‘Just’ Jane Ch. 05

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I am not a writer, far from it. Except for the names and places, the stories you read are for the most part true. Still they are not biographies. Artistic license has been taken to enhance or in some cases minimize the events described. All sexual situations were between consensual adults within the framework of their story.

This is the ninth of now twelve interviews I have worked on over the last four years.

Most of these stories cover several years. I will try to keep the chapters short. I suggest you save one for reference. None of the stories are mine, any personal friend, or relative.


Chapter 5

“We should go get cleaned up.” Poole whispered.

“Again?” I whimpered.

“Tina will be here in the morning.” Poole reminded me. “Besides I want to kiss you goodnight.”

I turned to face him and saw Poole was sincere. Picking me up Poole again carried me to the shower. After cleaning up, brushing my teeth and rinsing with mouthwash Poole kept his promise and kissed me until I fell asleep.

I heard them whisper, well at least Poole did, Tina seemed determined I should wake up. Laying on my side away from them, I smiled to myself, that it wasn’t all just a dream. There was shifting on the bed and then moans of passion.

“We’re ignoring our slut.” Tina cooed as the bed rocked indicating they were fucking.

“She had hers last night.” Poole replied.

“But you promised.” Tina whimpered.

“You’re twisting my words.” Poole argued.

“Jane?” Tina called me.

I rolled on my back to find her straddling Poole much like I had last night. She looked at me and I yearned to feel what she was feeling now. Tina gave me a naughty smile and fell forward on Poole to be closer to me.

“Do you want to join us?” Tina nodded.

I looked at Poole but he avoided my eyes. He seemed intent to focus his attention on Tina.

“What do you want me to do?” I whispered.

“Kiss me and cum.” Tina chuckled.

“Ok.” I laughed.

Tina pushed herself up and lowered her cunt until Poole’s cock disappeared. Extending her hand she invited me to join her. I straddled Poole facing Tina and away from him. Our tits mashed together as Tina pulled me in for a kiss.

I wrapped my arms around her back and held on as we moved in tandem with Poole’s cock in her cunt.

“You can still feel it can’t you slut?” Tina asked amorously.

“Yes.” I answered steamily.

Tina and I locked lips again as she steadily fucked her husband. I could feel every sensation Tina felt, it was like we were conjoined twins.

“Now it’s your turn.” Tina gasped.

“Are you sure?” Her offer seemed too good to be true.

“Fuck him slut.”

Tina pulled off Poole’s cock and held it as I moved in place. The moment his cock started to stretch my pussy all of last night’s wanton lust came back. I as I lowered so did Tina. Her hand held firm as I lowered over it halting further progress.

“Please?” I moaned as I wiggled against her hand.

“Beg me slut.” Tina taunted me. “

I threw myself at Tina pulling her tight. Poole’s cock pulled out and thrust up until Tina again stopped it. I could feel Poole’s cock swell inside desperate to fuck me as I was to be fucked.

“Please Tina, I need him.” I moaned as my cheek brushed against hers.

“Do you slut, or do you just want him.” Tina brushed against my lips.

“I need him Tina, please let him fuck me.” I groaned in frustration.

“Tel me Jane, tell me what you really want?” Tina taunted me still.

“I want to be your slut.” I announced.

“Kiss me slut.” Tina insisted lewdly.

Tina and I took turns fucking Poole and caressing each other. I could tell Poole was getting frustrated by our continued back and forth since he was unable to do much himself.

“On your hands and knees sluts.” He finally bellowed.

Tina pulled me off his cock and moved to the edge of the bed.

“I think he wants to fuck us now.” She laughed as I moved beside her.

Poole jumped up and rammed his cock in my pussy from behind with such force I fell forward on my face.

“Oh fuck!” I gasped. “That’s how you fuck a slut.”

Tina caressed my face and kissed me waiting her turn to get drilled. It didn’t take long as Poole slammed me hard for a few delicious minutes before he moved to his wife.

“Damn is he passionate this morning.” Tina mewed as Poole stretched her cunt. “What did you do with him last night?”

I couldn’t answer as Tina pulled me in for another kiss. So it went as Pooled took turns fucking us both to orgasms. He finished off by filling Tina’s pussy with his third load in less than ten hours. I moved in place and took his cock in my mouth sucking his soft cock clean.

“I’ll see you both tonight.” Poole said before he headed to the bathroom.

