Meeting the Brothers

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Copyright ©2020 to the author Smuttyandfun

As I wash myself off in the shower in the beautiful cedar-panelled pool house, of course paying special attention to my cum-filled pussy, I can barely wrap my head around what had just happened.

A friend of mine once told me that her brother-in-law had shocked her at a New Year’s party when he slipped her the tongue. Well, I could sure as hell beat that, considering the fact that within a half hour of us meeting — my father-in-law slipped me his cock!

My husband Trevor and I had only been married a month, still enjoying the thrill of being newlyweds, when he suggested that we take a week off from work and drive up to his family compound, so I could meet them.

Of course I noticed the instant I set eyes on his uber sexy dad, that Jacob was a total fox with an amazingly tanned, toned body, for a man of any age, never mind for a man who’d just turned fifty. But my jaw really dropped when I got a good look at him south of the border, since I couldn’t help but notice that he was amazingly well-hung too, considering they all walk around naked.

But when Trevor left us alone to go and pick up his brother Jonas at the airport, who had just ended a tour of duty in the Middle East, silly me, I thought his father would just show me around his house.

Instead, smiling coyly, he suggested I strip out of my clothes and join him in the pool for a swim. And the next thing I knew somehow he’d convinced me that it would be fine if we got cozy together — as in doing every fucking thing we could imagine with each other. And that it would even be with his son’s blessing, since, in addition to shunning clothing, they also shared everything, especially their women.

Part of me felt so guilty over what we’d done together, but he was so good at getting me off and made me come so many times, that I just had to accept the fact that my husband’s father and I were probably going to be hooking up again before the week was over — hopefully a few times.

Now I crossed my fingers and prayed that Trevor really would be okay with it. Because there was no way I wanted to endanger my marriage, just to get with my father-in-law, no matter how insanely hot he was or how talented he was at making me scream my head off. And god, he was good, so good at that.

Clenching my thighs together tight, I could feel my nipples growing painfully hard, he’d made me come so damn hard and so many times that I almost blacked out, and just thinking about it nearly had me ready to climax all over again.

I slipped a finger between my legs and whimpered. Even after I’d washed myself as best I could, my pussy was still dripping like a tap with his cum — oh and my husband’s load too, since he’d given me an arousing little early morning pounding before we’d left the house.

As my mind wandered back to what my father-in-law Jacob and I had done, while sliding my finger in and out of my juicy little pussy, each breath coming harder and faster, I couldn’t believe that I could come again just thinking about how kinky our first meeting actually was. And once I was good and slicked up, I moaned out loud as I slipped my cum-laced finger into my mouth and licked it clean, knowing that I was savoring the taste of both of them coming in inside me and filling me up with their seed.

Finally, I blew out a shaky breath, knowing that now I had to meet his brother. And they were probably waiting for me upstairs in the house. So I shut off the water, and stepped out to face the music — as well as the three of them naked.

I decided I might as well just go with the flow, so once I dried off, I didn’t bother to put any clothes on. If they were walking around nude, then I was going to be walking around nude. After all, I’d never been shy about my body — and it would definitely feel odd if I was only one wearing anything.

When I got upstairs and saw Jacob with his two sons Trevor and Jonas, all so insanely buff, all of them buck ass naked, and all three hard as bricks, I felt my pussy beginning to clench, and clench hard. They just looked so hot and so enticing that I knew if what my father-in-law Jacob said was true, that they really did enjoy sharing their women, that this was going to be the most fantastic week of my life.

Ooh, just the thought of three big hard cocks, all for me was making my nipples go diamond hard. My head was spinning, and my poor pussy was nearly convulsing at the thought of getting banged non-stop by three big hard stud muffins as hot as these guys.

I shivered as they eyed me like I was a fluffy little bunny and the three of them big, bad hungry — and very horny — wolves. At least if wolves had dicks the size of freaking stallions, since they seemed to be getting even harder and thicker as the three of them slowly looked me over from the top of my long dark hair right down to my pink painted toe nails, obviously imagining what they’d like to do to me.

