MEG-a-doses of Mom Pt. 01

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Meg has a body with curves and textures made for fucking. From the time I was old enough to realize it during high school, my mind was imprinted by images of her body and how it would feel to be with her in different sexual positions and scenarios. Part of this was certainly the result of my hormones, but Meg was also more than just the sex object of my fantasies—she was my Mom and the centerpiece of my yearnings. Beyond her delectable body, her intoxicating character drew me to her and I thought about her all of the time in the nastiest of ways.

Mom has a special way about her that not only elicits lust but also a sense of belonging and substance in whomever she gives her attention to. I grew up seeing this in her interactions with people whether they were strangers, friends, or family. Before my father passed away, my parents would have parties and I was always intrigued by the way both men and women responded to her. I never understood it until Mom and I were left alone by my father’s death when I was 8. Mom has a unique way of making a person feel like they are the only person in her world but there is also enough of an edge to her so that people keep a comfortable distance as well.

When I started high school, I began to see my Mother in a new light. I noticed more about her appearance and her personality. With only the two of us in the house, she doted on me and pursued her career with determination. I spent most of my time outside of school playing sports and obsessing about girls and sex when I wasn’t doing homework or my chores.

My new perception of Mom was born one day during my senior year when I was doing the laundry. I was sorting the clothes from the hamper when I found a pair of Mom’s panties. I had done the laundry before on many occasions but seeing my Mom’s lacy black panties triggered something new inside of me. Perhaps it was because I had recently begun to date but now for the first time I thought about my Mom as a woman, a woman with her own sexuality.

This revelation caused me to start paying more attention to the details of who my 41 year old Mother really is. She stands 5’6″ tall and weighs about 125 pounds with perfect proportions. Her sandy blonde hair is cut just above her shoulders and it frames her face beautifully. High cheek bones, full, sensuous lips, and deep blue eyes compose what I consider the classic good looks of her face. Her ass is tight and leads to slender legs of well-defined calves and slim ankles. She usually wears skirts or dresses with heels that accentuate her legs. I know her breasts are a mouth-watering 36dd and that her waist measures 26 inches because the laundry room is a library of information about her.

One afternoon after school, I was jerking off with her panties in hand. I was just about to cum when she walked in on me. She was shocked and pissed. She started yelling and screaming because in my uncontrollable lust I asked her for a blow-job. She called me sick and perverted.

“Oh my gawd! What are you doing Paul?!!”

I looked at her feeling crazed with lust. I was staring into her eyes and pleaded, “Mom, I’m just… I… You’re so beautiful…will you give me a blow-job?”

She was incredulous. “WHAT? You want me to do what? You little pervert!!!”

“Mom… Mom… I’m sorry…I….”

Mom screamed at me. “Stop it Paul!!! Stop right now! What are you doing! You pervert, how can you…?!” She slammed the door and left.

I didn’t know what happened and sat there shell-shocked with my cock in my hand. After a few minutes, Mom pounded on the door and yelled. “Take a shower and get dressed.”

I was scared shitless and it took a while for me to work up the courage to go downstairs. As I descended into what felt like hell, I heard Mom on the phone. She turned her back to me when I entered the kitchen and finished her conversation. When she hung up the phone, she said, “Don’t say a fucking word Paul! Get in the car!” she yelled.

I wanted to ask where we were going, but instead just stared out the window. I couldn’t even look at Mom, I was mortified.

Mom drove in silence, and I didn’t recognize where we were going. It was fifteen minutes before Mom said, “Do you remember Lynne Stein?”

“Mrs. Stein?”

Mom nodded. “My friend, Lynne Stein. She got divorced last year and stayed at the house for a few days.”

A few quiet minutes passed before Mom said, “She’s a therapist and she said she could see you today.” More silence. I couldn’t believe I had been so stupid. How could I ask my own Mother for a blow-job? And now I was being taken to see a therapist. I remembered Mrs. Stein as a nice woman but didn’t want to see a therapist. It was all getting worse and worse. Mom steered the car into the driveway of a big white house. “Come on,” Mom ordered. I obeyed.

The door opened and there was Mrs. Stein smiling pleasantly. She hugged my mother and said, “Meg! You don’t look any worse for wear after your little episode.” Then she looked at me.

“I don’t know if you remember taksim escort bayan me, I’m Lynne.” She examined me carefully and smiled. “You’ve grown.” She was pretty in a natural way. Her blonde hair was pulled back and she wore a simple blouse and short skirt.

Mom looked at me. “I’ll be back in a few hours. You listen to Mrs. Stein and do what she tells you to do. This should help you with your problem.”