Tina moved over my waiting mouth and expelled Poole’s cum. With his third cum there wasn’t an abundance but there was enough to share which we did. Lying in each other’s embrace Tina looked canlı bahis at me and smiled.

“I think he liked that?”

“What do you mean?” I asked as her hand brushed my hair aside.

“We’ve never really had a threesome before.” Tina confessed.

My hand drifted over her chest and fondled her modest breast.

“So why do it now?” I questioned.

“It’s you Jane, I think we both feel the same way about you.” Tina leaned in and kissed me.

“What do you mean?” I asked not quite sure what that meant.

“We’re falling in love with you Jane. Poole will never come out and say it but I will. You can tell Jane can’t you?” Tina held my cheek. “When he’s in you can feel it.”

“I can.” I admitted shyly. “Are you ok with that?”

“I couldn’t be happier Jane. Poole is too.” Tina offered.

“How do you know?” I dared to ask.

“Poole is a night time lover, I’m a morning lover.” Tina kissed me quickly. “He hasn’t been this passionate in the morning for years.”

“So you think……. maybe it was the two of us?” I blushed.

“Maybe it was.” Tina replied not very convincingly.

Tina rolled on top of me as we embraced and kissed each other. Poole left us in bed holding and talking about everything but him. Later Tina took me to lunch then we went to her shop where I helped her with all of the boxes she brought back from the benefit. The rest of the day we spent holding hands and walking through a local art fair.

That night Poole took us to dinner. He doted over each of us before going upstairs. Once in bed Poole fucked Tina first as I looked on and occasionally kissed her. Tina moved to the other side of the bed and fell asleep as Poole fucked me unmercifully.

After two days of fucking that monster cock my pussy was ready for a break. I left Poole and Tina in their bed retreating to my room down the hall. After snugging up alone I reflected on the last two days and what had taken place.

Tina was right, the time I spent with Poole in and out of bed were extraordinary. If he didn’t express his feelings vocally Poole did so in deeds. Every step of my becoming his slut has been gradual and respectful of my feelings.

I know the day will come when I will be put to the test but for now Poole has made it clear he wants me as much as I want him. Together Tina and Poole have made the transition a unique and memorable time. Confident I’m making the right decision for me, I happily fell asleep.

“Mind your manners Lela.” Tina chuckled.

“Yes Tina.” Lela replied not so quietly.

I felt the covers lift and the warm body pressing against me. I smiled to myself and knew before long this sneaky child of a woman would push the limits if not outright break them. Sure enough a tentative hand slipped over my waist and found my soft warm tit.

“Are you minding your manners?” I asked happily.

“Kind of.” Lela giggled. “You’re naked.”

“I sleep naked. Now be quiet or I’ll have to get dressed.” I teased Lela.

“Max won’t let me sleep naked.” Lela said sadly.

I rolled over to face Lela, seeing my face brought a smile to hers. We kissed softly for a brief second then I got up and went to the bathroom. While I got dressed Lela made the bed and waited for me. When I finished I took her in my arms and kissed her passionately.

Lela and I headed down for breakfast finding Tina in the kitchen. After talking about the benefit Tina suggested I call the girls and invite them over. Cassie and Cody arrived just in time for lunch. Enjoying a relaxing day the conversation turned to next week’s family reunion.

Poole called late afternoon, Tina told him Cassie and Cody were over and Donald didn’t need to come pick me up. Max and Poole arrived just after four. Saying our goodbyes the girls and I headed home to Donald. We had just pulled out of the drive when Cassie turned and asked me point blank.

“So, are the rumors true?”

“Cassie! I’m you mother.” I faked being appalled.

“You’re also his slut, so fess up.” Cassie looked in the rear view mirror.

“Mom, you don’t have to answer her.” Cody turned to look at me from the passenger seat.

“I know baby, but I won’t lie to the two of you.” I explained.

“So?” Cassie insisted.

“Amazing.” I gushed. “If anything the rumors don’t do him justice.”

“So is his cock as big as everyone says?” Cassie squealed.

“Mom!” Cody turned and gave me an evil look.

“Poole is very well endowed, very well endowed indeed.” I snickered. “My pussy is still sore.”

“Really you two? Now that is in my brain forever.” Cody sighed.

“Seriously girls Poole is more than just a big dick……..” I looked out the window. “……when we were making love it was like we were on our own island. There was passion but more than that there was……… a connection…….”

“Yeah like a big cock.” Cassie teased.

“Cassie!” Cody hit her sister as she yelled. “Go ahead mom.”

