Mom Needs It

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For a brief, insane moment I feared they could hear the pounding in my chest. I jerked my head back around the corner and leaned against the wall in the hallway, struggling to catch my breath, trying in vain to force my heartbeat to slow.

I only watched for a second or two. Or ten. But the image was seared into my brain. The sight of my son kneeling at the side of his bed, face buried between his girlfriend’s legs. He was fully naked, his penis erect. Her head was thrown back, mouth agape.

And there I was, cloaked in the deep shadows outside his room, feeling a small spot of heat between my own legs.

I chastised myself, called myself a pervert, a dirty old woman. I am his mother, after all. I was invading his privacy. Worse yet, for a fleeting moment I wished that I was the one on that mattress.

My name is Rebecca, and I’m a nursing supervisor at a local hospital. I was working the four-to-midnight shift that Friday night, so my son Kyle certainly thought he’d have all evening with Allison. But the overnight supervisor wanted some extra hours, so I knocked off around nine.

I wasn’t especially quiet entering the house, but neither of the teen lovers had heard me approach. Kyle had a pair of thighs squeezing his head, and Allie was probably too focused on her own pleasure. And approaching orgasm, if I wasn’t mistaken.

I listened as her moans began to crescendo. The bed was squeaking slightly, and I pictured her thrusting her narrow hips against my son’s face.

I told myself that I was trapped there outside Kyle’s room. In truth, our modest house is built on a concrete slab, so I could have easily padded down the carpeted hallway without fear of a creaking floorboard. But I was rooted to that spot. And as the seconds ticked by, I found myself unable to resist taking another look. I told myself that I was aroused only by the sheer eroticism of the sight, not any incestuous yearnings. I slowly leaned back toward the door and turned to peak in with one eye.

Their smooth, flawless young bodies were bathed in the bluish glow of a nearly full moon. Across the room a computer monitor added more light to the sexy scene.

Kyle was holding Allie’s slender thighs up and apart, and her ankles were high in the air. She now had her head down and eyes open, watching as my son feasted on her snatch. She was holding her own small tits and occasionally squeezing her nipples as she urged him on.

“That’s it, baby… yes… you make me feel so good!” Allie’s teeth were clenched and she was almost hissing at him. I expected the dirty words to starting flowing any second, but they never did.

“Kyle — you’re making me cum! Oh god! Oh god! Oh yes!”

At that point she began grunting in a rhythm that must have matched the ebb and flow of her orgasm. That continued for nearly a minute, and Kyle kept licking and sucking to prolong her climax. I felt oddly proud of my son for being able to please a woman so completely.

I had never watched another woman have an orgasm, so I was momentarily spellbound. It wasn’t until Allie began to recover and start stroking Kyle’s hair that I realized I had been rubbing my own pussy through my skirt. Struck by another pang of guilt, I pulled my hand away.

But I couldn’t tear my eyes away as a smiling Kyle rose to his feet and bent down to kiss his girlfriend. Quick as a flash she reached over and grabbed a hand towel to wipe his glistening mouth and chin. Then she allowed him to kiss her on the lips but kept them tightly shut.

Strange, I thought. I always enjoyed tasting myself on a man during my post-orgasmic bliss. If it was me, I would have eagerly opened my mouth for him and sucked my cream from his talented tongue. Wait — what was I thinking? This is my son!

Kyle stood up and gently pulled his girlfriend to a seated position on the bed. He was standing between her parted thighs, and his rigid cock stood proudly out.

It was the first time I’d seen him naked since I bathed him as a toddler. He wasn’t bashful, so it was common for him to walk down the hallway in only a towel or work out in nothing but gym shorts.

But as he stood naked and aroused, I saw my 18-year-old as a man for the first time. He was tall and slender but muscled, a body built perfectly for the varsity basketball and swimming that he loved. His dark, short-cropped hair framed a handsome face and piercing green eyes.

Those eyes now gazed down upon Allison Gray, his girlfriend for the past six or seven months. She wasn’t beautiful, but certainly pretty with a nice figure. She was tall, slender and athletic just like Kyle. They often jogged together, and she too was a competitive swimmer. Allie’s skin was always bronzed, either from a tanning bed or many hours outdoors. She had small, pointy tits but was blessed with the longest legs I’d ever seen.

