Lena’s New Life Ch. 16

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is the first erotic series I ever wrote, back in 2005-7, long before posting my first story. I have revised and edited (hopefully well) the chapters, but they are pretty much as they were when I wrote them. It is the story of a married couple in love and exploring a new version of their relationship. It is a fairly long series, although some of the chapters are quite short.

You may want to read Chapter One to get the premise, although the story has progressed quite a bit from its beginnings. Thanks to all the readers who have stuck with the tale, and voted.

Civil comments always welcome.


She went to the bedroom, took the phone from the nightstand, and dialed. As it rang she lay back, leaning against the pillows. She still wore her shirt, her bra was undone, and her swollen pussy lips were leaking cum. She felt it on her legs, and dripping now down her ass crack as she settled into the bed. She heard the line pick up.

“Hello?” Her free hand went to her crotch, lightly touching the mess between her legs.

“Terri? It’s me, Lena.” She heard a sharp breath on the other end, and then a soft moan.

“M-mm, are you done? Did you fuck John when you got home?”

“Oh, yeah, right in the den, as soon as I came in. I — I, uh, played with myself all the way home.” Like in the car, she played with herself again, only now she was naked, and dripping semen. Terri spoke to her.

“You played with yourself in the car?”

“Yeah, all the way home. Through my pants. I rubbed myself through my pants.”

“You couldn’t wait to get home? You had to play with your pussy thinking about John fucking you?”

“Damn, I was so hot, I played with my pussy. I was imagining John fucking me, filling me with his cock, and I rubbed myself all the way home.” A finger slipped into her cum filled hole, slipping easily into the slippery mess. “I had two little orgasms before I got home.”

“Oh, you slut, you like that? Playing with your pussy in the car? Making yourself cum, you slut? You like being a horny slut, don’t you?”

Her finger curled forward, pressing on her g-spot. She felt a surge of pleasure spread through her again. “Yeah, I love being a horny slut. I love making myself cum, and then getting fucked hard.” She couldn’t believe she was talking this way to another woman, but that thought was lost in the sensation of the cum in her pussy and her fingers playing in it, smooth and slick, and hot. “I’m playing with myself again, now,” she blurted out. “John fucked me, and filled my pussy with his cum, and now I have my fingers in it.” She felt her g-spot swelling with excitement.

“Oh, you fucking slut whore,” Terri cooed into her ear, “You horny bitch, you can’t get enough, can you. John fucked you and you play with your fucked pussy?”

“Oh, yeah, I begged him to fuck me, and he pushed me down over the ottoman, and he rammed his canlı bahis şirketleri hard cock in me.” She heard breathing on the phone, but thought she was hearing her own breath. Her pussy was yearning now, needing to cum, and she slipped two more finger insides, stretching her opening, forcing the cum to squeeze out. “He fucking pounded me, just like I needed, oh, he gave me the fuck my pussy needed.”

“Are you fucking your slut pussy with your hand now?”

“M-mm, yeah, I got three fingers fucking my cum-filled hole, fuck, it feels so fucking good. My cunt is soaking and my clit is hard. It feels so good.”

“Take your hand away.”

Lena stalled for a second. “Huh”

“Take your hand away from you pussy, slut. Now. And don’t wipe it off.”

Lena felt her fingers slipping out of her slick hole even before she realized she was doing it.

“Are they out?”

“Uh, yeah, they ..”

“Good, slut. Now listen to me. I’ve had a dildo in my pussy since you left, a big one, and I’ve been fucking myself thinking about John fucking you, and I have had some giant fucking orgasms, and the whole time we’ve been talking I’ve been pounding my hole all the while, listening to you tell me about John’s cum in your pussy. I’m so fucking hot I can barely talk. I’m putting you on speaker,” there was a pause, then the sound changed, “and now I am going to fuck myself with this big fucking dildo until I cum again, and you are going to help me.”

Lena held the phone to her ear, staring a the fingers of her other hand, slick with John’s cum and her own, astounded at her level or desire, and lost in the sensation, the craving for more, unable and unwilling to resist the lust that drove her. “How can I- what should I do?” Taking a cue from Terri, she said, “hold on a second,” and rested the phone on the bed, grabbed the base from the nightstand (it was a wired phone, not cordless), and pressed the speaker button. She replaced the headset. “OK, I’m back, I’m on speaker, too.” Still her other hand was raised, still wet. “Fuck, I am so fucking horny.” Her pussy ached for attention, and she could see her clit was hard. She suddenly surrendered to her lust, jammed the three fingers into her mouth, feeling the cum on her lips. She tasted the musky flavor of her pussy mixing with the slick texture of John’s semen. The raw abandon swept through her like a wave, her other hand was at her breast, squeezing, pulling the nipple, hard, and the sensations ran through her to her hot pussy. Her legs rubbed together, needy and tight, as her tongue swirled out of her mouth, licking at the coating on her hand. She heard Terri.

“I want you to lick your fingers clean,” she heard through the speaker. Terri’s voice was strained a little; Lena could hear her exertions, and imagined her pumping the dildo into her pussy. “Lick all that cum off your fingers. I am fucking myself now, hard, and picturing John fucking canlı kaçak iddaa you, shooting his cum in you, and I want you to lick his cum off your fingers, you horny slut.”

