Melisa, A Daughters Infatuation

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I was taking my time as I got ready for my date, I had one chance to get this right, everything had to be exactly right, everything had to be perfect, I could make no mistakes, leave nothing to chance. Tonight could/would change my life forever, I had wanted this man for a long time, longer than I cared to admit to myself.

I had showered and carefully moisturised my toned body, then applied my makeup, a subtle use of eyeliner to emphasise my blue eyes. Shoulder length honey blond hair was teased into soft waves that fell around my face and just touched my shoulders.

A light dab of perfume, Chanel No5, possibly a little “old” for a 23-year-old, but it was classic and suited me, was placed at strategic points around my body, contemplating my groin area I decide against any perfume there. I wanted to be natural, so he could get a true smell of me, a pure smell and hopefully a taste of me, the pure essence of my core and being as a mature young woman in her prime.

Appraising myself critically in the mirror before dressing I was pleased with how I looked, a now matured five foot eight inches tall 36C-24-34 body, that was toned and fit, sculpted by time in the gym, on the running track, and netball court. A small elfin face that was constantly smiling reflecting my upbeat and effervescent personality. My boobs sat high and firm on my body, with just a slight upturn, capped by small rosebud nipples in a dark pink colour. A narrowish waist flared out to hips that were wide enough to be appealing but not that wide as to be too large.

My pussy, which was already tingling and wet with anticipation was protected by a narrow landing strip of pubic hair in the palest blonde colour, barely covering my fleshy and full labia that was very dark in contrast to the pale pink of my inner core. At the back, a cute peach of a bum swayed when I moved, and finally my best feature. Long, slim, sexy, legs that went on forever, and then kept going even more, especially when I wore heels.

Yes, a very appealing package even if I thought so myself.

I approached the clothing laid out on my bed and first put on a black garter belt, then rolled a pair of sheer dark stockings over each leg, clipping them into place. This was a change as I normally wore nude coloured tights or went bare legged. I abhor women who wear thick black tights, especially those in winter who wore the shortest skirt they could find and then “hid” their legs under thick tights, if you’re going to wear a short skirt, then show off your legs properly, let the guys, or girls I giggled impishly to myself, see them.

Next, a matching silk bra and panties set in dark blue, the bra was a push-up style, my nipples just showing through the filmy fabric, not that I needed the help, whilst the panties were French cut high on the hip, emphasising my legs even more. Having put on my underwear in that manner, I would have to take my panties off before the garter belt, that was a delicious thought, prancing around in stockings and garter belt, pussy on show, boobs bouncing, I shivered in delightful anticipation at what that sight might cause to my hopefully new lover.

A demure, cobalt blue silk dress that showed of my figure, but didn’t hug it, cut low enough to show just the tiniest hint of cleavage, the hem was cut three inches above the knee, a bit longer than I normally wear, still short enough to be sexy and enticing, but without being slutty. The dress swayed and moved with me emphasising every curve, mound and hollow of my gorgeous body.

A measured glance in the bedroom mirror as I spun around, yes everything was perfect. Now I just had to wait for my date to arrive.

A text alert told me he was here so I ran down the steps and jumped straight into his car, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek in greeting.

“Hi Dad,” I said as I slipped into his car, looking at him in appreciation as he said, “Wow Melissa you look stunning, absolutely gorgeous.”

“So do you,” I replied as I appraised him, tall and blond haired just like me.

The dinner was great and we relaxed as we caught up on old times, I was getting lots of appreciative glances from all the men in the restaurant, and plenty of envious looks from the women as well, then they realised we were father and daughter, the resemblance is plain to see.

Dad looked great, he is still toned and fit even though he is nearly fifty now, hair cut short with just a touch of grey at the sides. A strong face that has mellowed over the years and a very fit and trim body broad shoulders and chest, just the beginning of a podge around the belly. Which I teased him about.

We laughed and joked about old times and how it was a pity that he and mum had broken up, I told him mum was still single and found out he was the same. It was strange catching up with him as we had been so very, very close until he had moved away after the divorce.

