Kissing Cathy Ch. 05

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Mike was in dreamland, slowly drifting towards consciousness, as he felt the sexual pleasure of his dick being engulfed by a hot wet mouth. The image of Cathy sucking his dick was soon replaced by the image of Jen looking up at him as she swallowed his cock. That changed to Jen lying next to him and he was looking at her hard dick. He leaned forward and took Jen’s dick in his mouth as Jen continued sucking on his. 69’ing with Jen, sucking her cock, her sucking his, felt so good. The image again changed and Mike was sucking his own dick as Cathy and Jen looked on, urging him to cum in his mouth. Mike had a faint realization he was dreaming and nearing an orgasm. It had been so long since he had a wet dream. He’d been close many times but couldn’t quite cum, but now he thought that if he just sucked harder on his cock he would cum.

His dick felt so good in his mouth as he heard a moan. He was nearing consciousness and realized the moan was his as he heard it again. He knew he couldn’t be sucking his own dick and moaning like that as his eyes opened and the confusion in his brain cleared when he saw Cathy’s head bobbing up and down in his lap. They were on the couch where they had fallen asleep last night, Mike sitting and Cathy laying down with her head in his lap and now Cathy was starting the day by fulfilling her promise of giving Mike blow jobs all day long.

Mike’s eyes drifted along Cathy’s beautiful body and stopped where her hand was pumping her strapon cock that she had left on all night. The sight of Cathy masturbating her hard dick was oddly erotic and very exciting to Mike. The orgasm that had been building in his balls was about to shoot up his dick and spew into Cathy’s mouth. He said, “good morning,” just as the first load reached her tongue. That just made Cathy suck harder, turning Mike’s moans into a scream as his balls were drained of sperm.

Cathy knew just when to stop sucking Mike’s dick, how long to let him scream before the pleasure became unbearable. Her mouth filled with his cum as he shot a few streams that turned to dribbles as she sucked his balls dry. She let his cock fall from her mouth and looked up at Mike as she moved to kiss him.

They smiled at each other as their lips touched, their tongues entwined and Cathy let the load of Mike’s cum in her mouth slide into Mike’s mouth. She pumped faster on her own dick, increasing the stimulation on her clit as they kissed. Her own orgasm began to wash over her body as she broke the kiss and stared at Mike as she shook from the force of her self-induced orgasm.

Mike stared at Cathy’s cock as she stroked it and heard her moan as she came. He then leaned forward, wrapped his fingers around her dick and said, “I bet I can suck more cum out of you,” as he filled his mouth with her cock. He pumped her dick with his hand, creating stimulation on Cathy’s clit while moving his mouth up and down her dick to excited her visually.

It didn’t take long and Cathy was screaming with pleasure again. She could picture loads of cum shooting up her cock in to Mike’s mouth. She had tell Mike to stop because she was being overwhelmed. As she calmed down and kissed Mike again, she thought that next time she would load her balls up with the fake sperm so she could use it on Mike when she orgasmed.

“Good morning to you, too. And how do you like the taste of cream first thing in the morning before getting your coffee?” Cathy said with a giggle.

“You know I love the taste of my cream from you anytime and also that I take my coffee black,” Mike replied. “And how do you like waking up with a hard on that you just have to stroke? You look amazingly hot with that big hard cock but I hope you’re not going to decide to give up your pussy, are you?”

“Don’t worry. I love my new dick, and I’m really glad you do, too. But I do enjoy my standard equipment even more and I’m not going to trade it in. This is just a new toy for both of us to play with sometimes.”

“Sounds good to me. And yes, for some odd reason, I do enjoy playing with your dick, too.” Mike said as he stared at her cock sticking straight out from her beautiful female body. “This is a really weird thing for me to say but I’ll give you a blow job anytime you want.”

“It’s a strange and exciting thing to hear you say. I will let you know when I want to see my cock in your mouth, okay?” Cathy said as she walked to the bedroom, her hard dick sticking out in front of her and bouncing in beat to her steps.

What a wild and wonderful woman Mike thought as he got up to make coffee.

Later that day, Mike was in bed, half awake, recovering from the orgasms Cathy had been giving him. The phone next to the bed rang and Mike picked it up at the same time Cathy did in the other room. “Hello”, he heard her say.

“Hi, Cathy.” It was Jen. “Is Mike around? Can you talk?”

“Hi, Jen. He’s taking a nap. We can have our girl talk, don’t worry.”

“Oh good. So? Did he watch my movie? What did he think? I really hoped he liked it but I know there is a chance it might have turned him off.”