Snapping me out of my lust-induced maltepe escort trance, smiling proudly, my husband Trevor walked over, brushed a kiss to my forehead, slid his arm around my waist and made the introductions. “Jonas, this is my wife, Candace. And Candace, this is my older brother Jonas, who just got back from a tour of duty in the Middle East.”

When I went to hold out my hand to shake his, Jonas shook his head, chuckling. “Come on, Candace, we’re family now, give us a hug.”

And lordy, when he pulled me in and wrapped those big strong arms of his around me, pressing my breasts up tight against his hard bare chest, with his steely erection wedged tight against my belly, I almost forgot how to talk. What a way to meet the family though, up close and personal. So personal that I could feel his pre-cum sliding between us and slicking up my skin.

Good god what a family I’d married into. It was like living in a porn flick with these guys. But then I grinned, because I’d be the only girl — with three big, hard horny men to see to my every need. So this would be some hot week that I was already looking forward to.

Once he was done hugging me and sliding his hands over my ass, Jonas gave me an affectionate little squeeze, and with a nod of his head at his father busy in the kitchen, he said, “I’d better see if my dad needs a hand with lunch.” Then he winked. “Good to finally meet you, Candace. And I’m really looking forward to spending some time with you later on.”

When I walked over to my husband, smiling happily into my eyes, he pulled me in for a hug and dropped a kiss on my lips, like he always did. But feeling a little guilty after what at happened with his father, I winced and said, “Trevor, can we go somewhere and talk?”

“Sure.” He slipped his arm around me and led me down a corridor and into one of the bedrooms. Then he closed the door, sat me down on the big king size bed and joined me.

I had a hard time meeting his gaze, hoping with everything I had that he really would be okay with the fact that his father and I had done just about everything two people could possibly do together — at least without our clothes. Ooh, I shivered — even a little touch of anal when he slipped a finger into my ass while he had his giant cock buried in my pussy about as deep as he could go. The whole thing was just so wild.

Finally, not sure what else to do, I took a deep breath and just spit it out. “Trevor, while you were gone, your father and I… we um…” I winced and looked up at him. “We had sex.”

He grinned. “I know I saw the two of you going at it when I got back here with Jonas. And it was beautiful. To see my father fucking my wife, and seeing you taking his cock like that, just felt so good to see you two enjoying each other, coming together like that. And you came a lot, too, didn’t you? And I could tell you were enjoying it, too.” He chuckled as I nodded my head; unable to deny it, because I lost count, he made me come so many times. “You gotta admit my dad really knows his way around a woman.” He sure did, since I don’t think there was an inch of me that he hadn’t explored.

I stared at him, surprised. “So, you’re saying you’re okay with your dad…”

“Fucking you? Sure. I’m sure he told you that we share everything in my family, especially our women. And seeing as you’ve got the sex drive of at least three women combined, I thought you might enjoy getting it on while we’re here with even more men to take care of you. Much as I love our sex life, sometimes it feels like I’m not enough for you. So, while we’re here on holiday, you can feel free to get it on with any of us whenever you want.” He stroked his hand over my cheek, looking into my eyes. “Just as long as we share a bed together at night, I’ll be fine with whatever you and my brothers and father want to do.”

“Wait. Did you just say brothers? Exactly how many brothers do you have?”

He grinned. “There’s four more, and the rest of them should be here soon. Just think of it, baby, that’s seven cocks just for you.”

I could feel my mouth falling open as I stared straight ahead, trying to absorb what he was saying. “Seven? Oh, my god, Trevor.” I turned my head and looked him in the eye, just to be sure. “And you’d really be okay with sharing me with all of them?”

He smiled, and squeezed my hand. “Of course. It’s the way I was raised. We share everything. I leave my keys in the car. And if one of them needs it they don’t even have to ask, because what’s mine is theirs.” He smiled, and cupped my breast and began to massage it, running his thumb over my nipple, getting me all tingly. “And if any of them want to fuck my wife, they know they can, because we’ve always shared our women. It’s just the way we’ve been raised. And nothing’s off limits. But the choice is still yours. If you don’t want to do this, just say the word and nothing has to happen. It can just be the two of us like at home, and no one else will so much mecidiyeköy escort as touch you if you’d rather not be a part of it. But if you’d like to enjoy all seven of us this week, I’m willing to bet, with how insatiable you are, you’ll finally get what you need. And think about it. You could be getting off seven times a day, or even fourteen, if you want to have us all twice, considering all of us would be willing to help you out and give you everything you need, just as often as you need it.” He smirked. “And knowing you the way I do, if you wanted even more, the sky’s the limit, and you could have sex on tap all day and all night, and any way you want it, too.”

