Mark, Mom and Mindy Ch. 07

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Mark looked at his mother, then into the rear view mirror at his sister. He was tormented, the sight of them dressed for a night out making him feel even worse.

The dinner was uncomfortable enough but now they were going dancing. Making small talk and trying to repress his lust for his mother. Mindy constantly rubbing her feet against his legs under the tablecloth.

Why had she asked to bring Mindy along? Why did he say yes?

Mindy smiled. She knew that this was killing him. Every muscle on his face looked contorted.

Then there were the secrets yet to be revealed. That her mother was pregnant with his child. That he forcefully took her against her will thinking she had wanted him. The power of those secrets sent Mindy’s body on fire.

The car slowly pulled into a parking spot.

“We’re here,” Mark looked at his mother and smiled, “are you ready for this mom?”

Tammi nodded yes and gulped. Of course she wasn’t ready for this. She was far too old, and far too repressed for a night of dancing.

“Just a couple of drinks,” she squeezed Mark’s hand as they walked through the door, “I don’t want to be too late.”

Mark felt his loins stiffen. The thought of getting home and getting her into bed was the only thing in his mind. He stole a glance down her dress towards her full breasts. How he wanted to touch them, kiss them.

The whole place wasn’t much larger than their living room, Tammi thought, as they sat at the bar.

“Three pints,” Mark held his fingers up towards a bartender and gave a nod.

“Two honey,” Tammi pulled on his shirt, “I’m okay.”

Was she ever going to to tell him, she wondered. She thought about the budding life in her belly. How could she tell him that she was pregnant, that it was his?

“Well, I might be the only one, but I’m here to dance,” Mindy smiled and strolled into the small crowd of people that were dancing. Her hips or breasts softly finding a body to rub against and garnering a lot of attention the process.

“Look at her,” Mark handed his mother a glass of water, “always strutting her stuff and creating a crowd. What a tease.”

“I hope she’s just a tease,” Tammi muttered, sipping on her water.

“I’m sure she is,” Mark slipped his hand to his mother’s and sat down next to her.

They watched as Mindy slowly worked her body throughout the crowd. Every man’s eyes watched her intently, much to many girlfriends and wives dismay. Finally she started walking back, a boy, following her like a puppy.

“Tammi,” Mindy smiled at her mother, “this is Bill and he was asking if I’d introduce you. He said he’d really love to dance.”

“I couldn’t,” Tammi smiled but Mindy’s hand pulled her to her feet.

“He said you were hot,” Mindy whispered into her ear, “it won’t hurt to dance.”

Mindy pushed her toward him and then both of them towards the dance floor before coming back to Mark.

“Get this,” Mindy sucked down half her beer, “he said mom was hot. He wouldn’t stop talking to me about her on the dance floor.”

Mark glared, first at the levent escort dance floor then at his sister. He was so angry he wanted to hurt someone. Why had they come here? Why did she shove them to the dance floor?

Mindy smiled. She could see it. Mark was unraveling before his eyes. He couldn’t hold back his feelings anymore and she was sticking the fork in deeper and deeper.

“I should probably go and join them,” Mindy finished the beer, “could you get me another?”

Mindy meandered through the dance floor until she found her mother, Bill’s hands sliding up and down her body. Her mother’s face looked to be torn between ecstasy and agony.

“Can I join you?” Mindy smiled and Tammi quickly pulled her close.

They danced for awhile together until Bill slowly backed off and left the two to themselves.

“He asked me me for my number and begged me to text him,” Tammi smiled. “I told him I didn’t have a cell phone and he looked at me like I was either insane or blowing him off.”

“We’ll have to get you one,” Mindy laughed, “if you’re going to go out and have an affair you don’t want to be using the house phone!”

The two of them slowly walked back to Mark who was angrily watching Bill dance with another girl.

“Looks like your boyfriend found a new girl,” Mark nodded at the two of them as they walked up.

Mindy smiled and sucked down her new beer. At least he wasn’t so angry that he forgot to get her a drink. She felt the power and control over him. She knew that tonight, she could torment him into a bumbling idiot.

“Should we get going then?” Tammi asked, “It’s already eleven. They must be closing soon.”

“Okay,” Mindy gathered her stuff, “but they close at two.”

Mark walked silently as the three of them left the bar towards the car. He felt like he was losing control of himself.

“That boy had some hands,” Tammi started chatting on the car ride home. “He was feeling me up out there, is that how you dance now?”

Mindy looked into the mirror at her brother’s face. He looked like he was going to cry.

“He kept saying how hot I was,” Tammi smiled, “it was nice having someone think you’re hot. I’m glad I got his number.”

The rest of the car ride was silent. Mindy kept trying to see the look on Mark’s face. To see the pain she was causing him was exciting her. Thinking about what he was going to do when he finally lost control.

Mark parked the car and walked towards the house, not even waiting for the women. He was furious and about to lose control. His lust for his mother was churning through his body and combining with the anger that she would dance with someone like that. Talk about it like that.

She had come to him first. She had started their love, and now what? Was she ending it without telling him with some boy from a dance floor?

He opened the door and went to his room.

“Then he slid his hand under my skirt and into my underwear,” Tammi said on the way up the stairs towards her room, “and I could feel his hands against my wet smooth maltepe escort skin and I thought I was going to explode.”

