little Jenny just like I’d been fucking her friends. No one would accuse me of having sex with my daughter, and I could leave the backdoor open to imply someone else had come, done the deed, and left.

It was odd, looking at her in this light, I looked down at her and began stroking my cock realizing how much she looked like my ex, right down to the pucker in her nipples, and the shape of her calves.

I positively thought my cock was going to burst right there.

I pushed her legs apart like I had her friends, and pressed inside of her nicely trimmed snug little hole. It was then that I realized that there was even more she shared with her mother, her pussy felt just like the one on her mom, just 18 years younger.

And I fucked her… I fucked my daughter long and hard, with my mind alternating between the emotions of joy and shame. Both emotions were in truth almost the same, joy in the physical sensation, and shame, not from the actual act of fucking my daughter, but instead from how much I was enjoying it. I reached up, played with her young breasts then slid my hand to her ass crack and fingered her little asshole, just like I used to do when fucking my wife. She was just so beautiful laying there as I gave it to her; her eyes were closed, but her mouth was open and I could hear her labored breathing with each thrust I took. Her young boobs were bouncing up and down and when I pulled out, I could see her little snatch was now fully lubricated and gaping open from the fucking I was giving her.

And then it happened. It was too much and I couldn’t help myself; I shot rope after rope after rope of cum while inside my beautiful daughter’s cunt. I shot so hard, I was sure I’d broken the condom.

I laid there for just a minute with my softening cock inside of my Jenny stroking her firm youthful body underneath me before finally pulling out; the rubber was thankfully still intact. I gave each of her friends one last little pat on the ass, took a few more photos, and pulled their tops back up and tried to pull their panties back up. I left the room pretty quickly after that, leaving the back door unlocked to make it look like someone had come and left.

The girls slept late the next morning, but seemed a little quiet even after that, presumably from headaches. But it could have been from their collective knowledge that something had happened last night, and they couldn’t remember who had come (cum?) in and what had gone on when they were in their inebriated states.

I never said a word.

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