Milly Scott Pt. 03: The Artist and Her Young Lover 02

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This is the continuation of ‘The Artist and her young lover’ and it will make little sense unless you have read the first part.

To Recap: Milly’s wife, a police officer, was killed and her friend’s daughter, Fiona, provided comfort through Milly’s grief. The following year Fiona decides to study at university, near to Milly’s home and spends a lot of time there before discovering their love for one another, despite their age difference. They have told Fiona’s family how they feel and spent an enforced few weeks apart before having their first vacation together in Barbados.

There is no tragedy in this story, but more sex, particularly at the beginning. There is also some mild bondage, all sexual activity is consensual. All the people involved are fictitious and are over 18.

Thank you for your comments on my previous work, I appreciate and welcome them.

Big decision

I could have stayed in Barbados for longer and been very happy, but Fiona had to return to University and now we were home and together.

Since getting back I’d resumed looking after and caring for Fiona and it delighted me. I’d also been highly motivated, turned out lots of sketches and taken on some private portrait commissions; some were very personal portraits that paid very well.

I’d been at the gallery handing over a new batch of sketches and as I was walking back to my car I had to stop on the footpath to allow a woman with a pushchair to pass by. By chance, I looked into a jewellers shop window and I saw it; a platinum engagement ring, with a rectangular diamond and a smaller diamond on each side. That was what I wanted, I hadn’t known it until that moment, but I knew it now. I went inside. The jeweller told me that it was an engagement ring and I told him that it was for my partner, he looked at me oddly. ‘What no lesbians ever got engaged in this part of the world?’ I asked myself.

I raced back home, grabbed the ring of Fiona’s that I was looking for and dashed back. “It’s very close to the right size and should be fine, but we can change it in 48 hours if needed.”

I looked at him, “24 hours?” He nodded. “I’ll take it. Cash, cheque, credit card, bank transfer what do you want?” I fixed that and hurried back home again.

When Fiona came in and saw me she was a bit shocked. I’d dressed up; make-up, hair up, a dress – a short dress with plenty of leg, heels, the works. The table was laid, including candles and I served up steaks and glasses of red wine. When we finished eating I cleared the plates and sat down again.

Now, my darling Fiona is not a stupid girl, she knew something was afoot and I’m sure that expected for us to be destined for the bedroom. She was correct, but not as soon as she thought.

“I need to speak to you, but there’s a rule. If you use any words at all between now and when I tell you that you can speak again, I stop and we may try this again tomorrow, we may not.” She was about to speak and I raised my hand, “Nod for yes and shake for no, okay?” She nodded.

I was smiling now, “You once asked me a question and I imposed some rules. It was about waiting until you’d graduated and if we felt the same way we could think about making this relationship permanent. Do you remember? No words!” She nodded again.

“Same rules, same conditions still apply. If you asked me that question again right now I might say yes, but you can’t speak so you can’t ask, understand?” She was smiling and nodded, “So if you could speak, would you ask it right now?” Again she nodded.

“Damn, it’s a shame that you can’t speak. So I need to take matters into my own hands.” I produced the box and slid it across the table, but with my hand over it. “Fiona, will you agree to marry me and become my fiancée?”

She nodded again and I removed my hand. She looked at me and I could see the smile in her eyes and the corner of her mouth turned up, her face was pink and her foot was tapping at some speed. She never took her eyes off of mine as she opened the box, her fingers touched the ring, she glanced down, then up at me and back down again. The smile spread across her face.

“Now you can speak.”

“Yes, yes, yes. I love you!” She whooped, then there was another whoop, she froze and looked around. She looked puzzled and asked, “What was that?” I slid my napkin aside; she saw my phone and then her sister shouted.

“Yahoo! Congratulations.”

I picked up the phone and said, “Thank you, Jane, she’ll call you shortly, but I need to kiss her just now.”

We met and kissed. Then she stepped back and sat down looking at the ring and slid it on. It didn’t need to be adjusted and looked perfect on her finger. She looked up at me and asked a question with just her eyes.

I tried to answer the unasked question, “I saw the ring today and knew that I wanted to do this. I don’t want to get married right now, that would be too stupid, but I intend to uphold my end of this. I want you to be my fiancée; I want to illegal bahis be engaged to you and for you to wear a ring that I gave to you.”