“It’s hard to explain, I just know I’ve never felt that way before.” I bahis siteleri looked at Cody. “I only hope you get to feel that way about someone in your life one day.”

“Not even with Donald?” Cody whispered, her eyes locked on mine.

I just shook my head. The car became silent. Looking at me in the mirror again Cassie let me know she understood as well.

“What are you going to tell Donald if he asks?” Cassie questioned me.

“He may ask but he will never know from me. Is that clear?” I said raising my voice.

“Agreed.” Cassie looked at Cody.

I could see Cody struggled with the thought of keeping Donald in the dark. I knew she didn’t respect her father as she wanted too but this may be a stretch for her.

“He won’t hear it from me.” Cody finally agreed.

After that not another word was spoken about it for the remainder of the trip home.

Arriving at the house I started getting nervous when I saw Donald’s car. Reluctantly I went in the house to face my husband. I knew the moment I saw him he was not happy. I looked at the girls and decided to face the music straight on. Bracing myself I approached Donald wanting to just get this over with.

“So how was your game today?” I asked trying to be cheery.

“That lying son of a bitch!” Donald yelled glaring at me. “I don’t believe a thing he says.”

“Who says?” I asked.

“Poole of course. I know you don’t see it, he’s probably seduced you too.” Donald said accusingly.

“Donald what are you talking about?” I looked I looked at the girls and started to panic wondering what he knew.

“Golf that’s what! Poole told me I would be playing with Max and himself. Instead he had me with a group of friends.” Donald complained. “You heard what he said.”

I was so relieved by what he said I almost didn’t respond when he asked if I remembered what Poole said.

“But you did play golf, right?” I stammered.

“Yes.” Donald admitted.

“And Poole paid for it?” I challenged him.

“Yes.” Donald agreed.

“Did you play well?” I continued.

“I had a good round.” Donald explained.

“So who did you play with?” I asked keeping the focus on golf.

“Some friends of his. Doug, Jack, and Randy.” Donald mumbled. “They all think Poole is some god or something.”

“Donald they are old friends of his, in fact they are the oldest of friends. They helped Poole get started in business.” I offered.

“Yeah, that’s what they said.” Donald admitted. “Like I said they think Poole is the greatest.”

“Donald, don’t you see, Poole ‘let’ you play with his best friends. It’s not like he stuck you with some guy he was buttering up to do business with.” I pointed out. “Poole purposely set you up to play with his best friends so you could get to know them and they could get to know you.”

“Really?” Donald now looked concerned.

“Sure, maybe he was hoping you found something in common with one of the guys and could be part of the group over time.” I suggested.

“Oh.” Donald replied.

He didn’t seem as happy as I would have expected. Knowing my husband the way I do I figured he ran his mouth or started some kind of drama. Little did I know that was just part of it?

Donald never did ask what happened with me over the weekend. Relieved in a way I was also disappointed he didn’t really care.

Tuesday I handed my tablet to Max at the end of the day. He gave me a look that I took note of but didn’t say anything. I had just entered my changing room when there was a knock. Opening the door I found Poole on the other side.

“May I come in?” Poole asked smiling.

“Of course.” I happily agreed.

Closing the door behind him Poole approached me taking me in his arms. After a long drawn out kiss Poole sat me on the padded table. Moving between my legs he held up a small packet. I glanced at the condom and replied with a confused look.

“I thought you might be up for a challenge.” A broad smile crossed Poole’s face.

“What do you have in mind?” I smartly replied.

“Get dressed and you’ll find out.” Poole replied coyly.

With that he left me alone laying the condom on the table beside me. Intrigued but also wary I dressed leaving my bra in my purse. Poole was waiting for me outside, he smiled again as my tits bounced for his pleasure.

“I’ll drive.” Poole said as he held out his hand for my keys.

I handed him the keys to my car and sat in the passenger side as he closed the door. We took a short drive to the outskirts of town without speaking a word. Pulling into a nice hotel parking lot Poole pulled up at a side door. He handed me a small cell phone and a key card for a room in the hotel.

“When you’re ready to leave call me and I’ll pick you up.” Poole said calmly.

I looked at the phone and the key card. Taking it I looked out the window at the fourth floor and then back to Poole. The condom in my purse was not for Poole but some other soon to be lover I realized. Poole gave me no indication if he wanted me to bahis şirketleri go or not but just that fact he brought me seemed convincing enough.

