Meeting Gina Ch. 04

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This continues the true story of my encounters with Gina, and tells (partially) of my first encounter with my cousin Helen. Any and all sexual activity is between consenting adults.


“Well, her name is Helen,” I began, closing my eyes briefly as I remembered my cousin. “She is my cousin on my mother’s side. She is just eight months older than me, and when we were little, we were really close. But, when we were seven, her family moved to Canada, and we went a several years without seeing each other. My mother and my uncle had had a fight, about what I don’t know. Anyway, they went a long time without talking. Then, one day, my mom decided that we were all going to go visit her brother and his family in Calgary, Alberta. We were going to go on a ski trip, to try and reconnect the families over an activity we all enjoyed.”

“I was really excited at the thought of seeing Helen and my uncle again. And about going to Canada. I had gone to Mexico many times to visit my dad’s family, but this would be my first trip to Canada. I had read lots about the great skiing in Alberta, particularly in Banff. It was going to be a great trip.”

I paused in my story, realizing I had stopped moving my fingers in Gina’s pussy, and she smiled,

“It´s ok, Israel, I want to hear the story. Please, continue.” She took my hand from her pussy, and held it, interlacing her fingers with mine.

“I was fourteen when the date for our trip finally came. I was tall, an even six feet, and skinny, really skinny. Puberty had been kind, though, and I did not have much acne. In junior high, most of the girls thought I was cute, and I didn’t have trouble finding girlfriends. I played basketball, volleyball, and soccer. So I was always around the cheerleaders, and most of my girlfriends kozyatağı escort came from our school’s cheerleading squad.”

“But, in spite of being already successful with the girls at school, I was nervous about seeing Helen again. But that all disappeared when our plane landed in Calgary. We cleared customs, and had collected our bags. As we wandered out to the meeting area, I heard someone yell my name, and turning, I saw Helen, running toward me. She was a vision. So beautiful. Blonde permed hair, blue eyes, and a bright smile. She looked like a Barbie Doll. She ran to me, my uncle and aunt not far behind, and she threw herself at me, giving me a tight hug and a big kiss on the cheek. And then she went to my mom, dad, and sister, giving each of them an affectionate hug. Then she returned to me, and held my hand. Clearly, those seven years apart had not lessened the affection between us.”

“The week of the ski trip flew by. Everybody got along so well. Near the end of the trip, we celebrated Helen’s fifteenth birthday. And then, two days later, we were on our way back to the airport, to return to Arizona. At the airport, Helen cried as she said goodbye, and, in spite of our families being there, whispered in my ear that she loved me, and that she would miss me. Then she quickly kissed me on the lips, turned, and joined her family.”

“On the flight back, my mom told us that she and her brother had agreed to do it again, and that it would become an annual tradition. And so it was. Every year, in February, we would go to Calgary, and go skiing. Each year Helen got more beautiful, as her body caught up to her looks. All year, between trips, we would chat on ICQ (that was an early version of messenger). But the last year, küçükçekmece escort after Helen´s eighteenth birthday, our chats got less frequent, as she had discovered bars and nightclubs. Our last ski trip together would be that year that I was eighteen. We would celebrate Helen’s nineteenth birthday in Banff. It had been a warm winter, and we were not sure if there would be much snow. But I was too distracted by Helen’s growing distant to worry about the snow.”

“When we landed in Calgary, it was indeed warm. There was no snow in the city, as a chinook wind had blown through the day before. Helen and my uncle were there at the airport to pick us up in their Caravan. As soon as I saw her, I forgot how she had grown distant. She looked hot. Her blond hair was still permed, her eyes still that stunning sky blue. But her body. Holy shit, had she every grown up! She now truly looked like a Barbie, with the perfect Nordic looks she had inherited from her parents. Big tits sitting high and proud on her chest, narrow waist, and loooooong, perfect legs. Cuz of the warm weather she was dressed pretty skimpily, in a short leather skirt, cowboy boots, and a jean jacket over of a sequined tube top. When she hugged me, I felt her breasts squish into me, as she squeezed me tightly. She greeted me, whispering into my ear, which she then gave a quick lick, before kissing me on the cheek, and then again, on my lips. I was worried our parents would notice how affectionate she was being. But my worry was unfounded. They were too busy with their own greetings to notice that Helen had kissed me a little too long.”

“We climbed into the Caravan, Helen and I taking the third row bench seat. We cuddled in silence all the way to her house. Then, kurtköy escort once we were inside, our parents insisted that everyone go to bed early, so we could leave early the next morning for Banff. Helen led me to the study, and before we parted, gave me a hug, and a long kiss.

“‘I´ll see you in the morning, Simon.'”

Gina interrupted me. “Simon?”

“Yes, Simon. That´s my second name. Israel Simon. In my mom’s family, they have always called me Simon.” I smiled at her, and gave her calves a squeeze. She sat up, and leaned on me, and I wrapped my arm around her, squeezing her tit.

“So, Simon, what happened? When did you fuck her?”

I cut her off, kissing her. But she broke the kiss, and insisted, “Seriously, Isra, quiero saber. Después. Fuck me after. Please. Tell me the rest of the story.”

“Ok, but quickly, cuz I need to taste your pussy. The next morning we went to Banff. When we were younger, we had only rented two suites in the hotel. But this year, since we were all older, we had three suites, one for each of our parents, and one for the kids. So, once we had eaten dinner, our parents retired to their respective suites, my sister went to her room to sleep, and Helen and I sat down in front of the TV, kissing almost as soon as we sat down. We were all over each other. She had taken off her pants, and only had on her thermals, which looked like a pair of tights. My hand was up her shirt, under her sports bra, squeezing her tits. She stood up.

‘We should go to one of our rooms, in case your sister wakes up or something.’

‘Good idea.’ I responded, and we stood, gathering the clothes we had discarded, and hurried into her room.

I stopped, and got up.

“I need a drink, Gina. ¿Quieres algo?”

She smiled, and stood up with me.

“Si, por favor.”

“¿Que quieres? I have tequila, rum, whisky, coffee.”

“A whisky with coke, please,” she answered, before kissing me and squeezing my ass.

And with that, dear reader, we will take a break. In the next installation, I will tell you of what happened next with Helen and Gina. Stay tuned.

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