Mandingo Night: BBC Ass Ambush

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Interracial/Anal – Big Black Cock Ass invasion

[Waves of big black cocks fuck White girls in the ass]

[Author’s notes: Warning! This is an interracial story. If you need to give a lecture about faithfulness or STDs, give it to your own wife. Also, the premise of this story accepts reincarnation and karma as fact. If this offends your religious sensibilities, move along. Finally, people were just crueler 200 years ago, its a historical fact, get over it. This hopefully will be hot enough to be a Whack off story for the people who like these themes, as it does have a lot of sex in it. For those who don’t like these themes please move along. Constructive comments are appreciated, hate speech will be deleted.]

[If you have not read “Mandingo Night” and “Mandingo Night: BBC Blowjob Rebellion”, or the setup piece “Mandingo Night: BBC Fuck Factory (Parts 1 and 2)” you probably will not have as much fun reading this story]


This story is about a pair of pair of souls, trapped in the karma they created with each other: Leigh Samuels is a big titted blonde who was Lee Smith, Cayla Daniels is a tight bodied dark haired walking wet dream who was Cain Dalbert; both of them plantation owners in their former lives who used their slaves as they saw fit. Dashaun is a big black man who was Danisha, Marcus is a smaller, sleeker black man with a longer cock who was Mishana; both of them were the slaves of the plantation owners in their former lives. Also Tony was Thomas, once upon a time, and he remains a meddling cousin. Today’s lesson is about why you do unto others.

I am Toneeyah, my first identity, the one I was born with.

I am also the XO, the Executive Officer of a sex club called Mandingo Night.

I am also a weapon, an army of one from my military training.

I am also T-Nerd, a petite young black woman who is used by men and women alike.

I am also a teacher of sexual techniques to white women.

I am also a Service Member In Training for Hospitality (Smith), a slave to big black cocks.

I am also an emanation of the Mother Goddess, training to be the Great Teacher someday.

I am all of these things and none of them, all at the same time.


“Emergency Alert! We are in lockdown!” The loudspeaker blares, along with a rather annoying klaxon in the background, but it gets her attention.

“Emergency Alert! We are in lockdown!”

Toneeyah, the petite African American XO, runs for the stairs, gliding down the handrails, then runs to security.

At security, she can see cop cars swarming outside, as they provide a very fine response time. But even the security team in their own building, had not been quick enough.

“XO, a Smith has been kidnapped at gunpoint,” Captain Ben Saunders says, deep concern on his face, “and we have lost track of the vehicle that took her”.

“Which Smith?” she asks, noticing that her pussy is still dripping, and mentally schedules installing a faucet.

“Smith Sarah Winters ma’am. And may I add you look stunning tonight.” Captain Saunders looks up and down her petite milk chocolate body, the only naked one in the room, seeing the lube and cum dripping down her thighs. Security has to be dressed, able to go outside at a moments notice, but regardless of which role she plays, she does not. She sees the internal video of Herself, Elmore, and Leigh’s threesome playing in a loop on the big screen at the other end of the room. She runs a sex club, after all.

“Thank you, Captain. How did they take her? How do we stop it from happening again?” she thanks her old friend for his long term mutual unrequited passion, then concentrates on getting to the right result as quickly as possible.

“White Ford Econoline van, no plates. Probably some small company’s delivery vehicle, snatched then put back. They came in the public parking lot as she was walking around from the Smiths entrance. Had to have spotters, couldn’t see her from where they came in or until they were right on top of her. Popped out with masks and guns from the sliding side door, scooped her up, then drove over the crossover to use the Smith parking lot exit, before the two cop cars in the parking lot could react. Total time on site, sixty three seconds, most of that driving. As to your second question, haven’t had anything like this happen in over twenty years. We have never needed a perimeter, cops in the parking lot have been enough. We need to fence the lots and block up the exits, putting Jersey Bouncer concrete blocks between the lots. But a lock only stops an honest man, and longer term, we need a more defensible site, Sir.” Ben Saunders explains carefully.

“Do we know where they might have taken her? Do we know who might have taken her?” she asks hopefully, noting that the beautiful buxom blonde was one of the new Smiths recruited during the wave of the past few days. She’d never even met Sarah.

