Me and Uncle Jerry

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I’ve always had a special place in my heart for my Uncle Jerry. He is what some might call a renaissance man. He bakes his own bread, keeps bees, is good at chess, and he was a pilot in the Air Force. He graduated from college and became an engineer.

Uncle Jerry had a beautiful family, two girls and two boys, and a wife whom he clearly was crazy about. I always imagined that he and Aunt Marie had great sex together. That was the vibe that they put out.

When I say that I always had a special place in my heart for him, I can’t ignore the fact that I thought he was appealing in a masculine way. I secretly entertained fantasies about him. He was of medium height with short-cropped dark brown hair, a bit of a belly that nevertheless never made him appear fat or unfit. He seemed comfortable in his body.

Aunt Marie, unfortunately, fell victim to a rare cancer of the spleen, and she died during their middle age. I went to the funeral, of course, but didn’t see Uncle Jerry for some months after.

I was eighteen and still living at home when my Mom and Dad and I paid him a visit. They had been worried about him of late. Dad, his brother, said he seemed withdrawn when he spoke to him on the phone. We went to stay the weekend. Two of the children there were off at college, so their rooms were available. I occupied the one next to my uncle’s.

I ducked out into the yard around midnight to fire up a joint and watch the stars. When I came back inside, I heard moaning sounds coming for Uncle Jerry’s room. The door was slightly ajar, and I crept quietly up to it. I could hear him tossing about in bed. He kept repeating his wife’s name “Marie… oh, Marie… please darling. Marie…”. Clearly, he was in distress, and the anguish in his voice touched me deeply. I slipped into the room in my stocking feet. I stood by the door until my eyes adjusted to the darkness. There was some light provided by a digital clock by the bedside, and I could make out his form clearly. While I stood there, he rolled onto his side and the sheet came partially away from his body. I could see the dark patch of his pubic hair, and the semi-erect penis that lay on the sheet shifting slowly. I became immediately aroused at the sight of it. Here was the man I had been having sexual fantasies about for years, lying naked before me with his cock in full view.

He continued mumbling fervidly. I understood none of it except the name ‘Marie’.

As I stood there, his cock grew, sliding incrementally in little jerks toward avrupa yakası escort his belly.

The words “This is crazy” came to me as a warning as I silently fell to my knees at the side of the bed. I was only about a foot or so from him. I stared at the cock. By then, it was at its fullest, and I knelt there admiring it. It wasn’t an especially long cock; average, I’d say. But it was thicker than most and had a very nice plump helmet. I stayed there quietly watching it as it jigged about subtly against the sheet. Uncle Jerry had stopped talking and I assumed he was sleeping soundly. But his penis certainly wasn’t sleeping. I reached out a finger and touched it on the shaft. It sprang up in response, and I quickly withdrew my hand. My heart was beating wildly. What if he were to waken and find me there. But other than the response from the cock, he showed no reaction. Feeling emboldened by this, I rested my head on the sheet so that my face was mere inches from my Uncle Jerry’s cock.

“You miss her, don’t you, fella.” I whispered, and touched the tip of the cock head. Again, the reaction was was immediate. It jerked against the sheet. I looked at Uncle Jerry’s face. He was lying with his head resting on his outstretched arm. He appeared to be in a deep sleep. He began to snore softly, more like a deep purr. I continued to play with the cock, stroking its length with a forefinger. Soon, a small droplet of precum peeped through the diminutive lips of the head. It glistened in the dim light of the clock. How beautiful, I thought. My uncle’s sweet sex nectar had traveled up from his balls and honored me with a private showing. I so wanted to taste it!

Uncle Jerry’s arm suddenly came down from above the pillow and grazed my face. I stayed absolutely still for many minutes in a state of shock. By then, I could see there was no apparent danger of his waking. Still, it took me some time to relax from this unexpected development.

Returning my gaze to the penis, I could see that it was softening. The precum was still there and was slowly sliding along the surface of the glans. I reached a cautious finger and made gentle contact with it. Pulling my finger away, I was delighted to see a looping string of it sway languidly between my finger and the cock lips. I brought the fingertip to my lips and silently licked the precum off. It was a very special moment. As I tasted it in my mouth, and felt its smooth viscous film coat my tongue, I looked at my uncles face. My heart bağcılar escort beat rapidly as I savored the sweetness of it.

It excited me even more to think that in doing so I was defiantly rejecting my repressed, disciplinarian father. He and Uncle Jerry had always been competitive, so to be communing intimately with Uncle Jerry’s handsome penis gave me an special thrill!

