My Daughter Home from College

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It was very late when the thunderstorm rolled in. I for the better part of the night had been up watching some porn. A bright flash filled the room followed by a loud crack that shook the house. My 18 year old daughter’s feet scampered across the hall and burst through the door and lunged into the bed. I abruptly turned the tv off.

“Daddy can I sleep with you?” Emma asked.

Her sweet young face was screwed up in frightened frown.

“Sure baby. Of course.” I said.

Another bolt of lightning and she was under the covers curling herself around my waist. I swallowed hard, hoping that she wouldn’t notice it. Her arm touched my cock, slightly grazed it but I was still dripping with precum. She lifted the covers and tilted her head as if looking at something she’d never seen before. She was an intelligent girl and at her age she had seen videos online and talked with her friends about it. She just stared at it for a long time until she looked up at me with her sweet blue eyes.

“Does it hurt daddy?” She asked.

“No. Daddy’s alright.”

I put the covers back down and she rolled to face away from me. A part of me was curious as to what she might do with it but I let the thought pass.

“Will you hold me daddy?” She asked.

I moved in close and wrapped my arms around her and positioned my swollen cock so it laid on the outside of her nightgown. She fell asleep moments later.

Another week passed by before another heavy thunder storm rolled in. As before Emma lunged into my bed and curled up with me. I was prepared this beşiktaş escort time and I had on some boxers and was watching the National Geographic channel. Something about sharks. Emma wrapped her arms around me and her hand rested just above my belly button. My cock twitched and I forced the sensation down but still grew. I tried focusing on the tv, “the sharks. Think of the sharks” I told myself but that faded when I realized Emma’s hand was drifting. Ever so slowly it was drifting, downwards and over my boxers and she found my growing hardness.

“Is it always hard daddy?” She asked innocently.

“Not always.” I replied.

“How come it’s hard now?” She asked.

A moment of panic, curiosity and adrenaline rushed through me.

“Because your touching it baby.” I said. She didn’t reply and I wondered what she was thinking. She kept her hand there and after a while I realized she had fallen to sleep holding my cock in her hand.

The next day went by like any other and there weren’t going to be any storms for another week or so. I turned on my porn and leaned back, threw my boxers in the hamper and relaxed. My relaxation lasted a full twenty minutes before my door creaked open and Emma walked in. I took the remote, turned the tv off and pulled the covers up. My daughter walked in and crawled into bed and snuggled up next to me without a single word. Her hand went to my cock again, though this time she was looking up at me never leaving my eyes. Her eyes studied my face looking for something, though I wasn’t beşiktaş eve gelen escort sure what. Her hand touched my cock and rested there.

“Daddy? Do you like it when I touch you there?” She asked.

It did feel good there was no lie, but my daughter, it was my daughter. Should it feel good? She squeezed my cock and I groaned.

“Yes.” I said. She started stroking my cock gently.

“How about this?” She asked.

“Yes.” I groaned again.

She stroked me for a long time and then stopped.

“Will you touch me daddy?” She asked. My mind swirled in circles.

“Sure baby.” I said and I slipped my hand between her legs. Her pussy was soaked. As I slid a finger between her lips she breathed heavily and again each time I did it. Her cute lips parted seductively as my finger slid into her warm wet pussy.

“Yes daddy.” She whined. Grinding herself on my finger as I pushed it in. Then all at once she stiffened and cringed. I pulled my finger back to find it coated with blood. I popped my daughter’s cherry. That ended the night with me cleaning her up and she joined me back in bed. I held her as she slept.

The next several nights were all like this. She would rub me and I her. On a Friday night after college she joined me in bed. It started off like usual she touched me and I touched her and this time I got Emma into a frenzy where she orgasmed. Such a sweet little whine and moan. She lied back and breathed hard and then threw back the covers and sat on top of me. Her pussy beşiktaş grup yapan escort wet as she slid up and down the length of my cock. I could feel it rising. Our eyes met and for that moment I forgot she was my daughter. That moment stretched on for another and another. My cock arched up and the head pricked the opening of her pussy. Her eyes went wide and then she wiggled her self onto my cock. Inch by inch whining and moaning all the while.

“Your so warm daddy.” She said. “Big too.”

She pushed down and then up revealing thin blood on my cock. A click without a condom I realized.

“Baby I need to-” I said but she shook her head furiously.

“Stay Daddy. Please stay.”

I could not refuse. I took her by the waist and pushed my cock deep inside her. I saw her pain and then her pleasure. I moved slowly gaining speed as time went on. Her pussy tightened and then she rode me hard and moaned with another orgasm this one stretched on for a long while. She took over and rode me faster then before and I was aware of my sensitivity and the growing pain in my balls.

“Emma love. Let’s slow down for a moment.” I said. She shook her head again.

“No daddy I’m so close. Don’t stop daddy. Can’t stop. It feels so good.” She whined. That only brought me closer to the edge. “Honey I’m going to cum. Emma I-” she slid herself down on me.

“Cum for me daddy. Make me yours daddy. I want you daddy. Make me your girl.”

I lost control and reason. I turned her over into her back, clasped my hands with hers and started fucking her hard. Tears welled up in her eyes but a smiled spread across her face.

“Yes daddy.” She arched beneath me. “I’m ready daddy. Yes!” She tightened and I let loose a groan and buried myself deep in her pussy. Each thrust and pulse of my cock unloading another tablespoon full of sperm. Warm and thick.

“Yes daddy. I’m yours.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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