“Not where, but as for the who, it seems to be associated güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri with the crew squatting on the fields and parking lot. They have some other squats in tenements nearby, we are casing that out right now. We have given the external video to the police, they have asked for her internal video and contacts in the club. They are also members, so we can be assured of their discretion.” he explains.

“I don’t see the crew on the external videos. They are usually out at the edges.” the XO points out. She doesn’t like the planned, calculated attack. It makes her worry that more unnecessary drama is entering her life.

“That’s true. I’m afraid they are all off enjoying Sarah.” he warns.

“Rape is not enjoyment, Captain! Never use that phrase in my presence again!” the XO rages. Especially a gang rape. Only another victim could ever know how bad that feeling of helplessness and betrayal could be.

“Clear as a bell, sir.” the Captain agrees “Please forgive me for mis-speaking”.

“I know you did not mean it the way it came out, old friend. Forgiven. So what do we do now?” she says, clearly worried. ‘How do I protect my people?’ she taunts herself, filing that in her ‘urgent’ mental file cabinet.

“If we do find her, our people can extract her, but that is likely to get messy. They will know that we and the police are looking for her, which means they will likely move her to a place we don’t know about. They don’t know our capabilities, so that is an advantage. After daylight, we may be able to find some of them to ‘talk to them'” he suggests.

“Police will do enough of that for both of us. Oh god, I wish Gladys was here right now. She would tell me how to turn this tragedy into a triumph, how the hateful can always be defeated by the loving if you stand strong together… Tell the police we will give them everything we have on Sarah, and then work on doing it. Let’s end the lockdown and escort people to their cars. Get everybody out of here. I bought the fields for us yesterday, made arrangements so we can start doing whatever we want to them. Take the fencing and paving plan and get it implemented, emergency priority. It’s on S drive on the server. Call in our special forces experienced members for a 10am meeting. I’m having an idea, but I need to flesh it out before we discuss it. To flesh it out, I’ve got to run. And here is a direct order for you: everyone who has been watching the video of me in this office had better show up in the next month and thank me personally with their cock or tongue. Not all at once – save that for my birthday!” she orders, determined that the unrequited love was going to get requited.

“Yes, ma’am, it will be done.” he replies, with a chuckle.

She returns to her office, digging around through drawers and file cabinets until she finds them – her old running shoes. She goes down to the sub-basement, then runs up the stairs to the basement level where her office and security are located, then up to the showroom level, then up again to the top of the showroom level which has a catwalk along the back, down the stairs on the other side behind the Smiths locker room to the sub basement, along the wall closest to the trailer, to do it all over again. It is on the second lap she notices the stairs go up to the roof, with a hatch, bolted and alarmed. She goes on five more laps before her subconscious tells the rest of her mind why that is important. Then she hatches her plan. A backdoor ambush. Best sacrifice fly in the Universe. She intends to have Sarah back before noon. She smiles. Gladys would be proud.

She ends up back at her office, setting the alarm on her computer, laying on her cot, plunging her fingers into her seam to scoop out the jism she has not already rescued from her legs. There is a lot of it. She feels all squishy inside. The smell of her freshly fucked cunt is almost new to her, since she’s enjoyed more sex with men in the past week than in her whole life previously, and the salty butter cream taste is – addicting. While her previous statistics had been heavily tilted towards women, she is finding the musky smell of mens balls, the smell of their cum, so very addicting. The incredibly intense orgasms she has shared with them have filled her spirit so much that she feels like a floating ball of light, being cast as a spell against the onrushing darkness. The near constant orgasms she has enjoyed with the largest cocks inside of her have primed her body.

Being black herself, she thinks she should be immune to big black cock fever, but she craves them. Elmore, her bull’s giant fourteen inch beer can thick cock should not even fit inside her petite Pat Benatar size frame, but it does, with the help of Leigh’s talented tongue on her clit. She adds a task to her mental ‘to do’ list to have a pussy to pussy conversation to thank her. Carl’s big black cock is massive too, not much smaller than Elmore’s, nor is Tyrone’s, whom she only dimly remembers, since güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri she crested upon waves of near continuous orgasms from their cocks. Yet Marcus and Dashaun have the same effect upon her, even though her orgasms – so far – have been less intense, even though sucking them, swallowing their long shafts in her mouth reminds her of how much she still craves their cum, every one different, every one unique. She reminds herself of all of this as she absent mindedly strokes her clitoris, rubbing her nub gently as she splashes it with lube and cum mixed together, retrieved by her hands from her own slick channel. She has gone from the nearly semi-lesbian robotic manager of the biggest sex club in Atlanta to one of its most passionate cock crazed participants in less than a week. She rubs her clit faster, in circular motions of raw need. She has a small but satisfying orgasm from touching herself, and falls fast asleep.