After the meal dad ran me home and came in after I told him that mum was away for a few days, they still don’t get on. As he şirinevler escort got us a couple of drinks I put on the stereo and put on a slow dance selection. Dad looked at me as I took his hand pulled him close to me and started to sway against him, moving in time to the music, dancing with me at last. As the dance wore on and another tune came on I pulled him tight into me, crushing my body against his, and ground my hips and groin into him, at the same time I got one of his hands and placed it on my bum. Not waiting any longer I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling his resisting face down to me and kissed him on the lips, a full-on lovers kiss.

Dad tried his best to break away from me, but I’m stronger than I look and than he expected, so I held him tight as I whispered in his ear, “Dad, I want to make love with you, I want sex with you. I want to…I want to fuck you.”

The look of shock on his face as I said this almost made me stop. “Dad, you know you want to, you’ve wanted to for years, and so…so have I. Even if it’s just the one time, just tonight. Anything you want, nothing is off limits, and I mean nothing is off limits.”

As I said this I was watching his face and saw the looks changing as different emotions swept through his mind. Revulsion and guilt at the forbidden, the taboo, the thing that shouldn’t be done, incest with his daughter, sex with his child. Shouldn’t a father protect his daughter, not take advantage of her, but I wasn’t an innocent fifteen-year-old virgin, I was a mature twenty-three-year-old, who had had a number of male lovers and one brief intense female fling, who was now unreservedly offering herself to him.

Then the look changed to be overtaken by lust and desire, lust for my body and desire and longing for the forbidden, going against the mores of conventional morality, the excitement of the taboo. He was being offered unconditional sex by a beautiful and sexy woman, with the added excitement that she was his daughter.

I knew he had wanted me for years, ever since I had hit puberty, and I had hit it hard. I had turned from mum and could only be comforted by dad when my body started to change and my early periods hit me, I didn’t want mum, I wanted my dad.

I know mum felt hurt by this and think this was the beginning of the end of their marriage, mum couldn’t handle my rejection of her at that time. And she had her own things to deal with, going through an early menopause, yet strangely enough, after the divorce, I chose to live with her, and we are really close now.

My body had started to develop and mature and I was aware that dad was taking an interest in me, albeit in an understated, lowkey and protective way. I was aware of his eyes on me as I moved around the house, even more so at sports events. But he had never ever done anything, never tried to touch me, never made any hints. I had tempted him in a sly way, not knowing what I was doing at the time, by coming out of the bathroom covered only by a short towel, that at times I let slip a little low so he got a view of my tits. Teasing things like that, in my innocence, I didn’t realise what I was doing, what effect I was having on dad.

I lost my virginity to one of his friends when I was just over the legal age in the UK of sixteen. Dad found out and confronted me, but also told me he was glad it had happened with somebody who knew what to do and not as some clumsy fumble in the back of a car with a spotty youth but told me I had to be careful.

That had signified a change in our relationship as I told him, I knew what I was doing and that it had only been the one time, I had no desire to have an affair or break up a marriage, but surprisingly the one marriage I did manage to break up was my parents. After losing my virginity I was celibate for over a year, and in the interim, I have had about six or seven lovers, so I’m not naïve and immature but not overly promiscuous either.

“Dad, it’s alright, you don’t need to worry.”

“Christ Melissa, how can you say that. You know what you’ve just said, what you’ve just offered me? You’ve just said you want to fuck your own father! And those were your exact words.”

I smiled at him coyly and pouted my lips, “Yes, I do know, and I mean it, and a father who just happens to be a very sexy man as well.”

Dad stared into my eyes as he shook his head, “Why ‘Lissa, why tempt me?”

“Because,” I smiled at him as I kissed him again, pushing my tongue between his lips and running it around his mouth. Dads hand hadn’t left my bum and I became aware that it was softly squeezing and caressing it, I could also feel a distinct bump growing as his cock hardened against my belly.

“Dad, take a chance, take this one chance that is being offered to you, make love with me, I know deep down you want to. Forget convention, make love to me, it will only be the one time, please don’t reject me now,” I whispered to him, then kissed him again before blowing in his ear and şerifali escort nibbling it.