“Come inside, honey.” Lynne said.

“Wait. Mom?” I beckoned as Mom hurried off in lingering anger.

Lynne gave me a reassuring smile. “Just come inside.”

I was still nervous, especially now that I was left alone with this woman.

“Can I get you something to drink, honey?” she asked.

“No thanks.”

Lynne took my hand and led me to the couch. Her hands were warm and soft. She had long pink fingernails, and despite my anxieties I was a little turned on my her nails.

Lynne sat down and was blunt. “So, your mother told me you asked her for a blowjob.”

I could feel my face flush and my teeth grind. Hearing the word “blowjob” come from the lips of this virtual stranger scared me. Finding out that she knew about “my question” was worse. “My…my mother told you about that?”

Lynne smiled. “She called me a little while ago. But don’t be embarrassed.”

“Don’t be embarrassed!? My mother told you…what she told you, and I shouldn’t be embarrassed?”

“No.” she said calmly.

I was incredulous. “Don’t you think I’m a pervert?”

“Not at all.” She gently squeezed my arm. “Paul…It’s OK. I’m a therapist.”

She had this oddly soothing effect on me, “Now, let me ask you a question. Would you like to have me give you a blow-job right now?”

A lightning bolt shot through my head. “What did you just say?”

She smiled warmly. “I’m offering to give you a blow-job.”

“You…you’ll give me a blow-job?” I said, feeling like I was hallucinating.

Her lips curled into a sly smile. “Of course, honey.”

I thought my head would explode. My heart was racing. “Really?”

Lynne let her hand rest on my thigh and explained herself. “Really. Your mother knows I’m a therapist but she doesn’t know how I treat my patients. If you want, you can undress and we’ll get started.” Lynne helped me up and I kicked off my shoes and began franticly undressing.

“Paul, You’re huge!” Lynne said, marveling at my cock.

“Uh….” I said, still shocked at what was happening.

“Sit down.” Lynne knelt between my legs. “Do you know why we’re doing this?” She didn’t wait for an answer. “I’ve been divorced for a while and in my practice, I’ve heard a lot of wild stories. Some make me very horny so I decided to try some new sexual therapies with some of my special patients. You’re a horny teenager who needs an outlet for all that energy you have. That’s why you jerk off and why you asked your mother for a blow-job.” Lynne wrapped her fingers around my erection. “I’d say we could have some interesting therapy sessions if you can keep them private.”

“Yes. I will…I can…” I stuttered.

She lifted my cock to her lips and I felt her warm mouth engulf me. She slowly deep-throated me and looked into my eyes. When she felt me writhe in ecstasy she hummed on my cock.

“Ooh gawd! AHHH!!!” I moaned.

She pulled back, “Is it as good as you as when you play with yourself?”

“Oh it’s better. It feels sooo good Mrs. Stein….”

She licked my cockhead. “Why do you think it feels so good?”

“Because you’re doing it so good….”

She smiled. “Because it always feels better to have sex with someone else than to jerk off. Always remember that sex isn’t just about locking yourself in your bedroom with your fantasies. It’s about sharing.” She brought my cock back to her lips. “And now I want you to share your hot cum with me.”

I hadn’t jerked off in a week, which is probably why I asked Mom to suck my cock in the first place. Watching Mrs. Stein look into my eyes as my huge cock slid in and out of her mouth was overwhelming. I was moaning in pleasure and a few seconds later I erupted. This cum-load made my most intense jacking orgasms feel and look like a dripping faucet. I squeezed my asscheeks together and pumped spurt after spurt of cum down Mrs. Stein’s throat and she swallowed all of it. She kept her lips on my cock and kept sucking until I had to pull away.

“Oh, honey, that was a big one.” I couldn’t respond and sat there in a daze. “Did you like that?” she asked.

“Yeah. Oh wow….”

She winked at me. “I knew you would.” She stood and helped me to my feet. “Now we’re going to have a little more fun.”

Mrs. Stein, Lynne, gently squeezed my cock and held it as she led me upstairs to her bedroom. She had a large bed with lots of pillows on it. There was a large mirror on one wall and a big fluffy chair in a corner. She paused for a second and then led me into the bathroom where there was a huge bathtub and ümraniye escort bayan a separate walk-in shower.

“Would you like to see me naked?” Lynne asked in a sexy voice.

“Oh yeah.”

“Why don’t you get in the shower and I’ll join you. We have to get you nice and clean.”

