Michelle’s Adventures Ch. 1

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Blowing Dick

There has always been a special bond between my father and myself, however, recent events turned our relationship into something much more different than the typical Father-Daughter relationship. We both live in the same city and see each other quite frequently. He is in his early 60’s and retired from the Air Force and I am in my mid 30’s working to make ends meet.

My father is quite handsome and has managed to keep himself in good shape…must be the 5 rounds of golf each week that keeps him in good condition. He lives alone since Mom passed away three years ago due to cancer and hasn’t dated anyone since, I believe due to his love for her. I also live alone not far from Dad since my divorce several years ago…my husband wanted children of his own and I am unable to have children so we ended our relationship. Like my Dad, I also manage to keep myself in good shape (at least I think so!).

Recently, my uncle (on my mother’s side) passed away unexpectedly. Dad and I attended the funeral together (I consented to travel with him since I didn’t want to drive the 6 hours by myself). As the day (and into the night) progressed and the gathering turned into a family reunion and everyone reminisced about my uncle, I noticed how Dad was always at the center of small crowds, entertaining and being the life of the party. Things I now remember him doing before, but not since Mom passed away since he kept to himself. I stayed close to Dad and allowed him to be my entertainment and came to realize how I missed seeing him in these situations, attentive to those around him and quite personable.

He was sitting on the couch holding court with our relatives and being in close quarters, I was sitting close to him. I could feel his body warm next to mine and smell the cologne on him that brought me back to the days when I was younger and was comforted by the smells and touch of both my parents. I realized that I was quite comfortable being with him, more so than any other man I have pendik escort ever been with…and loving the attention he was getting.

As the evening wore on and the crowd began to thin out, Dad and I decided it was also time for us to leave. We had checked into a local hotel (adjoining rooms) and the short drive there was quiet as we both began to wind down from the days events. I was not really ready to go to sleep and suggested that we clean up and relax with some TV or just sit around and talk a while. We went to our respective rooms and unlocked the door between them (keeping it closed) and proceeded to wash up. After my shower, I put on a pair of panties and a long t-shirt and knocked on the door to see if Dad was ready.

When he didn’t answer right away, I cracked the door slightly to see if he was still cleaning up and found him on the bed dressed in his robe and in tears. As I entered his room, he tried to compose himself. I assumed he was shaken from the events of the day and sat down next to him and held him close to me. He apologized to me for allowing me to find him in this condition and I told him that it was perfectly normal. He went on to tell me the reason – that since Mom had passed away, he had not found an outlet where he could socialize since his life had revolved around her. The social gathering that day had reminded him how much he missed socializing with others and how much he missed Mom.

As I held him close to me, my body pressed closer to him and I pulled his head into my chest (quite innocently). As we sat there holding each other, I started to become aroused and wasn’t sure what to make of it. I certainly felt comfortable being with Dad, but never had thought of my Dad in any type of sexual or romantic manner. But there it was, I was definitely getting wet between the legs and my nipples were starting to harden.

Dad looked at me and we embraced one more time – holding each other. This time, tuzla escort however, I began kissing his neck not sure where this was headed, but feeling very comfortable being with him. He released his grip on me and I moved my face so I could kiss his cheeks. At that point, I stopped to look him in the eyes and told him that I wanted him. He answered that he was more than a “little” aroused but was not sure how he should handle that with his daughter. I replied that we were both adults and capable of making our own decisions. He agreed and asked if I was sure. My reply was quick and to the point – I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him…slipping my tongue into his mouth in the process. We held that kiss for what seemed forever and it was wonderful. There was a sense of urgency, but neither of us were rushing – we were enjoying the moment.

Dad then reached down to and began to pull my shirt up and over my head – revealing my upper body to him. He stood and pulled me up with him and we kissed again. I stepped back and untied his robe revealing his well -kept body (well, almost all of it – he still had his boxers on) to me. I noticed a bulge in his boxers and gently placed my hand over it and moved closer to him for another kiss. He pulled me closer and I moved both my hands to his hips and pushed his boxers down. As we continued to kiss, I could feel him stepping out of the boxers – and could feel his hard cock pressed against my skin – wonderful! I broke the kiss just long enough to slip my panties off and step out of them.

We stood there kissing and caressing each other in a very loving manner – there was no rush. Dad then turned me so my back was to the bed and he gently lay me down on the bed. As we lay down and Dad hovered over me, I let my hands slide down to hold his hips. He brought his face over mine and began kissing me all over…my cheeks, nose, chin, and ultimately my lips. It was so gentle, like he was treating maltepe escort me like a china doll that he was afraid to break. I brought my hands up to hold him close as his hands gently caressed the hair on my head. I enjoyed the closeness and tenderness of the moment. My legs were together between his and I could feel his warm thighs pressing against the outside of my legs. I also felt his hard-on pressing against my tummy and was anticipating the moment he entered me.

I pushed my legs apart and he moved his legs between mine. I then lifted my legs up so he could enter me and make love to me. Again he showed no rush to “do the deed”, instead paying attention to me and making love to me – not just having sex. We lay there kissing and caressing each other for quite a while…all the while feeling his hard cock pressing against my tummy just above my pussy. Then he slid down a little further and I could feel his cock tickle my pussy and upper thighs. God, was I wet and ready for him. As we continued to kiss, I could feel him moving his hips and positioning his cock to enter me. As the head of his cock pressed between my pusy lips, I was more than ready…his cock head entered me, slick with my juices, and he stopped.

I then pushed my hips up to feel more of him in me…wonderful!! He then slide the whole length into me a few times…then stopped again. This stop and go was driving me crazy, but also felt fabulous. With his whole cock in me, we kissed again, tongues mingling. During this kiss, Dad began moving his cock in and out of me – a slow gentle pace at first, but building to a more frantic pace. The tempo continued to build and I was approaching my orgasm…hoping Dad would cum with me. He pounded his cock in and out as I tried to keep tempo with him. I then felt him tense and felt his cock explode in me…that was just what I needed to take me over the edge and I came, too.

We stayed like that for a while…him in me and me holding him close – not letting him go. I was saddened when his cock slipped from my pussy – it felt just right for me! I still held my Dad close to me wanting the feeling to last for more than a fleeting moment. We didn’t talk, no need to…as Dad rolled off me, I snuggled up close to him and began to wonder what the future would hold…

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