Mark’s Family Ch. 01

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Welcome to my story. Depending on feedback, I have ideas for quite a few more. I also decided to try something. All of the important females in my story will be listed at the beginning by what actress would play them in a movie. These will be Hollywood types, porn stars or models. So, here we go!

Mother, 43: Danni Ashe

Oldest sister Shyla, 25: Shyla Stylez

Younger sister Lindsey, 20: Lindsey Lohan (Mean Girls Era)

Youngest sister Dallas, 19: Bryce Dallas Howard


This is a story about me and my family, and what we eventually became. But before I get around to my lovely sisters or mother, let me tell you about me.

Growing up, I always thought of myself as average. Raised by my sweet mother, surrounded by sisters, and a father that was never really home, I grew up under constant female attention. My family were all very sweet to me, aside from Lindsey in her teen years. And when I think back on it all women were rather friendly with me. But I never thought anything of it.

In high school I was pretty shy and awkward. At 14 I had a growth spurt and hot up to 6’2″, but was skinny and gangly as a post. Regardless, I always had girlfriends, but I was too shy to do much about it. Never had male friends. Guys seemed to want to avoid me. I graduated at the top of my class, and then headed to college in a nearby city. After two years I was ahead in my studies, and was offered a chance to study abroad in Britain. I jumped at it, and it was there my life turned.

Even at 20, I was still shy, despite my gangliness having disappeared. I had filled out, and was actually fairly toned and in shape. But I saw myself as the old me, and that kept me as a virgin at 20. I decided to change that, and during a break, went to Amsterdam and found a brothel. I nervously picked a prostitute, she took me to her room nonchalantly, sat on the bed, pulled down my pants…and her jaw hit the floor.

Now, I have always known I was large. Guys in shower rooms were tiny compared to me. So were porn stars. Hard, I am about 15 1/2 ” long and about as big around as a can of coke (a bit bigger actually). But I never figured it mattered. Well this lady seemed to think it did. Her demeanor changed instantly. I won’t go into the details, since this story isn’t about her, but half an hour later, my first sexual experience was over. The whole time the hooker had been moaning and shaking. After, she was over the moon about me, and she refused to believe that I had been a virgin, claiming I was the best sex she ever had.

That night gave me a shot of ego, and broke me out of my shyness. Suddenly I looked around and noticed all the hot college girls that had been fawning over me. And now I didn’t hesitate to pounce on them. The rest of the year was a flurry of class and sex. I never went to bed alone unless I forced women out of my room. And when I graduated, there was a veritable line of girls sad to see me go. I headed back to the states a confident stud. Looking forward to what new women the future held. Little did I know.

My first stop was my youngest sister’s college. She was very much the girl next door to me. My sweet little sister, we always got along the best. She was brilliant and clever, and oh so cute and innocent. Her semester was ending in a week, so I was going to stay with her, and we would drive home together. I hadn’t seen any of my family for over a year! The flight home was long (but made better due to a couple of bathroom meetings with a couple of flight attendants), but when I landed there was my sister, in a cute sundress, kadıköy escort waiting. She ran into my arms and hugged me tight. Then I got a weird feeling. Did I just feel her bra-less nipples, pressed tight into me, get hard? She stepped back and looked me over, her hand resting on my chest.

“Well big brother, Britain seems to have done someone a lot of good.” She gave me a look I had never seen before. There was a weird twinkle in her eye. “I have been looking forward to you coming back so much! Let’s go!”

She grabbed my hand and hauled me to her waiting car. As she drove, she gabbed about school, and my sisters, but I couldn’t help but notice her checking out my bulging crotch. I used to wear baggy pants to hide it, but my confidence had me wearing tight jeans to show it off. One look at it, and women started creaming. And I just realized my little sister was a woman…worse, no part of me seemed to be upset at where this may be headed. Aside from the glances, she seemed every bit my little sister. Maybe it was nothing. A part of me hoped that it was something.

Once we got to her place, she led me up the stairs to her apartment, telling me her roommates were out. But I couldn’t help but look at her porcelain legs, running up her sun dress. We got to the living room, and I sat down, exhausted and jet lagged. She sat next to me, suddenly silent. She had that new look in her eye again. It looked mischievous and predatory.

