Mom and Son’s Secret Desire

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Early Saturday morning, Jake called his mom. Lynn was surprised to hear from him this early. Jake was usually pretty busy with his wife of ten years, Samantha, and two kids on Saturday mornings. In addition to all the normal household duties and busing the kids around, Jake also spent many Saturday mornings at his office. He and his family were always on the move come Saturday mornings.

“Good morning Jake, it’s great to hear from you,” Lynn said. “What’s going on? I am sure surprised to hear from you.”

Jake replied, “I actually need to talk to you in private. May I come over for a little while?”

Lynn’s heart sank and her gut wrenched. She had no idea what this was all about. It was so unlike Jake to ask for a private meeting. She wondered if it was it an illness, a problem with one of her grandkids, maybe even a marital problem? She was extremely nervous, but invited Jake over whenever he could make it.

Jake arrived at his mom’s house about 30 minutes later. After several minutes of small talk, Lynn could not stand it any more. “So, what is this all about?” she asked, quite nervously.

“Sorry about the suddenness here. I know that this probably seems a little strange,” Jake said.

“It sure does. You are making me real nervous here kiddo!” said Lynn.

Jake then pulled out a hand written note, which was about three pages long. He then told his mom that what he had to say, he would never be able to say out loud, and he figured that writing it down would be best.

Lynn tried to hold the pages steady, and not shake too much. She asked herself, “What in hell is going on! This is just way too odd.” She began to read…

15 Years Earlier

At 18 years old, Jake was enjoying life. He had good grades, a nice car, was a star basketball and baseball player, and his girlfriend was the prettiest girl at school. At home, family life was pretty normal. His parents, Lynn and Derrick had just celebrated 20 years of marriage, and seemed to be pretty happy.

One night after a late night basketball road game, Jake arrived home to something that would change his life forever. On most late nights, Jake would just crash at a teammate’s house instead of disturbing his home, and waking his parents. However, this night, he decided to come home. Quietly walking to his room, he heard noises coming from his parent’s room.

“Come on Derrick, give it to me! I need more! Go harder, harder!” His mom was commanding.

“Oh gross!” Jake thought to himself. “I can’t listen to this!”

However, he did keep listening. “More, more, come on more!” Lynn continued.

Jake was intrigued. Although, he was not the most experienced guy sexually, he was quite sure the sounds his mom was making were not of total pleasure. When he was with his girlfriend, he never heard calls for more or harder love-making. She always seemed very satisfied. In fact, she had commented on that fact that his equipment was very impressive compared to the couple of other guys she had been with. Jake never thought much of it, but his mom’s calls for more made him think. “I wonder if I am bigger and better than dad?” he asked himself. It was completely gross, but he had to keep listening just outside of their doorway. He was actually able to get close enough to partially see them.

Several minutes passed, as they continued going at it. Jake heard his mom say, “Come on Derrick, fuck me like this.” Jake watched as his mom got on her hands and knees. She had her ass up in the air. She wanted Derrick to take her from behind. He could not see his dad, but he was able to hear him.

“Stop it, Lynn. You know I am not doing it like that. Just get over here,” Derrick said with a bored monotone tone to his voice.

Derrick rolled back on top of Lynn, moaned and quivered a little, then rolled out of bed. Lynn had not made a sound. As Derrick got up, Jake watched him walk towards his bathroom. Jake did actually get a quick peek of his dad as he walked towards their bathroom. He almost giggled as he saw that his dad’s penis was about half the size of his. It became very clear that Lynn was indeed not moaning for pleasure, but she really wanted more from her husband. Jake hung around until he heard his mom and dad coldly say good-night to each other.

Jake felt a little bad for his mom. She seemed to have been pretty disappointed by the whole ordeal. There was nothing he could do, but he sure wished that his mom could have a better sexual experience than that.

Once he thought his parents were asleep, he went ahead and began to make a mid-night snack in the kitchen. He was trying to be as quiet as possible as he prepared some food. Just before he was about to take his sandwich and go turn on the T.V. in the adjoining living room, he heard his mom walk past the kitchen and head into the living room. She took no notice of Jake.

