Katy Gets a Mommy

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Editor: WhiteWave48

Patrice Mueller couldn’t suppress a resigned sigh as she looked around the living room. It wasn’t that it was dirty; it was that it looked fine. The whole house looked fine: a tastefully appointed exemplar of a white bread middle class dwelling. It was tidy, warm and cozy without a hint of ostentation.

Kind of like how Patty (as everyone except telemarketers called her) felt about herself. She was pretty in a maternal sort of way, with a soft ivory face specked by freckles and framed by cascading red curls — although some dye was necessary to keep the ever encroaching gray at bay. Maybe she was a bit more “full figured” than she liked, but in the loose clothing she generally favored, some extra curves helped more than they hurt. Besides, she had always been the kind of extraverted “soccer mom” who had naturally drawn others into her orbit. Everyone who knew her was accustomed to seeing a smile on her full lips and a welcoming twinkle in her deep brown eyes. Pleasant and attractive, but not extraordinarily so, she was just like her house. Just like her life.

With no more tidying up left, Patty wasn’t entirely sure what to do next. She had burned up all of her excuses to get out this week: shopping, bridge, a few visits and so forth. All that was left was an abyss of free time. George was off working, the kids were all out of the house permanently or else doing their eclectic “stuff” on which they steadfastly refused to elaborate, and all the household affairs were in order. She had to wait until someone made it home and then try to squeeze some conversation out of the poor soul.

Patty remembered her college days when reading Betty Friedan had been all the rage. She had been horrified by the images Friedan conjured up of legions of housewives sitting quietly at home and asking themselves “Is this it? Is this all there is?” When she had started working Patty had sworn never to join their ranks, throwing herself against the glass ceiling with abandon. People around the office had all expected big things from her; she was one of the generation that was going to shatter the gender gap.

Then she and George had Eric. That was alright; some maternity leave and then a little day care and everything would be fine. Then came Matt. Then Charles. Then Daniel. She been hesitant to start using protection with her husband because she really wanted another girl around the house, but George had just kept serving up Y chromosomes. Eventually she had given in to the voice of reason and got on the pill, but not before it was amply clear that four boys would keep her too occupied for a job. She complained, of course, but had secretly relished being able to spend so much time with them, just watching as they grew, developed their own personalities and just became themselves. And it had kept her busy, busier than her job ever had.

Now Eric was off working and Matt and Charles were in college. Daniel was finishing up high school and was too busy for his mother. So here she was, wondering, “Is this it? Is this all there is?”

After giving another quick glance around the room, Patty plopped down on the couch and picked up the book she’d been reading. It was some trashy Harlequin, where the heroine couldn’t stand the rakish cad (British! How exciting!) who was courting her until their fabulous sex straightened her out. Ah, what women’s liberation had become! Patrice had considered having an affair once, just to see if she could still muster that kind of passion, but the idea had been fleeting. She was entirely too responsible for such things. Besides, she doubted that there were that many dashing English nobles waiting to sweep forty-something housewives off their feet.

Patty idly fidgeted with the wedding ring on her finger, a reminder that she was in now, for better or worse. There wasn’t any reason to go out and compete with pretty young things. Like that Katy girl that Daniel was going out with. Patty had only met her a few times, but had been more than a little taken in by the girl’s gregarious nature. And she had the kind of earnest cuteness of which Disney Channel stars are made. Well, if boys went for girls like their mothers then Patty was more than a little flattered by her son’s taste.

Patrice drifted back off that tangent of thought, returning to her novel. The eligible young lady was telling the beguiling duke what a charlatan he was, even as he pulled her into his arms. She struggled a little, he persisted, his lips bearing down on hers. Shocked fury yielded to passion as she surrendered to him, letting him ravish her…

As she gave herself to the words on the page, Patty sensed a familiar tingle, almost a lightness, between her legs. She could feel her nipples press into the cup cups of her bra. She squirmed a little on the couch, pressing her thighs together. Oh what the hell, she hadn’t had a good run at herself in a while and it wasn’t like she was putting something off. Her fingers deftly slipped under the casino oyna waistband of the sweats she wore around the house, then plunged into her panties. She sucked in a short breath as she found her clit, navigating little circles around it. Patrice could put Yo Yo Ma to shame at playing her own cello, and soon found a nice smooth rhythm that had her chest rising and falling with each heavy breath. She could feel the flush spreading over her face as the delicious tension built in her. If this was all there was left for her, maybe it wasn’t so bad. Was it?