Lena moaned around her full mouth, the fingers aleady sucked clean, and imagined John’s cock in her mouth; then pulled the fingers out and reached back to her pussy, spreading her legs again, rubbing the fingers in the mess oozing from her, “Oh, year, I licked it all off, it was so fucking nasty and hot, I’m going back for more.” She jammed the fingers back into her, felt the penetration, watched her hand disappearing into her open hole. Her thumb pressed her clit, then she pulled the fingers out, and reached behind her pussy, her fingertips just touching her ass. She told Terri, “I pulled my fingers out, they’re all wet again, and I’m using my fingers to scoop up some of the cum that leaked out.” She couldn’t believe she was doing this, and that she was telling another woman. She realized that not only was she having phone sex, but she was masturbating with another woman!

Was she a lesbian?

The thought disappeared as quickly as it flashed, and she watched her own hand, coming from her pussy to her face, and told Terri, “Oh, there’s a glob of cum on my fingers, it’s so fucking nasty.” She felt her own mouth open in anticipation, her tongue sliding out to greet her fingers and their delicious gift. She heard a moan, and grunting exertions through the phone.

“Yeah, eat …that cum …you slut …fuck! Eat …the cum …from your …fucking pussy …if I was there …” Terri’s voice was getting louder now, more insistent, “I’d eat …lick it …right from …your fucking hole!”

And as Terri was shouting Lena’s fingers reached her mouth, and she felt the first contact on the tip of her tongue. Her fingers dripped, then smeared the glob of cum on her tongue, and she made a yummy sound. Her other hand had left her nipple and was at her clit now, rubbing as the three cum-slicked fingers smeared her lips, playing at her mouth like a cock, slipping in, fucking her mouth, coating her lips; her tongue slipped in and out, licking the mess off her lips, and she was moaning, slurping, and swallowing as her other hand rubbed her clit. Over her own ecstasy she heard Terri’s yearning, demanding cries.

“Eat …that cum …you fucking slut …eat …it …for me …I want …to …eat the cum …from your cunt …oh, fuck! …make me …fucking cum …you fuck! …oh! …fuck! …FUCK! …I’M CUMMING! FUCK!” And then she was screaming through the phone, and as Lena heard Terri cumming, her own orgasm exploded on her fingers, and finally the fingers in her mouth slipped out to join her other hand between her legs, and she fucked her pussy with one hand while maintaining light contact on her clit with the other, keeping the orgasm, holding the peak, and she was crying out, her hips bucking against her hands, as her body canlı kaçak bahis spasmed and clenched and bucked and twisted through her climax. Finally her hands left her pussy, and the peak receded, washing her in release, relaxing her torso, and her legs stretched out straight, and she exhaled heavily, moaning from deep inside her chest.

She heard Terri still grunting, cursing; she realized that she had masturbated with another woman, had cum with another woman, and instead of being freaked out she was turned on. She was struck by the fact that allowing herself to be turned on also turned her on. It was hot, not sick; fucking way hot, and she was still tingling from the encounter. She was amazed at how far she could let herself go, how far past her old barriers she was. She was astounded at how far Terri went; the woman was like a red-hot jewel, you couldn’t look away, she was fascinating, alluring, and exciting. She listened as Terri’s moans subsided at the other end, settling into regular breathing.

“Are you okay?” she asked. Her fingers still played between her legs. Was it ever enough?

“O-oh, yeah, baby, I’m better than okay,” Terri cooed back. “That was great. You are so hot, you slut.”


“Yeah, baby, you . You made me cum so hard I squirted.”


“M-mm. Squirted. You know. I told you about it this afternoon.”

Lena recalled the conversation, and something from one of her erotic books about squirting, female ejaculation. “Really? You do that? I, uh-m, I mean, I’ve heard of it, but-“

“You thought it was just talk, right? Just something from porno movies.” Lena heard a low, ‘yummy’ sound. “No way, it’s for real. I don’t squirt every time, only when I’m really excited, like tonight, and only if I do it right. But it is fabulous, you have got to try it. It’s like an orgasm, only with a stronger, more explosive release.”

“I thought that-“

“It’s NOT peeing, if that’s what you heard.”


“It’s not. God, the sheets are soaked. I sprayed so much even my feet are wet. Jeez, girl.”

An image flashed through Lena’s head, Terri, legs splayed, shooting fluid out of her, screaming her orgasm. “Uhm, I, uh …”

“Of course I’ll show you. And then I’ll show you how. I told you that already; I didn’t forget.”

There was silence for a few seconds. The image in Lena’s head faded as she looked down at her own body, her legs splayed open, and she imagined fluid shooting out…her body flushed with excitement.

“Thanks.” It was all she could say.

“Are you kidding, Lena? Thank you, and thank that wonderful man of yours for helping us out!”

John, she thought. Was he still downstairs, where she had left him? Did he have any idea what she had gotten up to just now? Had he heard? Then, in a moment of panic, she wondered if masturbating with another woman over the phone would be considered cheating, until she remembered that this was the woman who had sucked John’s dick the night they met. All she had told him before running for the phone was that they were going out with Terri.

“So,” she called into the phone, “what are we doing Friday?”

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