Jake did hear her mumbling to herself as she briskly walked past, “I would for once, just once like to be fucked by a real man with a real dick…just once god dam it…I cant even feel his little thing most of the time…”

He bahis firmaları was completely caught off guard by his mom talking like this. She was complaining about not being fucked right, about his dad’s small penis, about wanting a real man. He had never once even thought of his mom liking sex. He would never have imagined that his mom would have feelings like this. He did have to admit to himself that it kind of turned him on.

Jake figured that she had not heard him come home. In order to get the picture of his parents having sex out of his head, he thought he would pull a little prank on his mom. Maybe a little laughter would help his mom forget about her recent disappointment in the bedroom. It might also help him stop thinking about how his mom would probably like to get a hold of his much larger cock.

After making sure that his mom would be staying in the living room for a while, Jake came up with a silly plan. He got down on all fours so that Lynn could not see him if she were to look back into the kitchen, and he got ready to scare her. Jake could only see the top of her head, and it looked like she was still awake. He slowly crawled up behind the couch, anticipating how funny it would be to startle her. As Jake raised up to grab her shoulders, he had to stop dead in his tracks.

“Oh…Mmm…Oh yes, that’s it. Fuck me baby, that feels so good!” Lynn was quietly moaning.

Jake could not believe his eyes. There was his mom, her robe was slightly open down to her crotch. She was rubbing her pussy right there on their couch. Her other hand was up on her nice tit, squeezing her hard nipple. The site of his mom slouching there, half naked, was just too much. He had never noticed how hot she was. She had perfectly sized breasts, a nice and flat stomach, her legs were long and toned to perfection. This was nothing like he had ever seen. The girls he had been with were girls. This was a woman. What he saw, slouching there on their family couch, was a purely sexual woman. Jake was completely blown away.

Jake did not know what to do. By now, his cock was rock hard, and he was just about ready to cum in his shorts. All of the sudden, for the first time in his life, Jake wanted to have sex with his mom. His mind began to race. He wondered what would happen if he surprised her now. He started to think about approaching her right then. In fact, his irrational mind told him that he could walk around the couch, and fuck her right there. But it was his mom! He could not! Besides, his dad was asleep down the hall, and she would most likely not be receptive to him at all. He had to get out of there. Jake knew that this could only end badly for everyone if he continued to linger there.

As he planned his escape, Jake heard his mom rustling a little, and he panicked that she would see or hear him any second.

“Oh yeah, come here big boy,” Lynn said.

“Oh no! Is she talking to me?” Jake thought to himself. This was the moment of truth. He figured that she knew he was right there, and that his mom was so horny, that she would be all over him. He slowly turned up from his crouched position to look at his mom, who surely was waiting to pounce on his teenage body. However, he looked up, and she was not there. She was still on the couch in front of him. He slowly raised himself up, and peeked over the top. Maybe his mom was lying there waiting for him to jump on her. This could not really be happening. However, if his mom needed a real good fuck right now, how could he deny her that?

“Now, this is what I need,” Lynn purred again before Jake had a chance to show himself to his mom. Now, he looked slowly over the top of the couch, wondering what was going on. He felt a wave of disappointment as he began to realize that his mom was not talking to him. But, what was she doing?

Jake was once again shocked by what he saw. Lynn was now stroking and licking a very large plastic cock. She was not talking to him at all, but his disappointment turned immediately to excitement watching his mom handle the big dildo. Again, Jake’s dick grew at the sight of what he was looking at. His mom was still sitting with her back to him on the couch. She now had her legs spread a little more and began to move the plastic cock down towards her pussy. By now, Jake did not even care if his mom saw him or not. He had to watch this.

There was a large wet spot on the couch as Lynn’s pussy was leaking juices everywhere. Jake was amazed as she slid it in with ease. She immediately began to quiver and shake. She was biting down on her hand, trying to keep her screams of pleasure to herself. Jake watched as her body relaxed, and he thought the ordeal was finally over. However, Lynn began to slowly move the big dildo in and out of her dripping cunt. Only a short minute later, she was vigorously thrusting it in and out. The plastic balls were actually slapping her ass as she pounded herself into a second mind blowing orgasm. This time it was over. She slid the toy into a baggy and pulled up her robe and closed her eyes to fall asleep right there on the couch.