Taking the phone and key card I opened the door to the car and closed it behind me. I walked to the side entrance and using the key card opened the door and went inside. I looked back at Poole still in my car watching me. Conflicted on how I felt I headed down the hall to the elevators.

The whole ride up was a mixture of excitement and apprehension. I followed the hallway to the room number and took a moment outside the door to contemplate my decision. When I heard the elevator ding, panic set in someone would see me. Placing the key in the slot I anxiously waited for the green dot to light up. When it did I pushed inside closing the door behind me.

“I wasn’t sure you would come.” The large imposing figure moved into view.

It was Doug, Poole’s friend whose wife Jenny made it clear she didn’t like me from the beginning. Wearing just a towel around his waist Doug’s broad hairy chest and damp hair suggested he had recently taken a shower. I stood nervously just inside the door contemplating my options.

The overwhelming urge to turn and run back out the door presented itself first. Then I thought of the condom Poole gave me. How could I explain taking it then running? Doug just stood there waiting my next move. Posing as no threat I finally found my voice.

“What about Jenny?” I dared to ask.

Doug swallowed hard not expecting such a direct attack.

“We’re heading home tomorrow, I was hoping she wouldn’t find out.” Doug blushed.

For some reason I found his honesty refreshing. Realizing he had more to lose, so to speak, than I did I approached Doug slowly. I can’t say I was excited to be here, intrigued might be a better word, but I was still here just the same.

I reached for the towel and pulled it loose before using it to kneel on. I don’t have a fetish for cocks but I do enjoy them. I lavished the same attention on Doug’s as I would have if it was Poole’s. Clearly the condom was meant for more than a quickie blowjob so when Doug started to get too excited I stopped.

“Oh fuck!” Doug groaned as I gripped his cock firmly.

“My thoughts exactly.” I smiled standing up.

I moved to the chair near the window and started to undress. As I turned at one point I saw my car still in the parking lot. Distracted for just a moment I turned to find Doug waiting for me impatiently. I finished undressing and pulled the condom from my purse.

Doug seemed disappointed but didn’t complain. I had always heard prostitutes wouldn’t kiss their clients on the mouth, and now I knew why. It’s not like we had feelings for each other, we were here to fuck, and fuck we did. I’ll admit to a certain level of excitement as Doug’s significant bulk settled over me.

As Doug pounded my pussy his thick coat of chest hair was a new experience. When I reached around I’ll have to admit the coating of hair on his back unsettled me a bit.

I don’t want to just compare cocks, but it’s hard not to. Not surprisingly Doug isn’t close to as big as Poole, and only slightly bigger than my husband Donald’s, suffice to say he was getting the job done. At one point Doug grabbed my tits harshly making me wince. I thought of his wife’s Jenny’s massive tits and wondered if he abused them the same way.

Since we didn’t kiss on the lips I can’t compare that but the other variables were interesting to say the least. He fucked me well enough but his constant talking became annoying. If Doug cared about my enjoyment it was minimal. Every lover has a different style and rhythm, focusing mostly on his own pleasure Doug left me fending for myself.

Concentrating on being a slut engaging in forbidden sex I played the part. I let Doug fuck me from behind then spread my legs and let him watch his cock disappear inside my cunt. I gripped my tits and twisted my nipples. At one point I even smacked my clit.

Doug’s reaction suggested Jenny had rarely if ever done such things. Mostly I did them for myself. Hoping Poole would be happy with his slut I had an orgasm.

“Oh you’re so big…..I need it now…do it….do it…fill me up!” I moaned through my climax.

Having held him off long enough I finally gave Doug permission to cum inside me. Breathing hard and perspiring by now Doug did just that. After collapsing on me, Doug rolled to the side pulling his condom covered cock from my pussy.

“That was incredible!” Doug panted.

“I had a nice time too.” I smiled happily for his benefit.

“Really?” Doug asked looking down at his limp cock.

“Really.” I assured him.

“Would you do it again?” Doug leaned over and looked at me closely.

“That’s not for me to decide now is it?” I raised my eyebrows. I stood up and looked down at Doug.

“No, I guess not.” Doug lamented.

“Don’t worry I’ll put in a good word for you.” I responded smiling. “Please give Jenny my regards.”

Doug was happy when I said I would put in a good word, then sobered up when I mentioned his wife.

“You can use this bathroom, I’m in the room next door.” Doug looked at the door to the adjoining room. “If you take your time I’ll be gone before you.”

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