“Yes, I’m very happy now, I wanted to give you a ring. What was that with Jane?”

“I know that you wanted to give me a ring and you can, there’s no rush. As for Jane, well you two confide everything in each other and I thought that if she was going to be my sister as well, I could confide in her. I called her earlier, told her what I’d planned and allowed her to listen in. I, we, owe her a lot. Now kiss me again and then there’s another call that we need to make.”

Fiona called her sister and I went to the fridge to get the champagne and two glasses. There seemed to be a great deal of laughter and joy. Fiona handed me the phone.

“Hi Sis, congratulations, it worked well.”

“Thanks, Jane, Sis, it did and she looks really happy and so am I. It’s a bit crazy. Thanks for all of your support and everything that you’ve done, I love you too.”

“And I love you, Milly. Good luck to you, you’re going to need it with her. Have you called them yet?”

“That’s next.”

Fiona and I sat together and we pressed the buttons.

Jess answered, “Hello Milly you okay? Fiona okay?” She sounded worried.

We both said “Hi.” I asked if Victoria was around.

“She’s right here. Is everything okay?”

“Put the speaker on please.”

“Milly, I’m getting worried, what is it?”

“A few months ago your daughter asked me to marry her, I told her not to be stupid but that if we were together when she finished Uni we could talk about it.”

“Oh Lord, you haven’t?”

“No, but something didn’t seem right to me. I’ve just proposed and Fiona has agreed to become my fiancée. Right now she’s sending you a photo of her wearing a ring. We’re not going to actually do the deed for a while yet. We’re both very happy and I guess that you’re both in shock so I’ll hand the phone to Fiona.”

“Milly, Milly, before you take this off the speaker, let me speak to you.” It was Victoria and I did as she asked.

“This should be a surprise, but somehow it isn’t. Congratulations, I wish you well, but Jess may take this a little harder, actually, no, she seems to be taking it well, she’s just opened champagne.”

I handed the phone over to Fiona who was speaking for a while. All the time she was grinning at me and then looking at her ring. Then she started to slide her panties down and as she did so she stared at me, daring me. I slid onto the floor and licked her. How she managed to speak, I’ll never know. She ended the call and let out a stream of profanities as she came. I leaned back and grinned.

Several times in my life I’d thought that the sex that I’d had was the best that I’d ever experienced. But the truth is it had never been as good as it was with Fiona. I thought that the love that I’d been fortunate to experience was so good, but with Fiona, it was better. I was more than twice her age, but I didn’t feel it. My heart was bursting all of the time and when I see her it flutters. I hoped that this would last for a while yet.

Fiona grabbed my hand and hauled me to the bedroom where we made love for two hours and never spoke a word; they were superfluous to the actions, the touches and the feelings.


A couple of weeks later one Thursday evening Fiona casually asked if we could have a playtime the following evening. I understood from the look she gave me what ‘playtime’ meant. “I’ll be ready when you get home.”

“No, let’s have dinner first and make a date for nine.”

Damn, that would mean a fairly quick session, but better that than nothing.

I cooked a nice meal and served it with a glass of wine. Then we sat and cuddled for a while.

“It’s time for some fun.” Fiona took my hand and led me through to the bedroom. “Don’t do a thing,” she said as she slowly removed my clothes kissing me softly as she did so. “Loo?” she asked. I went and returned. The straps were out, my knees felt weak.

She pushed me to sit on the edge of the bed and fastened the straps around my thighs, then pulled my ankles up to join them and my wrists were added. This left my legs wide apart exposing me and I was unable to do anything. I’d experienced this before and had put those straps on myself. I felt deep down that I shouldn’t enjoy this, but I was wound up tight and so excited. She blindfolded me with a scarf and pushed me so that I was lying in the middle of the bed. I felt her breath next to my face.

“Remember how you told me not to speak the night that you proposed? Well, I want you not to speak, unless I hurt you or you need to stop. Say ‘Red’ if you need to stop and I will, but try not to.” I nodded and now I was nervous, but intrigued. What did she have planned?

Nothing, there was nothing for several minutes. Then I felt her touch my nipple and I jumped, then I jumped again as the clamp went on it. I squealed, then squealed illegal bahis siteleri again as she attached the other one. I hated these damn things but wished that we used them more often. What a contradiction!

