Making Friends at Lake Como Ch. 05

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It didn’t take long before we got a call from Richard. He wanted to know if the sleep over over for him still stood. I told him it did and, in fact, I told him that since this coming weekend was a three day weekend, he could stay then. He said that was a great idea and he would bring his stuff over Friday.

I told Lisa that Richard would be staying over this weekend and her eyes lit up and she showed me her devilish smile so I knew it was going to be a great weekend.

Lisa and I went shopping and got some goodies and food for the weekend. We tidied up the place, got extra towels ready and fresh bed linens. We were all set for our first house guest.

I called Richard and told him to come over for dinner on Friday, around 6:00 p.m. and to bring his stuff. He said he would be there.

Friday came and Richard arrived right on time carrying his stuff and a couple of bottles of wine.

He came in and we settled him in the second bedroom. We showed him where everything was and for him to help himself to whatever he wanted.

We had a wonderful dinner, cleaned everything up, poured some wine and went into the living room. Lisa sat in between us.

It didn’t take long before Richard commented on our tattoos and Lisa’s new smoothness. He said he liked the tattoos and maybe he would get one. We laughed, asking him what kind would he get. He thought about for a second and then said a 2 x 4 piece of lumber and put it next to his cock. We all laughed and said that would be perfect for him.

He turned to etlik escort Lisa and told her he loved her new, smooth look and proceeded to rub her smoothness. I could see the look in Lisa’s eyes as he rubbed her.

Lisa spread her legs a bit and Richard pressed his hand between her thighs, which spread them a little further.

Richard then turned to me and said, “John, what shall we do with your horny woman here?”

I looked at Lisa and Richard and Lisa and said, “Richard, I think Lisa wants your big cock in her holes, isn’t that right, Lisa?”

Lisa looked at us and said, “I want you both to fuck me the entire weekend. I want you to shoot your cum in me and all over me. I want to be your whore from now on. I want to be yours.”

I got up and took Lisa by the hand and led her to the bedroom with Richard following.

As we entered the bedroom, Lisa and Richard saw the video camera that was going to record this weekend.

I laid her on the bed and started the recording, as Richard and I got on each side of her. Her legs just spread apart automatically, anticipating what she wanted.

We both started kissing and feeling her up. Our hands and cocks were all over her. As Richard was playing with her, I backed off so I could watch and let Richard have her.

Lisa was moaning in pleasure and moving and gyrating her hips in hopes she would get a cock in her cunt. We even heard Lisa moaning “fuck me, fuck me now.” as she was being played with.

I moved my cock to her etlik escort bayan face and rubbed my cock head on her lips and she grabbed my cock snd started sucking it.

Richard got on his knees with his cock touching her slit. Then Richard said to Lisa, “Tell us what you really want Lisa. Tell us.”

Lisa, moaning and whimpering, said to us, “I want both your cocks in me. I want you to fuck me hard, cum all over me, make me a whore and show everyone what a fucking slut I am.”

Richard then said, “Lisa, are you sure that is what you want? You want to be a whore? You want everyone at Como to know you are a cunt looking for cock?

Lisa answered, “Yes. I don’t care who knows I am a fucking whore. I will do anything to get a cock in my cunt. I am sorry John but I need cocks in me. Oh, God, please fuck me now.”

Richard looked at me and nodded that she was ready.

As Lisa started sucking my cock again, Richard pushed his cock into Lisa’s cunt until it was completely in her. As soon as his cock was in her, she started moving her hips up and down and sideways.

Richard started fucking her, slow, long deep strokes then picked up the pace until he was just ramming his 12 inches into her cunt at a furious pace.

He told me he was going to cum and then shot his cum in Lisa’s cunt. He filled her cunt as his cum spilled out of her. Lisa put her hands down to her cunt and scooped up his cum and started swallowing as much as she could as I pulled my cock out and jerked escort etlik off and shot my cum on her tits.

As Richard pulled his cock out, Lisa’s body was having multiple orgasms which went on forever.

She finally stopped having orgasms and we let her drift off to sleep.

Richard and I went to the other bedroom to get better acquainted.

We laid on the bed and I felt Richard’s cock which was semi-hard. He grabbed mine and then my balls. I instinctively moved my mouth to his cock and started to suck it. I could feel his cock getting rigid in my mouth. I moved around and was kneeling in front of his cock, sucking it and playing with his balls. He spread his legs for me and I buried my face in his cock and balls. At that moment I knew why Lisa loved his cock so.

As Richard laid on his back, I took as much of his cock in my mouth as I could. I kept sucking and soon his cock was rock hard. I could feel his balls tightening and knew he was going to cum. A few more deep sucks and he shot stream after stream of cum into my mouth. I swallowed as fast as he was cumming but some flowed out my mouth.

As I fell to the side, Richard started sucking my cock until I was ready to cum. He ran his tongue along my shaft and sucked my balls then back to my cock. I finally came in his mouth and he swallowed all of it.

As we rested, I asked Richard about what Lisa had said in passion about being a whore.

He said that she just said those things in the heat of the moment and not to worry.

We then went back to Lisa who was sleeping. We laid down besides her and held her naked body next to ours and drifted off to sleep.

I could not help but wonder what the rest of the weekend will bring and if my beautiful Lisa has become a whore who craves cock.

Look for Chapter VI

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