I obeyed Lynne and stepped into the hot cascade of water. It was delicious, especially after the blow-job Lynne gave me. I had no idea what my Mother was thinking but I know she wouldn’t dream of this happening during my ‘therapy.’ But she didn’t have to know and I was far too excited to about what was happening to worry about her now. I stroked myself as I stood there in the shower and could see Lynne’s silhouette through the glass.

“Don’t play with yourself Paul. You’ll ruin our therapy session.” She giggled as she joined me. Lynne was gorgeous. Not as firm as I imagined Mom but very shapely and gorgeous. Her breasts were large and full and they sagged a bit but I loved that. They looked a little sexier to me because of their natural sway against her chest. Her nipples were big and hard, her skin was smooth and soft, her face was radiant, and her soft hands with those sexy fingernails added to the complete picture of sex that was now overwhelming me with desire.

Lynne reached between my legs and caressed my cock. “You have the biggest, thickest, most beautiful penis I’ve ever seen. No wonder you can’t resist jacking off.”

She kissed me on the lips as she picked up a bar of soap. “Let’s get you nice and clean and I’ll show you what a woman can do.”

For the next ten minutes Lynne’s soapy hands and fingers played with my body. She washed my back, my stomach, my balls, my cock, and even my ass. Then she took her slick soapy hands and wrapped them around my cock, pumping and stroking me.

“I’m gonna cum!” I bellowed.

“No you won’t. I can keep you from cumming before I’m ready.” She said with a matter of fact smile. My cock throbbed in her hands as she squeezed it firmly. “Do you like that?” she asked.

“Yes! It’s so good.” I groaned in delight.

“You like my hands wrapped around your cock?”

“Oh, gawd yes.”

My head rolled side to side as I jerked my hips trying to get Lynne to let me cum. “I want to cum!” I begged.

“I know, honey, but not just yet. Isn’t this good?”


“Then let’s do something you’re really going to love. Trust me. You’ll like what I have planned next even better. I know I will.”

Lynne turned off the shower and dried me but she wouldn’t let me touch her. “Not just yet,” she said as my hands sought out her breasts.

I followed her to the bedroom. “Go get on the bed,” Lynne said. “Sweetie, if you don’t do exactly as I say and keep this from your mother, it’ll never happen again. Now lay down.”

I did as she said, my hard cock pointing toward me.

“Don’t you just look so delicious.” She leaned down and kissed my stomach, my nipples, my lips. “Now I’m going to have some fun. You look so yummy Paul.” she said.

“How does this feel?” she said as I sensed her moving down between my legs. She raised my legs up high and then, oh my gawd, I felt her tongue on my asshole as she lifted my cock. “Huhhh!” I groaned. It was sensational, Lynne’s wet tongue rimming my ass. She spread my asscheeks and drove her tongue into me.

“Are you going to cum, honey?” Lynne said as she stroked my cock and licked my ass. “Do you want to cum baby?”


“Shoot your load!” She licked and sucked and stroked. I felt my cum pump up through my cock-shaft.

“CUMMING!” I yelled.

Lynne leapt up from between my legs and crawled beside me. My cock spurted and she covered it with her lips. My cum flowed into her mouth. She drank my cum until the spasming stopped. Then she leaned up and kissed my lips, her cum-coated tongue caressing my own. I was so overwrought with pleasure that I couldn’t protest.

“You taste so good.” she moaned. “But it’ll feel better when you cum inside me.”

I was still excited and Lynne seemed to sense this. “So far you’ve had all the fun. Now it’s my turn honey. Do you think I’m attractive?”

“Oh my gawd yes! You’re hot!”

“Paul, do you want to fuck me?”

I couldn’t believe it. I’d cum twice already and now I was going to get to fuck this amazing woman.

“Your mother said she wanted you to get over your nasty thoughts so that you stop thinking sexual thoughts about her. I am going to fulfill your needs and fuck you so hard you will never think about her.” She giggled playfully.


“You’ll love it, honey.” Lynne said as she climbed on me. She reached over to the nightstand for a tube of lubricant. “You’ll love it. But you’re so big I have to get you nice and slick for me.”

I was throbbing again. “Please! Ohh….” I begged. Lynne crawled between my legs and coated my cock with lube, sliding both hands up and down. Lynne was rubbing her clit now üsküdar escort bayan as she got into position on me. I moaned, when I felt my cock against her pussy. “Honey, you’ve probably guessed that I’m a little bit wild.”

To make her point she grabbed my cock and mounted me in one hard thrust. She started fucking me, taking more and more cock until she could bounce hard and fast. It felt a little painful at first and we both grimaced. She was so tight but after a few thrusts, we adjusted into a smooth frenetic motion.