Dad hadn’t exactly rejected me and pushed me away, his arms were still around my waist and mine were around his neck. I looked pleadingly at him as he considered his answer, I could see the torment raging in him as he fought with his natural reluctance and restraint and his increasing lust and desire. With a sigh he looked down at me and said softly, “Melissa, if we do, will you do something for me please, will you…will you strip for me, a full-on striptease.”

I felt shock register on my face as I hadn’t expected that, not that I was bothered about what he had asked me to do, but that he even had an idea like that in his head. Once again I smiled coyly and seductively at him, “You pervert, fancy wanting me to do that. Of course, I will, but you didn’t need to ask I was going to do it anyway.”

As my reply sunk in dad, at last, kissed me back, and then his hands were roaming over my unprotesting body, running up and down my sides and back and then daring to move between us and feel my breasts, carefully cupping and squeezing first one then the other. The first touch of his hands on me led to a sigh into his mouth as we kissed. Lips still locked together I back away and lead him to the stairs, then breaking away, I turn away from him, start to climb the stairs and when I think my bum is opposite his face, flick my skirt in the air, I rush up the stairs dad following me quickly.

On the landing dad grabs me and spins me to face him, pulls me in close and kisses me again, this time his tongue is doing the forcing as it pushes into my partly opened mouth and finding my tongue starts to play with it, twirling round and round it, his hands are again caressing my body and as his hands cup my bum cheeks I sense him pulling my skirt up. I break away to take him by the hand and lead him into a bedroom. At first, he hesitates as he realises that I am heading to his old bedroom, the one he shared with mum, “Melissa, not in that bedroom, that’s your mums and mine. I can’t do that in there, it’s bad enough what we are doing but I can’t be that cruel to your mums’ memory.” As I pull him into the room he realises that it is now mine, mum had swopped with me after the divorce saying she couldn’t bear to sleep in it now that she and dad had split.

The light is a soft glowing pink, and a delicate scent pervades the room, it is partly me and partly the scented candles I lit earlier. As dad relaxes we kiss again, this time more leisurely, savouring the moment, knowing what the outcome will be. But there is now an air of expectancy.

I manoeuvre him towards the bed, when I have got him exactly where I want I move away from him, look him directly in the eye and giggling say, “Dad, you want me to strip for you, but first, you have to earn it, get undressed and lay on the bed. I want to see the response I cause.”

Dad looks shocked at first as the implication of what I have said sinks in, then his clothes start to come off in quick time, shirt and pants flying to different sides of the room, then shoes and socks until he is in just his jockeys. He hesitates momentarily as he realises what comes next and that I am not going to look away. In a flash, they are around his ankles and he is stepping out of them, his firm body exposed to my view, and his cock standing rigidly to attention, hard and twitching. God if it is this hard even now what would it be like later. I cup his balls as I give him a quick kiss and then push him onto the bed. As I step away my fingers brush softly against his cock. I can feel it throbbing.

I change the music that is playing to something more upbeat with a nice bassline and start to sway in time to it. I’m moving around the room, swaying my hips, grinding my hips, running my hands up and down my body, slipping the skirt of my dress higher and higher, then letting it fall away, dad has got an idea that I’m in stockings for him.

Still swaying, but now standing in one place my hand slowly reaches behind me and up to the zipper on my dress, pulling it slowly down I turn away from dad and let him see the zip on its slow journey downwards, when it can go no further I turn back to face him and let the top slip off my shoulders and down to my waist. My boobs encased in that blue bra are now in sight, dad sighs in delight. I sway and move around the room for a second getting my boobs to bounce, then I push the dress over my hips and hear a rustle as it slips to the floor, pooling in a swath of cobalt blue at my feet. Stepping out of it I hear a gasp of lust escape from my father’s mouth.

I strut and sway my way around the room for a minute, turning away from dad at times so he can get a view of my rear, cute bum swaying. Catching a view of myself in the mirror, I know I’m looking great, firm athletic figure, boobs pushed up in their bra and matching panties showing a clear, damp, no, wet patch at the front.

Taking a chance I şişli escort move closer to dad and kiss him softly on the lips, as his hands reach out to grab me I skip away from him, not easy in four-inch heels, doing so I graze my fingers down his hard belly and once again run them softly over his throbbing cock.

