Loving a Woman

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For an outsider, I am a high-living successful career woman, with a glamorous job – with frequent globe trotting sponsored by the company, of course. But in reality, I must confess I was fed up with my lifestyle. It’s the stress and the rat-race that’s driving me crazy. By the way my name is Susan but everyone calls me Suzy.

So, here am I, packing to leave on my much awaited annual two-week vacation. I chose an exotic sounding island in the Pacific to relax and unwind and get myself “back together.” I am single, by choice; early 40s, but a lot of people tell me I look half that age (thanks to my family genes I guess); 5’5″ medium build, with a little fat around my waist and hips, nice legs, big brown eyes. I’ve had a succession of boy friends, lovers, live-ins, etc. etc, but nothing actually worked.

I have indulged in all kinds of sex acts with my many partners, but somehow I was never fully satisfied; there was always something missing, which I could still not fathom. So, in order to satisfy my sex urge, masturbation became a daily routine for me. I usually think of some kinky sex act, while rubbing my clit vigorously.

Since of late I’ve been also watching some lesbian DVDs and it really turns me on. Just last week – with a jar of face cream beside me, to lubricate — I had a day-long marathon session of watching some sexy sluts fuck each other. While rubbing my erect clit vigorously — going on and on…. while I open my legs and insert two well oiled fingers into my wet hole and move them up and down, up and down, with my legs raised high up, until I came — really hard. Next day my clit was red, swollen and tender — but it really unwound me and helped to get a lot of pent up frustration out of my system.

I have never been with a woman, although I always found some types of women very attractive. Like those with large boobs and wide hips. I don’t like skinny women. I am not really concerned about looks either. But, like I mentioned earlier, certain types of big built women, casino siteleri makes my panty wet. When looking at such a woman, I wonder how she would look when naked in bed, and that was a real turn on. Anyhow, I boarded a plane and arrived at my destination. The island really was exotic, so green, warm and inviting. The weather was perfect to laze around in the sun, or take a dip in the warm sea water. I changed into a two piece swim suit and went down to the beach. My boobs were partly exposed and my bikini bottom was hugging my buttocks.

I was walking along the beach, slowly, enjoying the sun, sea and sand, when I happen to spot this woman, lying on a breach—mat under the palm tree. She was alone and what attracted my attention was that she had loosened her bikini top, and the two straps were down and most of her boobs were exposed — and the boobs were huge! I strolled towards her and sat down a little away, under the shade. She turned her head in my direction and smiled –I acknowledged.

She would have been in her late twenties or may be in the thirties; blue eyes and short blond hair. But as for me, I couldn’t take my eyes off her round, half naked boobs. I glanced at them from time to time and may be she noticed. I don’t know. Anyhow, I thought I would make the first move. So, I said: “Hi, isn’t this place really great.”

She was a friendly type of person and we got to making small talk. After a little while we walked up to the hotel bar and ordered drinks and continued our chatting. She was tall — about 5′ 8″ and was big built and athletic, but not manly, with wide swaying hips. She was alone. I kind of hinted about the many failed relationships I had and she too spoke about breaking up with her long time partner and how she came here to get over it.

Then, suddenly she looked directly at me and said: “you know my lover was a beautiful woman.” I was taken-a-back at her direct-talk. In fact she was a lesbian. I just could not believe my luck of having found this woman. slot oyna Her name was Loretta, and to make a long story short, after a little chatting, we ended up in her bed room.

We were both a little tipsy. The moment the door was closed Loretta grabbed me by the waist and pulling me closed to her and started kissing me. “Oh, your lips are so big; I wanted to taste them the moment I saw you,” she was saying while she explored the inside of my mouth with her tongue. I returned her kisses and sucked on her plump bottom lip. It was the first time I kissed a woman and never expected to feel so good. It was so erotic. I kissed all over her face and neck and pulled off her bikini top and grabbed her huge boobs. . I squeezed and pulled her huge round boobs, really hard…”Squeeze harder darling..” she mumbled while she pushed my bikini top down and found my nipples and started sucking on them. Mmmm, it felt so good

We were now lying side by side in bed — fully naked. Our lips were locked in a deep kiss. We kissed each other for a long time, while pressing and rubbing our bodies together, in a rhythmic movement. the kissing was urgent. My hand now moved between her thighs and her cunt was dripping. I was now fully turned on, and my juices too were oozing out.

Loretta was now kneeling between my open legs. “Open your legs wide, darling, I want to see your wet hole,” she said with lust written all over her face. I opened my legs wide and raised them high up, opening my cunt lips with my fingers, exposing my large, dripping hole. She inspected my wet cunt-hole for a while, while rubbing her clit. I watched her second finger move like lightening on her erect, big clit.

Suddenly she pulled my wet cunt towards her mouth and started licking my flowing juice. Ahhhhhhhh, it was heavenly; it felt far better than a man’s mouth. She sucked on my clit, while licking my juice — like a dog. She went on and on, while I moaned, “Ahhhh don’t stop darling, don’t ever stop.”

After licking for a long canlı casino siteleri time, she pulled a pillow and kept it under my buttocks, raising my wet cunt. Loretta then climbed between my open legs and started to rub her wet cunt on mine. “Oh, my darling, ahhhhhhhh, it feels soooo good, ahhhhhhhh.” I moaned. She was now banging her wet cunt on mine — moving up and down, up and down…the movement was like a man fucking, but it was her cunt that was slamming down on mine and it felt fantastic…I was on fire – she rode me hard and fast, harder, harder, faster,faster, “faster, darling, don’t stop..ahhhh harder, harder,” I moaned.

The bed was creaking, while she fucked me like she was crazy,her eyes were closed and her face was distorted with lust,my whole body was on fire.

She was now moaning loudly, “I am coming, you slut, I am coming….ahhhhhhh..ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.” She was lying beside me panting. But I was still burning — as my release didn’t come. I need a lot of hard stimulation, for a long time, in order to cum. So it was my turn to get between my lover’s legs and fuck her still wet cunt…..I moved my hips up and down, up and down, slamming her cunt, while she groaned…ahhhhhhhhh and moved her contorted face from side to side. Finally, my release was near, my hips were moving faster, faster…..my cunt was slamming on her wet cunt, faster, harder, harder, faster, faster, faster..fuck, fuck, fuck,..”ahhhhhh, fuuuuuuuckkkk ahhhhhhh, ahhh, ahhhhhhhhh,” finally, I gave one hard thrust, shuddered and lay still. It was so electric. I have never cum so hard. Ever.

I lay panting beside her. We embraced and gently kissed each other. We fell asleep in each other’s arms.

We fucked every day and night — many, many times. Always, the fucking was rough, hard and full of lust. But we also enjoyed cuddling and caressing. We walked hand-in-hand along the beach. We exchanged kisses under the stars. We got drunk every night. And we fucked, like two over-sexed animals. And one day, after a long, hard, fuck session, my lover said: “I love you Suzy.” The words sounded so sweet and genuine. We both knew we were meant to be long-term lovers.

It was the best vacation I ever had. For now, I call myself a lesbian.

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