Mom and Son go Shopping Ch. 03

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Almost a full week had passed since the shopping trip to the mall, things had been quiet around the house since then, but that quickly changed.

Shelly quietly opened the door to her son’s room, peeking in at her sleeping son.

“Honey, it’s time to wake up.”

No response

Shelly walked over to the bed and looked in awe at her sons magnificent body. He was shirtless with only a pair of tight briefs on, the sheets only covering his legs.

She gently caressed his chest, “Mark, wake up sweetie.”

Mark slowly awoke from his slumber, his eyes focusing in on his beautiful mother standing in front of him. She was bending over and he had a nice view down her tank top.

“mmmm, what time is it?”

“9:00 AM, I thought we should get to the beach early today.”

Mark was out partying the night before, and had completely forgotten about the beach plans..but he didn’t want to disappoint his mother.

“Sounds good mom, I’ll meet you downstairs.”

Shelly got up to leave the room, taking one more glance at her son’s body, her eyes traveled down to her son’s bulging briefs. “My God, just how big is my little boy?” Shelly thought to herself.

Mark hopped in the shower and immediately started to stroke his hard cock, he couldn’t wait to see his mom’s amazing tits in her new bikini.

Mark finished his shower and walked into the kitchen, Shelly was standing there waiting. She was wearing tiny jean short cutoffs with a white button downed shirt tied around her bikini top.

“I’m so excited, it’s been along time since I’ve been to the beach with my baby boy!”

“Yea it should be fun, beautiful day too.”

The two of them got in the car and drove off to the beach.

They got out of the car and made their way to the beach.

“Wow, there is no one else here!” Shelly said.

“I can’t believe it, you’d think it would be packed on such a nice day.” Mark said.

“Well, this is perfect, me and you have the whole beach to ourselves!” Shelly exclaimed.

They set their towels on the sand and got ready to relax. Shelly watched as her son took off his shirt and threw it aside. His hard body looked great under the sun. Her pussy tingled.

Shelly stood up and slowly unbuttoned her shorts, seductively stepping out of them, revealing her little red bikini top. She then slowly untied her white top, revealing her tiny bikini top.

Mark watched his mother through his sunglasses, in absolute awe of hot stunning she looked. He could already feel his cock start to grow.

“Okay Mark, control yourself, remember that she is your mother.” Mark told himself.

“Hey sweetie, could you put the lotion on for me, I’d hate to get burnt out here.”

Mark took a gulp. “Oh umm..sure mom.”

“Thanks sweetie.”

Shelly rolled over on her stomach.

Mark sat down aside his mother and squirted the lotion on her back, rubbing her down with both hands. His hands slowly moved further down her backside, inches away from her ass now.

“Mark sure you get any skin that is exposed, the sun is really hot today.”

“Okay mom.”

Mark squirted some more lotion in his hands and moved down to her ass, most of which was exposed. He rubbed up and down her beautiful ass, he couldn’t believe he was doing this. He then worked his way down her thighs and finished up with her feet, gently massaging them as he rubbed the lotion in.

“Okay, I think you should bahis firmaları be safe from the sun now.”

“Could you be a doll and get my front as well? My hands are covered in sand now.”

Mark was shocked, did his mom really just ask him that?

“Sure mom.”

Shelly rolled over, her big breasts almost completely exposed as she lied down.

Mark started with her legs this time and worked his way up her thighs. He marveled at her beautiful long legs. His hands moved dangerously close to her pussy, and Shelly felt her pussy tingle again. His hands inched higher and higher, right below her breasts.

“Remember honey, any exposed skin.”

Mark didn’t realize that she really meant that, and skipped over her breasts and onto her arms.

“Alright mom, you should be good to go now.”

“Honey, could you get my chest area too, if I ever got burnt there the pain would be unbearable.”

Mark didn’t even know how to react, he felt like he was going to faint in disbelief.

“Oh yea, okay, no problem.”