Jake had never kaçak iddaa seen or experienced anything so purely sexual in his life. The thought of his mom needing to be satisfied like that was almost too much to handle. He had never even once thought of his mom as being very sexual at all. That had just all changed dramatically. Part of him felt bad that her husband was unable to fulfill her needs. He wondered if it was normal for his mom to have to finish herself like that every time she had sex with Derrick. After seeing what Derrick had to work with, Jake knew that his mom probably spent many disappointing nights in bed.

At this point, Jake was super horny, and he realized that he was still sporting a raging hard on. His mind was racing, and he actually thought of exposing himself to his mom, and just seeing what would happen. However, he was able to think straight long enough to realize that he just needed to get out of there. He quietly made his way back into his room to go get ready for bed.

“Derrick?” Lynn asked quietly. “Is that you?” She thought she had heard something behind her.

She made sure her toy was under the couch cushions, and turned to see if her husband had come into the living room. She did not see anything, and went into her bedroom to make sure her husband was asleep. He was snoring away in bed.

“Of course.” Lynn said under her breath. She decided to get cleaned up, straighten the couch back up, and hide her toy away in her secret place before climbing back into bed. On her way back into bed, she noticed that a light was on in her son’s room. She knew that Jake was not home that night, so she went back to shut it off.

After Jake had scurried out of the living room, he knew that he would have to take care of his still hard cock before he tried to sleep. Normally he would climb into bed, and stroke himself in the dark so that his parents would never catch him. However, tonight he was very curious. He had never really compared the size of his dick to anyone else, but he had just seen his dad’s, and it seemed like it was quite a bit smaller than his own. He also had heard his mom complain about Derrick’s lack of size, so he wanted to really see himself. He wanted to watch himself stroke a big cock, knowing that his mom would really love a chance to give his cock a go.

Jake stood in front of his bedroom mirror with the light on, and pulled down his pants. Holding his cock in his hands, he realized that his was actually about the same size as the large toy his mom had been using. An overwhelming since of self confidence rushed over Jake’s body. It was exhilarating to think that he had the equipment that could take his mom to the extremes of pleasure, and that his dad could not even come close to doing the same. Jake began to stroke his cock in front of the mirror, and there was only one thing on his mind. For the first time, he was fantasizing about being with his mom.

“Oh my god!” Lynn exclaimed to herself as she walked into Jake’s room. She immediately backed out into the hallway. She was real embarrassed, but was pretty sure that Jake had not seen her. She had to peek back in the room to make sure, and sure enough, Jake was still standing in front of the mirror with his eyes closed, masturbating. A huge sigh of relief ran through her. She would not have known what to do if Jake knew that he had been caught by his own mom. She quietly walked away from his room, and headed off to bed.

Before settling down, a thought crossed her mind. “When had he come home?” He was not home when she and Derrick went to bed. She prayed that Jake had been in his room all evening. She hurriedly went back to the living room to look for any evidence that Jake had been in that area of the house. She always picked up the house perfectly before going to bed. Searching the kitchen, everything looked in order. However, there behind the couch, was what looked like a couple of indentations. She was not sure, but they did look out of place. After all, she had just vacuumed there earlier that day, and her perfect vacuum marks had been erased by somebody in that area.

“Oh shit!” Lynn began to panic. “Had he seen me? What do I do now?” Lynn asked herself. “Do I need to go talk to him? What if he had not seen me on the couch, and I am just imagining things?” She at least needed to feel him out, to see if she could figure out anything without directly asking him. She hesitantly walked back to his room.

Again, she peeked into the room, to make sure all was clear before entering. It was not! Jake was still standing, stroking his cock in a smooth back and forth motion. This time, Lynn took notice of what she missed the first time around. Her son was a man. He had a nice, muscular body. He had a small amount of sweat on him that made his body glisten in the light of his room, making all his muscles really stand out. Most importantly, he was holding the most beautiful cock she had ever seen. It was the biggest and thickest one she had ever laid her eyes on in real life. It was just perfect. She wanted to run out, but she could not. She was mesmerized by what kaçak bahis she was looking at. She had forgotten what a body like that looked like, and what effect it had on her. It had been so long since any man like that had been in her life. She continued to watch Jake go at it for a minute or two.