The pain was incredible and I couldn’t focus until she slid my friend inside me. Within seconds the vibrations had me humming. I was so turned on, I loved her doing this me and the pain from the nipple clamps became something else, I don’t know what it was, but I liked it.

Fiona rubbed my backside and slid a finger into me and I flinched, she whispered into my ear and promised not to hurt me. I was confident of that and then I felt her pushing, it was something else, stiff and cold, it filled me as the pressure mounted until it went inside and my ass closed around it. Oh wow, that was different, strange and uncomfortable. Fiona massaged my stomach, my back and stroked me and the discomfort subsided and I felt good, alive, expectant, aroused. I needed to come. She knew it and touched my clit; I fought against the bonds as I came. I screamed and eventually relaxed. It was all still there, the pressure on the nipples, the gentle vibrations, the feeling of fullness, and her touch. I was restricted and sliding gently off to another world until she kissed my clit, I was fighting again and then nothing. I blacked out for a moment; she removed the blindfold and looked at me with love, affection and lust.

“Want to stop?” I shook my head, “Take the nipple clamps off?” I looked at her with horror, taking them off would hurt worse, I shook my head. “Turn my namesake off?” I shook my head violently. “Remove the butt plug?” I blushed and shook my head again. “Should I release you?” I shook my head again.

“I could keep you like this for a while. Would you like that?” I was blushing even more now. My young lover wanted to keep me tied up and tease me. That was so wrong, but I nodded and silently mouthed ‘please, anything.’

She covered my eyes again and pulled off a nipple clamp. I screamed with the pain thinking ‘put it back’, and she moved the other one. I screamed again louder and I came. ‘How is that possible?’ I silently asked, but no one answered.

Nothing, nothing at all, she’d gone. Then blinding cold on my nipples, ice cubes! Shit, I wish that I’d never done that to her. She removed them; oh shit, I wanted them back.

Fiona took my vibrator lover away, ‘Oh, please no, leave it there, please.’ But I still didn’t speak. Then I felt something else at my lips, a vibrator, a thicker one, what heaven and then she turned it on. ‘Oh fuck, fuck, fuck!’ Then it stopped, then it started again and I soon realised that it was set to stop and start randomly.

I felt her touch my backside and the end of the thing in my ass. I felt a slight pressure and it moved by itself, it vibrated as well and, as I was to discover, it was also set to turn on and off randomly. She reattached the nipple clamps, but this time she must have adjusted the pressure, they were tight enough not to fall off, but not cause much discomfort, even so, there was no doubt about their presence.

I felt Fiona stroke my arm and the desire to touch her overwhelmed me, then one of the vibrators started, then the other one, the two of them at the same time sent me over the edge, and then again. One stopped the other kept going, then nothing, then one, then the other, then both, then nothing. I was losing my mind.

Fiona had a feather and she used it on every part of my body. I screamed and screamed, but I was determined not to speak. She also kissed me, licked me, bit me, rubbed me, stroked me, breathed on me and used her namesake. All the time the two vibrating devices turned on and off.

I drifted further off into another world and the passage of time meant nothing. I knew that Fiona was there, but that was all. I didn’t really come as individual events, but I was high and experiencing continuous pleasure and torment as one.

I didn’t realise that things had stopped when they did. The knowledge grew on me over time as Fiona removed the nipple clamps whilst keeping the pressure with her fingers and releasing it a little at a time so that there was no jolt of pain. She removed the vibrator and the scarf. She started to remove the cuffs but I told her not too. She cuddled in behind me holding me.

She woke me gently and whispered, “Milly, I need to remove the cuffs now.”

“No please leave them I can keep them on for longer, it’s not been long!”

“My darling Milly, you’ve had them on for almost twelve hours. I’m taking them off and I need to get you to the loo.”

She was clearly talking rubbish, twelve hours; it hadn’t been that long. She released each leg, one at a time, massaging them for some time to prevent cramp and pain. It allowed me to stand, well get upright; she had to half carry me. Removing the thing from my ass was not easy and when it was gone I felt empty. She let me use the toilet, then washed me down with a warm cloth and gently towelled canlı bahis siteleri me dry. She helped me back to bed and tucked me in. I’d started to nod off when she returned with sweet tea and hot buttered toast. She fed me and held the mug for me to drink. When I was done she kissed me, told me that she loved me and tucked me in.