Mark took the bottle of lotion and rubbed some in his hands. He nervously placed his hands between his mother’s breasts and rubbed her exposes breasts up and down. The feel of his mother’s breasts felt amazing, and he was in a trance..not even realizing that he had been massaging her breasts for over a minute.

Shelly was loving the feeling of a young man massaging her breasts, but she had to stop him at some point.

“Okay honey, I think that’s good.”

Mark snapped out of it. He was so embarrassed, he realized he must have been massaging her breasts for much too long.

“Alrighty, let’s get you all lotioned up now.”

“Oh that’s alright mom, I should be able to do it myself.”

“Nonsense, I know you don’t put it on well enough because you’re always coming home burnt! Then you complain to me, not happening today buster.”

“Well, your hands are all sandy anyways, I’ll make sure to do a good job mom.”

“Sorry kiddo, I don’t trust you, I’ll wash my hands off in the ocean and be back in a minute.”

Mark was scared of his mother seeing the tent his erection was making. His cock was pulsating and he knew the touch of his mothers hands on his body could cause him to explode in his bathing suite.

Shelly approached Mark and he quickly laid on his stomach to hide his erection.

Shelly lathered the lotion up in her hands and massaged her son’s muscular back.

“I thought you could use a good massage while I lotion you up, if you don’t mind.”

Mark was in a great state of mind by now, he felt like his mind was completely at ease.

“It feels great mom.”

Shelly worked her way down her son’s back and slowly pulled his bathing suite down an inch, exposing the top of his crack. She gently massaged his lower back. She moved her hands down to his feet and ran her fingers between his toes, sending a shiver up his spine. Her hands slowly crawled up his legs and on to his muscular thighs.

“I didn’t realize how much you’ve been working out sweetie.”

Mark felt like he was in another world, he was almost asleep by now.

“Oh yea, I try to keep in shape.”

Shelly’s hands kept creeping higher and higher up Mark’s thighs.

“You’re really tense though.”

Her hands moved higher and up his bathing suite, the tip of her fingers made contact with Mark’s testicles, almost causing him to climax.

“Alright, kaçak iddaa time for the front now.”

There was no way Mark was flipping over, not with the enormous erection tenting through his bathing suite.

“Oh, I can easily get the front, don’t worry about it mom.”

“No no no, we’ve been through this, I’m not taking any risk today.”

Mark sighed and rolled over, he knew there was no changing her mind.

Shelly gasped when she saw her son’s erection under his bathing suite. She decided it would be best to not even say anything, she didn’t want to embarrass him.

Shelly repositioned herself behind Mark’s head and worked on his hard chest. Her breasts were only inches away from Mark’s face as she bent over to rub his lower chest.

Shelly felt she had teased her son enough for now, so she quickly lotioned up his arms and legs and finished up.

“Now we can finally get in the water, you ready?”

“Yea mom, the water looks great.”

Mark quickly placed his erection under his waist band and walked towards the water with his mother.

“Wow, these waves are pretty big out here today, we could have a lot of fun body surfing.” Shelly said.

“Oh yea, these are perfect conditions for body surfing.” Mark said.

The two of them rode a few waves for the next 20 minutes and then the big waves started to come in.

“Oh my gosh, here comes a big one!! Get ready honey!!”

The two of them got in position and prepared for the wave to hit.

They washed up close to shore, laughing and screaming the entire way.

“What a blast!” Shelly said.

Mark looked over at his mother and his eyes immediately traveled down to her right breast. Her nipple was completely exposed now from the wave.

Mark regained his composure. “Really fun mom.”

Shelly noticed her nipple was exposed and covered it back up, she smiled to herself, knowing that her son must have enjoyed it.

“Oh shit mom, get ready it looks like another big one is coming.”

They both ran out so they could try to ride it.

“Oh wow, this is even bigger than the last one Mark.”

They faced the beach and got ready for the wave to hit.

The wave came in and thrashed them around all the way to the shore, it was too big to ride.

“Are you okay honey?”

“Yea mom, I’m alright. Wow that was crazy!”