“Big brother,” she started, her voice low, and her eyes darting to my crotch at the word ‘big’. “When I last saw you, I was 17. Now I’m not. So now, I can do this…” She lunged onto me, pressing her mouth to mine, her tongue darting in, and one hand gripping my cock through my jeans. No part of me pushed her away. After several minutes of heaving kissing, she pulled away. “God, it feels bigger than I had hoped. You have no idea how long I have wanted this cock of yours.” I couldn’t speak, as she started taking off my pants, my nearly hard cock bouncing up, once she got them past my knees.

“Oh fuck, it’s enormous!” She exclaimed as she grabbed it, her fingers nowhere close to encircling it.

She looked into my eyes, as she lowered her mouth to my cock, her own eyes filled with lust. I moaned as her mouth slid over the head. Most girls couldn’t even manage that far, but she kept going down. She began to bob, forcing herself lower and lower. Reaching 12 inches, further than anyone before, and she wasn’t done! One hand rolled my bloated balls, while her tongue worked magic on the underside of my shaft. My balls pumped precum and she swallowed vigorously, moaning when an especially large batch hit her tongue. Finally, I felt her lips in my pubes, my fat shaft stuffed deep down her throat. No one had done that, out of the dozens and dozens of women I had been within the last year. How could my innocent little sister?

“Impressed big brother?” She popped her mouth off long enough to say, which caused my balls to push out a dollop of precum. She lapped it up. “God you taste good.”

And then she went back to work with a vigor. Bobbing her head with increased speed, worshipping my cock with her mouth and tongue, and her hands fondling my balls. It was amazing watching her slender throat swell as she rammed my cock down it. And the *gluck gluck* sounds as she did so were an amazing turn on.

I suddenly realized that up to this point I hadn’t really done anything but enjoy what she was doing. So I reached over, and lifted the hem of her sun dress, exposing her delicate kartal escort cotton panties. They were soaked, which was an effect I was used to but it was so much hotter that this was my sister! I pulled them aside, and slid a finger in effortlessly and she moaned around my cock. I was expecting it to be at least somewhat tight, but it wasn’t, so I slid in a second…then a third and fourth! At first I was dismayed that my apparently not so innocent little sister was quite experienced, but that dismay quickly turned to excitement as I realized that for my first time with her, I wouldn’t have to go slow. Usually I am way too big the first time I am with a girl, so I have to go more slowly until they stretch out…not this time! As I worked on her gushing pussy, I started humping my hips to meet her mouth. This throat fucking really seemed to turn her on even more, as her dripping pussy told me.

“Are you ever going to cum? I want a belly full before we head upstairs, and I know these babies are going to give it to me.” She popped her mouth off long enough to say and squeezed my nuts at that last part.

Normally I hold on till the woman is spent, but if she wanted an appetizer before the main event, I wasn’t going to let her down. “Sure sis, keep sucking and you’ll get more than you bargained for.”

I said this knowing that one wad of my load made Peter North’s load look like a dribble. My balls produced sperm at an amazing rate, and fired it out like a fire hose. And, while I had never tasted it myself, women went gaga over it. My sister went back to work, and I quit holding back. I could feel my balls start churning and my cock swelled even bigger. My sister felt this, and pulled it out of her throat, leaving just the tip of the head in her mouth. She really wanted to make sure she got a good taste apparently. I felt it traveling up my shaft, and blast into her mouth. The sheer volume surprised her, but she still swallowed like a pro. Blast after blast, I could see her throat working, like someone chugging a bottle of soda. She didn’t miss a drop! Other girls ended up having it spray everywhere…they couldn’t keep up. I was both proud of my sister, and at the same time wondered where she had gotten so good.

Once I was drained, she got up, and led me up the stairs to the bedroom by my cock, which was still hard and ready for round two. Without so much as a word, she threw herself on her bed, flung off her dress and panties, and lay there, spread and ready for me. That same glint was in her eye.