As Kyle stroked her cheek with the backs of his fingers, it was obvious to me what he wanted. He’d just brought her off with his mouth, and it was time for her to reciprocate. But Allie didn’t illegal bahis act on the subtle cue, so Kyle began leading her left hand toward his cock and simply murmured, “Please.”

The girl gave a small twisted smile as if to say, “If I must.” A part of me was frustrated with her, and I began to think of her as a cold fish.

She dutifully leaned forward and planted a few kisses on the tip of his hard, twitching prick. A string of pre-cum followed her lips as she pulled away, and Allie wiped it away absentmindedly. Then she took the base of his shaft between her thumb and forefinger and began stroking it up and down. Every few seconds she would kiss or lick the swollen head, and occasionally take it into her mouth. But she never sucked more than an inch or so.

“Ah, yes… Allie… that’s nice…” Kyle cooed. But surely he wanted more. Surely he’d love her to sink down on his cock and suck it properly.

Allie worked on my son’s prick for several minutes before I could tell he was getting close to cumming. He stood motionless and patient, avoiding any temptation to buck his hips or pull her further down his shaft.

“Oh god… I’m gonna cum, Allie,” my son quietly warned. She pulled her face away and grabbed the towel as she continued jerking his dick. She covered his manhood with terry cloth and squeezed it as Kyle groaned and clenched his ass cheeks with orgasmic release.

I couldn’t help but feel a bit sorry for him. Sure, he was getting lucky with his pretty little girlfriend. But he looked almost pathetic standing there pumping his seed into a towel. He could have done that himself. And seeing Allie’s practiced manner, I knew this must be their routine.

Losing my voyeuristic nerve, I retreated down the hallway to my own room and silently closed the door. I flopped on the bed and stared at the ceiling as a riot of thoughts and images filled my head. I slipped my hand beneath my skirt and panties and rubbed myself to orgasm. It was quick and intense but unfulfilling.

I was racked with guilt for lingering in my son’s doorway and invading his most private moments. Why was I unable to walk away? Was it just a normal, natural desire to view something sexy? Or was it worse than that? Did I want to be in Allison’s place, committing forbidden acts with my son?

I thought again about his strong, youthful body and his impressive cock. A clear image of it remained in my mind. It didn’t appear to be one of those fat cunt-stretching shafts, but it was admirably long at seven inches or so. It also had that slight upward bend that stimulates your pussy’s sensitive front wall. I admitted that it would feel amazing to have him on top of me, easing his full length into my neglected cunt.

That neglect, I decided, was the problem. I married young and divorced young, leaving myself a single mother at the age of 39. That also put me near the peak of my sexuality, which probably explained my frequent horny urges.

Holding down a demanding job and raising a son on my own, I seldom had time to date. I once had a hot little fling with a doctor, and we even fucked a few times on a hospital bed. But that was almost a decade ago when I was still dumb enough to risk my job for a quickie. For the past couple of years, a vibrator and shower head had provided my only sexual release.

I thought about Allison and how lucky she was. A young, nubile teenager blessed with a handsome boyfriend who was eager to please her. But she was surely wasting that opportunity every time she and Kyle were alone together. As I just witnessed, she seemed repulsed by the act of sucking cock. I doubted she had let my son fuck her either. He deserved better.

Was it possible I could give it to him?

I knew the very thought was so wrong, so dirty. But I loved my son more than anything in the world, and I wanted him to be happy and fully satisfied. Besides, I literally ached for a hard cock, and there was one in my own house that was shamefully underused. Perhaps I could be my son’s personal sex teacher, molding him into the perfect lover for the young women who’d be lucky enough to have him.

Back and forth, back and forth, my mind swung like a pendulum between longings for forbidden fruit, and waves of consuming guilt. Finally I drifted off to a fitful sleep.

I awoke early the next morning, for a moment not sure whether the whole thing had been a dream. But I quickly realized I had slept in my clothes on top of the bed, and knew that my memories and incestuous thoughts were indeed real.

Then as I heard Kyle in the kitchen, it occurred to me that he must be a nervous young man. Whenever he and Allie emerged from his bedroom last night, they would have seen that I was already home. They would surely fear that I had seen or heard them in bed together. For some reason that thought amused me, and I was suddenly eager to get up and face my son.

I stripped out of my dirty clothes, pulled on my bathrobe and headed for the kitchen. Kyle was at the table, reading the Saturday morning sports illegal bahis siteleri section and downing a bowl of cold cereal and a mug of steaming coffee.