Shelly noticed something feeling up against her leg and looked down to see her son’s bathing suite floating in the water next to her.

Mark regathered himself and noticed something felt different. He quickly realized that his bathing suite had fallen off during the thrashing of the wave. He nervously looked all around him for any signs of it.

Suddenly, a wicked though came to Shelly. She decided she was going to have a little more fun with her boy. She swam out far away and let go of the shorts.

Mark swam all around looking for his trunks, he was starting to panic. He was embarrassed to tell his mom, but decided he needed her help.

“Hey mom, I need your help with something.” Mark shouted.

“What’s the matter sweetie.?”

Shelly swam closer to her son.

“My bathing suite came off during that big wave and I can’t find it anywhere.”

“Oh dear, well I’m sure we can find it.”

Shelly pretended to look around while Mark searched everywhere. 15 minutes passed by and Mark couldn’t find it.

“I think it’s gone Mark,the current kaçak bahis could have dragged it miles away by now.”

“Yea, you’re probably right. What the heck am I suppose to do now?”

“Well, I really don’t want to leave just yet. I mean, it is only me and you out here, you don’t really need a bathing suite.”

“I don’t think I’d feel very comfortable with that mom.”

“Oh come on, I’ve bathed and changed you a million times in your life.”

“Yea, that was a long time ago mom..some things have changed.”

“You’re still my little boy and that will never change!” Shelly swam closer to her son, and brushed his hair to the side.

“I’ll tell you what, I’ll go bring the towel to you.”

Shelly swam towards the beach to retrieve the towel.

Mark watched his mom walking on the beach, she looked so damn sexy all wet. His cock had softened a little, but was still half hard. He took a few strokes as his mom retrieved the towel.

Shelly looked out towards the ocean and noticed a big wave forming.

“You better get out of there quick honey, it looks like a dangerous wave is incoming.”

Mark looked behind him and quickly swam to shore. Shelly was waiting with the towel right next to the water. As Mark came closer to Shelly, more of his lower body became exposed with each step. He was so focused on getting out of the way of the wave, he had forgotten that he had no bathing suite on and just kept running up towards his mother.

Mark ran up to his mother and bent down, he could barely breathe he was so out of breath.

Shelly’s jaw dropped as she looked down at her son’s long and thick cock. She knew he was very big, but this was the first time she actually got to see it.

“Oh my, maybe you aren’t my little boy anymore.”

Mark looked up at his mother and saw that her eyes were glued to his half hard cock. He looked down and remembered that he was completely naked.

“I’m so sorry mom, I forgot my bathing suit had fallen off.”

“No worries my big boy, lets just get you dried off.”

Shelly inched closer to her son and started to dry off his chest with the towel. She then get on her knees and worked the towel up and down his legs and thighs, and then without warning, she wrapped the towel up around the shaft of his now rock hard cock and gave it a few strokes.

“Uh mom, I really don’t think”

“Shh honey, you must be very uncomfortable all the time with this big cock always being so stiff and hard. I’ve noticed the bulge in your pants when you’re around your mommy, do you get horny when I show off my big tits to you?” Shelly untied her top.

Shelly dropped the towel and took her son’s cock deep inside her mouth.

“Oh God mom.” Mark groaned.

“I’ve been waiting for this moment ever since that day in the changing room when I saw your big cock stuffed in those tiny briefs of yours. Do you remember that day sweetie?”

“Yes mom.” Mark grunted

Mark reached out at his mom’s enormous tits, gently rubbing them as his mother gave him the best blowjob he ever had.

“How does your mommy compare to all of those slutty college girls that you fuck all the time?”

“Oh mom, you are sexier than any of those sluts.”

“Can any of them do this?”

Shelly took her son’s entire hard cock down her throat, right down to his balls.

“Jesus mom, most of them can barely get half down.”

“I’m gonna cum any second now mom.”

“Don’t worry honey, mommy swallows unlike all of those girls your age.”

Shelly continued to deep throat her son until he unloaded into her mouth.

Shelly licked her lips.

“How was that, son?”

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