Her dreams, really more of a mishmash of memories, come unbidden. She is going to a club with T-Mac, her best girlfriend and lover, feeling very naked in her sprayed on french cut bikini shorts and bandage tube top. She feels so jealous of her well endowed friend, almost the same height, but each of T-Mac’s glorious globes is the size of her head – and that includes the cheeks of her ass! T-Mac’s ass is barely covered by her thong, her nipples barely covered by a string bikini top that is just an excuse to flash her huge tits to the whole world. That has gotten them into trouble before, when T-Nerd was dressed much more conservatively. But tonight, she is high, and T-Mac’s sweet pussy can be used to make her do almost anything. Even when her hedonistic, bisexual girlfriend gets them in trouble. Like tonight, they are at a frat party, having to suck off a roomful of guys – again – just to keep them from plundering T-Nerd’s tight snatch in a gangbang. They trade gangbang for blowbang, back to back. She is just grateful she is T-Mac’s little cum slut. Pussy or cock, when T-Mac offers, T-Nerd services it.

Her subconscious tells her ‘Give yourself to them. Worship their cocks.’, and she does. First she sucks on a white man with a Vienna Sausage sized penis, not even fair to call it a cock, but his cum is salty and briny, what little of it gets in her mouth as he paints her face. A black man with a large cock steps up to her face, as she strokes cocks on each side, pushing it in deep, gagging her. He gets reminded to be civil or leave by their bodyguard. A white man with a big cock, a mushroom tip that fills her mouth takes his place, his cum tastes almost as bad as turpentine, and she spews it out. A black man with an average to small cock takes his place, and they all start to blur together in her dream. She is not naked, only her top pulled down, so she cannot defend her nipples, one hand on one cock, one hand on another cock, mouth on the one directly in front of her. She sees Carl there, knowing he wasn’t, but a different friend of T-Mac’s who also played football, as the person who was their bodyguard that night. She remembers too how safe he made her feel, how he held the line between them having fun and being gang raped. There was one night that he wasn’t there, but her dream moves on.

Her dream continues, of them bending boners on their buns as they dance, doing the booty shake which becomes so popular white artists reinvent it as their own. But the last two guys are real pricks, and T-Mac blows them off without even so much as a blowjob. She takes T-Nerd home to a bubble bath, caressing her all over. They are panting from their talented fingering of each other, as T-Mac starts playing with her ass. “A clean ass is a happy ass.” T-Mac whispers softly, returning to kissing her. Her fingers start probing, tiny little touches that feel oh so hot, and then a thumb is inside her, fucking her ass as her other hand fucks her cunt. Fingertips rim her rosebud, fingers slice in and out of her slick channel, thumbs rubbing her clit and penetrating her ass. She climaxes over and over from the double penetration, kissing her girlfriend, tongues dueling, as she tries to return the favor, getting distracted every time her cunt spams or her ass muscles ripple into another climax.

Her dream continues, remembering how they would play the ‘White Slavery’ game, where she was blindfolded, then used to lick out pussy after pussy, mostly young college girls who wanted to know how it felt but didn’t want to be labeled as lesbian sluts. T-Mac would always fuck her with a strap on, in her pussy, and in her ass. The bravest would get to lay on their backs, using her pussy with the strap-on, but the terms were they had to help eat the pussy too. It drove T-Mac crazy, as she would take out her passion on T-Nerd’s tight little ass, as they got another girl to eat pussy for the very first time. T-Nerd never knew if they were black or white, or had a clue what they looked like. Every female face she saw on the street could have been one of them… güvenilir bahis şirketleri

The alarm’s insistent beep-beep-beep wakes her, as she silences it, looking into her personal organizer to find Tess Mackenzie, also known as T-Mac. The old number, from back in their college days, no longer works. A browser search finds she runs a dance studio, specializing in modern dance and twerking. Bonus!

“Hello, can I speak to Tessa?” Toneeyah says sweetly.

“This is she. How can I help you?” she says brightly.

“Hello, T-Mac, it’s T-Nerd.” Toneeyah says softly.