Cathy giggled. “Yes, he did güvenilir bahis siteleri watch it and no, it did not turn him off. Just the exact opposite, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen him so turned on from watching a movie. He was watching you bug eyed, masturbating right along with you. I know he would have cum the same time you did if I didn’t beg him not to.”

“You don’t know how happy and relieved I am to hear that. I was 90 percent sure he’d like it but I knew there was also the possibility he’d think a chick with a dick was a big turn off.”

“I know what you mean, Jen, and I was kind of concerned about the same thing. A few nights ago while I was playing with my dildo I accidentally discovered that I could use it so it looked like I had a dick. It really excited me and the thought of watching Mike playing with it excited me even more. So I had Mike watch you with a cock first to see how he would react to it before I showed him my movie where I had a dick. I hope you don’t mind.”

“No, of course not,” Jen replied. “I had no idea that we thinking the same thing. Just goes to show that great minds think alike, right? What did you do? What did Mike do? Did he say he’d play with your dick? You have to tell me everything.”

Mike listened to Cathy tell Jen about them watching the home movies last night, including when he got down on his knees and sucked her dick. He would have been embarrassed if anyone but Jen were hearing that story. But it was Jen and it excited Mike to be listening in to the women’s conversation.

“You are so lucky to have Mike”, Jen said. “And now that I’m single, I’m going to set a new standard for a boyfriend. He has to masturbate in front of me and suck my strap on before I give him a blow job and fuck him. Oh yeah, and he has to lick his cum off my tits, too. But that’s a future search. Right now I can’t wait to watch Mike’s masturbation movie so I can get to see him cum all over himself. I can just picture him lying down in bed smiling as he strokes his big hard dick until his entire body shakes and an eruption of sperm covers his chest. I bet it’s so hot, isn’t it?”

“Oh yes it is. Mike put on a really good show of jerking off in front of the camera but he’s not in bed and he didn’t cum on himself.”

“Oh,” Jen said with a little bit of disappointment in her voice. “Where was he and didn’t he finish himself off?

“He was sitting on the couch and, yes, he did make himself cum, all over some pictures of me. He even left the cum covered pictures on the kitchen table so I would see them when I came home. That was a thrill seeing pictures of myself that obviously made Mike so horny that he jerked off on them. But you were hoping to see him in bed masturbating, weren’t you?”

“Well, that’s just where I thought he’d be but I’m happy to watch Mike stroke his cock anywhere he wants to be,” Jen said. Then she mumbled “It would be so hot to see him cum on pictures of me.”

“Did you say you’d like to see him cum on pictures of you?” Cathy asked.

“Yeah, sorry,” Jen replied sheepishly. “I know Mike is your guy and I shouldn’t be thinking of him like that but there is something so exciting about a guy getting so horny looking at pictures of me that he has to jerk off on them.”

“I understand, Jen. I can’t get upset at you for thinking Mike is hot. But, like I said, you would have loved to have seem him watching your movie last night with his jaw dropped, his eyes bugged out and his fingers wrapped around his hard cock. He loved masturbating while watching you. And don’t forget that he really had a good time jerking off on you live in person last weekend. I’m the one that got this whole masturbation thing going between the three of us and I think we should all continue to enjoy it as much as possible. What if we make another movie of Mike masturbating and you direct it? You can have him jerk off how and where you want.”

“Really?” Jen almost squealed. “Do you think Mike would go for it?”

Cathy laughed, “C’mon, Jen, this is Mike we’re talking about. What do you think he’ll say when we ask him if he’ll stroke his hard cock for us? Mike, will you please masturbate for us? Do you think he’d say no if we asked him to cum on some sexy pictures of you?”

Jen giggled, “You’re right. This is going to be so hot.”

“I think we should get creative with this, Jen. In your movie you said something about you and Mike jerking off together. We could shoot a scene where both of you are in bed, you’re wearing your strap on and your both stroking on your dicks.”

“That would be so hot. Would you mind if we stroked each other’s cock? I’d really love to see Mike play with my dick.”

“I’d love to watch that,” Cathy replied. “In fact, I’d love to watch Mike suck your dick. But then you would probably have to reciprocate and suck Mike’s dick, too. If that’s okay with you, of course.”

Jen gasped, “Oh yeah, that’s fine with me. That would be the ultimate to get a blow job from Mike. I’m getting wet just thinking about it.”

Mike was amazed at what he was hearing, Cathy mobilbahis was setting him up to have sex with Jen, who was now single again. His dick was hard and pulsating, the urge to stroke it was strong but if he did then the gals would probably hear him breathing heavy over the phone and know he was listening.