Moving back towards him I smile and say, “Undo my bra for me,” turning my back to him. I can feel his fingers trembling as he reaches out and unhooks it, as soon as it is undone I move away turn to face him and standing proud let it slip off my shoulders and off my body, my cheeky and bouncy boobs coming into view fully for the first time. Yet another gasp from dad as I play and squeeze them together, stepping back to give myself some room and to put a safety gap between us I stand weight planted on one leg, the other hip pushed higher, thrusting my groin towards him.

Pouting as I do so I push one hand into the waistband of my panties and start to push them lower, slightly pulling them away from my body as I do so. When they get to the top of my pubic hair I pause and push the other hand inside them, cupping my pussy and making it obvious I’m playing with it, then I pull my hand out and push the fingers into my mouth, licking each one clean.

I bend over from the waist as I slip my panties off, causing my boobs to hang down and sway, stepping out of my panties I give dad a good look at my sopping wet pussy for the first time, then throw them at him.

All the time I have been stripping I have never broken eye contact with dad when I’ve been facing him and can see he is totally mesmerised by what I am doing.

Standing still directly in front of my father, I push one hand down my body until it comes level with my pussy, fingers spreading on either side of it I pull it open and then let him see me push one finger deep inside right up to the knuckle, pushing in and out and moving round and round. I pull the finger out and licking slowly clean all the glistening juices off it.

My God, I have never done anything like this before. Yes, I’ve walked around naked in front of my lovers, I’ve never been prudish, but I have never ever teased like this before.

I move closer to the bed, put one leg on it so dad can look up my leg and at my pussy, then slowly unclip the stocking from the garter belt, take hold of one of dads hands and get him to roll the stocking down my leg. He takes his time, savouring the touch of his hand on my soft silken thigh.

His hands are shaking even more than when he undid my bra, but he never makes a grab for me, we both know what is going to happen, can hardly wait for it, but want to delay the inevitable, not for fear or apprehension of the act we are about to commit, but for the tantalising build up of pleasure that will soon be released to both of us. A man and woman both filled with lust.

We repeat the same process with my other leg and then I step back, pull the garter belt off and finally stand naked and proud before the appreciative gaze of my father, lust in his eyes.

“‘Lissa, you don’t have to do this, we don’t have to do this,” dad tries to stop me one last time, but not with any great conviction. My answer is physical rather than verbal.

As soon as I was naked I dropped to my knees and without waiting opened my mouth and took my fathers stiff and throbbing cock deep into it, closing my lips tightly around it from the start, getting it to the back of my mouth, just at the entrance to my throat and held him there, sucking on him, using my tongue on the underside of his cock, stimulating his glans. I kept on sucking his cock for about five minutes until I sensed he was getting close, I stopped and pulled off, regaining my feet as I said, “That’s enough of that for now, I don’t want you to cum yet. I want you to cum in my mouth later, I want so much cum in my mouth that I won’t be able to swallow it all. But first I want that nice big cock in me, I want it to ravage my pussy, fuck it hard.”

He looked shocked at what I had said, what I had intimated I wanted. Smiling sweetly at my father, I climbed on the bed and got astride him, took his cock gently in my trembling hand, positioned it at the entrance to my pussy and looking him deeply in the eyes, slid slowly down his cock until it was fully inside me until I was impaled on it.

I sighed with pleasure as I felt it slide up into me, pushing all the way in the hot soft feel, my pussy expanded and immediately closed around him enclosing him in my wet folds, pussy holding tight on him. I didn’t move up and down on him, just sat there and rolled my hips around and around, grinding on him, revelling in the look of lust and passion that crossed his face.

By now any semblance of hesitation had left my father as he reached out and grasped my boobs and squeezed them hard in his hands, flicking the nipples with his thumbs, then he bent his head higher and in response, knowing what he wanted I lowered my body towards him and he sucked my left breast into his mouth, latching onto the nipple at once, and never letting go.

At the exact moment he sucked on my nipple he thrust his hips high and hard into me and began to fuck me, I changed tack to comply with his needs and rode him, rode him hard and fast like a stallion. His cock was pistoning deep into me with every thrust of his hips.

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