Katy Yun was pissed. Pissed at Mrs. Hollenbeck for the ‘B’, pissed at her mother for making such a big deal over it and pissed at herself for breaking down and storming out of the house. It was the beginning of February and, and here she was standing on the street in a sleeveless top and jeans, crying her eyes out. God, she must have looked like a reject from Jerry Springer!

It had been stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid. One of those impulsive teen moments where things just made sense at the time. Where to go now? She couldn’t just go back inside, let her mother see her slink back in defeat. She couldn’t take that cold, knowing stare of victory, of superiority. She also couldn’t just stand there freezing.

First thing first, she needed to get a grip on herself. After a few sniffles, she managed to bring her tears under control. It wasn’t the first time she’d butted heads with her mother, but it was definitely one of the worst.

“If you didn’t spend so much time running around with boys!” her mother had screed like a fire and brimstone preacher, her finger jabbing into Katy’s face. Something in Katy had snapped, and she yelled at her mother to shut up. Almost in slow motion a cacophony of rage, shock and thousand other emotions ran across her mother’s face. Katy wished she could have taken the words back, but it was too late. Her mother had unleashed a torrent of English and Chinese, switching between the two almost at random. Katy hadn’t caught everything, but she was pretty sure “slut” and “disgrace” were repeated fairly often. Soon they were both yelling over each other and at some point Katy started crying. Then she started storming out. And then there she was, standing on a street corner sobbing.

It wasn’t that her mother had come down on her about the grade; that Katy could understand. She had been disappointed in herself over it. It was the way her mother had to drag Daniel into it. She went out with one boy, and a nice one at that, and her mother thought she would become prostitute or something. Why couldn’t her mom just let her live a little like a normal parent?

Then it hit her. Daniel only lived a little over a block away, she could head over there. Was he working on the paper today? No harm in checking at least. She set off down the street.


Patty’s fingers sped up around her clit, she could feel herself on the very verge of release. She forced herself to slow down, to savor it. She’d been close a few times, but this was her treat to herself, she wanted to bask in it. One hand held the book, now forgotten and open on her belly, while the other teased the top of the cleft between her labia. God she was so wet. How long had it been? No matter, she was getting close again. She’d finish this time – it would be glorious!

“Ding,” the doorbell chimed at exactly the wrong time.

Patty thought she could finish off. Just work a bit faster… Almost there…

“Ding,” the bell insisted.

Shit, thought Patty as the swung her legs over the edge of the couch. She wiped her hand on a nearby paper towel and then straightened out her hair as best she could. No time for a mirror check. Did she smell like arousal? Oh well, give the town something to talk about.

“Coming,” she declared as she shuffled down the stairs. Some cynical part of her brain couldn’t resist mumbling, “Don’t I wish?”

She cracked the door open, and as soon as she saw who was waiting outside, all thoughts of her pending date with her fingers was forgotten. It was Katy, Daniel’s girlfriend, and she looked terrible. She was standing there quivering in the cold, her normally bright brown eyes were red and puffy, her usually glossy dark hair was frazzled and whole demeanor just seemed… defeated. As soon as this registered in her head Patty threw open the door, ratty t-shirt and pants be damned.

“Are you okay Katy?” It was all she could think to ask.

Katy looked startled for a second, her lips forming around silent words before they pulled up into one of the most fragile smiles that Patty had ever seen.

“Yeah… is Daniel home?”

Her voice had the rough quality of someone who had been crying far too recently, and Patty felt a surge of maternal instinct. She hadn’t been able to baby children since at least when Daniel had started Junior High, and this poor girl could use some care. Her waifish figure and sad gaze just made Patty want to slot oyna nurture her, to see her return to her smile. Patty had an image in her head of Daniel’s last birthday party, with Katy almost stealing the spotlight with her vivacious grins and gregarious laughter.

“No, he’s out and about, but please, come in.”

“No, that’s okay.” Katy’s voice cracked a little as she spoke, and she quickly looked away. “I don’t want to, you know, impose.”