I started shivering, it just sounded so crazy, and yet so tempting. “Oh, my god, Trevor. I’m just not sure.”

He looked down at me and shook his head. “Baby, look at your nipples, their so fucking hard, and I’d bet your pussy’s got to be flooded, just imagining how much you’d enjoy having the seven us to take care of you, and giving you everything you’ve ever dreamed of. And I’d better your pussy would be in heaven, finally getting fucked non-stop, it would be like a fantasy come true.”

When he started tugging and twisting at my nipple, my pussy clenched so hard. Of course he was right. I did need a lot of sex, way more than most women, tons more than most, actually. Truth was, I just loved fucking, and the feel a man’s big hard cock pushing inside me felt like heaven on earth. And I just adored sucking a man off. Feeling him slide over my tongue, pushing right to the back of my throat till my nose was buried in his pubic hair, with his balls pressed up tight against my chin, felt so good. And ooh, I really loved to be eaten out, to feel a man’s mouth on me down there, sucking on my pussy as he pushed his fingers inside me and got me dripping for him till I came all over his tongue. And anal was like icing on the cake for me. To have a big strong man pushing his cockhead into my tight little ass, till he had me squealing my head off as rode me hard till he was pumping me full of his cum. I loved all of it, every single thing.

And to think, this week, I could have it around the clock, just as many times as I wanted. And all I had to do was say — Yes!

Trevor, pulled me into his arms, sat me on his lap and shook his head smiling at me. “And just to show what I mean, I want you to slide that pussy down on me right now, so I can fill you up nice and tight.”

Smiling into his eyes, I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him with everything I had. And as I sank my tongue into his mouth, I slid my pussy down on him till he had me wincing, he was just so big that I could already feel his cockhead kissing my cervix.

And I knew the other two, his well-hung father and brother Jonas, if possible, looked even bigger, though I thought when I first hooked up with Trevor that he was absolutely huge. All I know was when his father got between my legs and really started to pound me, I thought he’d split me in two he was just so thick and long and hard. He had my cunt filled up tighter than it had ever been filled, though I gotta say, once I got used to being packed that tight, it felt really good — so good I kind of wished he’d never stopped.

But as I shifted my hips to take him inside me a little easier, as I smiled into my hubby’s heavy-lidded gaze, I had to admit, I did enjoy a touch of pain with my pleasure.

So, I had a feeling this was going to be a week I’d never forget, the week I had seven long hard cocks all for me, filling me up with their seed and making me come so many times that I might not even survive — but lordy, what a way to go –being fucked to death by an entire pack of big hard studs.

I was so lost in thought, Trevor made me squeal when he took hold of me around the waist and flipped me onto my back, then grabbed me by the ankles spread my legs open wide and murmured, “You know there is no sight sweeter in this world than watching your sweet little pussy devouring my cock.”

With his eyes smiling into mine as he thrust, pulled half-way out and thrust into me again, I felt like I was drifting on the most amazing wave, as I felt myself starting to crest as he worked his cock in and out of my pussy. Arching my back off the bed I cried out his name as he hit my g-spot again and again, quickly sending me right over the edge. “Oh, fuck me that feels so good, Trevor. Please don’t ever stop. I just love this with you.”

He chuckled as he pulled back, slammed me hard and really started to pound me, till he had me coming all over again, clenching him tight inside me, bathing his cock in a sea of my juice, he threw back his head and growled, and I felt him letting go, pumping me full of what felt like a river of red hot cum. I’d never felt so good, being taken so insanely hard, three times already in one day. And to think, there were more of them, six more to be exact, just waiting in line to get with me.

His chest pendik escort heaving, as he took hold of his cock and slid out of my quivering pussy he looked down and shook his head. “It’s so hot to see you dripping like that, that I’ve just got to eat it up.”