“Good morning early riser,” I told him as I gave him a kiss on the top of the head. “What’s on the agenda?”

“I’m off today, so Greg and I are playing Forest Lakes,” he replied without looking up. “We tee off at 8:40.”

“Sounds good, honey. Break 80 for me,” I said with a smile as I poured a cup of brew and leaned against the sink. “Did you and Allison have a nice evening?”

He looked up and I caught the hesitation before he answered. “Yeah. We went to see the new ‘Pirates’ movie.”

“I got home early last night,” I replied, then just let the words hang in the air for a moment. “I didn’t want to bother you guys, so I just went to bed.”

“Yeah, mom… about that…”

“Don’t worry about it, Kyle,” I assured him. “You guys have been together for a long time now. I can’t say I was shocked. No big deal.”

He didn’t look convinced, and seemed to be searching for the right thing to say. I didn’t wait for him.

“Just try not to be so loud,” I said with a smirk as I placed my coffee mug on the counter. Kyle’s mouth was hanging open as I headed for the door. “I’ll be in the shower. I have a few errands to run this morning, but I’ll be home to make us both some lunch after your round.”

“Uhh… thanks, mom.”

My bedroom has a private half-bath, but the only shower is in a common bathroom down the hall. I was still smiling to myself as I stepped inside and closed the door. I slipped off the bathrobe and turned toward my reflection in the full-length mirror on the back of the door.

Just shy of 40 years old, I was still proud of my face and figure. Out of habit, I tucked strands of my light-brown hair behind one ear. I have green eyes above a small, slightly upturned nose and full lips.

My slender neck leads down toward average-sized breasts. My bra size is 34B, but I wouldn’t want much bigger boobs on my five-foot-two frame. I gave them a squeeze and turned to one side for a good look. I’m pleased that child bearing and breastfeeding didn’t turn them into saggy mommy tits. They’re still fighting gravity quite well, and stand out proudly on my chest. Most men love my nipples. They’re a good quarter-inch long when erect, and very sensitive. Surrounding them are large, suckable, dark pink areolas.

I ran my hands down my tits and flat stomach, and was again thankful for the effects of frequent workouts. My hospital has a full health club, and employees get free memberships. I spend four to six hours a week there to keep my body looking young and sexy.

I wondered at that moment whether Kyle had ever noticed my body. I thought about that for a while, trying to remember whether I’d caught him stealing glances at me as I sunbathed or walked down the hallway in nothing but a towel.

Come to think of it, I was sure he had. But there was a big gap between a typical horny teenager having a passing thought about his mother’s body, and wanting to take her to bed. Or was there? I’d heard that it was common for sons to lust after their mothers. I was the only female he saw every day, and sometimes I was a bit careless about keeping myself covered. Yes, I decided, there was a pretty good chance he’d fuck me if I gave him the chance.

I was startled back to reality by Kyle’s voice just on the other side of the bathroom door.

“I’m heading out, mom. I’ll call you when I’m on my way back.”

“All right, honey, have a good time.”

As I listened to Kyle leave, I decided this would be the day. I would certainly not force myself on my son, but I would give him the opportunity to act on any fantasy he might have.

As I showered, grabbed breakfast and began a series of short trips around town, I formulated a plan. By the time I got back home, that plan seemed bulletproof. The fantasizing made me exceedingly hot, but I resisted the urge to pull out my vibrator and bring myself off. I wanted all my horny urges to keep me from losing my nerve.

Kyle called about 12:30 but I let it go to the answering machine. I wanted him to think I had lost track of time and didn’t expect his return. Leaving the shower curtain and bathroom door open, I quickly filled our tub with nearly scalding water, stripped naked and stepped in. Normally stretching out in a steaming hot bath was my favorite form of relaxation, but my nerves were tingling and my heart pounding with anticipation.

As soon as I heard Kyle’s key in the front door, I turned on my MP3 player and put the buds in my ears. I turned the sound nearly all the way down and waited for his approach. As my son came down the hallway I started singing with the music so he would think he I was completely unaware of him.

A few seconds later I heard a soft intake of breath. Kyle had obviously seen me naked in the bathtub, my tits bobbing just below the surface of the water. But he hadn’t spoken, cleared his throat or otherwise warned me of canlı bahis siteleri his presence. Perfect. He was going to watch.

I desperately wanted to sneak a peek at the door, but didn’t want to risk scaring him off. The door was slightly behind me, so a peeping Kyle would think he was safe as long as he stood still.

