Karen’s All Girl Party Ch. 4

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(continuation of parts 1, 2 & 3)

“So what’s your story, Brenda?” asked Linda, who by now has her own finger inside her panties, rubbing her steamy pussy.

“I haven’t had an experience being with another woman, so I got no story to tell.” said Brenda.

“Well after tonight, you’ll have more than enough stories to tell.” countered Karen, as she stood up and walk over to Brenda.

Karen sat beside Brenda. Gently caressed her breast and gave Brenda a soft kiss. Brenda responded to the kiss, tongues entered each other’s mouth. Brenda pulled Karen’s face to her as she explored Karen’s mouth with her tongue. Karen gently spreads Brenda’s legs and rubs her wet pussy.

“Oh, your so wet, Brenda.” whispered Karen.

Brenda sucked Karen’s tongue more. Brenda spreads her legs wider and lets Karen’s finger enter deep casino oyna inside her pussy. Not to be undone, Linda and Jenny are now locked in an embrace kissing passionately, while caressing each others breasts. Soon, both pairs were naked, went to the floor and into a 69 position. Karen on top of Brenda, while Jenny was on top of Linda. The four lovely ladies ate each other up, licking and sucking pussy juices. Simultaneously, the four horny ladies exploded, faces wet with sweet cum. The four ladies sat up facing each other and start exchanging kisses, licking the juices from their faces, alternately. Karen pulls Jenny by her side and slips her tongue inside Jenny’s mouth. Jenny welcomes her tongue with delight.

“Oh Jenny, I want you….you’re my best friend and I want to make you come hard.” Karen said.

“I want you too, Karen.” canlı casino replied Jenny.

Soon, Karen was between Jenny’s wide opened legs and began eating her wet pussy. Linda follows and does the same to the now hot and wet Brenda. Karen licks Jenny’s pussy and ass, Jenny could only moan with satisfaction, caressing her breasts.

“I want you too Karen, NOW!!” said Jenny.

The ladies once more go to a 69 position. Jenny ate Karen like a hungry beast. Both ladies satisfied each partner. Jenny slips a finger inside Karen’s pussy, stroking it slowly. Karen does the same to Jenny’s hole while sucking on her swollen clit. Both holes were given equal treatment. Their faces were wet with juices. Linda continues to suck on Brenda who moments later explodes a second time. Both Jenny and Karen climaxed thereafter. The ladies then kaçak casino exchange partners. Karen hugs Linda and gives her a hot kiss, tasting Brenda’s cum from Linda’s tongue. Karen slips a finger down Linda’s pussy and strokes her clit. Linda responds to the wet kiss while squeezing Karen’s ass.

“I think you need to be eaten now.” said Karen

Without wasting any time, Karen lays Linda to the floor and goes between her legs and munches at Linda’s wet pussy. Meanwhile, Brenda and Jenny are busy with their own tongue sucking. This time Brenda goes down on Jenny, licking and sucking at her pussy. While being eaten, Jenny and Linda, both facing each other, share a passionate kiss. Soon the ladies explodes hard. Karen’s and Brenda’s face are all wet with juices. The four lovely ladies, face each other and exchange kisses once more. The ladies collapsed to the floor and slept on each other’s arms.

“How did you like your experience, Brenda?” whispered Karen.

“Oh, I love it, I love it.” replied Brenda.

Then everyone was silent…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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