“Baby girl! How are you doing?!?” Tessa’s voice jumps in joy.

“Rich, Powerful, Needing you.” Toneeyah tries to pour all the lust she has felt in the past few days into that single sentence.

“Oh, baby girl, I don’t do that stuff anymore. I got married. He’s really well hung, so while I might recruit you to join our bed, I’m not going to be stepping out.” Tessa says sadly.

“T-Mac, T-Mac, T-Mac. While I accept you are not available for a purely pussy to pussy conversation, I really need to book your professional skills, for an immediate and extended engagement. About the other thing though, if he’s as big as you say, you can pick any Sunday and I will come help rock his world. After I take him from you, you can always beg to share our bed with your tongue.” Toneeyah teases, taunting her friend with her new found sexual prowess.

“I see the T-Nerd superhero ego is intact.” Tessa laughs, remembering her friend is as smart as the lash of a whip.

“Are you at the studio? I can send a car to get you.” Toneeyah suggests, her voice almost pleading, in this time of deadly danger to have her friend to soothe and comfort her, just with her presence.

“Oooh, that would be nice. You must be rich now.” Tessa replies.

“And kinky as always. There will be a blindfold on the seat. Need to preserve client confidentiality. You’ll be safe. I’m not selling you off to slave traders who’ll force you to eat pussy for the rest of your life.” Toneeyah teases Tessa.

“Oh, god, I miss those days – and your tongue! That was such a fun game. Maybe Derrick will play a version of it with you and I…” Tessa says hotly.

“Focus, Tessa. Car is on its way to you. Trust me, and wear the blindfold. And hurry up, dammit! I miss you, T-Mac!” she says as she hangs up, then calls to order the car with special instructions. Her phone rings right as she puts it back in the cradle.

“Larry! Good to hear from you. Yes, terrible news, just a tragedy, we are still coping. I need you to bring everything over here. Yes, I know that’s inconvenient for you, but Bertha and Elmore and I need to get going on this stuff right away, and we can’t drag it back and forth. I’ll set you up a little office downstairs. Well, if you weren’t Old School, and had all your files on the web, we wouldn’t have to do this. Don’t bring your assistant, I’ll provide one for you. Oh, you want Mandy again? Let me check her schedule (counts to 10, flicking her nails) …oh yes, she can join us. No, I’m not going to stop her from being punished, but I might lighten it depending on how happy she makes you. Yes I know she is a sweet girl, but what is done is done. Look, Larry, I’ll make sure Mandy is here and I have to go to a meeting. See you as soon as you can get here. Yes, I know that it will be this afternoon, but that works for us. Bye now.” the XO jumps up and runs to the break room, getting another bowl of cereal, then a quick rinse off shower in the open stalls.

She runs back to the Smiths locker room, pulling out her street clothes. She needs a proper closet, like the one she will have in the new Fulton Street club. These will do for today. She puts on the hose, smoothing it up her legs, reminding herself to take a proper bath and shave once she has gotten all of Carl’s delicious sperm out. The skirt and the suit jacket, no bra, no blouse, no panties. She starts heading for the examination room, then changes her mind and heads towards the stairs.

“Smith Toneeyah? Sorry to remind you ma’am. No clothes in the club.” she says firmly.

“Smith Jenny, is it?” she asks clearly.

“Yes ma’am.”

“Thank you for being diligent in enforcing the rules. But I’m not Smith Toneeyah right now. I’m the XO, and the second to the Great Teacher. Right now I could have you whipped, would you like that?” she says as she strokes the side of the girl’s face, her body quivering.

“No, ma’am.” she says, blushing.

“Then write this down and make sure your other service Smiths know it by heart. From 7pm to 3am, I am Smith Toneeyah. From 3:01AM to 6:59PM, I am the XO. Did you get that?” she leans over smelling the scent of arousal she already knew was there.

“Yes ma’am.” Jenny says quickly.

“And Jenny?” she says as she starts to walk away, then stops to look at Jenny.

“Yes, ma’am?” Jenny answers hopefully.

“Don’t ever lie to me again or I will spank and whip you myself.” she says as she walks away.

She runs down the stairs, looking over the office space for Larry, quickly making the calls to arrange it, then trotting down the long hall to Security at the other end of the building. Captain Saunders and his crew are there, tactical maps of the area out and team equipped.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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