After a few moments, I reached for my bottle of shower gel and squeezed a purple blob of it in my hand. I massaged my arms, neck and shoulders with the soapy gel.

Then I sat up straighter in the tub so my tits emerged from the hot water. The nipples hardened almost instantly, and I felt a mild jolt of electricity run from them down to my pussy. I worked the shower gel over my chest and slowly massaged my breasts with lathered hands.

I realized I was breathing rather heavily, and smiled at the effect that must have on my son. He was peeking in on his naked mother as she languished in the tub and pleasured herself. I wondered if he had an erection. Maybe he was stroking himself.

I rinsed off my hands and took the ear buds off so I could stand up. I thought I detected movement in the doorway, probably from Kyle easing back to avoid detection. I again squeezed some shower gel into my hand and began working into my skin. I started with my belly, then allowed my fingers to get closer and closer to the thin strip of hair that led to my pussy.

I almost felt guilty for teasing him so mercilessly. But I placed one foot on the edge of the tub and ran my hands up and down my leg, paying special attention to my soft, smooth thighs. God, it felt good. My cunt was on fire by now, and I couldn’t help but brush it a few times with my soapy fingers.

When I was finished with both legs, I turned my back on the bathroom door where Kyle was presumably watching and perhaps stroking his meat. As I bent over slightly to pick up the bottle of shower gel, he should have had a clear, close view of my pussy lips framed by my round ass checks.

Suddenly I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Kyle, honey, would you wash my back for me?”

I breathlessly waited for my words to sink in. Then I looked over my shoulder and a moment later, Kyle peeked sheepishly around the corner.

“It’s okay, I knew you were there,” I assured him. “Come on in.”

With only a moment’s hesitation, he shuffled around the door jamb and walked in. The poor kid’s face was flushed with embarrassment, so he obviously didn’t realize yet that he’d been set up. Kyle kept his eyes locked on mine, as if forcing himself to ignore my dripping, soapy body.

I let him see me look down. His hands were in his pockets, but his cock was clearly straining at his shorts. He shifted slightly as if he could feel my eyes on his crotch.

“Give it up, Kyle, there’s no hiding that erection.” I spoke in a motherly tone, and he apparently misunderstood.

“Mom… I… I’m…” he stammered. His eyes were pleading with me, and he clearly thought he would be punished for his voyeuristic behavior.

“Honey, I’m not mad,” I said, giving him a broad smile. I quickly reached for him and pulled him close. Looking him straight in the eye, I added, “I’m just flattered that you obviously find me attractive.”

“Oh mom… I… I think you’re beautiful.”

It was my turn to blush now, but I had to know for sure.

“That’s sweet, Kyle. I guess all boys think their moms are pretty.”

“Yeah, but… it’s more than that,” he said, holding my gaze. “You are sexy, too. You’re one of the hottest women I know. I’ve wanted to…”

He lost his nerve at the sight of my raised eyebrows, but I wanted to hear him finish. “You’ve wanted what, honey?”

“I’ve wanted to see you like this… naked, I mean… for a long time.”

“And now that you have, what do you think?”

“Mom, you look… amazing. I can’t believe –“

My sweet, sexy, horny son couldn’t finish the sentence. I pulled his lips to mine and kissed him. Almost immediately our mouths open, our tongues began to explore each other. For years we were unaware of the fire and lust that had been building between us, and it all had led to this moment.

We kissed for several minutes as our hands began to roam across our bodies, then I pulled away and gave him a twisted smile.

“No fair,” I said simply, and pulled the polo shirt over his muscular chest and arms. He tossed it aside, and stood completely still as I unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts. I fumbled a bit as my hands were shaking with nerves and delicious anticipation.

I pushed his shorts to the floor and looked down to see his magnificent cock stretching the fabric of his boxer-briefs. There was a wide wet spot near the top where pre-cum had oozed from his swollen head. Then slowly, teasingly, I pulled the band of his underwear out and slipped it down over the length of his cock, revealing his rigid shaft inch by inch.

Close up and in bright light, it was even more a thing of beauty. My son’s cock was a good seven inches long, with a large purple head and fat, heavy balls. The shaft was twitching and throbbing with excitement, and it was all because of me. My head was spinning with the thought that this handsome young man was achingly hard at the sight of his naked mother. And the desire to fuck her.

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