He pushed my knees up to my shoulders opening me up wide, and he had me coming almost instantly when he got his head between my legs and started lapping up the load of cum sliding out of my well-fucked hole.

“Damn, that’s sweet,” he murmured, nearly devouring me as he lapped into my pussy, sucking out his seed. He looked up at me and winked. “And we can’t have you dripping cum all over the house, now can we?”

Every inch of me tingling as my husband made a meal of my cum-filled cunt, all I could do was shiver as I felt yet another climax sweeping through my veins right down to my pussy. And to think I could have this all day long, with one man after another. How could I possibly say no to opportunity like this?

When Trevor finally collapsed on the bed beside me, smiling as he wiped the back of his hand over his glistening mouth, he looked over at me and cocked an eyebrow. “So, what do say? You want to try having all of us for a couple of days and see how it feels?”

Overwhelmed by his generous nature, I cupped his face in my hands and kissed him. “How did I get so lucky to find a man like you, who knows me so well that he’d offer me something like this?” But then I remembered about me being off the pill. And I swallowed hard and said, “But you do remember that I went off the pill when we got married, right? And your dad came inside me today, unprotected.”

Trevor just smiled. “It’s all good, Candace. If one of us breeds you, it’ll still be our baby, and it won’t matter to me whose seed got the job done. Because like I said, we’re family, and I’m happy to share every last inch of you with them, including your womb. And today when I saw your pussy filled to overflowing with my father’s cum, I couldn’t have been prouder of you. Because you became one of us when you gave yourself to my dad, and I knew for sure, this was what you needed all along.”

Still hardly able to believe my ears, I just nodded and stared up at the ceiling. Because I had to admit feeling a man lose himself and come inside me was a big part of the thrill of having sex for me. I loved the explosive rush of feeling his cock shooting off deep in my womb, filling me up till his seed was sliding out of my pussy and coating my ass. It just felt so erotic to be fucked and filled to overflowing.

Truth was, sex for me was something I not only enjoyed but craved almost as much as the air that I breathe. And now that my husband had found me the perfect outlet for my nearly unquenchable desire, I started feeling a little giddy and slightly light-headed just thinking about how crazy it would feel to finally be able to slake this burning hunger inside me that seemed to haunt me night and day.

Smiling over at him beside me, I nodded my consent. “Yes, I’d love to try this with all of you — if you’re really sure you’re okay with it.”

He pulled me into his arms, and kissed me hard the mouth. “Baby, I’m so much more than okay. I can hardly wait to tell the others that they’ll be enjoying you for the rest of the week. But you should try and keep track of how many cocks you’ve had each day, and when you come to bed with me at night, you can add one more, because I’ll be hard as fuck and ready for you, guaranteed.”

I just rolled my eyes and laughed, still a little shocked that I was actually going to do this.

Trevor brushed the hair from my eyes. “Just so you know, all of us are all clean, so no worries.” When I nodded, he framed my face in his hands. “So, why don’t you rest for a bit. And I’ll go tell Jonas that whenever you’re ready you’ll meet him in his room. And I’m sure, after being overseas for the last year, he’ll be really stoked to get with you. All our bedroom doors are different colors, and his is the dark green one at the end of the hall. And if you want to shower first,” he pointed at a door near the window, “it’s just through there. Every bedroom has its own bathroom too, so you can freshen up whenever you want.”

After he’d pressed one last kiss to lips and gave me a reassuring pat on the thigh, I blew out a breath, and wondered if I could really do this; if I could walk down the hall and wait for his hunky brother to walk in and have sex with me.

What a day this was turning out to be. And what a way to meet the family; naked with my legs spread as each one of them, one after the other would slide their cocks into my pussy and fuck me. Most people I knew just shook hands when they first met to say hello, but not these guys.

My nipples were so hard and it felt like every inch of me was tingling. So there was no denying the idea of getting it on with all seven of them had me more than a little excited and anxious to get started, especially with gorgeous Jonas, who I knew, just like his father and brother, would give me just what I needed.

Fresh from the shower, and naked as the day I was born, I walked down the hallway and knocked on the dark green door, and when no one answered I went in, looked around at the tidy room with another king size bed, and decided I’d take a look out the big wide window while I waited for him.

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