She woke me again and took me through to the bathroom and helped me into a bath of warm scented water. She gave me some wine and stayed with me, but said nothing; I was still in a daze. She dried me, fed me soup and sandwiches and took me back to bed.

It was daylight when I woke and I went to find Fiona. She was making coffee and handed me a mug. “What time is it?”

“It’s ten o’clock Sunday,” she smiled, “Are you okay?”

I was puzzled. “Yes I think so, but how can it be Sunday?”

“You slept through Saturday.”

“Don’t be stupid of course I didn’t. We fooled around on Friday and you let me up and helped me to the loo. I remember that.”

“Sit down Milly. Did you enjoy what we did?”

“Oh god yes it was … something, something else. But I thought you were going to tease me for a while.”

“I teased you until five in the morning and when I tried to release the cuffs you stopped me. I cuddled you for another four hours until I decided that I was undoing the cuffs. I was scared that I’d hurt you. I fed you and you slept, last night I fed you and put you back to bed again. I wiped you out, exhausted you, I went too far, I’m sorry.”

I stared at her, tried to absorb all that she’d said and searched my brain. Things started to come back to me. “I know that I liked it, I drift off into …, somewhere, space maybe? It was astonishing. You cared for me and looked after me, thank you.”

She looked stunned, “You’re okay with it?”

“Did I ask you to stop?”

“No, you tried to stay in the cuffs. Do you mean to tell me that you’d want to do it again?”

I blushed; admitting that I liked it was almost embarrassing. “Yes I would, not this week, I’ve lost a day. At some future point, not too far off. Some of it was painful, some of it was torture, but I loved it. I could never do it with anyone else, but with you, I put my life in your hands and know that you love me.”

“Wow, I thought that I’d gone too far.”

“No my darling you’ve no idea how it felt. Was I really in those cuffs for twelve hours?”


“Did I ask you to stop?”

“No you never said a word, but you screamed a lot, I like to be able to make you scream with pleasure.”

“I could have asked you to stop, but I didn’t want to. I wonder how long I could stay like that?”

“Would you want to find out?”

“Would you want to experiment with me? If you would, I’d like to try.”

Fiona laughed, relieved and kissed me, “I’d like to try and you’re incredible. Have you checked your wrists? You’ve got bruises.”

I did have bruises on my wrists and ankles.

Fiona started to make breakfast and I went for a shower. I was looking in the mirror when I saw a bruise and then I looked closer, a bloody love-bite, a hickey, right there on the side of my left breast! “Fiona, in here, now!”

She rushed in thinking I was ill or something. I pointed to it, “What the fuck is this?”

She laughed, “You know what it is, and I hope who did it? It was the one time that you used actual words when you said more.”

“No way, I wouldn’t.”

“Way! You did, so I gave you another.” I spun around, but couldn’t see anything.

“Lower my love.” Damn her grin! I looked some more until she pointed to the inside of my left thigh right at the very top. Another one, bigger. I was furious, she stroked my shoulder and when I looked at her she gave me the goofy grin that made me laugh.

“You’re a pervert!” I couldn’t help but smile, “But I do love you,” I admired it, “I hate love bites, sordid, tacky, nasty.” All of that was true at least until that moment. “I’m losing my mind, I love it and when it fades I want you to replace it.”

“Who’s the pervert?”

“Me, I confess. Look at me, middle-aged, lover half my age and I find that I like being tied up and teased. I should be ashamed, but I’m not.” I paused, dare I ask?

“Fiona, you can tell me to mind my own business, but you’ve never spoken about sex with anyone else before us.”

“I would have if there was anything to tell. I’ve been felt up twice by guys, nothing else. You were my first and only. I knew that I fancied girls, but never did anything. I dreamt about it, that’s all.”

“Who did you dream …?” I didn’t get the rest of it out.

She looked slightly awkward. “You, only ever you.”


“Yes, quite a lot.”

“How long have you felt like you did, do?”

“Almost a year. Just after my eighteenth birthday. It was the week Jane and I were visiting when I went to check out Lancaster University. I looked at you one day bending over, I saw your skirt ride up high and saw all of your legs; you wore flesh-coloured tights and pale blue knickers. It was as if I’d jammed my fingers in a socket. It’s been you ever since. I stole your knickers the next day, the pale blue ones; I actually still have them, hidden.”

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