“He didn’t?!” Mindy gasped. “On the dance floor and you let him? No wonder he was begging you to text him.”

“I don’t know how people dance now,” Tammi smiled, “I thought I was supposed to go along with it.”

The truth was Tammi felt relieved. As weird as it was being groped on the dance floor, it wasn’t wrong. It wasn’t her son molesting her. It was a man who thought she was hot because she was a woman.

Mark heard them talking in the hallway and felt her stomach lurch to his throat. He started to cry until the sobs were uncontrollable. He couldn’t tell what he was feeling, jealousy, anger, sadness, despair all ran through his mind.

“Let me help you with that,” Mindy pulled her mother’s back towards her and dropped her dress to the ground. She let her hands wanter gently before pulling her hair aside and unclasping the red bra.

“Mom,” Mindy whispered into her ear as she reached her hands around cupped her mother’s breasts, “I know about the baby. You’ve been sick every morning for weeks.”

Tammi’s body tightened stiff as a board. She knew. There was no denying she knew. How much did she know? Tammi felt racked with fear yet it was almost a relief that someone else knew. That she now wasn’t alone with her secret.

“I don’t know what to say,” Tammi shuddered.

“You don’t have to say anything,” Mindy turned her mother towards her bedroom and slowly they walked in. “I understand you need a man after dad. Who was it? Anyone I know?”

Tammi felt relieved. She didn’t know about Mark after all, only the baby.

Mindy let her hands roam down to her mother’s tightened belly and then towards the fresh shaven hips.

Tammi felt her body stirring. For some reason her daughter’s touch sent sensations through her that were inexplicably erotic and loving at the same time. She gulped as she felt a finger slip between the hot moist area between her thighs.

They kissed gently for what felt like forever. Tammi could feel the wetness spilling from her and making her legs and hips glisten with her moisture. They let their hands explore each other to their unyielding delight.

Mindy’s mouth found her mother’s hips and thighs inviting her and soon they were laying on each other, their mouths covering each other’s sex.

Their bodies exploded, mother and daughter rolling over and over each other on the bed unable to control their shuddering. Mindy felt her juices sliding up and down her mother’s face, her throes of ecstasy unceasing.

Tammi savored her daughter’s taste and smell as her own body was shaking in uncontrollable desire. She didn’t know what came over her, she couldn’t stop.

The rolled for what seemed like hours until finally both collapsed on each other panting with exhaustion.

Mindy rubbed her fingers through her mother’s hair as they lay together, wondering why on earth she was doing this. At times it felt so good to be so powerful and mecidiyeköy escort controlling, but there was a pang of guilt cropping up all the time.

Mindy gathered up her clothes and shifted her mother’s head to the pillow and headed out of the room.

“Mark,” Mindy opened his door concerned, “are you crying? Is something wrong?”

Mindy smiled. She didn’t know if he had seen them make love or if he was still tormented from the bar, but she had won. She had made him cry. The power and excitement started to fill her again.

“Go away,” Mark finally managed. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Oh honey,” Mindy closed his door and sat next to him. “Is my little boy having a bad day? Come to mommy, I’m already undressed.”

Mark shuddered. This was killing him, slowly sucking every bit of the life from inside of him. He had to say no, to stop this.

“I know sucking on my breast will make you feel better,” Mindy pulled his head to her bare chest resting the nipple on his lips.

Mindy looked down at his red puffy eyes. She knew he wouldn’t say no even if he wanted to and finally he pulled the nipple into his mouth.

Feeling welled up inside of her that she didn’t know she had. Maternal feelings. Feelings of warmth for her brother, the need to comfort him. She rubbed her hands through his hair and pulled his head tighter to her chest.

“I like it when my baby boy sucks my breasts,” she cooed reassuringly, “yes I do.”

Mark felt his cock jolt to attention. He wanted to get away, but she was reeling him deeper and deeper in. He couldn’t resist the warmth of her breasts against his face comforting him and exciting him at the same time.

Mindy looked down at her brother eagerly suckling her breast. She could see his cock throbbing with each sucking motion.

“My little boy is excited,” Mindy reached her hand towards Mark’s hips. “yes he is.”

She let her hands drift across his body, purposely avoiding his throbbing manhood. She could feel his pulse quickening, his sucking getting harder and harder on her breasts.

Mindy cupped his head in her arms and held her breast to him, much like a nursing mother. Something about his infatuation with her breasts was now arousing a different desire inside of her. Her desire to please and comfort.

“Honey, keep sucking,” Mindy moaned as her hand grasped his cock and started rubbing it, “it feels so good.”

Mark moaned. Mindy’s touch was excruciatingly light against his hot throbbing cock. He wanted her to grasp it and end his agony. He pushed his hips towards her hand, only to find it retracted then gently touching him again. The torture of his ecstasy was unbearable.

He felt the sobs returning even as he felt on the verge of losing all control of his desire.

Finally he succumbed to the pressure and his cock exploded. His seed shot everywhere from his chin to his thighs. Wave after wave of thrusting went throughout his body but his mouth never left his sister’s breast. He kept sucking and sucking, looking for whatever comfort they would provide.

Mark’s body lurched tight as a board one last time before dropping into a heap on his sister’s lap. He was finished both emotionally and physically.

Mindy ran her hands through her brother’s hair and comforted him to sleep as she tried to come to grips with these new feelings that were filling her.

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