“Here is a real man, Dad. Someone I’m proud to honor and obey.”

” Look, Dad. I’m eating your brother’s precum, and it tastes so good, it’s so delicious. It’s so yummy!”

These thoughts ran through my mind, and I began to feel an alliance with Uncle Jerry and his cock.

That small contact brought the cock back to life and I watched fascinated as it resumed its former dimensions. I felt as though I was beginning to fall in love with it.

Maybe Uncle Jerry is a very sound sleeper, or maybe it was a result of the wine and brandy at dinner, but he showed no signs of coming close to wakefulness while all this was happening.

Having tasted his wonderful precum, I wrestled with the idea of having more. Could I bring him to ejaculation without waking him? My desire to feel the plump head in my mouth turned me onto an incautious path.

With my face on the sheet beside the cock, I came forward until I was practically touching it with my nose. The aroma coming off his erection was exciting, indeed. I stayed there breathing it in for some minutes. I could feel its warmth as well. I ventured my tongue tip forward and made my first contact. I gently licked away the remainder of the clear fluid, and the cock responded happily to the attention. I came forward further until I was close enough to give the head a soft kiss. Again, it sprang up, and uncle Jerry moaned. I smiled at my success. Then, moving ever so slowly, I got the grand prize, the top-shelf kewpie doll, as I brought the bulbous, warm helmet fully into my mouth. It swelled at once and continued to pulse as I explored its smooth contours with my tongue. It tasted wonderful, and I could feel the slick presence of yet more of the precum. I was in heaven. It was perfection itself. The only thing that could have made it even more satisfying was to have my stupid-ass, ramrod conservative father see me.

After living under his iron rule at home all those years, there was nothing more I wanted him to see but his brother’s hard-on stretching his son’s hungry lips.

“Yeah, Dad. Uncle Jerry’s got a really bahçelievler escort sweet dick. Mmmmmm. Wish I’d known sooner.”

Sensing no sign of my uncle waking, I soon had all of his lovely cock enclosed in the moist darkness of my hungry mouth. Jesus, but he tasted good! I held him gently, feeling that too much movement might rouse him. So I sucked slowly and gently (and very happily!!).

His scrotum rested on his thigh, the balls hanging loosely in their sack. I touched them lightly, and Uncle Jerry moaned softly.

“Marie… Oh, Marie…”

Now I was right where I had secretly wanted to be for years: my mouth filled with my Uncle Jerry’s cock, and his sweet hanging balls within easy reach to respectfully fondle. Touching his balls stiffened his cock even more, and it grew in both stature and warmth as I continued to caress them.

After a few moments, Uncle jerry’s breathing became more rapid, and I could sense that his body was tightening. It seemed that he might very well shoot his load and I, of course, would have loved to take it inside of me, to have his warm salty sperm christen the inside of my mouth. But I had to be careful not to let any of it get on the sheet! Men his age didn’t have nocturnal emissions, that’s for sure. I carefully closed tightly around the shaft with my lips, and continued to finger his balls lightly. The low moaning continued.

I felt the first discharge seconds later, and Uncle Jerry’s mouth opened and he moaned loudly. This frightened me a bit, but really, what would my folks do if they heard? Nothing. The first spurt of cum was small, but it was followed by a veritable deluge. Surge after surge of sperm filled my mouth, and I swallowed as quickly as I could. Good Lord! It just kept coming! Uncle Jerry was bucking his hips, and I had to make a real effort to keep him in my mouth.

Finally, he was spent, and his cock was slowly softening. I let it slip out gradually, still throbbing, until just the head was enclosed. I then pulled up on the shaft to ensure that all of the cum was out. After I was sure of this I let it come out completely. I licked the head clean and took one last parting look at my new friend. I hoped we would meet again.

The next morning, I dressed and went to the kitchen. The aroma of fresh coffee, greeted me as I entered. My parents were at the table, Dad reading the paper. Uncle Jerry was at the stove.

“Good morning, dear.” my Mom said, and I gave her a peck on the cheek.

“Morning Mom, Dad.” I said, but Dad just kept reading.

I took a deep breath and turned to my uncle.

“Good morning, Uncle Jerry.” I said, and he turned to me smiling.

“And a good morning to you, Kenny. How would you like your eggs?”

“You choose, Uncle Jerry.” I said. “I’m sure they’ll be delicious.”

To be continued.

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