Lynne screamed, “Fuck me! Fuck my pussy!” and rode me. Then she paused long enough to lift herself up so that just my cockhead was in her pussy-hole. She wrapped her fingers around my cock and held it there to jerk me as she flickered my cockhead around her juicy hole. I felt out of control. I floated in the ecstasy of the electric sensations.

She smiled down at me and closed her eyes. Then she sat down hard on my cock, moaning, “Oh, honey, I think I’m gonna cum.” She bounced up and down on my cock and fucked me faster, “Oh, honey… Yes! Yes!!!” She tightened her pussy muscles on my cock and used my chest to pound up and down on me.

“You know how I said it felt so good to feel someone cum inside you?” she groaned between breaths.

“Uh-huh.” I grunted.

“I want you to cum. Shoot your cum inside me.” She drove herself down on me and reached down to grab my big balls. She squeezed them and I could feel my cum build. “Cum in me, uhh, Paul! Cum!” she cooed. “I want to feel it. I want your cum deep inside of me. You love my pussy, don’t you? You love the way my pussy loves your big cock. Look at my tits shake as I fuck on you!” The wet sloppy sounds her slick pussy made on my cock mixed with her gentle, loving voice. “Paul! Oh yes! So good! I’m cumminnngg now!!!”

It was too much and I started shooting inside of her. She milked me until I’d unloaded every drop of cum from my balls. I heard her moaning, “Oh honey, yes…. Yes, fill me up!!!”

I don’t know how long I laid there but eventually I heard Lynne’s voice. “Are you OK, honey?”

“Yes….” I breathed. Lynne kissed my forehead. “Go take a shower.” I staggered to the bathroom and washed the sex from my tingling body. When I finished, my clothes were waiting on the counter. I dressed and went downstairs where Lynne was waiting with a glass of ice water.

“Well, I think our therapy session went well, don’t you?”

“Oh yeah. I’m feeling better than ever.”

She winked. “We’ll have to schedule regular sessions a few times a week if you think that beautiful cock of yours can handle it. I don’t think your mom will mind, especially because I’ll do it for free. But remember, you can’t let your mom find out that I’m fucking you.”

“You’re beautiful, Mrs. Stein…or should I call you doctor?” I said.

“Lynne, call me by my name. You just came in my mouth so you better call me Lynne.” She laughed. “After you find out what I’m gonna do with your massive cock, you will call me other names. I have plans for you, darling boy. You made me feel so good and beautiful.”

A few minutes later, the doorbell rang. “That’s probably your mother,” she said. I just sat there and drank my water. I was stunned, a little shocked, but so insanely happy that I would be able to fuck Lynne regularly.

Mom joined us for a moment as Lynne explained that she wanted to schedule appointments for me. Then we got up an left. I wanted to hug or kiss Lynne goodbye, but didn’t know what to do. She solved my dilemma by giving me a motherly peck on the cheek. “We had a good talk. I don’t think you’ll have any more problems.” she told my mother.

“Good.” Mom said with a sigh.

“Stop by whenever you want Paul.” Lynne told me. I looked at Mom and she nodded.

“Oh, I, uh, maybe I’ll come over tomorrow.”

“When you’re homework is done and your chores. You’re grounded except for your appointments with Mrs. Stein.” Mom said.

Mom and I got in the car. We drove in silence for the first few minutes but I was memorizing the way back to Lynne’s house.

“Did you like Lynne? You talked about….” Mom couldn’t finish her question.

“Yeah. And we did.” I almost burst out laughing.

“Good. I’m glad you like her.” This was a very, very strange conversation so I made it stranger because I was feeling a bizarre sense of confidence. “Mom, I’m sorry….”

She frowned at me. “Don’t say anything. I did this because I thought…you know…you need help. You aren’t a bad kid Paul and I still love you. Without your father around, I don’t know what to do sometimes. When you…you said that, I thought Lynne could help.” She shuddered.

“OK.” I said. I kept my mouth shut as long as I could. “Well, thank you.”

Mom looked tense and let the comment drop. I could tell she was having a hard time with all of this and her eyes were watering. “Paul, I do love you and I don’t ever want you to forget that. It’s just hard for me sometimes and I just want you to be happy and for us to be able to count on each other. I know you’re a teenager with thoughts. We all have those needs. I just don’t….”

“Mom, I’m sorry I upset you. You can always count on me. I hope we can get past this and be happy.” I cut her off and after I said that, we drove the rest of the way home in contented silence.

********** Initial Encounters of Erotic Energy

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