“How about if we both ask Mike while I’m giving him a blow job?” Cathy asked. “We already know he’ll say yes but it will be more fun to ask when his dick is being sucked. I’d love to see the look on his face when he’s talking to you about jerking off and his cock is in my mouth. Good idea?”

“Great idea,” Jen replied, almost gasping. “But how are you going to arrange that?”

“In another hour, or so, Mike will be awake and ready for another blow job. I’ll give you a quick call before we start then you call back a few minutes later and I’ll put you on speaker phone and we can discuss last night’s movies and making another fantasy one for you. Remember, Mike’s dick will be in my mouth most of the time so you two will have to do most of the talking.”

Mike thought it was a great idea, too. And now that he knew about it, he was going to add something else for the women during the phone call. A minute later, the women got off the phone and Mike gently hung up the extension. Life is good he thought as he dozed off again.

A while later Mike awoke again, this time rested enough to stay awake for a while. He put on his bathrobe over his naked body, slid Cathy’s dildo into one of the large pockets and walked to the living room.

“I see you’re finally awake,” Cathy said as she walked towards him for a kiss. “Ready for more action or would you like lunch first?”

Mike kissed her and said, “I think I need some food first. Something light, how’s that sound?”

“Sounds good. You have a seat and I’ll fix you up something.”

Mike sat at the kitchen table and admired the way Cathy looked and acted as she made and then served him a delicious lunch. When he was done eating she cleared the table and put the dishes in the sink. When her back was turned to him, Mike opened his bathrobe and began slowly stroking his half hard dick. Cathy stopped in her tracks and smiled when she turned and saw Mike’s hand sliding up and down his shaft. “You’re a fantastic waitress and cook,” he said. “And gorgeous. Thank you.”

“You’re very welcome,” Cathy replied. “Is there anything else I can do for you?”

“Since you ask, yes there is. How would you like to be my personal stripper?” Mike asked as he stood and continued stroking his cock. “You know I love watching you get naked while you dance and I know you enjoy watching me enjoy myself.”

“Of course I’ll strip for you. Have a seat on the couch and I’ll be right with you. Just give me a minute,” Cathy said as she went to the office to call Jen.

Mike put some music on with the volume very low so it wouldn’t interfere with the phone conversation he knew was coming up. He then sat down, opened his robe and resumed slowly moving his fingers up and down his cock as Cathy returned to the living room. “Are you thinking about me?” she asked as she placed the phone on the end table near Mike.

“Yes I am. You make me so horny I have to masturbate. You don’t mind, do you?” Mike replied with a smile, adding, “expecting an important phone call?”

“That?” Cathy said, indicating the phone, “you never know. And no, I don’t mind at all that I get you so worked up you have to grab your dick and stroke it. It excites me to know that you masturbate while thinking of me. And it excites me even more to watch you jerk off while I strip for you. But you know all that, don’t you? You just want to hear me talk dirty to you while you slide your hand up and down your nice hard cock. Isn’t that right?” Cathy was looking into Mike’s eyes as she slowly danced and began removing her clothes.

“Of course you’re right,” Mike said as he slowly rubbed the head of his dick with his right hand and gently massaged his balls with his left. “I love jerking off and I’m so glad you get a kick out of watching me. It’s a thrill to stroke my dick in front of you. I get to enjoy the sight of your beautiful body and listen to you tell me that you’re enjoying yourself, too.”

Cathy was soon dancing naked in front of Mike. The sight of him masturbating as he stared at her got her so wet that she had to rub her clit with her finger. “You don’t mind if I masturbate while I watch you jerk off, do you?” she asked with a smile. “I can’t help it when see your fingers wrapped around your hard cock.”

“I love watching you get yourself off, too” Mike replied as he watched Cathy sway sensuously in front of him and he moved his hand faster up and down his dick.

Cathy kneeled in front of Mike, her face very close to his cock. “Do you want to cum on yourself or would you rather cum in my mouth?” she asked.

Mike wrapped his other hand around his dick and slowly pumped his hard on through both of his hands, putting on an extra bit of show. “As much fun as jerking off is, it can’t compare to having my bahis siteleri dick in your mouth. I love cumming in your mouth,” he said as he let go of his cock and put his hands behind his head. “You don’t mind if I just sit back and enjoy the feeling, and the sight, of you sucking me off, do you?”