Lynn snapped out of it, and told herself, “Get a hold of yourself Lynn, this is your son. He has a body and the equipment to die for, but he is your son!”

Lynn reluctantly stepped away and quietly walked down the hall. It was time to get some sleep. Lying in bed, Lynn was trying to get the image of Jake’s perfect body out of her head. She knew that her thoughts were wrong, and Jake would be terribly embarrassed that his own mother had seen him naked. She knew she had to drop it and never think about what she had just seen ever again.

Lynn was about to doze off just before a thought popped into her mind. She had forgotten what caused her to go back to Jake’s room for a second time in the first place. She had panicked that Jake may have seen her masturbating on the couch. She remembered the indentations behind the couch.

“Did he see me, or not?” she asked herself. “Oh, how embarrassing this is! If he saw me, he must be so ashamed of his dirty mother. If he saw me, it probably grossed him out.”

How would she ever face him again? This was going to be so awkward. She always got along so well with her son, and Lynn was just beside herself that she had probably just ruined that all in one moment of pure sexual weakness. She actually started to well up a little bit as she was overcome with emotions of shame and embarrassment.

Lynn, still lying in bed, began to settle down. She came to the conclusion that she would just drop this subject altogether. However, there was one other thought that crossed her mind.

“What if he did see me and that is why he was jerking off in his room with the lights on?” Lynn wondered. “Maybe he was hoping to be caught. Maybe he wanted me to see him like that. I would not fault him for being so proud of what he has, and wanting to show it off. Of course, not with his mother, though. That would be gross! He has a hot, young, girlfriend who he can be with at anytime. What would he ever want with his old mom?”

Lynn did not realize that a little smile had formed on her face as she was asking herself all these questions. Her surprising feelings of joy and excitement had led her to unknowingly move her hand down between her legs. Lynn was completely shocked at herself. Her pussy was completely drenched at the thought of her son masturbating himself while thinking of her. She began rubbing her clit, which by now was swollen to twice its normal size. She sped up the movement of her fingers, trying to be still enough so that Derrick would not hear or feel anything next to her. She quickly reached climax, doing her best not to moan or quiver too much, but she must not have been successful enough.

“Lynn, are you all right?” Derrick asked.

Lynn froze, “ah…..yeah, I….ah…., I am just not feeling very well, honey.” Lynn said, trying to catch her breath.

Lynn knew right then that she had gone too far. She told herself to get her mind right, and forget all about Jake that way. She was pretty happily married, twenty years older, and his mom for god’s sake! Once her sanity returned, she knew that this stopped right then and there. No matter what, she told herself that she would never have these thoughts again!

At about the same time down the hall, Jake was vigorously stroking himself. He had been imagining what it would have been like to take his mom right there on their couch as she fucked herself with the dildo. He could only imagine that had he shown himself to his mom in the heat of the moment she would have ripped his clothes off and fucked his brains out in their living room. He pictured his mom being so turned on that she had no way of controlling her desires for him. She would grab his rock hard dick, begin licking and sucking on it. She would then demand that he fuck her with his big cock. He imagined his mom turning around, placing her arms on their couch, lifting up her robe, bending over, and inviting Jake to push his cock all the way in. He then imagined that his mom would very quickly cry out in pleasure as she climaxed over and over. He could almost feel the walls of her surprisingly tight pussy pulsating around his cock.

“Oh yes!” Jake moaned aloud. He felt like his dick exploded, as he released the most powerful orgasm he had ever experienced. He was not prepared, and several long ropes of cum splashed up against the mirror. His dick continued to pump many times, and his juices poured out through his clinched hand and down onto the floor.

Jake shook himself back to reality after he was finished. He had really lost track of time, and began to quickly clean up. At that time, he heard some muffled voices coming from his parents’ room. He was just thankful that nobody had walked in on him while he was doing his business. He knew he had to be much more careful around the house, and he knew that he had to never fantasize about his mother again. At this point, he felt really grossed out. Just a few minutes ago, thoughts of his mom had brought him to pure ecstasy, but now he just felt shame.

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