“Please, I insist,” Patty replied, reaching out and putting her hand on the girl’s shoulder.

She was wearing a thin sleeveless top, so Patty could feel the warmth of her skin, the delicate ridge of her shoulder, and the small shivers from the cold. Katy looked up at Patty. Her eyes were wide, vulnerable.

“Um, okay,” Katy smiled back up at Patty again, and this time there was some real warmth in it.

As she stepped across the threshold of the house, she nervously clasped her hands before her and stepped out of her flip flops, as though she’d never been inside before. Well, she hadn’t without Daniel, Patty reminded herself. Better make her feel at home.

“Come on,” Patty coaxed, putting a hand on Katy’s back and nudging her towards the couch.

When the girl settled in, Patty went to the kitchen and put some water on. She returned to see Katy with her hands in her lap, fidgeting as she stared intently at nothing in particular. Patty sat next to the girl, resting a hand tentatively on her knee. Katy smiled back coyly. Deciding to test her luck, Patty got comfortable on the couch and started to probe.

“Anything you want to talk about?”

“Just… drama.” The smile stayed on Katy’s face, but something about her whole bearing changed. Every part of her seemed to slump just a little.

Patty pursed her lips, not sure of what to do now. If the girl didn’t want to talk about it, then she did not want to talk about it. She really didn’t know what else she could possibly find to talk about with an 18 year old girl — good housekeeping?

Fortunately Katy solved that problem.

“I’m sorry to come over with like this,” she said, bowing her head apologetically. “You probably have better things to do then relive high school.”

“A bored housewife like me? Normally we have to watch soaps just to scare up something to keep us busy.”

As soon as she said it, Patty realized that trivializing this girl’s problems was probably not the best idea. Katy still obliged her with a polite chuckle, but after that a silence settled between the two. It gave Patty a second to consider the girl (young woman?) before her. Patty didn’t know that much about her own son’s girlfriend, but everything she did spoke to a certain goodness. Even as Katy sat there, distant and distracted, it was obvious that her face was better suited to smiles than tears. Something deep in Patty’s being yearned to break through the icy formality, to be something to this girl other than her boyfriend’s mother who happened to be present. To be a source of comfort and support. But the icy formality remained, an invisible suffocating smog that stretched time into an awkward expanse. The tea pot saved them both this time, letting out a shrill whistle. Patty smiled politely at her guest, stood, and scurried off to the kitchen. After some clatter of tea cups, Patty called out a simple question. “Green, peppermint or raspberry?”

“Green, please,” Katy said with a practiced politeness.

Patty came back, carefully balancing the two saucers and handed one to Katy. They both drank in silence, with Patty studying Katy and Katy hunched over her tea and sipping it deeply, almost like the was trying to hide in her cup. When they were both done they placed the saucers off to the side. The silence was back, and awkward as ever.

At last Patty decided to press the issue, putting her hand on the side of the girl’s face and guiding her gaze to Patty’s eyes. Her skin was so soft and smooth, Patty even had a passing thought about how soft her lips must be. Yeah, Daniel was lucky.

“Katy, I know something’s wrong. You can talk to me, and I don’t like seeing you like this.” There was a note of firmness in Patty’s voice, but also a deep reservoir of sympathy. As she spoke, she gently brushed a wayward lock of hair away from the girl’s face.

Katy swallowed, and bit her lower lip. She looked down for a moment, then began to speak — slowly, deliberately.

“I just… I just wish my mother understood me better, you know?” Katy appeared lost in thought, picking each word like the bomb squad would pick wires. “I mean, I know things have been tough for her lately, and I know a lot of it is just her frustration…”

Patty decided against asking what Katy’s mother was going though. She’d just let the girl talk, say what she needed to say.

“I don’t…” Tears welled up in Katy’s eyes as her voice choked over the words. Before Patty could do anything the poor thing was wracked by a sobbing fit. “I don’t canlı casino siteleri like feeling like a failure!”

Patty couldn’t restrain herself. She flung her arms around the petite teenager, drawing her close, nestling Katy’s head against her soft bosom. Katy pressed herself tightly to Patty’s reassuring form, quaking as all the feelings she had tried to bury came pouring out.