Cathy answered by filling her mouth with his dick. She had one hand working her clit and the other wrapped around Mike’s dick, pumping the shaft as she bobbed her head up and down it.

The phone rang. Cathy kept stroking Mike’s dick as she reached for it and looked at the caller ID. “It’s Jen. Mike, I want you to be 100 percent honest with her,” she said as she hit the talk button. “Hi, Jen. Hold on a second.” Cathy held the phone near her mouth as she deep throated Mike’s cock. She made extra loud slurping noises as she looked into Mike’s eyes. After bobbing her head up and down a few times on his dick she spoke to Jen, “I’m going to have to put you on speakerphone, Jen. My mouth is busy with Mike’s nice hard cock. I don’t think Mike will mind talking to you while I give him a blow job. Will you, Mike?” Cathy put the phone back on the end table and took Mike’s dick in her mouth, giving it long slow sucks as she gazed at Mike.

Even though Mike knew Cathy’s plan, the reality of it happening was pure excitement. An extra thrill shot through his balls and if he hadn’t already had three orgasms that day, he would have cum right then and there. “Hi, Jen,” he said. “How are you doing?”

Jen was also in a state of shocked excitement. She knew how this conversation was going to take place but hearing Cathy slurp on Mike’s dick and the tone of Mike’s voice made it almost surreal to her. She was glad she had gotten prepared for the call by being naked in bed. “Hi, Mike,” she said. “I’m good and it sounds like you’re doing great. Wow. Do you mind talking to me while you guys are, er, having your fun?”

“I don’t mind at all,” said Mike. “It’s actually very erotic to be talking to you while Cathy is giving me head, as long as you’re okay with it, too.”

“I think it’s hot, especially since I called to talk sex, about our masturbation movies. What did you think of the one I made for you?”

“It was fantastic,” Mike replied with a soft moan. “You showed me a fantasy I didn’t even know I had until I saw you with your cock. I loved watching your hand slide up and down your dick while I was masturbating, matching you stroke for stroke. It was almost like we were jerking off together like you said in the movie. I hope that you enjoy watching the movie I made as much. It really does excite me knowing that you want to watch it, to watch me masturbate and make myself cum.”

“Wow,” said Jen softly, as she gently massaged her clit while listening to Mike. “That is so hot knowing I gave you a new fantasy like you gave me last week when I watched you masturbate and you came on me. I fantasize about you in bed stroking your cock until you cum all over yourself. Now I know that one of the things going through your mind while you’re jerking off is a sexual image of me and that really turns me on.”

All Mike could do was moan with pleasure. Cathy had taken him to a plateau, she was sucking and stroking his dick enough to keep him at a high pleasure point but not quite enough to make him cum. “Jen, I guess I should tell you before you see the movie I made that I’m not in bed and I didn’t cum on myself. I was on the couch and I came on some wildly sexy pictures of Cathy. I’m sorry it’s not quite the fantasy you had in mind.”

Cathy stopped sucking Mike’s dick but kept gently stroking it and said, “Well, Mike, maybe you’ll just have to make another movie for Jen so you can fulfill her fantasy. Would you like to masturbate for Jen again and this time do just what she wants?”

“Yes,” said Mike breathlessly, “I’d love to jerk off for Jen again but I don’t know exactly what she wants. Jen, maybe you’ll have to write a script for me.”

“I think we can do better than that,” Cathy continued. “Jen should make the movie with you and tell you what to do. Jen, would you like to direct the movie so Mike will masturbate to your desire?”

“Could we?” Jen said as she moaned slightly with pleasure. “Mike, will you jerk off for me again? Will you make a fantasy movie for me and masturbate at my direction? I have some great ideas.”

“I bet you do,” said Mike. “I’d love to jerk off in front of you again, Jen. Anyway I can stroke my dick to please you will also please me. Cathy, since this is your idea, you must be okay with it but I’ll only masturbate with Jen if you’re there, too. Other wise I’d feel kind of guilty.”

“Of course I’ll be there,” Cathy said. “I’ll be running one of the cameras. Jen, tell us some of your ideas. What is your fantasy masturbation with Mike?”

“This is so wild,” Jen said breathlessly. “You guys are great. I was thinking of having the movie switch between reality and fantasy. It would start with Mike masturbating in bed while he’s watching the movie of me stroking my dick. When I say that it’s like we’re jerking off together, Mike would say yes, I’d love to do that. Then the screen would fade out and back in and I would be in bed with Mike and we would be jerking off together. And then, well, Mike, how would you feel about us masturbating each other? Would you mind stroking my dick while I stroke yours?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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