Movie with Mom

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We had just shifted back to our old place as my father got posted out. We were comfortable to be with my grand mom and uncles in one house. My mother would look after the house. It had been 6 months since my father had gone; we did have social life, as some uncles would drop in sometimes. Some times they came with their wives and sometimes they were alone. Since they would come frequently no one minded so much. My mom always took me when we went out for some gathering.

One day it was panned that we go for a movie on the weekend. I waited for it so eagerly as I had never been to the drive in before. At last the weekend came and we got ready to go. My mom was dressed in a pink sari with black blouse. The sleeveless blouse did little to cover her big tits. I was feeling horny by then. She had wrapped the sari tight around herself. Her buttocks protruded out, big and juicy. At 7.30 PM sharp uncle V came to pick us up from the house. We told at home that we would be back by 1 after the movie. The drive in was an hour and a half away. I sat in front with my mom and V said we need to pick up two more uncles from the next stop.

We reached the other house and uncle M and P were waiting for us. They had a huge food hamper eve gelen escort and chocolates for me. My mom said I should sit in front with the basket as she got in the rear with P & M. That was all there were no other women even though two of them P & V were married. Only M was a bachelor. To hell with them if they didn’t want to enjoy the movie I wanted to get to the theatre fast. We had barely started when I heard giggling at the back. I didn’t want to turn abruptly as wicked thoughts came to my mind. Slowly I watched V as he was driving looking into the rear view mirror every time. I wanted to know what was so interesting. I slowly turned to see my mom in between P & M as they were openly massaging her tits. She had closed her eyes and letting them do it. I could see only 2 hands, there was action down too but I couldn’t see that.

It was dark on the road as well as in the car so they couldn’t see me staring. I looked on as P opened her blouse and had the left boob out; he got stuck on it as if it would disappear. My mom was moaning now. I realized this movie thing was just an excuse for my mom to get fucked.

I was getting real hot watching all this, when V said he was tired and fatih escort let M come in to drive. Guess he too wanted some action out of my mom. Some how we reached the drive-in till then my mom had straightened up and looking decent again. We got in and parked right at the end where there were absolutely no cars except us. We spread out a blanket and waited for the movie to start. When the ads started P said we should go get pop corn and off we went, till we came back V and my mom were inside the car, I asked why and M said she was feeling cold outside. Well we sat down to see the movie and every time I would wonder why my mom’s head was going up and down. It suddenly hit me she was blowing V in the car. I lost total interest in the movie.

Then V came out after a while and P got in the car with M. I was getting desperate to see what was going on and soon got the chance when V dozed off, he was tired with all that cock sucking he got. I got up and went up to the car to see my mom’s sari was up and her legs were one over the back seat and one over the front seat. She was lying on the back seat with P in between her fleshy white thighs as he fucked her in that small space.

He was bucking like halkalı anal yapan escort a wild horse fucking her fat pussy. While he was fucking her M was in the front seat stroking his cock with one hand and with the other he was rubbing my moms heavy thigh which was on the front seat .My moms sari and her petticoat was bunched up at her waist as she was getting fucked. In a few minutes P shot his load in her cunt, he looked very tired. He got off cleaned his cock with her sari and came out. I hid under lowering myself. He was going towards the restrooms. Now M came back, my mom was lying in the same position. He put his hand on her cunt and felt all the cum in her oozing out. He then got her up and made her bend, facing away from him. He slapped her buns and was stroking his cock against her ass. I was just behind him; I could see my mom’s ass and her pussy spread out with cum dribbling down her thighs. Anyway she was ready for his cock when he shoved it in. He was riding her fast. Sometimes bending forwards to squeeze her tits. His balls were slapping her pussy as he fucked her. He couldn’t last long as he came in her pussy. My mom just flopped down under his weight.

I ran back to the blanket, V was still sleeping, P returned from the restroom. My mom had got down from the car and was going towards the restroom with M.

We some how finished the movie and got back to the house. I wanted to shag off so bad; I got into the bathroom and wanked my cock off. I was waiting so desperately for the next time drive in movie.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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