“No matter what I do, I just fuck up. I wish I was good enough. I mean, even this, just get past it. Right? But here I am… I’m so sorry, I mean, you have better stuff to do than waste your time on me.” Katy was almost incomprehensible. Hysterical, that was the word for it.

“Shh, shh, it’s okay,” Patty tried to comfort her, running her fingers through the Katy’s silky hair. She couldn’t help but notice the soft, faintly tangy scent that must have been from her shampoo. “You’re wonderful Katy. Never say any different. And you’re definitely not a waste of time. I see the glow on Daniel’s face after he’s been with you, and I know what a wonderful person you are.”

The soothing words seemed to calm Katy, who stopped quaking with sobs and just held herself close to Patty, clinging tightly to the older woman. Looking down at her, Patty realized just how genuinely she cared for this girl. And meant every word she had said.

At that moment — she would never entirely understand why — Patty was suddenly gripped by a compulsion. Before she could even think about it she found herself craning her neck to plant a kiss on the top of Katy’s head, just where the light shone on her glossy hair, lingering for a moment. She felt Katy tense up against her, but she didn’t pull away.

Patty pulled back, surprised by her own action and ashamed of the way it made her feel. She was wet again. That wasn’t right, she meant to take care of Katy, not exploit her for some sick fantasy! She was her son’s girlfriend for goodness sake!

“I’m sorry, that was a bit out of bounds,” Patty apologized, diverting her eyes, feeling a blush rising in her cheeks. Or was it a flush? After a few moments, Patty looked back at the nervous young thing pressed against her.

Katy was gazing up at the older woman, her eyes glistening with tears, but they had stopped falling. Her face was smooth — emotionless almost, but her eyes were full of apprehension, confusion — and longing.

Patty was helpless against the look, and found her fingers tracing the gently curve of the girl’s cheek. Katy parted her lips slightly. Maybe she meant to say something. Maybe she was longing for a kiss. Maybe her nose was stuffed up from crying and she just needed to breathe. It didn’t really matter to Patty.

“You’re so beautiful,” Patty whispered, leaning in to Katy, closing her eyes as her lips sought the younger girl’s. She noticed that Katy didn’t pull back as their lips brushed by each other. Patty had been with a few women in college, more or less as a political/curious thing, but now she was so aroused it made her dizzy. Just feeling Katy pressed against her, letting Patty kiss her.

Patty pulled back for a moment and felt Katy’s chest rise, pressing against her as she breathed in. Feeling dazed, Patty leaned back in, pressing her lips to the girl’s again, her hand meandering down to the swell of her breast, her palms pressing into the malleable flesh, manipulating it softly as Patty pressed forward, making Katy lean against the arm of the couch. Patty’s tongue snaked into Katy’s mouth, exploring, caressing.

Katy relaxed into the kiss, her own tongue tentatively meeting the older woman’s; learning the game then playing it. Slowly she became more aggressive, her arms wrapping around Patty, caught up in the moment.

When Patty pulled back, Katy found herself gasping. She hadn’t even noticed that she needed to come up for air! And suddenly the reality of what she was doing crashed back into perspective. This was her boyfriend’s mother! They had just gotten carried away, that was it. She had just needed someone to hold her, to comfort her. No need to let this get out of hand. That was all it was.

“I should go.” The words spurted from her. Her heart was racing, fear and a giddy rush mixing so thoroughly that she wasn’t sure there was a difference between the two. She needed some time to compose herself, to figure out what was going through her head.

“Katy,” Patty began cautiously, placing her hand high on Katy’s thigh. She couldn’t believe what she was doing, but she needed it. Needed to feel this way. She was speaking to herself as much as Katy. “I know this is really fast…really really fast. But seeing you there, I think you need this as much as me. I want to take care of you — to give you pleasure — right here, right now. No one else needs to hear about it. Ever. If you want me to stop, just say so and I will, I promise.”

Patty’s hand slid up Katy’s thigh, to the button on her jeans. Katy’s eyes followed the hand’s slow advance — she even put her own on it — but she didn’t apply any force to hinder it. Her lips opened, then closed, and opened again, until she just scrunched her face in confusion.

“If you’ll stay, just let me take care of you,” Patty said, a throaty quality seeping into her voice.

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