“Ok Mark. Get that horse cock over here and fuck your little sister.”

God, it was so hot hearing her say those words. So innocent looking, but obviously a vixen underneath it all. I crawled onto the bed, and wasted no time. Lining up my cock, I rubbed it up and down against the folds of her nearly hairless and naturally red haired pussy, she moaned.

“Uhhh, I can’t wait any more. Shove it in!”

Not one to let my sister down, I pushed forward quickly, and in it went. Whatever she had used to open herself up was still not as thick as me, so it was still tight enough to enjoy, but loose enough that it just kept sliding.

“Fuck yes! Keep going!” She screamed. I plunged on.

At about thirteen inches, I hit her cervix. Her hips bucked up and down, but not in pain. In orgasm! Her head and eyes rolled back and her hands clutched at the sheets.

“Fuuuuck! Better than I imagined!” After a few more twitches at the end of her orgasm she looked me in eyes. “Start fucking, and don’t hold back!” kurtköy escort She ordered.

Normally I would take it slow and build up. But she wanted it all now, so I gave it to her. I began slamming in and out with foot long strokes, jamming in with so much force that her juice would squirt out. She still wanted more. She pulled up her legs and laid them over my shoulders, allowing me to pump harder. I fucked her like this for about ten minutes, with her cumming 4 times during, before she said anything aside from screaming and grunting.

“Uh-uh. Big brother, I want to be on top. Get on your back.”

I wasn’t used to the women I was with being so assertive. They were usually at my mercy, and didn’t care what I did, since they orgasmed regardless. But I pulled out with an audible plop and rolled over. She straddled me, letting my cock rest against the length of her wonderful butt crack. She bent down and kissed me passionately before standing slightly to get the head of my cock at her entrance. She inserted it, and let herself drop, impaling herself the full thirteen inches. Her back arched and I felt her pussy grip me in orgasm as she screamed. Without waiting she began to ride hard. Her hips swiveled nimbly, and she deftly used the muscles of her pussy to stimulate me further. My God where had she learned all of this? It felt amazing. She must have ridden me like that for nearly half an hour, thrashing about during each of her many orgasms. It had never been so hard for me to keep from cumming.

I could see that she was running out of steam, but she was so determined to keep going. To give me pleasure. I rolled her over on to her back, my massive cock never leaving the velvety glove of her cunt. I looked down at her sweaty milk white skin, flushed from exertion and lust. I pumped my cock with short inch long strokes and bent down to take one of her pink nipples in my mouth. She moaned and ran her fingers through my hair.

“Mark, cum for me.’ She whispered in exhaustion. “Give me one more big one, and then cover me.”

“Your wish is my command little sister.” I mumbled as I sucked on her small firm tit.

I straightened up, and really started hammering into her. Long, fast, forceful strokes. I could feel her building quickly. She bucked her hips into me, and then exploded as I pulled out and let myself go with a howl. While my own load began to drench my sister, I felt a spray of liquid blast my balls, which hung at the entrance to her pussy. Little Bryce was a squirter! The excitement of that realization sent even more spunk flying to land on her. Once done I collapsed down next her and she groaned in pleasure.

“I have been imagining what being covered in your cum would feel like for months.” She said, and began lazily scooping up my sperm, and licking it from her fingers.

While she cleaned herself, I began to come down from the clouds. I had just royally fucked my favorite sister. And she was the best lay of my life! And, she had been planning it for some time.

“Bryce, we need to talk…” I began, my blood leaving my cock, and letting my brain work again.

“Oh, please don’t bring up the ‘we are brother and sister’ bit.” She said, stretching and then turning to me. “I’m not some silly little girl. I know full well what I did. I just fucked the biggest stud on the planet. And I loved every inch of it. And, after I get some sleep, I am going to do it again.”

I chuckled. “No I wasn’t going there. That was way too good for me to turn down again. Actually, I was wondering where this came from. I mean, I have always thought you were beautiful, but it never occurred to me to fuck you. And certainly not that you would want to fuck me.”

“That, big brother, is an interesting story…”


Comments not only welcome, but strongly desired! Let me know if I should bother with more.

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