Last Night

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“Wait…Wait…No…don’t end. I don’t want to be here. Just five more minutes. No…fuck…I cannot believe it’s already over. If I could just get back to her…I don’t want this to be forever lost. I don’t want to be longing for her all day.”

Adele tosses and turns in her large bed, reaching over to the other side and realizing it was in fact cold and empty. She wishes for only another few minutes to stayed deep into the most tantalizing and erotic dream she can ever remember having. As the light creeps through the cracks between the drapes, and her conscious mind begins to separate dream from reality, a deep sense of desire floods over her.

“I want to see that sexy face again, I want to feel that soft skin. I want to feel her fingers trace the outline of every part of me. I want to swell for her. Her touch left me wanting. Damn, I was so close, and it felt so fucking good.”

Adele pulls the covers back up over her face, trying to avoid letting the light of the room and the cool crisp air from bringing her fully into the world of the awake. She keeps her eyes closed and goes over and over the images in her mind, getting her more and more aroused. She can picture the setting, the dim lit room, the smell of candles burning, the feel of skin against hers, the scent of the beautiful woman so close to her, the way she was touched, the way she was kissed, the feeling of lust in her most inner core. She could visualize the curve of her perfect ass, the rounding of her hips, the softness of her breasts, bahis firmaları the feel of her stomach being kissed.

“The way her fingers worked me, the way she touched the best parts of me. Her body against mine. Seeing her touch herself, her wet fingers. Fuck…I need to get myself back into that moment. I want it…I need it…I am so turned on. I just need to keep my eyes closed, and concentrate. I need to feel that energy, that intensity…I want to be back there. I want to see her, feel her, taste her. I want her tongue in my mouth again. I want to be lost in her. Every part of me aches for her.”

Adele runs her hands slowly down her body, gently massaging her breasts and pinching her nipples, letting the sensations linger, as she recalls the mysterious dream woman softly kissing her inner thighs, staying just inches away from the building wetness between her legs. She begins to gently rock her hips forward as the tension in her builds and builds. She can almost feel the woman’s breath on her, and her hands making their way over every inch of her skin. Every part of Adele feels energized, every touch causing a spark. Her hands work their way down from her breasts, to feel the softness of her stomach, and inch their way down. Her middle finger just slightly slips between the folds of her lips, and she can feel how wet and swollen she is. She lets her finger move slowly over her stiff clit, feeling waves of pleasure arc through her with every subtle movement. She can remember the woman’s fingers inside her, moving kaçak iddaa in and out with the rhythm of her rocking hips. The look in her eyes just drips sex. It is fucking intoxicating. She longed for making her way back into the dream, and completely giving herself to the woman.

” I need to silence my mind… let that dream come flooding back. It has to. Maybe if I take some slow deep breaths, I can take myself back into the ecstasy. Oh…fuck yes. I need to take myself back. Count backwards…let yourself go.”

“10…9…those alluring eyes lusting for me…8…7…that perfect ass, in those sexy panties, and those perfect breasts…6… I can see how turned on she is…5… the sweet smell of her so close to me…I want to taste her…4…her fingers deep inside me…3…”

“There you are…kissing my neck and running your hands softly through my hair. You smells so sweet…like raw sex. I love it. My breasts feel so ready for you…I want them in your mouth, I want to feel you putting every part of me into your mouth. Even if I wanted to, I could not resist, every part of me desires you. Oh fuck…the way you touch me feels so damn good. I am so wet…feel me…feel my wetness.”

Adele’s fingers push further down, sliding gracefully inside her, causing a soft moan to escape. Her fingers work their way deep inside her, and slow in and out, lingering at the opening of her pussy, for a second each time, then pushing their way as deep as she can. Her other hand reaches down, spreads her lips and pulls her kaçak bahis hood back, letting her throbbing clit to be fully exposed to the thrusting palm of her hand. The rocking of her hips starts to quicken, matching the pace of her fingers penetrating her.

“I want you to ravish me. Do with me what you please. I am yours. I want you to give me a release. Your breath on me feels so inviting… It is consuming me. Your hands all over me, not leaving an inch of my skin untouched. Damn you are fucking sexy. Keep working your way down. I am craving you. Your kisses on my belly are a crazy tease…the way you pull at me, the way you bite me, the way you touch me. I want you. I am so fucking ready…get closer. I am not sure I can take it any longer. Grab my ass, dig your fingers into me. …take me…Stop teasing me…take me into your mouth.”

Adele’s fingers begin to work faster and faster, as the mysterious woman in her dream pushes her legs apart, uses both hands to spread her lips open, and puts her tongue deep inside her, soaking in her sweetness. Her tongue works itself in and out as her hands spread her further and further open. She works her tongue up the inside of Adele’s lips, stopping on her most pleasurable spot. She begins running the tip of her tongue in slow firm circles around Adele’s clit, forcing her to arch her back and quicken her breathing.

“There it is…there it is. Yes…lick it slow. Oh yeah. Oh yeah…just like that. You make me feel so fucking good. My pussy is about to explode. I am getting close…I am so close… It’s going all the way down my legs and up into my chest. Fuck yes…fuck yes. Don’t stop…don’t stop. Suck on me…suck on me…I’m coming…I’m coming…I’m coming…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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